A Vacation to Remember Pt. 04

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If you had asked me one year ago if I was capable of having sex with my own daughter, I would most likely have said: Never in a million years. Now, however, I will most likely say: In a heartbeat; and my heart was beating fast!

I stood there next to my son Tim almost a year after I last saw my daughter Alison, I was standing there in my aviator shades, glaring as I saw this beautiful, fuckable, twenty year old woman walk towards us. I looked at her blonde hair woven into twin braids that ran the length of her hair and sat shoulder length. I studied her face, her eyebrows were neatly shaped and I could see in her eyes a tinge of blue, her nose was perfectly designed and shaped to fit her thin face, her mouth with those rosy colored lips- my God her lips! They were perfectly shaped for sucking cock, the bottom lip was slightly larger than her top lip and that top lip had a sensual curve to it, very feminine. I noticed that she had black gauge earrings that slightly stretched her earlobes, it actually looked good on her. I lowered my gaze a little more, her neck, her chest, small- she’s always been smaller in that area; her flat stomach, her nice seductively shaped hips. I was blown away. She wore a white tight shirt, blue tight jeans, black flip flops and she dragged a metallic blue suitcase. The moment she noticed us she quickened her pace.

“Daddy!” She said as she finally reached me and hugged me tightly. I reciprocated, longing to feel her nips, my face was right next to her neck and I smelled her perfume. I wanted so badly to kiss and suck on her neck. I gazed down just enough to see her perfectly shaped ass being hugged by her jeans, it begged to be grabbed. I didn’t see my daughter as anything less than a beautiful, sexy and very fuckable woman.

“It’s been too long.” I said smiling at her, she then proceeded to hug Tim before he finally took her suitcase and started walking to the car. I walked slowly behind them, staring at my daughter’s ass, I imagined how nice it must look to be freed from those tight jeans.

On the drive home Alison apprised us of her college life, the friends she’s made and how much she looked forward to spending some time with the family. I could only think lustful thoughts, how tight it must feel to be inside her, how she would look naked, how much I wanted to see her lips around my cock.

“Dad, you okay?” Tim asked, finally distracting me from my thoughts. “You’re awfully quiet.”

“Yes? I am? Sorry… So, Allie, any boys in your life?” I asked her.

“Not currently, I was dating someone for a little while but we broke up like five months ago.” She replied.

I smiled internally, no boyfriend meant less competition, less obstacles in my way. I took in a deep breath, trying to clear my thoughts. “I am glad you’re here. Tim told me you’ll be staying with them for a few days, so I left the guest room vacant for you. I bought an air mattress and I’ll be sleeping in the living room.”

“Aww, thanks daddy.” Alison said smiling. She never stopped calling me that, even as an adult. I loved hearing that word ‘daddy’ and longed to hear it again and again mixed with sweet moaning sounds. I again fell silent, daydreaming if you will.

I sat back and closed my eyes, I exhaled, then held my breath and counted to ten. I needed to clear my head- seven, eight, nine, ten. I took in a breath again and sat up towards my children who were still talking.

“I am glad so you came to visit daddy. I heard that you have been having so much fun with Jen and Chelsea. I hope we can have some fun too.” Alison said. “Maybe we can do some stuff, like hang out… Or whatever you and Chelsea have been doing?” My cock suddenly started to rise as I heard her say that, innocently as it sounded.”… Or whatever you and Jen have done. I dunno, it’s whatevs, I’m open to whatever you want to do, anything.” My cock was almost at full salute as I heard her say that and then realized that I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips.

I sat back, held my breath again and counted to ten. Apparently, this might be harder than I thought. “I would love nothing more than to spend some quality time with you and have as much fun as I can possibly manage.” I finally said.

“So, what courses have you taken this semester?” Tim asked his sister.

I sat there and simply listened to them both go one about life. I managed to finally compose myself, if I am to get anywhere with Allie, I still needed to function as what she currently saw me as, her father. I looked out the window as we turned towards the freeway, I distracted myself by seeing cars zipping past us.

“Dad, I was thinking. I know that you’ve spent the last… Well, almost two weeks now with us here. Maybe, we can plan something for later in the year?” Tim said looking at me through the rear view mirror.

“I would love to host Christmas this year, and I would love nothing more than to have you and your family come down for a little while.” I said, again putting myself between my klasbahis güvenilirmi two children. “And if i’m lucky enough, I can have you come down and visit too.” I said looking at Allie. “I promise I’ll make it as memorable as I can.”

“I might just do that.” Alison said smiling. “So, I know I just landed, but I’m raring to jump into that pool of yours bro.” she said shifting the conversation towards her brother.

“I can do a little cookout, barbeque something.” he replied to his sister. “You down for that dad?” he said as he looked back at me for a brief second.

“Sure am.” I replied again looking at Allie. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

The car finally pulled up to the driveway as Chelsea came shooting out the front door, once Allie was out the vehicle she gave her aunt a huge hug. I followed them both in as Tim went and grabbed the luggage. I looked down for a brief second and noticed both their asses, it was if they were perfectly crafted for my pleasure. Once I was inside I removed my sunglasses and walked towards the kitchen.

“Hey handsome.” Jen said walking towards me and I was caught by surprise when she put her hand right on my crotch and gave me a slight squeeze. “Hopefully, I can spend some alone time with you before you leave.” she said as she caressed my growing cock that was contained within my jeans. She then closed in and pressed her lips on mine. As she left, I quickly looked behind me to see if anyone had noticed.

No one was there. “Damn.” I whispered, that was too risky.

Tim and I talked a little while he started getting the outdoor grill ready, I waited calmy to see Allie and Chelsea again, this time in their swimming suits. Hopefully, they’ll be wearing bikini thongs.

“Dad, you seem a little distracted today.” Tim said breaking my train of thought.

“Sorry son, what were you saying?” I asked him now, putting all my attention to him.

“I just said I really am glad you came. For as long as I can remember you’ve always hated being around people and going out.” he said to me.

“An introvert is what I remember you saying once.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I just like having you around, Jen and Chelsea adore you.”

I had to hide my smile internally. It was Chelsea, in fact, that gave me a new lead on life, and Jen’s kind action of taking time off from her busy life and choosing to spend it with me instead that has made me feel very welcomed. I thought about how much I missed having my family nearby and how I didn’t want this to end. “I am glad that I came too.”

I heard the door slide open and watched Chelsea walk out wearing a red two piece bikini and behind her Allie wearing a black two piece bikini. They both put down towels and turned their back to us. My eyes were glued to both their asses. I wanted to squeeze and bite those milky white cheeks. I kept watching as they got into the pool.

“It’s so cold!” Allie screeched.

Hearing that made me laugh out loud like I haven’t in a long while. “And very wet!” I shouted jokingly, that caused both Alison and Chelsea to look at me. “Cause, you know… water.”

“Nice try at the dad jokes, dad.” Tim said with a smirk.

“Ha!” I said as I turned to him and we kept on talking.

Tim finished barbequing and called everyone, we sat down together and proceeded to eat burgers and hot dogs. We laughed and joked, It felt nice to just enjoy the moment.

“Hey daddy, my phone died and I really want to take this picture, may I borrow yours?” Allie asked me standing up.

“Sure, I left it on the kitchen table.” I replied. “The password is 7543.” I whispered as I winked at her. I redirected my energy to continue the conversation with the family, Chelsea mentioned to us where she was thinking of going to college, Tim about his job and the merger and Jen joined in with a few words as well.

A couple of minutes passed before I again heard the screen door open. “Ummm… Dad, can I talk to you for a moment?” Allie said to me.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. As soon as I entered I noticed that Alison had a look on her face that I have never seen on her before. I was not sure what was happening but it must’ve been bad. “Everything okay?” I asked.

“I didn’t mean to… I took a few quick selfies and I wanted to see how they turned out, so I kept swiping and saw something. I hit play and… I…” She said, unable to formulate words.

I reached for the phone and noticed a video. I clicked the play button and as it started my jaw almost dropped. It appeared that as I was fucking Chelsea via doggy style down in the living room, Hope had secretly video taped us using my phone. My eyes watched as I grabbed Chelsea’s slim waist and started pounding away. “That’s right grandpa, fuck that tight pussy.” I heard Hope say, the sound of Chelsea’s moans and the slapping of our naked skin could also be heard right before I paused the video.

I looked at Alison and klasbahis yeni giriş I could see both the confusing and the shock that I imagine she must be experiencing. “You fucked your granddaughter, and her friend?” she said to me.

“I…” I started to say to her and just like Alison a few moments ago I was unable to formulate any cohesive words. “I…”

“I can’t believe it… What… I’m, I… I need to be alone right now.” Alison turned and left.

“Allie, wait…” I said, but she stormed off. “Fuck… Fuck, dammit fuck.” I said to myself. I seriously fucked up, how could I let this happen? I have been so careful, and now, not only does Allie know, I have to tell Chelsea that she knows, and if Alison tells Tim or Jen it will most likely destroy this family. I walked upstairs, I needed to talk with her. Alison walked towards me in the direction of the bathroom, I intercepted her, trying to talk with her. “Allie…”

“Not now dad, I need to be alone.” she quickly interrupted me as she closed and locked the bathroom door.

I went outside again, Jen had joined Chelsea in the pool, Tim was cleaning up. I was overdressed to jump in the pool and I had no desire to help out. I sat down, lost in thought. What was going to happen now?, I pondered. I pulled out my phone, I lowered the volume and kept watching the video, it showed me fucking Chelsea before ending fifty-two seconds later.

The next two hours were full of tension, Alison had joined us in the living room, she kept looking at me then Chelsea then back to me.

“So, I have so many fun things I want to do with you Aunt Allie.” Chelsea said with her innocently sounding voice. Alison looked at her and I could see that in her eyes Chelsea was no longer this innocent looking teen, but a fully functional woman.

“Sure, I can’t wait.” she fake smiled, something I’ve seen her do many times. Her eyes again looked at me. “Have you had fun with grandpa? What have you guys done?”

“A few things, we even went to the movies.” she said to her aunt.

“Did you have a lot of fun at the movies?” Alison asked Chelsea.

“We sure did.” Chelsea replied, I looked at Chelsea’s face and noticed her cheeks. She was slightly blushing.

Alison looked at her niece and smiled before looking back at me and not smiling. “As long as everything was ‘consensual’.” Those words added a heavier substance to the already existing tension that was currently between us. I noticed that all eyes quickly looked in her direction once she had said that. “You know… Everyone agreeing to… You know, watch the movie and everything in between, in agreement.”

“I mean, I picked the movie, everyone seemed to enjoy it.” Chelsea replied with a sound of confusion in her voice.

“I’m glad. I am happy you’ve enjoyed dad’s company.” Alison said, finally ending the conversation. I noticed that she had stopped calling me daddy since she showed me the video and instead had started calling me dad.

“Okay, tomorrow I am going to get dad’s cake and we’ll do something small, a few shots and drinks, nothing too heavy. Jen said she’ll cook her best meal in honor of dad turning sixty.” Tim said to everyone.

I looked at Alison, she looked disappointed. It’s a look I have never received from anyone in my family, it was as if I had failed her in some way.

The rest of the evening continued just like this and as everyone said their goodnights, I laid on the air mattress. I looked up at the ceiling as I tossed and turned, unable to sleep, and after a long struggle I realized that sleep wasn’t going to happen and got up. I pulled out a chair in the kitchen and sat down, I poured a tall drink and drank. I poured a second one and drank that one too. I felt slightly tipsy as I sat in that dimly lit kitchen, lost in my thoughts for what seemed like long while before I heard someone walking towards the kitchen. It was Alison, she was wearing white satin-like shorts, semi-loose and a loose fitting white sleep shirt, not too long nor too short.

“Can’t sleep either?” she said as she walked in and stood there looking at me. I shook my head. “I need to know why and how it happened.” she said to me. “I can’t think, I need to know.”

“Chelsea and I, we felt an attraction from the moment we laid eyes on each other. One thing led to another and we started having sex, her friend simply wanted to have a threesome. I didn’t know that I was being taped.”

“And just like that.” she said, looking at me take another drink. “I have no words… I… This is something you read about, you know? Something that other people do.” she crossed her arms. “It’s not something I’d imagine happening to me, to my family.”

I looked at Alison as she dropped her gaze. At that moment my body responded on its own, I felt as if I had no control of my own actions. I stood up and walked towards Alison, she looked at me as I stopped right in front of her, my arms lifted and my hands grabbed her face, my lips klasbahis giriş touched her lips. I was kissing my own daughter. I opened my eyes and I could see the confusion in hers, her body felt tense and rigid as a board. After a few seconds I was finally able to take control of myself and pulled back. I looked at Alison as she stood there, a very confused look on her face.

“I’m sorry…” I said as I walked slightly backwards.

Alison turned and left, no words were said. And again I sat down in the dimly lit kitchen. I took another drink and after I put the cup down I noticed it almost empty. I poured more liquor in and continued to sit there, quietly. I could hear the tick-tocking of the living room clock, the AC unit was on but I was still very much feeling hot. I looked at the living room, it was bathed in darkening shadows that would morph everytime a vehicle drove by, almost like a living thing. I sat but I didn’t continue to drink, I was officially sixty years old and this is not how I wanted this day to go.

I was almost completely sobered up, I have no clue how long I was sitting there before I again heard someone walking towards the kitchen. It was Alison again. She looked at me and then at the cup on the table then back at me. She stood there as our eyes met, unflinching.

“Why did you kiss me dad?” she asked me.

“Because I think you’re an incredibly beautiful and very sexy woman… Because I wanted to kiss your amazing looking lips since the second I saw you at the airport; because I long so badly to see those lips around my… I… I think that you’re so fucking sexy Allie, that’s why.” I replied to her as I stood up. “I…”

Alison walked towards me and stopped right in front of me and without warning she grabbed my face and kissed me. Her tongue penetrated my mouth as she cocked her head slightly left. I stood there as I felt Allie’s tongue probe my mouth and I could feel her tongue ring. I caressed her body before putting my hands inside her shirt and rubbing her bare back. After a few seconds I moved my hand down, I went right through her shorts and panties and cupped her bare ass, I squeezed and palmed it.

I felt Allie’s hand directing me to again sit down on the chair that I have been sitting on, I saw her kneel down in front of me and gently pull off my shorts and my underwear. My cock stood there for her to see and she looked at it, studied it, grabbed it, and then while looking right into my eyes, she put my cock into her mouth. I finally got to see her amazingly looking lips wrapped around my cockhead, she tongued the backside of my cockhead before going in a little deeper then pulling it out and sucking the sides, up and down, slurping the entire time.

“Ohhhh Allie… that feels so good.” I moaned softly as I felt her tongue ring play with my girth, she bobbed slowly, teasing me, and after a little while finally started speeding up while looking right at me. She used her hands to stimulate me more, bopping more and more, the wet slurping sounds of her lips sucking on my cock was all I could hear now. I tried to get up, longing to play with her too, but she shoved me back and sped up more. I saw her blonde hair still in her twin braids as it moved up and down, faster still. I felt her take my cock deep and heard her slightly gag before popping my cock out and slapping it against her tongue.

I again tried to get up but again she shoved me back, her eyes continued to look at me as I slowly started to feel my balls starting to fill up, she again gagged on my cock before pulling it out and sucking on the sides again and proceeded to repeat the action a few times more causing me to close my eyes for a brief second. I then felt Alison touch my chest. “I really like your body, you really have started taking care of yourself.” she said before putting my cock back into her mouth, followed shortly by her mews of enjoyment. “And I really like this dick, who knew that you had this hidden away.”

I wanted more, I needed more. I again tried to get up, only this time I stopped her from pushing me back to the seat. I pulled her up causing my cock to pop out of her mouth. I looked at her beautiful face and slightly grabbed her neck, I squeezed gently and at that moment Allie gave me a sultry look that I hadn’t seen from her yet, it was a look that screamed: I want more! I kissed her very passionately as I put my hand inside her shorts and slowly played with her clit. I squeezed a little harder on her neck and that look changed, now it clearly said: I want you to ravage me! I released her neck slightly, turned her around, my right hand stood at her neck, loosely hanging, I sucked on her left ear as my left hand continued to play with her pussy.

“Mmmm, daddy…” Alison moaned softly. I finally got to hear her moan and that meant that she was slowly loving what I was doing to her. I bent her over on the kitchen table and moved down her back, pulled down her shorts and panties, knelt down and saw her pussy as it was literally leaking woman juice out of her. “Ohhhh…” Allie moaned again as I opened her pussy lips and I put my tongue inside her melting pool and started licking away. Her body reacted immediately to me, I licked her pussy like a hungry man then moved up to her butthole then back down towards her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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