The Mix-Up

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The Mix-Up

Just a little tale to kill a few minutes of your day. Fair warning, this is a big dickey story, so if you’re not into that please move on. Hope you enjoy, and as always comments welcome, both good and bad.

Yolanda Green’s mind was on other things as she picked up the two identical looking packages from her boss’ desk. Her boss, Miranda Mitchell, had wanted them shipped out today. What Yolanda failed to notice were the mailing labels on top of each package weren’t secured yet. It wasn’t until she reached her own desk that she noticed them missing. With a huff she rose and went back into her boss’ office where she found the labels on the floor. Once back at her desk she realized that she wasn’t sure which label went to which box. With a shrug she peeled off one label and attached it to the closest box, then she placed the other label on the other one. Satisfied, she carried the two boxes down to the mailing room and sent them on their way.

Three days later Richard Burman, Miranda’s boyfriend, sat on the edge of his bed and opened the newly arrived package. He loved getting things from her when he was off on one of his business trips, mainly because it was usually something sexual in nature. This time it wasn’t. Inside the box was a pack of crew-cut socks. Sitting on top of the socks was a note. Pulling it out he read, ‘Thought you could use these to keep you warm.’

“What the fuck,” he grumbled, wadding up the note and tossing it on the floor.

“What’s wrong sugar?” a feminine voice asked.

Turning he glanced down at the naked dark-skinned hooker lying provocatively in his bed. Instantly he forgot all about the box as his cock started to quickly harden at the sight before him. Pushing the box to the floor he slowly crawled between the hooker’s splayed legs.

“Everything okay, sugar?” she purred.

“Yeah, all’s good,” Richard replied, just as he sank all five inches into the loose, sloppy cunt of the hooker.

At the same time Richard was opening his package, Miranda Mitchell’s son, Anthony was returning to his apartment after a grueling workout at the gym. At twenty-four he was in great shape. Standing just over six-feet, and weighing one-seventy, his body lean and ripped from hours at the gym made him a chick magnet. Something he took advantage of every chance he could. He loved sex.

As he approached his door he noticed a package leaning against it, which puzzled him since he wasn’t expecting anything. A smile played on his lips as he picked it up and saw the return address. His mother loved sending gifts in the mail even though they lived only twenty minutes from each other. Knowing his birthday wasn’t for another couple months he just assumed she had seen something she thought he might like. She was always doing things like that. Clutching the box he went inside and closed the door behind him. Placing the box on the coffee table he went and showered, then returned to the front room in only his bathrobe. He decided against opening the box until he ate.

With his hunger satisfied he sat on the couch and flipped on the television. Several minutes of scanning through the channels proved fruitless. Friday nights usually found him out clubbing with friends, but he had decided to have a night in for a change. Leaving the television tuned into some lame game show his eyes roamed about the room briefly before settling on the box on the coffee table. Reaching forward he brought the box to his lap and began to open it.

“Let’s see what mom sent,” he chuckled to himself.

As soon as the package was open his chuckles died in his throat, and his eyes grew wide with disbelief at what he was seeing sitting in the box.

“What the…” his voice trailed off as he stared into the box.

Inside the box was an un-opened sex toy. A fleshlight to be precise. Also in the box was a note. Taking the note he unfolded it and read, ‘Think of me when you use it.’

Anthony slumped back on the couch, his trembling fingers still clutching the note, his mind lost in a whirlwind of thoughts. He knew his mother had a sense of humor, but this, this was way beyond anything he imagined her doing. And what about the note saying think of her when using it? That in itself wasn’t a problem. She had been a big part of his masturbation fantasies since he turned eighteen, but to have her encourage him to picture her while he pleasured himself. There had to be some mistake here.

Placing the note on the seat next to him, he lifted the toy out of the box and removed it from its packaging. It felt odd in his hand. Turning it this way and that he examined it from all angles. At the top he saw what looked like a silicone shaped vagina. Out of curiosity he wet the end of one of his fingers and slid it into the opening. It was a snug fit. Slowly he began to finger the opening.

“Hmmm,” he murmured, as a thought crossed his mind.

Holding the fleshlight in one hand he used his other grandbetting yeni giriş hand to reach into his robe and lightly began to touch his flaccid penis. The more he played with himself, the more he thought of his mom. It wasn’t long before his cock began to swell. Closing his eyes he leaned back and pictured his mother. She was tall, nearly five-ten in stocking feet, with a thick mane of bottled blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders when she wore it down. Her blue-green eyes sparkled with life when she was in a good mood, but when she wasn’t you could see them turn a darker shade of green. Body wise, the only thing he could think to say was, wow. She had large breasts, at least a D cup, a trim waist, and toned legs that went on forever. Yeah, he could definitely say, for being closer to forty-six than her current forty-five, she was a real knockout.

It didn’t take long before his cock was fully erect. His hand slowly pumped all nine inches of his fat cock as more and more images of his mother danced through his brain. Soon he felt pre-cum ooze out the head. Using his thumb he smeared it around the bulbous knob making it easier to slide his palm over it. For several minutes he continued to stroke his cock, until idle curiosity got the better of him. Bringing the fleshlight up he placed the head of his cock at the opening, then began to smear some of the pre-cum around the hole. Once he had it lubricated to his satisfaction he tried to push his dick inside. It wasn’t easy, but after a brief struggle he was able to get the head to penetrate into the fake vagina. Twisting the fleshlight left and right around his knob seemed to loosen the opening a little, but it was apparent to him that the thing was just too tight to allow his cock to go any deeper. After a short spell he pulled his cock out and placed the fleshlight on the couch.

“Damn, it’s too small,” he grumbled to the empty room.

Another thought popped into his head as he sat there slowly stroking his cock. Could this be some sort of gag gift? He found that idea highly unlikely, since his mother wasn’t known for pulling pranks on people. But still, there’s always a first time for everything he reasoned. The only way he was going to find out for sure was to ask her. Leaning forward he grabbed his phone off the coffee table, but instead of dialing her number he just stared at the blank screen. Nearly fifteen minutes passed before he finally decided what to do. Instead of calling her, he’d text her and let her know he received the gift. Once the ball was in her court he’d just follow her lead.

He wrote: Got your gift. Thanks.

It only took a minute before his mother replied.

UR welcome sweetie, hope you like.

Anthony stared at her reply for a minute. He gave his cock another stroke before sending her another text.

Mom, is this a gag gift, or what?

Oh no, you don’t like it. Read her reply.

It’s not that I don’t like it. It just seems… he wrote back, unable to finish his thought on the weird nature of the gift.

Miranda didn’t know what to make of her son’s text. It was just a pack of socks. Maybe she got their size wrong, she thought. Texting: Did I get the size wrong or something?

Anthony couldn’t help but laugh as he read her text. God Mom, if you only knew, he mused as he glanced at the fleshlight. He was still chuckling when he texted: you could say that, it’s too tight.

That can’t be right, it said one size fits all. Send me a pic so I can see.

“Say what? Surely she can’t be serious,” Anthony groaned.

You want a pic? You can’t be serious. He texted back.

Frustrated by her son’s words she shot back: Stop being a baby and send me a picture.

“She wants a picture, I’ll send her a picture,” Anthony growl, a little ticked at being called a baby.

Picking up the fleshlight he slipped the head of his still hard cock into it as far as he could get it, which wasn’t any further than he had before. Using his free hand he raised his phone and snapped a picture, then sent it to his mother with the text: See, told you, too tight!

Fortunately Miranda was sitting on the couch when she received her son’s reply. At first her brain refused to acknowledge what her eyes were seeing. Right on her screen was a picture of what had to be the biggest cock she’d ever seen, the head hidden from view inside the fleshlight she remembered buying for Richard. Her jaw dropped open, and her fingers lost their grip on her phone, letting it fall to the carpeted floor near her feet. Her hand trembled as she reached down and picked it up. Once more she gazed at the picture on her phone, a small drop of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth. She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen, nor could she stop the moisture dampening the crotch of her silk panties. For what felt like forever she gazed at the cock that seemed to fill her screen as her heart thudded in her chest. grandbetting giriş Even in her trance-like state her analytical mind put two and two together. Somehow she had gotten the two packages mixed up, putting the wrong address label on her son’s gift.

With a tearful moan she shouted out, “No, no, no. How did I make such a mistake?”

Her mind shifted gears as she continued to stare at the gorgeous hunk of man meat on her phone. In no time at all she rationalized that her son was playing some sort of trick on her. Surely her son’s cock wasn’t that big. Was it? By the time she had her breathing under control she had convinced herself that Anthony had indeed received the wrong gift. But, she also convinced herself that he must have sent her a picture that he’d pulled off some porn site. It would be like him to do something like that, if only to get back at her for the inappropriate gift. She realized that she needed to apologize, but not through a text message. No, what she needed to say would be better in person. Picking up her phone she sent him one last text. Once she had that done she went into the kitchen and fixed herself a stiff Bacardi and coke. Taking her drink she once more settled back on her couch. With a sigh she opened up her phone and gazed longingly at the picture again.

‘I’ll be over around noon tomorrow. Maybe we can grab some lunch and talk. Love, Mom.’

“Crap!” Anthony growled as he read the message for a second time. He couldn’t help wondering if his mom was pissed. In retrospect, he figured sending his mother a dick pic hadn’t been the greatest idea in the world. Now she was coming over, probably to rip him a new asshole. Shrugging he picked up the fleshlight and whispered, “It’s all your fault.” As he went to place it back in the package he noticed something else in the box. It was a small tube of water-based lube. His eyebrows rose as he studied the tube of lube and the fleshlight.

“I wonder…” he mused just before applying a few drops of lube to the hole of the toy.

Using his fingertip he spread the lube around the opening, then gently slipped his finger inside. It went in effortlessly all the way to the knuckle. Seeing how easy his finger slid in gave him an idea. Pouring a little more lude into the hole, then smearing some on his half-hard cockhead, he proceeded to press the fleshlight down onto his cock. Unlike earlier he was able to slip the head in with ease. Encouraged, he pressed even harder. Soon he had almost four inches inside the fake vagina. Holding his cock at the base he began to slowly slide the toy up and down on his shaft. Although still uncomfortably tight, the feelings along his cock were quite pleasant.

While Anthony was pleasuring himself, his mother was sitting cross-legged on her bed completely naked, her laptop open in front of her. Looking at the photo had made her extremely horny, and like her son, she too loved sex. Her intention, since she couldn’t have the real thing, was to zoom call Richard so they could get off together. It wasn’t something they did often, but Miranda figured under the circumstance it would be better than nothing. Moisture began to flow freely from her snatch as she waited for the connection to be made. Idly she lowered one hand down and began to rub softly at her swollen labia. A smile spread on her full lips as she watched the screen change indicating that Richard was answering her call.

“Hello,” a voice answered just as the screen focused on Richard’s end.

The smile on Miranda’s face disappeared as she stared at the dark-skinned naked woman on the other end of the call. Once more the woman said hello, only to be interrupted by Richard pushing her out of view, as he took her place on the chair.

“Miranda, what a surprise,” Richard stated, his eyes giving away the fear he felt.

“What the fuck, Richard! Who the hell is that woman?” Miranda yelled, anger and hurt written all over her face.

“It’s…it’s…not what you think honey,” he stammered.

Miranda Mitchell was nothing if not pragmatic. She had tolerated Richard’s lack of discretion in the past, things like flirting with other women while out with her, but this was beyond the pale. She knew it was over between them.

“I’m sorry Richard, but it’s exactly what I think, and now you can just fuck off!” With that she slammed her laptop closed and slowly sank onto her back.

Unfortunately she was still quite horny. Looking to her left she saw her phone lying on the bed. With trembling fingers she picked it up and opened the picture her son had sent. There in front of her face was the photo of the most beautiful cock she’d ever seen. Without hesitation she let her free hand caress over her ample tit before making its way past her smooth tummy, the fingertips grazing through the neatly trimmed pubic hair before finally reaching her engorged clitoris.

“Oh yessssss!” she hissed as her fingers began to strum her grandbetting güvenilirmi sensitive bud.

Pussy juice oozed from her cunt as she slipped two fingers inside while her thumb continued to tease her clit. Her tongue stuck out enough to lick her bottom lip as her eyes devoured the photo on her phone. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew the photo wasn’t of her son’s cock, but she pushed that aside and whispered up at the ceiling, “Oh Anthony, Anthony, Anthony.” Before she knew what was happening, her body began to thrash on the bed as one of the most powerful orgasms ever tore through her. For several minutes wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through her, until finally spent, she lay limp, the phone pressed tightly to her lips.

“Holy shit,” she murmured before slipping into a deep sleep.

Just as Miranda was succumbing to the afterglow of her best orgasm ever, her son was pumping his cock for all he was worth. He had abandoned the fleshlight, because even with lube it was still uncomfortable. So with visions of his mother prancing naked through his brain he spanked his monkey like a man possessed. Although he’d never actually seen her naked, he had seen her in bikinis, so it didn’t take much imagination for him to visualize her nude. His balls tightened and his cock swelled even more than it was as his orgasm reached its pinnacle. Wad after wad of thick white cum shot from his cock and splashed down onto his chest and stomach. Utterly drained he lay sprawled on the couch just staring blankly at the ceiling for several long minutes before finally forcing himself to get up and go to bed.

Saturday morning arrived a lot sooner than either Anthony or Miranda wanted. Both crawled out of bed and showered while coffee brewed in their respective kitchens. After showering Anthony ate a small breakfast and sipped his coffee still in his robe, while Miranda skipped breakfast altogether. She sat at her breakfast nook sipping her coffee as memories of the recurring dream plagued her mind. Several times during the night she had dreamed of her son. In the dream he stood naked by her bed, the huge tube of man flesh pointing straight out from his groin. Each time her hand would reach out and try to grasp the large appendage, and each time she would fail. By the time she woke she was in a state of sexual frustration. As she brought her cup up for another sip she noticed her hand was shaking slightly. Trying to psychoanalyze the dream, she concluded the only reason her hand hadn’t been able to reach its target was because it belonged to her son. The forbidden fruit as it were, off limits for a mother. But that didn’t stop her from wanting to know if the photo was real or not. Even if it was off limits, there were no rules saying she couldn’t at least take a look at it she reasoned. Purely for curiosity’s sake she told herself. Once more moisture gathered between her folds as she picked up her phone and opened the picture. As she stared at her phone a thought popped into her head. She didn’t really need to see it, all she had to do was get Anthony aroused and the truth would reveal itself. No one with a cock that big could hide the bulge it would make in their pants. A smile played on her lips as her mind went to work on devising a plan of action.

Closing the photo she scrolled through the text messages on her phone. Two were work related, but eleven were from Richard, all begging her to forgive him. As she was about to put her phone down another text message appeared. It was from Richard. Ignoring it, she sipped her coffee and pondered what to wear.

At eleven-thirty Anthony started getting dressed. He wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt, but he knew his mother would be impeccably dressed like always, so he settled for black slacks, a freshly ironed white dress shirt and loafers. The same clothes he wore every day for his job at the bank. Checking in the full-length mirror he nodded his approval then went back to the kitchen to wait. At exactly noon a knock came at his door.

“Punctual as usual, Mother dear,” he said as he went to answer the door.

His jaw dropped when he opened the door and took in the sight of his mother standing there. Her hair was in a French braid, and she had a hint of blue eyeshadow over her twinkling eyes. Her pouty lips were glossy with a deep, rich, red lipstick that matched her perfectly polished fingernails. Raking his eyes lower he took in the silky blue, buttoned-down blouse, the top three buttons undone revealing the upper swell of her creamy white breasts. The black lacy bra under her blouse was just barely visible. Lower still she had on a mid-thigh length leather skirt and sheer black nylons that encased her shapely legs perfectly. The black four-inch heels on her feet made her almost as tall as him. All he could do was stand there and stare.

“What?” Miranda inquired, secretly loving the astonished look on her son’s face.

“Nothing Mom, you look…uh…gorgeous,” he replied after several awkward seconds.

“Oh. Well thank you,” Miranda said laughingly, her eyes taking a quick gander at his crotch.

“So where we headed?” he asked after locking his door.

Putting her arm around his she said, “How’s Flannagan’s sound?”

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