Showering With My Sexy Sister Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Showering With My Sexy Sister

By Tawny T

Chapter Four

I could not get out of my mind, the thoughts that ran through it of Tess and Mom making love together. I have a vivid imagination and hearing Tess describe in great detail how they had made love got me so excited I had to masturbate and had three wonderful climaxes. I’d seen Mom nude and that picture stayed in my mind. I wanted to explore her body and kiss every inch it. I wanted to make love to Mom, but she said I was not old enough, and I was eighteen! I’d made love with Audrey, Dotty’s mom while her friends watched and Audrey seemed to love my attentions to her. Her body was delicious and I thought that Audrey and I would make love while Dotty made it a threesome. They were already lovers.

I was lying on my bed my finger playing gently along my pussy when Tess came in. “Aha, caught you you horny little devil. Need some help?” She asked laughing. She came over and slid in bed with me and replaced my hand with hers. Her talented fingers gently stroked my pussy and she slid a finger deep inside me.

“Ohh, yes, Sis. I was lying here thinking about our fantastic, sexy mother and you making love together. In my vivid imagination could see her naked and you eating her pussy. I want to make love to her, you promised I would. I have to, I have to!” I cried out.

Tess kissed me and her finger slid up inside my aching pussy and found my G spot. I moaned softly. “Yes, I did promise and I think I have a solution to that. It will take a few days till I can set it up, but you will make love to Mom, and I’ll be there and hopefully Audrey and Dotty too. That is a wicked foursome. Now think about that while I bring my very favorite sister off. Close your eyes and picture your mouth on Mom’s pussy while Audrey and Dotty watch and make love and I’ll be right there helping you make it with Mom. Let your imagination go absolutely wild.”

I closed my eyes and lay there as Tess sucked my nipples, stroked me and her finger rubbed gently against my G spot. My passion became hotter as my vivid imagination pictured my lips against Mom’s drenched pussy and my tongue thrusting inside her. I reached down and ran my finger across my now swollen clit, sending sexual thrills through my body. In my mind’s eye Aubrey came over and cupped my breasts and sucked them while Mom’s fingers were inside me. It wasn’t Tess’s fingers but Mom’s fingers inside me as I sucked her delicious pussy juices out. With a cry of passion, I exploded and my body went rigid. Spasms of delight shot through my body and I had a climax that shook me to the core.

I lay there for a minute while Tess kissed me gently, letting her finger slip out of my drenched pussy. Then I heard Mom’s voice from across the room. “My that was a real climax, Daughter. Your sister is so talented, isn’t she? I’m so glad you two are enjoying yourselves. Sexy!! You are going to be one beautiful lady when you bloom out a little more. I was a late bloomer also and thought I’d never have a nice body Look what happened. You know you’ll have your mother’s genes for nice large, sexy breasts.

May I ask what was going through that imaginative brain of yours?”

Sis cut in, “Mom, no you can’t! I was telling her some things that are secret between us. We girls need to have some secrets between just the two of us. Who knows, it might be a big surprise?” She laughed and winked a me.

I grinned at Mom and winked at her. She came over and bent down and kissed me gently, letting her tongue slip between my lips and caress them from side to side. I slid my tongue out and met hers. She reached over and took one breast in her warm hand and squeezed it gently then pulled back and smiled down at me then turned and left the room humming a soft song.

“OK, what is the big secret?” I asked Sis.

“Well I think I have the solution to your problem how you can make love to Mom. Interested?” Of course I was. The told me in great detail her plan and I was all for it. I’ll fast forward to what actually happened.

Two weeks passed and finally Sis told me all was in place for my seduction of Mom. We had been invited to Audrey’s home for an afternoon swim, all of us. Mom knew Audrey but was not a close friend. Audrey met us at the door and invited us in. She already had on her thong bikini and that got a laugh out of Mom.

“Wow, Audrey that is some suit. I love it on you. I’m not sure it would look good on me though. It fits your body beautifully and brings out all your ass-sets.” Mom said putting the emphasis on ‘ASS-sets”.

“Well, let me see your suit and I just might have one that will fit you to a T. She led us down the hall into the beautiful bedroom that I knew had the huge one way mirror next to the bed that Dotty and I had watched Audrey and her friends make love from behind it.

“Slip out of your over wrap and let me see what we have to work with today. From what I can see you have a splendid shape.” Audrey said to Mom. Mom was not shy and slipped her over wrap off exposing her beautiful body. Audrey’s eyes lit up and tipobet365 yeni giriş I knew she was hooked.

“My, what a sexy lady you are, but that suit does not do justice to your very voluptuous body. May I help you into one that will show off that very sexy body to the best advantage. I have a number that one of my friends sold me and I love to give them a new home, particularly when the woman is as sexy as you are. Ready to try on one or two?” Audrey asked.

I could see Mom’s grin spread as she decided she would play Audrey’s game. “I”m game. Should we let the girls watch?” She asked innocently.

“Of course. They can judge which one is the best looking on that splendid body of yours. That OK with your ladies? I’m sure you have seen nude women before. We said we’d love to see how the suits looked on Mom. We had to hold in our lust of what we hoped this would lead to.

“I have had a lot of experience in the swim suit selections, helping friends who manufacture them and I have several that I personally designed. Now, Viv, may I call you that? I’ll help you take off your suit and we’ll begin the try out.” She said with a sexy look at Mom. Before Mom could reply Vivian moved close and deftly unfastened the top of Mom’s modest bikini. Her ample breasts jiggled delightfully as they were released from the top which lifted them slightly. As I have said, she has beautiful breasts with no sag. Her nipples were taut and thrust out.

Audrey moved closer to Mom and cupped her breasts and lifted them slightly. Her hands slid over the firm flesh and her thumb tweaked the erect nipple. Mom just looked straight into Aubrey’s eyes and grinned at her. “You have a nice touch. I like the feel of your hands. Unexpected, but very nice.”

“They are erotic looking if I may say so. So well shaped and lovely erect nipples too. Now to remove the rest of that suit to see what is in store for you when you have on one of my creations.” Her hand went to the bow in front and slipped it open. She pulled gently and Mom’s suit slipped downward exposing her pubic mound. She spread her thighs slightly and Audrey slid the suit off of her body. Her eyes took in Mom’s body and her eyes lit up and she stepped forward and slid her hands over Mom’s body sensually. Mom turned and let Audrey see her splendid ass. Audrey slid her hand over Mom’s firm buttocks and then ran a finger up the intimate flesh slipping over Mom’s brown nether hole. Mom did not comment on that or show any sign that it had happened. I know she had to have gotten a thrill out of that touch.

“Viv, you are one very sexy lady with a body to kill for. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a voluptuous sexy body such as yours. The word ‘delicious’ comes to mind. Ladies, isn’t she the sexiest lady you have seen in a long time? I have some sexy friends, but they can’t match up to this sensual woman.”

Mom stood there gloriously nude, swayed and turned around slowly. “Now, where are these special bikinis you designed. I can hardly wait till you personally fit them on me. I love sensual things and want to have your personal touch. I like your style, Audrey. Let’s see what you are capable of.” That got Audrey’s attention and she smiled and kissed Mom on the cheek.

She went to the closet, opened a drawer and took out several stylish bikinis and laid them out on the bed. All were colorful and cut low to follow the lines of the body. Aud got one bottom and came over and held it up for all to see. It was a string bikini and just covered the bare minimum. She leaned close and slipped it around Mom’s waist then slid the front through Mom’s thighs. Mom did not open her thighs very wide and Audrey’s hands slid between her thighs and in doing that her fingers holding the thin cloth brushed Mom’s pussy lips. Mom grinned and looked down at Aud’s hand that had brushed her pussy, it showed a gleam of pussy juice on the back. Aud looked at it and to our amazement brought it to her lips and slid her pink tongue out and tasted Mom’s juices.

“That was an unexpected bonus. I love the taste. I don’t usually have that pleasure while fitting such a stunning lady.” Aud said smiling at Mom.

“The pleasure was mine also. You have a nice touch. One of the little things that make life more enjoyable.” Mom came back. “Are you ladies enjoying this little style show. You can’t find this type of entertainment at any fashion show that I’m aware of!”

“Well, then perhaps you and the sexy ladies in attendance should come to some of my pool parties where it is a little more relaxed, so to speak!” Aud said with a wicked wink. I personally knew what she meant, wow!

Aud got the bikini top and stood behind Mom and slipped it around her upper body. Her hands moved over Mom’s breasts sensually fitting the cloth to her body. She tied the upper string around Mom’s neck and in doing so leaned close and kissed Mom’s neck. She tied the back string and stepped back. She had Mom turn around while she stroked the suit making it like a second skin to Mom’s beautiful body. The thin strap tipobet365 giriş between Mom’s ass barely covered her lovely brown anus. In front is pressed gently against her pussy and the cleavage was very evident.

Aud led Mom over to the mirrored wall and asked how she liked it. “Very sexy, enough to get me arrested at the beach.”

“But not if you attend one of my pool parties, which I hope you and your daughters will do us the honor of attending. I’m sure you will wow my friends, male and female. “

Mom smiled at Aud and said with a wink, “I’m not sure I want to come out in this suit in mixed company. Do you ever have ‘ladies only’ nights. That would be more to my liking.” She said

Aud laughed and said, “I do have ‘ladies only’ nights and at them it is suit optional. Many of my friends, including myself love to swim in the nude. You and your daughters would be more than welcome. Did Tess tell you that she came over one afternoon with my lovely daughter and was welcomed with open arms by my friends at one of my pool parties?

“No” Mom said, “I don’t think she thought to tell her mother about that. I’m sure she enjoyed it. She loves to swim and is a very good swimmer. I’ll hold you to that Tess. You’ll have to tell me about the party. “

I got a jolt from that. I had not told Mom about my day when I was the guest of honor, so to speak and Aud made love to me as did Dotty while the other guests watched. Then Dotty and I watched through the one way mirror as Aud make love with her sexy friends in the very bed we were standing next to.

Aud picked out another bikini for Mom to try on and helped her remove the one she had on with some strokes to Mom’s body. Again she slid the suit around Mom’s body fastened the straps then turned Mom toward her and lifted the bottom a little adjusting it. To our surprise she ran her hand over Mom’s pussy mound molding it to her body. We could see her middle finger run from bottom to top pressing in just a little till it settled into the deep groove of Mom’s pussy.

“That makes it fit more realistically and comfortably too!” Aud said looking at Mom’s mound, now looking very sexy. “Now the top needs a little help also to make it more appealing.” She took the bra top and leaned forward, bent her head and took Mom’s swollen nipple between her lips and sucked on it and tongued it till the nipple was elongated still more. She looked up at Mom and smiled.

“I agree that does make it more appealing, but your forgot something.”Mom said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“And what would that be?” Aud asked.

Mom put her hand under her other breast, cupped and lifted it then leaned forward and pressed her breast against Aud ‘s lips. “Don’t leave a pleasant fitting half done.” She said, then took Aud’s head and pulled her harder against her bare breast. Aud chuckled and began to kiss and caress Mom’s breast. Mom closed her eyes and we could tell she thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

We three looked on very excitedly while Aud went from one breast to the other and Mom’s hands caressed Aud ‘s body. She reached over and unfastened Aud ‘s top and pulled it off, then took Aud ‘s lower covering off also. Aud laughed and the two moved together nude. Their hands moved up and down, sliding together then fingers slid between their bodies and found wet crevices to explore. They kissed and slid their fingers into each other’s very wet pussies. We could hear the liquid sounds of their love making as they seem to have forgotten that we were there.

Aud pulled back and looked over at Dotty, Sis and I standing there raptly watching them, our fingers had slipped into our respective pussies. “My, I think we got a little over stimulated for our visitors eyes and ears to watch. Don’t you agree Viv? Kit, why don’t you and Dotty go and have a nice swim and something to do while your mom, Tess and I enjoy ourselves. I think your mom will agree that is a little too much for such young ladies to be exposed to. Right Viv?” Mom agreed, but that was the plan — for the afternoon.

Dotty and I looked at each other and made a face and looked dejected as we left the bedroom. Then we went down the hall and slipped into the secret room that had the two way mirrors right beside the beds. Mom and Aud were kissing and caressing each other, getting more passionate by the minute. Sis had slid out of her bathing suit and lay down on the bed watching the two make love. They quickly lay down beside her and kissed and caressed each other. They turned and positioned themselves in a 69 and Sis moved beside them and caressed their bodies while she slipped her hand down to her own pussy and enjoyed the sexual orgy between her mother and Audrey.

Dotty and I had, in the mean time taken our places behind the mirror, just a scant three feet from the three in the bed. We watched and caressed each other as our two mother’s and my sister put on an erotic show that topped any porn video we had watched. Mom and Aud had a number of orgasms and then they turned to Sis and pulled her between them and tipobet365 güvenilirmi made love to her. I was so excited I could hardly control myself, but I made myself wait.

The three finally were spent and lay breathing heavily and Viv got up and went into the kitchen and brought back chilled wine and three glasses. They relaxed and sipped their wine.

“Aud, you are a fantastic lady and also a most skilled lover. We should have done this sooner. I wasn’t aware that we were so like minded. I’m glad you got to make love to Tess too. She is a very talented lover and we enjoy each other. Do you and Dotty make love together or is that too personal a question?” Mom asked Aud.

“Yes, that is a little too personal, and I’d rather not discuss that at the moment.” Aubrey said giving Mom a soft kiss on her lips.

Dotty and I waited a few minutes while the three of them lay resting then went into Dotty’s bedroom and got ready for the final act of the afternoon.

“Viv, I have a little surprise in store for you. Do you like erotic games? I have one planned that I am sure you can enjoy and have fun at the same time. Let me say that it is erotic in the extreme and I can assure you that you will enjoy it to the utmost. Is that OK with you?”

“You really have my curiosity peaked and I’m sure that whatever you have in mind must be wicked and I am at your disposal. What ever you want I am all for it. Let the fun and fun and games begin, sexy lady.” Mom said.

“OK, you have to trust me 100% and your sexy daughter will be here as your eyes and will see that we don’t do anything to hurt you. Right Tess?” Tess assured me that she would look our for Mom’s interests. Little did Mom know that was planned for her for the afternoon.

Aud led Mom and Tess to the bathroom and they slipped into the shower and had a delightful three way shower, letting fingers play and hands slide wherever they would arouse and excite. They toweled off and went back to the bedroom to have another glass of wine. They were relaxed and ready for whatever games that were to be played.

“Viv, now for the games. Tess will blindfold you and the rules of the game are that you can’t take the blindfold off till we tell you and you can’t touch anyone. We will touch and excite you but you can’t do it to anyone else. It will be a contest of self control, but I’m sure you can do that. Is that OK with you.”

Mom laughed. “I can’t touch anyone. Now that is one that I’ll have trouble keeping my hands to myself. I’m one who loves to touch and feel, part of giving pleasure as I receive it, but I will honestly try my very best. I promise! God, what are you going to do to me. I’m game. Lets do it!”

Tess went behind Mom and put a black silk scarf around her head and adjusted so it was comfortable and she couldn’t see. They laid her out on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide and her arms at her side. That is when Dotty and I slipped into the room. We had on negligees just so Mom could feel the cloth on our bodies. We had showered and put on some of Aud’s perfume that she seldom uses so as to throw Mom’s mental image of who is with her on the bed.

Dotty and I slid onto the huge bed and we knew that Aud had turned on the cameras set around the room to film this occasion. I was on fire and my pussy was wet and my clit throbbing. Finally, I was going to make love to my own mother. Sis had promised me I would and she and Aud had set it up.

Audrey, Dotty, Tess an I were around the bed and with a nod, began to caress Mom from all sides. She moaned her approval as she felt hands moving sensuously over her nude body. We stroked her gently, not arousing her at first. Just letting her feel four pairs of hands rove over nude body. I’m sure she could not tell just exactly how many people were touching her. But she kept her hands at her sides and we could tell she wanted to feel the hands that caressed her.

I was between her spread thighs and stroked her soft flesh moving slowly upward toward her now wet pussy. I lapped at her thighs and nuzzled her bare pussy, letting my hair fall over her intimate sex. As we watched her become more excited, her nipples swelled and jutted out. Her pussy was exposed and we could see her sex lips swell and enlarge. As she became more excited her outer lips swelled and with her thighs spread, her pussy lips slowly parted revealing her inner lips, pink and gleaming with her juices.

Aud was kissing her lips and their tongues were thrusting and moving together. Sis was on one side and Dotty on the other and both were kissing and caressing her breasts, kneading the velvet smooth flesh and sucking at her taut nipples. She began to moan and her hips thrust upward toward my eager mouth. I kissed my way up her thighs licking the soft sensitive flesh moving closer and closer to her spread pussy.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I neared her spread and very delicious pussy. I caressed her outer lips then spread them and centered my mouth on her sopping core and slipped my tongue out and licked the delicious flesh. I felt a long delicious shiver run through my body and I climaxed and had to sniffle my cry of ecstasy. I had to stop for a moment I was so overcome with passion. I used my fingers to explore her sweet flesh and spread her inner lips wide and gently rubbed her swollen and erect clit.

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