Quiet Fantasy

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I saw you from across the store. Our eyes met for a second, then moved away nervously. A minute later our eyes met again. This time we didn’t look away. I saw sadness and excitement in your eyes. We both smiled. from 15 feet, I could feel the heat from her. She looked at the clothes in her hands, then to the dressing room, then to me. She smiled nodded and went inside.

Intrigued, I moved closer to the little room. I noticed that she had left the curtain open a few inches. I moved closer and peeked inside. Just then she turned and jumped. Then looked into my eyes again. Though I’d never seen her before, I felt like I knew her. She was beautiful, tall and slender with dark hair and eyes contrasting her milky white skin.

She smiled and nodded again, but made no move to close the curtain. I looked around and the store seemed deserted. When I looked back in, she was removing her blouse. I stood transfixed as her smooth white shoulders were exposed to me, Her black lace bra standing out sharply against her pale skin.

Again she turned and looked at me with just a trace of a smile. My heart was beating madly, I felt like she was inviting me in, though no words were spoken. She again turned her back on me and slowly slid her knee length black silk skirt to the floor. Her legs, long and flowing, covered in a fine mesh of black silk stockings, a garter and thin pair of black satin panties.

I could take it no more! I slowly entered the dressing room, pulled the curtain shut and put my hands on her shoulders. She jumped slightly and began to tremble faintly. But she said güvenilir bahis nothing. I moved my hands down her arms savoring the smooth cool skin. When I reached her hands, I pulled them around with mine to her stomach and leaned forward to kiss her neck.

Her hair smelled of cherry blossoms and her neck of sweet perfume. I lightly kissed her neck and shoulders as she nestled into me. Slight sighs of pleasure the only sound. I nibbled her ear and she moaned very softly. Pulling her hands from mine she reached back and put her hands on my hips gently pulling me to her. My hands free, I felt the firm muscles of her stomach and the coolness of her skin. Still kissing her neck, I slid my hands up her stomach and caressed her large but firm breasts.

Again she jumped slightly, and the trembling increased. Slight sigh escaping her lips. Unclasping the bra in front, I freed her breasts and gently ran the palms of my hands over her already hard nipples. A slightly louder sigh and increased trembling were her only reaction.

Her nimble fingers unbuttoned my pants and lowered the zipper. My cock already hard with anticipation, came free as she pulled open my pants and lowered my boxers. Again the trembling increased as she grasped my cock in her hand. I began to lightly pinch her nipples, and massage her breasts. No words were spoken.

She pulled free, and still holding my cock in her hand, knelt down. I gasped as she kissed the head of my cock, seeming to taste it with her tongue. She then put my cock deep into her mouth in a slow exquisite tease of sensation. I looked down güvenilir bahis siteleri and watched as she began to move her head slowly in and out over my cock, holding it with one hand, pulling me to her with her other on my ass. I put my hands on her hair gently rocking with the rhythm. Her tongue doing an energetic dance on my cock, as I looked down at her perfect back and ass. In just minutes I came in her mouth as she greedily swallowed every drop. The ecstasy prolonged and intensified by her gentle sucking and licking.

I never got soft and became aware of the intense need to have her now! Slowly I pulled her up and leaned down to kiss and nibble on her nipples as she smoothly stroked my cock. After a minute, I could take no more. I put my hands on her shoulders as our eyes met. She looked into my eyes with longing, lust and a little bit of fear.

I smiled and began to say Something. But she quickly put her fingers to my lips and gently shook her head. I turned her around and pushed her shoulders towards the wall. She put her hands out and leaned forward. I slid my hands slowly down her smooth alabaster skin, down her sides to her hips. Slowly I put my fingers under the straps of her panties and slid them to the floor. Her smooth and perfectly shaped ass, exciting me even more. I moved my hand over her ass and down to her pussy.

She moaned and shivered, but said nothing. I put my fingers into her hot moist pussy savoring the incredible softness. Massaging her pussy and clit, she moaned a little louder. I moved my wet fingers over her pussy and slid one iddaa siteleri into her ass slowly. She tensed, then sighed. With a finger in her ass, two in her pussy and my pinkie rubbing her clit, she began to move her hips in rhythm to my hand. Moaning softly she shuddered for a long minute.

Unable to stop myself, I pulled back my hand and slowly put my cock in her pussy. This time she jumped harder, then pushed herself onto me with abandon. The sensations of her tight, wet and hot pussy were overwhelming.

But I had more in mind. Grabbing her hips, I slowly pulled out and put my cock into her tight little ass. She let out a slight and quiet cry in shock and pain, but quickly stifled it. Then slowly she pushed her ass onto my cock. moaning softly but deeply! She reached down with one hand and began rubbing her clit. I began to pump her ass harder and harder, small cries whispering from her lips.

Suddenly, I came in her ass with an all consuming orgasm, just as she too came! Both of us letting out quiet sighs and shuddering moans.

For a minute, neither of us moved, then she pulled away and began to dress. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what had happened between this beauty I don’t even know and my normally shy self!

I put my hand on her shoulder, and she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were sparkling, and told me thanks. The words left me, I was speechless. She just smiled and finished dressing. With me still nearly naked she reached for the curtain. I started to say something, but she shook her head and left.

Several days later, I saw her coming out of another store, our eyes met, we smiled, and both of us knew, it was sometimes better to say nothing.

As she walked away, I wondered a million things about her, but realized that she will always remain, Just a fantasy come true!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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