BJ Bliss Ch. 06 Sister Sister

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After a two-year stay at the Stateville Correctional Center, Robert Makowski rejoined society as a shell of his former self: quiet, brooding, and obedient. His sentence was uneventful: no gang affiliations, no fights, just day after day of weights, bad food, and insufferable monotony. His big break came one year after his release when he was discovered by Felicia, owner and proprietor of the up-and-coming Studio Trésor.

He was known to Felica as Bob the Doorman and she seduced him ruthlessly. His threatening appearance and unbending loyalty proved invaluable to her as she gradually brought him deeper into her world—one of surprising wealth and power for a humble ex-con like him. Without Felicia he was nothing. As far as he was concerned, she was the only thing standing between his current posh lifestyle and being out on the street.

For years Bob did what Felicia required of him without protest. His latest assignment had him staring at a picture of innocent young woman on his computer in his quest to find information that they could use against her. He saw the implied bullseye of his employer on her face and proceeded as instructed. He made some calls. He assembled information. He passed it on to Felicia.

Bob stewed restlessly in his house on the night of the workshop, knowing full well that Holly was walking into a trap. Snooping on the competition was one thing, and Bob always, if reluctantly, gave Felicia the goods on her foes. But trapping an unsuspecting intern in order to intimidate her or do god knows what with her? It suddenly seemed clear to him what he had to do and his future be damned. He rushed out into the rainy night, hoping there was still time to make things right.


“So tell me, Holly. Now that we’ve laid everything on the table, what do you say to our offer?” Felicia asked. She was sat comfortably in a Victorian parlor chair with legs crossed under her dress and eyed competitor’s intern, a woman less than half her age, with an intimidating glare.

“I really appreciate your offer, but I can’t do that to Katrin,” Holly pleaded.

“Katrin is going to be just fine, as we’ve already explained. She will forgive you, over time.”

“Holly, let me assure you,” Claudia chimed in from next to Holly on the couch. “I take full responsibility for this plan. You and Katrin are safe with me. I wouldn’t let anything happen to my girls. You are my girl, aren’t you?” She carefully placed her hand on Holly’s naked thigh.

Holly looked helplessly into Claudia’s eyes, entranced by the green irises that engulfed her pupils. She clenched her thighs together, embarrassed that she was gushing wet from Claudia’s touch. “Yes,” Holly whispered.

“And after everything that you have confided today, don’t you think that we are best suited to help you?” Claudia asked.

“Okay,” Holly finally conceded as her lips quivered nervously. She placed her hand on Claudia’s. “I will do what you asked me to, and I promise not to tell Katrin anything until the article has posted.”

Felicia gave her sister Claudia an approving nod and Claudia looked on at Holly proudly in turn.

“Do you promise to keep my name out of the article?” Holly asked.

“Absolutely,” Felicia replied. “We’re going to tell the world about BJ Bliss’s dirty little secrets, with your help, but there’s no reason to use your name. You have my word.”

“Okay,” Holly replied. “I’m in.”

“Yes!” Mika and Miho cheered from the other side of the couch. The twins had been sharing suspenseful glances with each other throughout the conversation.

“This is so great,” Miho gushed. “We’re going to be besties! Let’s celebrate!”

“Yes, a celebration is definitely in order,” Felicia mused as she shared a knowing glance with Claudia. “We will schedule some time to work with Holly, but tonight, we can play.”

“I have an idea,” Mika offered. “Let’s have a lingerie party! We have big shipment that just came in from Chambre Lingerie. We always try on the new stuff, Holly,” Mika explained. She took Holly by the hands and helped her up from the couch.

“I don’t know,” Holly said with a gulp. She looked up at Mika and Miho’s smiling faces: an eerie carbon copy of each other with quirky blue-streaked hairdos and big, blinking brown eyes. “This wasn’t quite what I was expecting.” The sexual tension in the room was palpable and Holly couldn’t help but play along as the two sets of sexy twin sisters eyed her with lust and continued to coerce her tactlessly.

“It’ll be super fun!” Miho encouraged. “We’ve got lots of expensive merchandise. You can take some of it to go.”

Claudia stood up swiftly, causing her gothic black lace dress to sway against her legs. “Go on, Holly. Enjoy yourself with the twins while we get some drinks. You seemed to enjoy the champagne at my divorce party, so I brought something new and delicious especially for you.”

Holly’s eyes lit up, remembering Claudia’s decadent party and the luxurious drinks that they enjoyed together, among other things. bahis siteleri “Yes, I suppose I could have a glass,” Holly replied politely.

Claudia traced her finger up Holly’s chest, causing a gasp of surprise escape from her small, red mouth. Felicia and the twins looked on with interest as Claudia showed off her power over helpless Holly. She clutched Holly by the chin. “That’s my girl. I’ll be back soon with something to wet those sweet lips of yours.”

Claudia leaned in and pressed her lips against Holly’s, sending a surge of lust through her body. Claudia backed off and exited abruptly into an adjoining room with Felica, leaving Holly in a daze of anticipation. Mika and Miho took over from there and escorted Holly to the corner of the studio to dig through a box of tagged garments and stockings.

“What do you think about stay-up stockings?” Miho asked as she browsed through the box.

“I like the spandex lace-topped ones, they stay up pretty well on their own,” Mika replied as she pulled out a black pair and dangled them with a smile. “Holly, I think these have your name on them.”

Before she could reply, Holly was flanked on both sides by the twins. Miho stepped behind her and Mika stood in front and looked her over. She felt Miho’s breath at her neck as she stroked the back of her dress.

“You are so gorgeous,” Mika commented.

“Thank you. You and your sister are very pretty,” Holly replied nervously.

“Oh, you are too sweet,” Mika said with a puppy dog look. “You know, most people are intimidated by us. We like to do everything together, you know?”

“Everything?” Holly asked, fluttered with curiosity.

“Everything,” Mika confirmed as she reached up to slide her fingers under the straps of Holly’s vintage polka dot halter dress. Holly breathed heavily and felt hot and wet between her legs as Miho explored the fabric of her dress from behind.

“I’m so rude, I didn’t even ask!” Mika said, insincerely. “Can I help you into something more comfortable?”

“Okay,” Holly consented with a blush, suddenly recalling that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She closed her eyes and braced herself. Mika slowly reached behind Holly’s neck to untie her dress and pulled it down to her waist. Holly’s plump, C-cup breasts and rosy nipples were out for all to see. Miho’s hands gently glided across Holly’s lower back, causing her to jump.

“Can I feel your beautiful breasts, Holly?” Mika asked.

“Yes,” Holly whispered. She quivered as four warm hands eagerly explored her body. Mika admired Holly’s soft bosoms and the shiny gold cross necklace that dangled between them as she inched her fingers up to her erect nipples.

Miho gently tugged at Holly’s dress from behind, causing it to fall quietly to the floor. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of Holly’s lacy beige panties, pulling them down over the curves of her ass cheeks and revealing a trim patch of red pubic hair in the front.

Holly clenched her eyes tightly in equal parts exhilaration and embarrassment while the twins admired her fully nude body. They carefully placed the stockings on her, one leg at a time.

“I like where you are going with this, girls,” Claudia suddenly spoke from behind, causing Holly to open her eyes in surprise. Holly saw her own naked reflection in the mirror with Claudia towering behind her shoulder and holding a glass flute filled with sparkling pink champagne. Claudia reached around and tenderly slid her finger across Holly’s stomach down to the top of her thigh, snapping the lace stocking top playfully. “She needs some shoes,” Claudia said before enjoying a sip of champagne.

“Claudia,” Holly spoke.

“Yes?” Claudia replied coldly as she traced Holly’s pelvic area with her finger. The close proximity to her sexy plaything triggered a dominant tone and Claudia eagerly looked over Holly like she was no more than fresh meat to pair with her drink.

“I’ll wear heels for you if that is what you like,” Holly offered.

“Of course you will,” Claudia said. She glared back at Holly through the mirror and reached up for a handful of curly red hair. Claudia gripped Holly’s curls tightly, holding her steady as the twins helped her into a pair of shiny black heels. Mika and Miho stepped back to admire their work.

“She’s such a submissive, little redheaded slut,” Mika commented as she helped herself to another feel of Holly’s breasts.

“Totally,” Miho agreed, with playful slap on Holly’s ass. “And that Irish accent is sooo cute!”

“Girls, I think she’s ready,” Claudia decided. “I want to keep her naked from the thighs-up. Just the stockings and the heels will do.”

Holly admired her sexy appearance for only a brief moment more before Claudia moved in with a blindfold.

“I thought we were having a lingerie party?” A sudden wave of fear washed over Holly as everything went dark.

“You are the lingerie party,” Claudia replied, causing the twins at her side to giggle menacingly. “Do you want to see where this goes or do canlı bahis siteleri you want to go home? The choice is yours.”

Holly hesitated for a few moments before cautiously replying, “I want to stay.”

“Good girl,” Claudia whispered into her ear. She tightened a leather collar around Holly’s neck and fastened a leash. “I have a very special reward planned for you. Open your mouth.”

Holly opened wide and felt Claudia’s finger, wet with champagne, tracing across her lips. Claudia gently poured a sip into Holly’s mouth and she allowed the delicious liquid to envelope her tongue before swallowing.

Holly overheard the quick scuttling footsteps of the twins. A door ominously squeaked open and Felicia greeted them.

“Girls, as you can see my sister Claudia has something special in store.”

“Oooooo fun,” they whispered as they entered.

Holly was escorted across the studio by Claudia’s leash as she stepped carefully through total darkness in her heels. As she passed into the adjoining room, where the others were waiting, Holly heard anxious movement and whispering. It was hotter and stuffier than the studio. Her senses heightened, Holly picked up the distinct smell of burning candles and felt the intermittent heat scattered throughout the room.

An assortment of anonymous hands clutched Holly’s arms and thighs and she gasped as they lifted her from the ground and gently placed her on a comfortable, padded surface. Her ankles were securely fastened by a supportive foam holster and leather straps circled her wrists and attached her to the metal bars at her sides.

“Are you comfortable?” Claudia asked, breaking the deathly silence in the room.

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly said anxiously. Her heart raced as she tried to imagine the four women that circled around her and eyed her naked body, plotting what to do to it next. The smell of their individual perfumes became more apparent to Holly as she laid in the dark. She found herself in a state of desperation, longing to feel the wet touch of lips and tongues all over her.

“Hold on tight,” Claudia warned as Holly suddenly felt a shift of gravity. The foam holsters pressed tightly against the front of her ankles and she felt as though the floor had dropped out from under her. The blood rushed to her head and she breathed heavily in suspense.

Holly felt the sensation of fingernails softly grazing her naked thighs and squirmed responsively.

“I’ve got you right where I want you, you sexy little slut,” Claudia said as she surveyed her upside-down plaything, bound to the inversion table in the center of the room. Holly trembled as she lay exposed to her audience, waiting for their next move.

“You’re body is mine now and I’m going to do whatever I want to it. Do you understand?” Claudia asked. Holly nodded submissively and gasped from Claudia’s increasingly unpredictable fingers as they explored her sensitive skin.

A sudden trickle of fizzy liquid ran down from Holly’s thigh, over her stomach and reached her breasts in a river of sensation. The trickles continued and she took in the familiar alcoholic aroma as it cascaded down her naked body.

“Perrier-Jouët Rosé Fleur de Champagne,” Claudia pronounced lavishly with perfect pronunciation. “Expensive, delicious, and as pink and wet as your little pussy.” She ran her fingers across Holly’s wet breasts and pinched her nipples causing her to gasp in pleasure. “And I can’t think of anything better to do with it than lick it off of your body.”

Claudia suddenly leveled the inversion table, alleviating Holly from the head-rush of being upside down. Claudia slowly traced her tongue across Holly’s upper body, hovering over her breasts and swirling her tongue against Holly’s nipples. Felicia joined in on the fun and Holly felt simultaneous puckered lips against her breasts as she moaned. Claudia dipped two fingers into Holly’s mouth and Holly knew to suck on them submissively.

The small delicate hands of the twins began massaging and exploring Holly’s lower body from the other side of the table. They gently freed her ankles and bent her knees as the continued to tease her ass cheeks and inner thighs. Wet tongues followed, running up and down Holly’s thighs before orchestrating around her throbbing slit and tight asshole. They gave her long resonating tongue strokes and slowly lapped up her juices. Holly clenched the table and trembled from increasingly intense tongue movements that prodded her asshole and rubbed against her engorged clit.

“I brought a toy for you,” Claudia said as she teased a smooth vibrator tip between Holly’s breasts before gently inserting it into Holly’s gaping mouth. Claudia purred with satisfaction as she watched Holly orally please the vibrator for her amusement.

“You’re such a good little cock-sucker,” Claudia encouraged. “If you suck it good, I might just fuck you with it.” Claudia circled the spit-covered tip around on Holly’s lips and leaned in to her ear.

“Are you glad that you stayed?”

“Yes, canlı bahis Claudia,” Holly replied. She gasped in anticipation from the teasing tongues strokes that continued to pleasure her from the other side of the table.

“Do you feel bad about your betrayal?”

“Yes,” Holly whispered in between heavy breaths, “but you won’t let anything bad happen to Katrin?”

“That, we can promise,” Claudia assured her. She moved the tip of the vibrator across Holly’s stomach and passed it off to eager awaiting hands. They pressed Holly’s knees towards her chest and slid it down the sensitive slit of her pussy while she moaned in pleasure. Claudia enjoyed a handful of Holly’s breasts and pinched her nipples while the tip of the vibrator gently penetrated her.

“We’re going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours,” Claudia warned. She slid her finger up Holly’s wet slit and applied gentle pressure to her clit. The vibrator head stretched Holly’s opening as it entered. Holly flexed tightly against her wrist restraints and moaned in anticipation.

Holly breathed heavily in suspense as puckered lips kissed up and down her labia. A gentle tongue began licking her clit as the vibrator burrowed deeper and began humming with increased intensity. Steady rhythmic strokes continued to lap across her clit in waves of sensation until she convulsed in spasms of pleasure, shaking against the table and moaning wildly.

“Good girl,” Claudia said with satisfaction as Holly heaved with orgasm against the penetrating vibrator. “But this isn’t over yet.” Holly gasped as the smooth tip of yet another vibrator slid across her chest. She knew very well what it was for.

“You know that I wouldn’t let you go without filling that tight little ass with my cock.” Claudia slid a lubricated finger up the crack of Holly’s ass and circled her asshole before softly pushing in with her fingertip.

Holly whimpered in suspense as Claudia playfully poked her finger into her ass. Soft hands massaged her body, allowing her a brief moment of rest before the slow steady rumble of the vibrator resumed inside her pussy. Holly yelped and clenched her restraints.

“Is it true that you’ve only pleased men orally and you’ve never felt a real cock inside of you?” Claudia asked callously.

“Yes,” Holly confessed.

“But you let me inside, don’t you?” Claudia asked. She carefully positioned the tip of the second vibrator against Holly’s ass, giving her a sense of the girth.


“And why is that?”

“Because I’ll do anything that you say.”

Claudia smiled with satisfaction. “Good answer.”

“Does it feel good when I fuck you in the ass?” Claudia asked. She pushed the vibrator into Holly’s ass.

“Yes!” Holly moaned, nearly crying from pleasure. She squirmed from the intense pressure of the double penetration and braced herself for the impending anal vibrations. Claudia’s eager accomplices gladly assumed the controls of the vibrators while Claudia ran her hands over Holly’s upper body.

“You’re my personal slave from this point forward, do you understand?” Claudia asked as she played with her breasts. “Answer, yes, and we’ll turn on the vibrator in your ass.”

“Yes! I’m yours! I’ll do whatever you want!” Holly vowed in a fit of pleasure. With that, she felt the devastating rumble coursing through her body. She rocked against the table as supportive hands held her steady.

Holly endured several minutes of anal vibrations as they gradually increased in intensity. Claudia repositioned the inversion table again, tilting it upside-down as Holly filled the room with her deafening moans.

Holly suddenly felt her juices spurting out uncontrollably onto her stockings and falling to her stomach and chest. The liquid trickled down her skin and her entire body buzzed with euphoric pleasure as the vibrators eased away from her.

“That’s my girl,” Claudia said with an affectionate caress on her cheek. “You’re going to love your new life, Holly. I have many exciting things to show you. When we put this business aside, I’ll come take you away from that ratty little apartment. You’ll be one of us.”

Holly’s body went limp and she floated briefly into satisfied delirium under the infinite darkness of her blindfold.


Bob sped through the city streets in his employer’s Bentley sedan and pulled up to the studio, ready to tear down everything he had accomplished since his parole. Miho heard the car squealing to a stop front of the building and rushed downstairs to the first floor to check it out.

“Where is she?” Bob grunted as he flew through the door.

“Where is who?” Miho replied coyly. Her sister Mika exited the studio and looked down on them with concern from the top of the stairs.

“Holly,” Bob said. He moved forward like a bulldozer. Miho quickly ducked out of the way and he scaled the stairs to see Mika waiting for him in front of the studio doors.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Mika asked. “Holly’s perfectly fine. You’re going to lose your job over nothing. Do not go in there.”

Bob towered above Mika and glared, sending her running. He entered the studio to see his boss Felicia and another unfamiliar woman escorting Holly towards the exit.

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