A Weekend Getaway Pt. 01

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We had been texting for a few weeks before we finally met in person. I knew everything about you: your favorite color, your family’s weird holiday traditions, your favorite places to be kissed, where you wanted to travel. When our work schedules finally lined up and we got to meet I was excited. You were too.

We decided to take an extra two day layover for work in a city. We could have easily gone to one another’s house, but figured why not make this a fun getaway. We both work hard and enjoy working, but everyone needs to let loose every now and then. We settled on Chattanooga since it was close enough from Atlanta, where I’d spent my work week in conferences and easy to catch a flight. It also has lots to do outside and with the weather warming up we wanted to climb.

You walked into the hotel lobby wearing a button down and a blazer, your typical work attire. But since you weren’t at work you had a backwards hat on with sandals. It was so unapologetically you and I smiled as I grabbed my bag and walked up to meet you. You waved from across the room and smiled, pulling me in for a hug. Touching you, even just that casual hug send chills through my whole body. “How was your flight?” You asked. “Crowded, but I’m here now. It’s great to finally meet you,” I smiled.

We got checked into the room and decided dinner and drinks were a requirement. Friday nights in a college town require an hour long wait, so we sat at the bar talking and making fun of college football reporters asking stupid questions after spring inner squad games. Finally our table was ready and we güvenilir bahis talked for hours, overstaying the normal societal time allotted for a meal, but the waiter didn’t mind because we ordered drinks and weren’t college kids so we would tip well. Neither of us were drunk, but maybe a little buzzed, and happy to be together.

We walked along the river for a while looking at the stars and talking about nothing and everything. It was perfect. We had talked about sex, and having sex with each other, but we hadn’t kissed yet. And neither of us was in any hurry for anything physical to happen. It was so natural. I stopped to point out a constellation and you smiled at me. When I turned to keep walking you put your hand in mine and we walked along the river walk together. A few years ago this would have made me nervous, holding hands with another woman in public, but I’d grown to accept myself and be okay with minor shows of affection in public.

We stopped under a bridge and listened to traffic overhead. It was the first time all night I was aware we were surrounded by thousands of other people in this city. I had been so enamored with you that I hadn’t thought about it. Cities usually make me anxious, but I hadn’t felt that with you around. I told you about this realization and leaned in for a kiss. I was just going to make it a quick one but you grabbed the back of my head and kissed me back softly. You smiled about halfway through the kiss and I grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to me. Chills ran down my back for the second time that evening. “We should get back to güvenilir bahis siteleri the hotel” you suggested with a grin.

We got back to our room and i kicked off my shoes. “I need to shower,” I said. We had talked about shower sex and how neither of us were big fans of it, but since that kiss all I could think of was kissing you more. I really wanted you to join me. “Do you need to?” I asked. “No. But I’ll join you.” You answered confidently. This confidence is something that I learned about you quickly as we got to know each other. And something that I like about you. I walked over to you and unbuttoned your shirt and kissed you while you took my shirt off and threw it on the bathroom floor. I wanted to take all this in and not rush anything. You started kissing my neck and unbuttoning my pants and I let out a sigh. Before I knew it we were both standing there naked, making out while the hot water began to steam up the mirror. “I think it’s hot now” I said sliding the curtain back. You followed and kissed me again “so are you” you smiled.

We took turns lathering each other with soap and kissing while our hands explored each other’s bodies. I was so turned on but throughly enjoying this and didn’t want to stop. You pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard, our tongues brushing past each other. I moaned and whispered in your ear “I want you.” You smiled and kissed me again, biting my lip. We dried off and kissed our way to the king sized bed.

We both laid there for a second, staring at each other longingly. You leaned in and kissed me “I’ve waited iddaa siteleri for this since I swiped right” you said in my ear. I smiled and kissed you back. The kisses got faster and both of our breathing got faster until you were moving your lips down my body. And stopped and looked up at me with your head between my legs. You smiled and said something but I was too focused on what was going to happen next that I didn’t hear you.

Your hands cupped my ass and your tongue went to work on my clit. I was wet in the shower, so it didn’t take much before my hips were writhing underneath you. “Fuuuck” I moaned as you stuck a finger inside of me. One of your hands came up and squeezed my boob. “Fuck I’m coming” I said as your tongue slowed down and my hips did the work. You softly kissed me and your tongue licked my hipbones and sides as your came up and kissed me on the lips. “That was better than how I imagined it in my head for the past month” I told you kissing you and grabbing your hair, my legs tangled in yours. I could feel how wet you were on my thigh.

I flipped you over and kissed your boobs. You had told me how much you like that when we were texting. You moaned “yesss” and I slid my hand between your legs. You were so wet. I slid my fingers in circles around your clit. “Holy shit” you sighed and I kept going. I licked my way down your stomach and kissed your inner thighs, letting my fingers dance on your clit. Your hips did most of the work as I kissed you and slid my tongue inside of you. Moving it back and forth. Your thighs squeezed my head as you moaned loudly and came on my tongue.

We laid naked for another hour or so snuggling and playing with each other’s hair and talking about nothing. “So, climbing tomorrow?” You smiled “I wanna see your ass in climbing pants.” I laughed and kissed you.

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