A Cumbuck’s Tale Ch. 03

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A Cumbuck’s Tale, Ch. 03

Please be forewarned that in addition to heavy male/male erotic content, this chapter contains nonconsensual sex.

Chapter 3 — Gonners

No, Mother, please. Cam pleaded silently, his mind seizing upon prayers as the only help that remained to him. Lord Penargos is too big! That thing’ll kill me for sure!

Ralen had restored the drop-shelf, so that Cam’s head was again on a level with the bench. His oral rape, at least, appeared to have finished. Sobs caught quietly in Cam’s throat as he lay on his left cheek and closed his eyes, awaiting the assault on his bottom. To his horror, Penargos noted his shameless erection. “Well, well,” the man chuckled softly. Cam squirmed, ashamed by his obvious arousal as the Lord reached down, fondling his hard prick and tight balls. “See here! This pretty cumbuck likes Lords. His little rabbit dick is hard as a knot!” Cam blinked back tears at the indignity, glad when the man released him.

“I will wager now that you have a Staubaun-loving ass, boy,” Penargos said. “What do you say, rabbit? Do you want my cock in your ass?”

What Cam really wanted was to die. To vanish from the earth, to never see a Staubaun again. To not respond sexually to what these men were doing to him. But he was responding. His dick pounded and throbbed and if anything was getting harder.

More than anything, he just wanted to get it over with. Don’t fight him, he told himself again, hearing the ice cold threat behind the Lord’s simple question. Don’t give him a reason to want to hurt you, Ralen had said.

“Yes, Lord,” he said, broken. “I want your cock, please.” Then let me go. Just let me go. I’ll go back to the brickyard and make bricks the rest of my life, and never go to town ever again . . .

“Are you saying you want me to fuck you?” Penargos inquired, for clarity.

Ralen had resumed his stance against the stone wall and was watching the exchange. Cam could tell because his eyes locked on those of his captor. I’m doing what you told me, Ralen. I’m letting him think that I want it . . . But this was not the way he had wanted it to happen, any of it. “Yes, Lord, please,” he choked. “Fuck me.”

“In your ass?”

“Yes, Lord . . . in my ass.”


Cam blinked back tears. The musky residue of Penargos lingered in his mouth, a reminder that he was a buck boy now, a piss-mouthed Staubaun-sucking wog. It shamed him to remember how often he had thought about Staubaun men, the things he had wanted them to do. When he heard the hollow sound of a clay pot lid being lifted, followed by the slither of grease, he knew that Penargos was slathering that towering cock.

A moment later he gasped, tensing when the Lord pushed a heavily greased finger into his puckered opening and began to work it in. “There’s a sweet bud. Tight and untried.” The man circled and stretched him, added more grease and another finger, stretched him some more. Closing his eyes against the pain, Cam gritted his teeth and pressed his cheek to the wood beneath it as the man opened his asshole. The assault continued for several minutes, Penargos leaning over him, that cold voice in his ear telling him to relax, to open himself, that this was what happened to Kheld boys who went to Fences, that he was going to love having his ass used by a big Staubaun cock . . . that he’d wanted this all along, hadn’t he? Please, let it be over soon . . . please . . . Little by little, the pain eased and he felt something more horrible still. It wasn’t quite pleasure, not yet, but it was nearly that and he wished again for the pain. Don’t let it feel good . . . please, don’t . . .

“Such a tight ass, nicely empty,” Penargos noted, complimenting Ralen’s preparation. He had three fingers in now as deep as they would go. Cam groaned from the discomfort. “Ah, he’s like velvet inside. My sword is going to enjoy this fine young sheath.” He removed his fingers from Cam’s orifice and wiped them on a towel.

Cam could barely move, so well was he bound, but he nearly leaped from the table when he felt Penargos lean over him and grasp his hips, pulling him backward. NO! Oh, gods . . .! He struggled despite himself as something large and unforgiving pushed into his sore, stretched asshole. Cam cried out involuntarily as that barrier, prepared ahead and slick, resisted for a long moment, then yielded with a terrible, burning pain. Something impossibly huge and hot forced its way into his body. He yelled at the intensity of penetration, his eyes flying open to meet those of the still silently watching Ralen. No . . . oh, no . . . Mother, please!

“Oh, this is sweet,” Penargos murmured, his voice thick with pleasure.

Mother . . . oh, Mother . . . it hurts so much! “Help me,” he choked, though he expected none. “It hurts so . . . please . . .”

“Relax, little rabbit,” Penargos advised in his dark, silken voice, so unlike his bright looks. “I’m just getting isveçbahis yeni giriş started.” Firmly but not brutally, he pushed again.

Cam had to bite back a scream, the pain was that great. He felt his asshole stretch to the limit, a sudden fullness invade his bowels. “No!” he protested. “No, stop!”

“Learn to enjoy it, cumbuck,” Penargos snickered. “You are well-breached. Many will travel this road. I’m just the first.” When Penargos pushed again, Cam did not bother to scream. His asshole stretched again, his body accepted more Staubaun cock.

Oh, Mother, he’s too big! And it hurt too much. So much . . . Don’t let him kill me, please . . . Mercifully, Penargos had stopped moving for a moment. Cam tried to relax as both Penargos and Ralen had told him was best, hoping his violation would hurt less if he didn’t fight the cock being forced into his ass. Drawing deep breaths, he tried to relax the muscles in his ass and unclench his buttocks and found that it helped as Penargos resumed his advance. He groaned aloud at the fullness that slid into him, deeper, then deeper again.

“The little cumbuck’s helping me, Ralen,” the Lord acknowledged his efforts, apparently pleased. “He’s opening his pretty Kheld bottom to my cock.”

Ralen’s eyes glowed. Cam wanted to die on the table. He knew the man could see the drippings from his throbbing stiff dick, puddling on the floor beneath the bench, while above him a Lord was working a long, thick cock into his ass. Mother, he hurt . . . hurt so much, the worst pain he had ever endured or imagined. Just as bad as the burning agony in his tortured anus was the cramping of his arms, tied behind his back, or of his wrists, twisted with cord. Tears ran down his face, wetting the table.

“There, boy, there,” Penargos soothed, gently—even tenderly—rubbing Cam’s tortured bottom with one big jeweled hand in a cruel parody of a lover’s touch. With the other hand, the Lord balanced his weight as again he remained unmoving for a moment. Cam held back sobs as the pain slowly eased. “You’ll feel pleasure soon enough. I don’t remember the last time my cock tamed so willing an ass. You’ve wanted to be seduced by a Lord for a long time, haven’t you, beauty?”

Though he tried to swallow the sound, a moan of surrender broke from Cam’s throat as Penargos pulled his cock back nearly to the entrance, then slowly slid it back into him, pushing deeper even than before. Cam felt nothing but shame as he recalled things he had thought in the night. But he had never thought of this.

“Perfect. Tight as a new boot!”

Cam groaned with every stroke. Penargos was fucking him seriously now, pulling back his buried cock smoothly only to force it deeper on the return, penetrating him further with every thrust. He was being opened, used . . . Penargos riding his ass with deep strokes that claimed every last shred of his dignity and pride, owning him in a way he had never dreamed he could be owned. The chamber was filled with the smooth sucking sounds of the Lord’s greased cock sliding in his well-lubricated ass. And his body was accepting it . . . wanted it . . .

Help me, oh Goddess . . . please . . . it doesn’t feel so bad anymore . . .

“I love fucking Kheld bucks,” Penargos said conversationally to Ralen. He stood upright behind Cam, his strong hands pulling the boy’s hips back onto his big cock with every deep, deliberate thrust. “They aren’t delicate like our boys. Their hot young asses can take a good pounding. They like it, in fact.”

“I can see that. His dick gives him away,” Ralen pointed out.

Cam moaned—with shame, with a horrible growing pleasure—as his body submitted to the rutting Lord whose big cock relentlessly pounded his ass. Penargos was entirely inside him now, the Lord’s huge balls rhythmically slapping Cam’s exposed, dangling sac and prick. Crisp hair crushed against Cam’s buttocks as the Lord buried his cock hilt-deep. He groaned with humiliation as the Lord rotated his hips, demonstrating his accomplishment.

“He’s nearly there, isn’t he, the little cum-whore? I knew he would like this, that he would want it.”

No . . . no, please . . .

“I think we own him now. What do you think, Ralen? Can I make this little slave prick cum?” Penargos chuckled at the prospect. “In another moment, our pretty rabbit is going to show us how much he loves having Staubaun cock in his ass.”

No. Oh, gods! Not that . . . oh Mother, please . . . no . . .

“Show us what a good little cock-slut you are, boy,” the Lord demanded, increasing his pace, the power of his thrusts.

Cam felt himself teetering on the edge of pleasure and pain. No one was touching his dick . . . not Ralen, not Penargos . . . no one. He wasn’t even enjoying this. He hated having this cruel, big-cocked Lord in his ass, stretching it, pounding it, slamming his body in uncaring strokes against the hard wooden bench . . . reaming him isveçbahis giriş . . . fucking him like a girl . . .

Cam gave a strangled cry of shame as his dick bunched and unloaded, dribbling ropes of creamy semen on the floor to mingle with the puddles of pre-cum. His ass, responding to that shameful display, clenched and bucked on the ravenous cock that filled it.

“There we go, little buck,” Penargos enthused, his strokes quickening. He was grunting, breathing harder. “Your Kheld ass is begging for it now. Getting ass-fucked feels good, doesn’t it, beauty? You’re liking it now!” Slamming his cock deep into the hole he had just so cruelly opened, the Lord rode him furiously just before groaning in orgasm.

Cam felt the huge cock in his ass thicken and pump, the warm flood of the Lord’s juices releasing into his abused bowels. So much . . . he could feel it, a vile hot flood filling every crevice within, coating his passage walls. Sobs wracked his body from the shame of taking a man’s semen inside him while openly spilling his own. When Penargos eased his thick cock out of Cam’s ass, it was accompanied by hot juices that dripped down onto the captive=s balls and thighs. That, and pain . . . and a deep, pervading satiety unlike any he had ever known. Cam collapsed against the bench, his shoulders quaking, as drained as the Lord who had just pumped him full of Staubaun seed.

* * * *

Ralen handed Penargos warm wet towels and a cool goblet of wine. He then turned his attention to Cam, tending him with gentle, skilled hands. The boy had been raped, and would be raped again before the night was out. All he could do for him was to see to the easing of his abused body. One of the effects of Staubaun semen was to calm its recipients, so all fight had died in the boy, leaving no risk in releasing his bonds. He did so and, while Penargos watched, massaged circulation back into his captive’s wrists and hands, pressed the cramps from his trembling thighs and tortured arms. Ralen washed the blood, grease and cum from Cam’s thighs and genitals, then did the same for his ass, wiping gently around the boy’s sore, abused hole. It was swollen and red, but already closing again neatly, a good indication that the sphincter had not torn and a hopeful sign for his future usefulness. For all his cruelty, Lord Penargos was highly skilled and little attracted to maiming, one reason Ralen had agreed to serve him in this capacity. He did not allow Cam to expel the Lord’s semen, but made him hold the humiliating fluid—the better to absorb in full the enslaving compounds that would seal his fate. He then turned him over on the bench, securing him this time on his back, his legs pulled up and spread. The look in the boy’s eyes, hopeless and pleading, made Ralen feel like the worst villain on the river, and maybe he was. He did nothing to interfere in any way with Penargos’ entertainment.

He stood against the wall much of the night, watching as Penargos glutted his senses on the many pleasures the youth’s perfect young body provided. The Lord pinched and played with Cam’s nipples until the Kheld’s little rabbit dick grew hard, then he feasted on that offering much as Ralen had at the Fence, drawing the comely young shaft and plump rosy balls into his sensual mouth, where he tongued and sucked until Cam, groaning, released streams of Kheld semen while Penargos milked his shaft and watched his helpless spurting. Like a good little rabbit, he was soon hard again, and again was forced to spend his seed as Penargos commanded. Afterward, Penargos once more violated the Kheld’s freshly opened, begging ass, pushing the youth’s legs up and back, his muscular torso looming over Cam’s face, his powerful buttocks driving his big Staubaun prick deep into the boy’s body until Cam’s little dick dribbled with surrender onto his flat young belly and he begged Penargos to fill him with cum. Again Ralen handed the Lord fresh warm wet towels and more wine. Again, he gently cleaned the shattered, unresisting boy.

Now it was nearly dawn, and Lord Penargos had just finished breaking the fast. Before leaving, he had decided to have pretty Cam service him orally a final time. Ralen marked the sight: Penargos standing fully clothed in his lordly leathers and fur cape, legs widely set and clothing opened, the naked dark-haired boy kneeling before him. Cam’s mouth worked hungrily on the Lord’s large, lusty member, begging its gifts.

He’s well-broken, Ralen assessed with a pleased thrill. Pretty Cam craves Staubaun cock now, as much as before he reviled it. How sweetly he sucks! Penargos smiled, his eyes lidding and his hands pulling the boy’s head hard to the golden curls of his loins as he pushed his cock deep into that pliant young mouth. Ralen watched the youth’s throat, the way it opened and accepted, and swallowed. He was indeed a handsome little cocksucker.

* * * *

When Penargos was gone, Ralen drew a bath and tenderly isveçbahis güvenilirmi bathed the battered boy. Even in his mind, he did not diminish the extent of the ordeal Cam had suffered. He fully realized that he had delivered the boy to a monster, albeit a rich and powerful one. Not an ounce of seduction had gone into the loss of the boy’s innocence—only domination and pain. Ralen accepted that Cam would be changed and haunted. He also believed the young Kheld would be strong enough to survive and return. He drugged the wine he gave the boy, wrapped him in blankets, and bore him away. When Cam woke, he would not see a torture chamber.

Once during the night Cam awoke in the darkness. He was in a bed, tucked in blankets, with Ralen seated beside him. Upon seeing Ralen, he struggled and cried out, but Ralen soothed him as best he could. “Hush,” he said. “It’s over.”

“Penargos,” the boy whispered, as one might whisper a name out of nightmare.

“I won’t do that to you again.”

Those beautiful eyes, wet with tears, would not meet his. The boy only stared at the wall, a wall that was strange to him, plain and devoid of meaning. His body’s violation had numbed Cam’s ability to believe anything Ralen said. “Why me?” he asked dully.

It was not the hour to answer that question. Such blunt talk required daylight, and time. “Sleep,” Ralen commanded, and eventually Cam did, softly weeping at the pain that wracked his body and the horror that had shattered his world.

At some point before morning, Ralen rubbed a narcotic balm on the boy’s abused anus to relieve the burning soreness and allow his body to more easily expel the contents of his bowels. The effluence was mostly semen, mixed with grease and blood and a small amount of feces. That Cam’s body was returning to normal habits presaged other recoveries. He gave him water and more drugged wine, forcing another day of sleep with only water and no food, glad when no trace of fever beset the youth’s healing. Taking his rest in a chair beside the bed, he kicked his feet up on a nearby table and so slept that way, chin on chest.

Ralen went to relieve his bladder come morning and returned to find Cam half-sitting in bed, staring at him in the watery daylight coming through the window. A thin blanket covered his legs below a too-large nightshirt. Some bruising marred the boy’s mouth, rendering his lips slightly puffy and colored. Bruises also showed on his wrists and knees from his struggles against his bonds.

“We’re moving,” Cam said.

“We’re on the water. My boat. Penargos is far away, so is Omadawn. We’ve been a-sail for more than a day. Hungry?” Ralen asked. He had boiled water for gruel and prepared a bowl. He placed it on the table and dragged it over.

Cam looked at him, stricken and wary. “No,” he said, barely above a whisper.

“You should eat. Your body can handle it. That ass of yours is no worse for the ride.” He met the youth’s shattered gaze coolly. There was no point in coddling cumbucks. “In fact, you may soon be wanting another.”

“Oh, god . . .”

“You’ll find yourself needing it soon enough. You’re going to want Staubaun cum more than you want food sometimes. Tell me when that happens. I’ll take you to a Fence, let you guzzle cum from one of the cocks there.”

“Why don’t you just make me your cock whore?” The accusation bore little in it of resignation. Only the guarded defiance in those eyes told Ralen that Cam knew better than to hope to escape.

Ralen regarded him warmly. “I might do that.”

The boy blanched, though he did not look away. He had common courage enough to look misfortune in the face. Ralen pulled over a chair, seating himself and taking up the bowl. He dipped a spoon into it. “Come now, eat,” he said.

“You fucking cold bastard,” Cam accused him. “Why do you even care? So you can sell me to the next man?”

“I told you,” Ralen said evenly. “I’ll never do that to you again.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“I won’t blame you if you don’t.”

Cam took that in. That answer had lifted a corner of hope. “So you’re going to let me go?”

“Maybe I will. Can’t have you calling the King’s soldiers if I do. Eat.” He extended a spoon. The food smelled good, he knew. Good enough to tempt a young Kheld who had not eaten anything in nearly three days. Cam’s body had not been so abused nor his mind so broken that he was past hunger.

Taking care that their hands would not touch, the boy took the bowl and slowly lifted a spoon of the thick, sweetened porridge, gingerly easing it between his lips so that he could taste it. It was easy to get down and would be easy for his gut to manage. Ralen had nursed fuck-tamed boys before.

“You’re strong, Cam,” he said, watching the boy eat. He endured the look that told him to go to hell. “You didn’t faint or carry on the way some do, like animals. Didn’t crap or piss yourself. He would have hurt you more if you had been weak, or if you had fought him and he thought you needed breaking. But you did what I told you, let him take his pleasure as he found it, and not get it out of hurting you. And I told you true, that there would be just one night. He won’t be back, not for you.”

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