Size Queen Accepts Her A-Dick-tion

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Big Dicks

*** Ellen was faithful for almost twenty years of marriage, until she was faced with a temptation too large for her to resist. After this initial failure to resist a large cock, she had to find out if this was a onetime thing or a weakness in her character, that she would have to face. Unfortunately, when she was faced with a group of large cocks, she found herself face down with all of those large cocks pounding so deep inside her, that she was sure that they bruised her very soul. This story begins right after “Size Queen in Denial” and sees our heroine with a weakness for large cocks, trying to figure out what this means for her marriage and her future. I hope you like it and please feel free to let me know your thoughts on my stories and your thoughts on Ellen’s future. ***

“Oh my fucking GOD, my whole body hurts,” I think as I lie here, unable to sleep. Even after a Percocet and a Valium, the deep ache throughout my body, will not let me sleep. Thank God my husband David was sound asleep when I got home. There was no way I could have hidden how I was hobbling, as I tried to walk straight. Not to mention, that my big 36DD tits were flopping around loose in my blouse, since my black lover tore my bra in half, in a show of domination and control, that made me know that I needed him to take me and brutally make me his bitch. And brutally take me and make me his bitch, he did.

When he sapped my tits and ass HARD with his big strong hands, I should have cowered in fear and pain. Instead, I felt an excitement more powerful that anything I have ever felt before. It was like each painful SLAP shot lightning directly to my desperate pussy and to my overwhelmed brain. I could feel double explosions, one in my pussy, overpowering me with pleasure, while another exploded in my brain, driving out all thought and reason. I was no longer a sensible wife who adored her husband. I instantly became a shameless whore, who is a slave to her pussy, and its desperate need to be utterly destroyed by a big cock… many cocks, if I am being completely honest.

Destroyed I was, too. That black God and his amazing cock not only destroyed my body. They also destroyed my mind and my soul. They may have also destroyed my marriage. Then when he was done with me, he dismissed me like a thing he had no further use for. Of course, he sent me away with instructions that I was to come running, whenever he calls me in the future. And even now, as I lay here next to my loving husband, trying not to let him hear my sobs, I am completely certain that I will do exactly that. As shameful as I feel, and in such overwhelming physical pain, I know that there is no way I can resist this feeling of addiction.

Yes, I can’t deny my need for the feeling of a large cock filling me in ways that my husband never can. I hope that doesn’t sound shallow. It is more than just the large size of the cock and how it touches places inside me that my husband’s small cock can’t touch. It is more the way that the man with the large cock enters my body, my brain, and my soul, then makes me feel, think, and believe things, my husband never can. I have only been with two large-cocked men so far, but both of them broke my image of myself as a proper, intelligent, well mannered, housewife. They both made me face the fact that I am a cock hungry slut, who not only needs cock, but also one who desperately needs to please men sexually, especially in the most humiliating ways possible. They made me realize that I am just a cock sleeve, who is made to satisfy men.

But doesn’t satisfying men, include satisfying my husband? I do love and adore him. I have always enjoyed satisfying him, even though I now fully understand, that he may never be able to satisfy me again. Maybe, if I explain all of this to him, he will understand. Maybe he will want me to get my satisfaction, as long as I always make sure he is satisfied? Yes, I owe it to him to be honest. I owe it to both of us, if there is a chance that we can both be satisfied, and we can preserve the love and companionship of our marriage.

Having made up my mind, I figure that there is no better time to find out than right now, especially since there is no fucking way, I will be able to sleep at all tonight. So, with that decided, I slide beneath the sheet and work my way to David’s cock. I feel it under his silk boxers. I love the smooth feeling of the slick material as it slides over his cock. I feel it twitch and start to grow slightly in my hand. I rub and tease it with my fingers as I pull his cock through the hole in his boxers. I take it in my mouth. I suck it all the way into my mouth as I roll it with my tongue. The one good thing about his smaller cock, is that I can take all of him in my mouth and lick his balls. In fact, I can even lick all the way down to his sensitive butt hole, with his whole cock in my mouth.

He is now fully erect in my mouth, and I realize that he is awake, when I feel his hand cup around my kaçak iddaa head and hold me on his cock. Suddenly, I feel him toss the sheet back, revealing me sucking his cock. I look up and see him smile as he says, “Well, someone is in a mood tonight.” I don’t say anything in reply, but I smile at him and flutter my tongue rapidly over the sensitive head of his cock. His eyes roll back in his head, as he tosses his head back and GROANS in delight. I am really good at sucking cock, and I quickly bring him to a LOUD orgasm, swallowing almost all of his cum.

As I rub the traces of cum off my lips and suck them from my finger, I slide up to cuddle next to him. While he is still in his post-orgasm bliss, I ask him, “Did you like that? Do you like the way I satisfy you David?”

“GOD yes,” He quickly blurts out. “You know that, Ellen. You know that I cum for you like nobody I have ever been with. I can’t even imagine another woman who could satisfy me like you do. Why do you ask?”

“I am glad to hear that David. I am so glad that I satisfy you like that. You want me to feel that same satisfaction too, don’t you David? You love me and want to know that I am just as satisfied, don’t you Baby?”

“Of course, Ellen. I would hate it if you were not satisfied… I would hate myself, if I knew that you were not satisfied. You are satisfied, aren’t you Ellen? Please tell me the truth. I will do anything to satisfy you. Just tell me what you need.”

The desperation in his voice makes me realize that he will do just that, anything to make sure I am satisfied. I know I should be ashamed of myself, but right now, all I feel is elation, that I can keep my loving marriage, and still get the large cocks that I need. Even as I lay here trying to figure out what to say next, I am having visions in my head of being pushed face first over a table full of shoes, as I am ploughed from behind by my shoe salesman, with that big cock. MMMM, and now it is my Big Black God with that monster black snake, pushing into me as he SQUEEZES and SLAPS my big hanging tits, while he fucks me over his couch.

I try to get control of my beathing, that is now a throaty rasp. My voice cracks as I finally admit to my husband, “Please don’t hate me for this, but I realize that your cock is not enough for me… it has not been enough for so long now… but… I love you so much and I never want to hurt you, by saying such a thing… but now… since you ask so sincerely, and I can feel how much you want me to be satisfied… Well, knowing how much you want me to be happy and satisfied… It would be dishonest and a betrayal… in a way… if I am less than completely honest with you… Do you hate me, David? Do you hate me because I can’t be satisfied by your cock David? GOD David, PLEASE don’t hate me. Please don’t hate me… I am only doing what you wanted… being honest…” I set the hook by crying and desperately holding onto him.

“No… Please Ellen… It’s OK… It’s OK… You are right… I do want to know… I do want your honest answer… I do want you to be satisfied in our marriage… You can be satisfied in our marriage, can’t You? I mean… if I had a larger cock… or you could have some larger cocks… You know… maybe now and then… would you be satisfied? You would want to stay with me? You would want to keep what we have together? Please tell me you will… PLEASE Ellen…”

I can’t look at him right now because I am sure the smirk on my face will give me away. I burry my face in his chest and sob lightly as I answer, “Yyyyou want that… David? Yyyou wwwant me to cheat with other men… Men with larger cocks… Men who can satisfy mmmme… Like you can’t? Is that wwwwhat YOU want David? Will that make YOU happy… will that save our marriage? Because that is what I want more than anything else… to save our marriage… to stay with you… so happy with YOU… If that is what it takes… I will do it… I will… to save US… I will do anything…”

“Yes, Baby… Yes… Anything… I will do anything… put up with ANYTHING… to keep you… to keep what we have… I love you so much and want more than anything on the Earth, for you to be happy and satisfied.”

I almost feel guilty, hearing the desperation in his voice and the certainty that he will, in fact, willingly allow me to find and fuck all of the large cocks, that I want and need. I push down the excitement in my voice as I innocently ask him, “How do we do this David? I like your idea about finding men with large cocks to fuck me, but how do we do that? How do we find men with large cocks, who will want to fuck me? Oh my GOD, David. I love you so much that you want to do this… I love you even more than I thought possible. The fact that you love me so much and want me to be satisfied so much, that you will do THIS… Have you thought about this a lot, David? Have you thought about me being fucked by other men… men with big thick cocks… Have you David? Have you kaçak bahis thought about these men fucking me… breaking me open with their big cocks, while you watch? Is that something you want David? Is it? I will do it… for YOU, David… I will do anything for you David… ANYTHING”

He doesn’t answer right away, and I am afraid that maybe I took it too far. I am about to try to pull some of it back, when he slowly starts, “Well… I mean… that is… watching you getting fucked by these men with large cocks… hmmm… Would that satisfy You Ellen? I mean… in a way… will it make it safer for you… maybe it will make it more of a thing we are doing together… you know… less like you are cheating or something… Yes… of course I already said that I will do anything… everything really… to keep you happy and satisfied…”

Before he can realize what he has said and can regret it, I jump up and kiss him and hug him like I will crush him with my small arms. I break my passionate kiss to tell him, “I love you so MUCH… I love that you want to do ALL of that for me… for US… My GOD… You have me so fucking excited right now… When can we do this? When do you want to do this David? Please tell me more David… PLEASE… I have seen some things on the internet… You know, guys with really large cocks fucking women like me… Have you seen those also? Have you looked at those and thought about those guys fucking ME? Have you stroked your cock, watching those and thinking of me? Do you have some men in mind already David? Please tell me who you want to fuck me?”

I have been stroking his cock the entire time we have been talking about this and it is now completely hard and oozing pre-cum. I trace the slick pre-cum around his sensitive head with my thumb, as I wait for his response. I have him so excited at this point, that he can’t think straight, and can only moan out, “God YES, Ellen… Whatever you want… right fucking NOW, if you want…”

I smile to myself as I tell him, “Well, since you are so excited for this, let’s start right now… that’s what you want… right David?” To make sure he continues in this direction, I rub my thumb harder and faster around his sensitive cock head, as I SQUEEZE his balls with my other hands. “Oh God, YESSS,” he gasps, so I take that as agreement.

I let go of his cock and balls suddenly and see the look of desperation on his face. I tell him, “Don’t worry Baby… I am only going to get my laptop… since you seem to be in such a hurry to see me fucked by those big cocks.” Without another word, I jump off the bed and grab my laptop from the top of my dresser. Then I jump back on the bed and without skipping a beat, I grab his cock with my left hand, as I open my laptop with my right. The hardest part is trying not to look like I have these sites already open on my computer. Fortunately, his mind is preoccupied with what my fingers are doing to his cock.

“Oh, here’s a good site. Is this one you have looked at before David? It is called “8orBetter. Is that one you like to look at David. From what I can see here, it looks like it is a site for guys who have cocks 8 inches or bigger. Is that big enough for you David? Will 8 inches be a big enough cock for me to fuck or will you like to see me fuck bigger ones? Well, I guess the site is 8 and bigger, so there should be some big enough for you, David… right?”

“Yyyeah… I guess… sure… as big as you like Ellen… as big as you can take…” David responds, clearly unsure of how to respond.

“Really David? Really? You want to see how big I can take? Oh my GOD… You ARE kinky David… I love it. Oh my GOD this is going to be fun, exploring how much I can take… how much I need to be satisfied… Oh my GOD, I just had an idea. Why don’t you find a man in here, that you want to see fucking me?” I hand him the laptop, as I add, “I can suck your cock while you look… Mmm, that will be SO fucking hot, to be sucking your cock, while you find the man, that you want to see fucking me.” Without another word, I drop down and almost swallow his cock and give him the best blow job I have ever given before.

I do it slowly and sensuously. I tease him and keep building him closer and closer to orgasm. Each time that I feel he is close, I back off. I am not going to let him cum until he finds a man for me to fuck. I am going to set the concrete around his “decision” to let me fuck as many large-cocked men as I desire. When he finally cums, it will be so powerful and so overwhelming, that he will be convinced it is because he picked the man who will be fucking me. Thinking that thought, I can’t help myself and I find my right hand sliding down to my wet pussy, as I cup and SQUEEZE his balls with my left.

I am so excited, that I quickly bring myself to climax. Then I do it again and again. I cum three times. Each time, I loudly moan around his cock, making sure that he knows I am cumming. I can almost feel his frustration illegal bahis through his extremely hard cock. I stop sucking and feel him react desperately, trying to figure out why I stopped the amazing pleasure I was giving him. Before, he can say anything, I say, “I’m sorry David. Was my blowjob distracting you? You usually don’t take this long to cum… should I stop and let you concentrate on finding the right man? Maybe then, you will be able to cum…” I leave that hanging as part promise that he can cum when he finds my man, and part threat that he won’t be able to cum until he does.

“Nooo, don’t stop, PLEASE… Just keep going… I am so close… to finding the right man for us,” he blurts out. I love the desperation that I can hear in his voice. It actually pushes me over the edge and I cum again, as I suddenly realize I was still finger fucking myself, as I was teasing him. Then I tell him, “OK, but don’t make me wait… I want to feel your cum splashing into my throat… I want to taste it sliding over my tongue…”

I am not sure whether my teasing spurred him on or if he truly did find a man, he wanted me to fuck, but as I am enjoying the feel of my tongue sliding over his most sensitive parts, he almost shouts out, “Found HIM.” I swear to God, that he said HIM in a way that sounded very significant. I don’t give it much thought, as I quickly push him over the edge and feel his cock twitch and spasm, as his cum hits the back of my throat with more power than I have ever felt from him before. In fact, he is bucking his hips so hard when he cums, that I see stars when his tight belly SLAMS into my nose. However, being the professional that I am, I don’t skip a beat and I swallow every drop of cum and suck and lick his still hard cock.

Before he can recover, I almost jump back up from his groin, and ask him, “Who did you find for US? He must be something, the way you just came. My GOD, I have never seen or felt you cum that hard before. You must REALLY be excited to see this guy fucking me… Show me… show me…”

Even though I can see the profile on the computer, I wait for him to point out the obvious. “This guy… This guy here…,” he weakly says, clearly still overwhelmed by his strong orgasm.

“Oh, he DOES look good. What a nice hard body… And he does look like he has a large cock. How big is his cock, David?” I ask him, although I can clearly see in the profile that it says he has a 10 inch cock.

“Um, well… it says here that he has a 10 inch cock. How does that sound?”

“10 is very large. You like that David? You want to see if I can take that big 10 inch cock inside me? You want to see him slamming that big fucking cock into me David? Based on how much you just came in my mouth, I think you must want that a WHOLE lot. What do we do now David? How do we contact him to arrange this?”

He responds uncertainly, “Well, I guess you need a profile on here and then you can contact him through the site.”

“Oh I can’t do that David. I am a wreck. How can I do this? You do it David… Please. You make a profile for me. I don’t even know what I would say. You know me. You write something that will make him want to fuck me. You like to fuck me… You are a man… You will know what to write… Yes?” I say to him, to continue to reinforce the feeling that this is all his idea, and he really wants this.

OK, I can do that Ellen. Give me a few minutes to come up with something. I’ll make it good. I promise.”

I leave him to write the profile and go get us some drinks. If you have never sucked a cock for a long period of time before, you can’t possibly understand the desperate need for a drink after. I take my time getting drinks. I even go into the guest bathroom to masturbate myself to yet another orgasm, thinking of my husband writing a profile on a big cock site, in order to contact a man to fuck me. My GOD, this is all so fucking exciting.

When I return, I see that he is reading over what he wrote. I hand him his drink and ask him, “Is it OK for me to read it? Did you make me sound fuckable enough?” I ask laughing. Without waiting for his answer, I lean over and read the profile. He did a very good job. He did a surprisingly good job. Maybe he IS as into this as I am? I compliment him on what he wrote, “That is very flattering David. I really like what you wrote here about my “kissable lips” and “how they are VERY good at other things also”. And what you wrote here, about my big tits being very fuckable. Do you really feel that way? You never ask to fuck them? Is this something you will like to do to me or is it that you will like to see a large cock sliding between my big tits?”

He blushes BRIGHT red as he admits, “Both.”

“Mmmm, you naughty boy… You like the idea of big, long cocks sliding between my full tits… Oh wait, I have an idea,” I tell him as I jump up and grab a large dildo from my dresser drawer. As I return, I put the dildo between my tits and press them together around it and tell him, “Take my picture… just like this… We need pictures for the profile, right? This seems perfect for what you wrote and what you want to see… Right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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