Best Bartender In The World

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While the neighborhood hadn’t really changed that much the residents had changed a lot. Our town fathers didn’t see a community college in the future and wouldn’t know what it was anyway.

With the artsy-fartsy crowd came the usual different types of people that seem to congregate with them. Now we have an art museum, concerts in the park, artists painting the world in the park and the young freedom fighters that don’t know about the way the sixties were because they hadn’t been born yet. I lived through them and the most I ever got as far as being a dissident was when I couldn’t get laid at a party.

The college bars sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. The restaurants changed their menus to all the current popular types of meals. I refuse to eat tofu, no matter how they try to disguise it. If I want to eat a lump of plant matter I’ll order a salad not something that looks like clay and tastes like flavored clay.

Some of the college hangouts were a lot of fun for me to hang out at. I’m in my forties and have most of my own hair and all of my own teeth. I keep in shape by riding my mountain bike with my cronies of about the same age. We meet on every other Saturday to ride the trails in the local hills and to sweat out all the impurities we ingest during those weeks. I’ve never been married, but have come close several times. The last relationship lasted for twelve years and after I brought up the ‘M’ word once more she decided to end it because, “you’re too demanding about a license for something we do without it.’ We parted friends and on occasion get together for some fantastic sex with no commitments.

Out for a ride on my bike to the local bar I like to frequent my old friend from childhood walked up looking like he had lost his best friend. I locked my bike up and hailed him before he went inside, “Hey Bill! Are you ok?”

He slowly glanced at me gave a weak smile and stepped over to shake my hand, “Hey Bob. No I’m not really doing too well today. Let’s get a drink and talk.”

We went inside and sat in a booth near the back, ordered our drinks from the very beautiful Leslie and toasted each other by clinking glasses.

I let the silence fill the spaces while we sat there. I figured Bill would share when he was ready. I spent the time watching Leslie as she took food orders and filled their drinks back up. She would glance at me occasionally and smile, her dimples were very cute. I had been trying to get in her pants for a month, but it never worked out for us to hook up.

“Bob, sorry to be so down buddy. I just got diagnosed with advanced cancer and don’t have but a few weeks to live,” he dropped his head down and sobbed a little. He took a few seconds to catch his breath drained his glass and waved for another, “Ok enough of that bullshit! I need to get drunk and go home to my wife.”

We sat there and drank to old times and to loves lost. Bill’s wife joined us and after a tearful hug and we all proceeded to get plastered. As the last call was made and the other patrons had left the owner, David Wilson a good friend of mine, came over, “Bill, I just heard about it and tonight, or I should say this morning, all drinks are on the house!”

We cheered and asked Leslie to join us.

“Ok, for a little while anyway.”

My affection level had gotten a little larger the more inebriated I got, but I didn’t want her to jump and run. Playing it cool was getting more difficult and when she sat next to me and had a few to catch up hers must have increased also. The next thing I know her hand is rubbing my upper thigh and the two of us are laughing and flirting like a couple of school kids.

It wasn’t hard to stay focused on her, she stood about five feet even and her proportions were spectacular to say the least. Her short dark hair framed the cutest dimpled smiling face I had ever seen. How anyone so short of stature could be so voluptuous and petite amazed me. Her breasts appeared to be larger than her frame would suggest and as she pressed one against my arm I could feel the hard nipple through my shirt. She has a small waist and trim hips with a tight heart shaped ass that I just wanted to kiss when she would walk by my table.

I don’t consider myself a real prize and the only features I feel comfortable about are my light blue eyes and my smile. I can concentrate my attention on a person when I talk with them making that person feel safe and secure. I paid as much attention to her as possible without neglecting my other friends.

All of us stayed until after five and the sky was just starting to lighten up when Bob and his wife Debbie started to yawn and make excuses to leave. They hung on one another giggling and kissing like newlyweds. She had her hand down squeezing his ass and his arm around her shoulder was cupping her ample breast.

Bob turned around with his hand still full of her tit grinning like a pervert, “G’night all thanks for everything! I have to go home and plow the field, if you know what I mean!”

Debbie bahis şirketleri slapped his ass and giggled, “That’s right stud, so stay awake! Thanks folks, g’night!”

David helped Leslie and my self to the door and he headed to his apartment above the bar. Standing out on the sidewalk we loosely held hands and talked for a few minutes. Sitting on a bench by my bike we laughed at our condition.

“Leslie, would you like to get some breakfast with me? I don’t want to let you go quite yet.”

She turned to look at me with her cute smile, “Well I don’t want to let you go either! Now what do we do?”

She had slid over and was resting her head on my shoulder.

Now when I drink a lot my mind cuts to the chase very quickly and more times than I care to remember I’ve been corrected quite harshly. This time was one of the better ones. Kissing her forehead I picked up her hand from my thigh, “What I’d like to do is take you home to my house and make love to you!”

She laughed and snorted, put her hand over her mouth then leaned back to look in my face, “You’ve been trying to get in my pants for weeks, haven’t you?”

I felt my face getting red, “Well, yeah! I like you and like to spend time with you. I know we never went out on a date or anything but I, uh, well shit! Sorry, sorry it’s the booze talking. Want to get some breakfast before I walk you home?” I figured I screwed up yet once again.

Smiling behind her hand she looked away then turned back and ran her hand across my head, bent in and kissed me, “Yeah, I’m hungry! Then we go to your house, didn’t think you would get out of feeding me first did you?”

She laughed at me as it took a second for it to register she accepted my invitation. Standing up I grabbed her hand and planted a hair curling kiss on her lips. I felt her tongue tentatively press between my lips and then farther in my mouth to intertwine with mine. We stood there for a few minutes in a passionate embrace trading spit until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“You two want to take that off the street please?”

I turned around and the cop was smiling at me, “Yes sir officer!” Leslie was snickering and giggling as we walked off.

We were walking away when behind us I heard him say in passing, “Have a good day Leslie!”

We turned a corner by the restaurant, “How did he know you?”

“Oh he works with my sister; she’s on the force too. Bet you’d like to meet her, but first your mine!” she planted her lips on mine again and her hand on my ass cheeks squeezing them. Breaking contact she took my hand, “Come on let’s eat, I want you to keep your strength up!”

Not knowing quite how to respond to that I let her drag me into the restaurant. Watching her eat I was amazed by how much food she could put away, “Wow you sure have a healthy appetite!” she had consumed several eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, coffee and juice. I had two poached eggs and some toast with coffee.

Smiling at me she shoveled in the last of her bacon and wiped her plate with the piece of toast then washed it down with her coffee, “Yeah, I can eat whatever I want and never gain any weight. A lot of my friends are very jealous. They always have to watch what they eat so they never gain weight. My sister is exactly the same way, but you’ll meet her later. Well are you done? I want to get a shower and get in bed!” she ran her foot up and down my leg with a smile.

I had sobered up and was looking forward to doing the same thing. I paid for our breakfast and grabbed my bike from the front of the bar. Giving her my address I walked her to her car and kissed her again, “See you in a little bit!”

“Ok, I just have to get something from home first,” she giggled and raised her eyebrows at me then drove away with a wave.

Jumping on the bike I pedaled as hard as I could to clean my system out a little. Pulling in the driveway sweating and breathing hard I ran my bike into the garage and unlocked the front door leaving it open behind the screen door. Running upstairs I hopped in the shower washed real quick and shaved, don’t want to chafe any ones cheeks do I?

Brushing my teeth I heard her come in.

“Hello, Bob?”

“I’m back here!”

Leslie came back and kissed me, “Uhmmm, you smell good! I hope you don’t mind, I brought someone with me!”

I wasn’t sure what she was saying, “What, who did you bring?” I pulled the towel tighter thinking the worst. We walked into the kitchen and standing with her back to us was a petite redhead drinking water. She turned when she heard us and it had to be Leslie’s sister. She had on a uniform but no accessories. The top buttons of her uniform were open to her belt exposing a hint of a well endowed lace covered pair of full breasts. She looked me up and down then smiled.

Setting her glass down, she came over and put her arm around Leslie, “Hey, I’m Donna,” she shook my hand, “My sister asked me to come over and meet you. It seems she is quite taken by you Bob,” bahis firmaları she kept my hand in hers gently squeezing it.

I had a very good view inside her blouse, “I’m glad to meet you, welcome to my house. Make yourself comfortable.” My towel started to loosen so I grabbed it with my free hand.

Leslie put her arm around my waist and sucked on one of my nipples. I could feel my cock starting to thicken and push on the front of the towel, “You like that Bob?”

Finally getting over the initial shock I took their hands and pulled them back to the master bedroom and into the bathroom, “Well Leslie you wanted to get a shower, so let me help you,” I dropped the towel on the floor and let them see my cock which was hard as a rock sticking out its full nine inches. I unbuttoned her top letting my hands caress her very large breasts in her bra. She moaned as I pinched her hard nipples through the material.

Unsnapping her pants I unzipped her letting them drop to the floor. She had a tiny pair of panties on which were so thin I could see her shaved slit through the fabric. Running my hand down between her legs I cupped her mound and let my finger press against her slit. She gasped as I pressed the fabric between them. Putting my other arm around her I unsnapped the bra then pulled it off tossing it across the room. I kissed her neck and shoulder while my fingers traced the outline of her pussy through the panties. Her hand was around my head pressing my mouth closer.

Slipping my hand under the waist of her panties my finger slipped between her cunt lips and stroked her wet opening, her mouth devoured mine. I felt her underwear sliding off and down her legs, and then I felt Donna’s fingers next to mine as they slid deep in her sister’s cunt. Her other hand cupped my balls while Leslie stroked the shaft.

Pulling away from her deeply probing tongue I smiled at her questioning look, “Let’s all get in the shower, ok?”

She nodded and Donna stood up from licking her ass grinning, “That sounds like fun!”

Donna had stripped out of her clothes and stepped in the shower stall. Her breasts were the same succulent size of her sisters, only her nipples were much larger and a lighter shade of pink with very dark hard nipples. Leslie stepped in the shower and started the water. While Donna and I waited she bent over and sucked my cock in her mouth slurping and making little contented sounds. Soon as the water was ready Leslie grabbed her from behind and squeezed her tits.

“Come on baby, leave some for me!”

With a slurp Donna pulled off me and wrapped her hand around it stroking me, “Oh fine, but can I have the first load?”

Leslie pinched her nipple making her squeal, “No, that’s mine. I’ve been waiting to get him for weeks and I want to be fucked first, hear me?”

Donna laughed as her sister continued to pinch her, “Ok, ok, stop, stop! The first fuck is yours, but the second is mine and I won’t share either.”

Listening to them talk made me wonder just what I was in store for later. I had never been with two women before for sex and I was a little nervous and very horny, my cock actually ached.

They stepped in the shower and turned to wait for me. Leslie was standing under the spray and Donna had the soap scrubbing her breasts making them glisten and shiny with the lather.

Donna smiled at me then crooked her finger beckoning me in, “Come on in Bob we won’t bite very much!”

“Yeah Bob hurry up honey, I will definitely nibble but I won’t leave any marks!” she was rubbing her own tits making her nipples stick out.

Taking a deep breath I stepped in and was soon covered in soap suds. Their hands roamed all over me scrubbing me down. The feeling of Donna’s finger as it slid in my asshole rooting around to clean me out was almost too much and I was close to cumming. The pre-cum ran down across the head of my dick and into the suds where Leslie’s hand was jerking me off.

I spread my legs giving Donna better access to my prostate and I could feel my cock as it slowly squirted out my cum. She took the shower hose and sprayed deep into my opening after I relaxed enough for her three fingers to slide in easily.

I had never before felt a woman probe me like this and I really liked it. When she had me as clean as she could she pulled her fingers out and cleaned up then scrubbed my legs and feet.

They must have had a signal they used because we quickly cleaned and dried each other trading little kisses and caresses. Heading for the bedroom Leslie lip-locked me and pushed my shoulders making me drop back on the bed.

“Scoot up Bob, I want to suck your cock!”

I scooted up a little and she crawled between my legs to start bobbing on my dick. She had a real talent for blow jobs and soon had me deep in her throat to my balls making me gasp, “Oh yes Leslie suck me baby!”

Donna had been rooting in her purse and now had a strap on dildo. She stepped behind her sister and after using her pussy juice kaçak bahis siteleri to grease it up slipped it all the way in her cunt pushing her face down on me.

Leslie groaned and I saw her flex her back to receive more of the fake cock. I cold feel my balls tighten up watching her sister smiling at me while she fucked her, “I’ll get her cunt all warmed up for you Bob. Don’t cum yet lover!”

We stayed in this position for a few minutes then I felt the familiar feeling of my impending orgasm, “I’m close Leslie baby!”

Pulling her mouth off with a pop and a string of our juices attached to her smiling lips she licked my red swollen cock and cupped my balls. Her mouth kept bouncing gently off my cock head as her sister slowly pumped the fake cock in her pussy.

Donna pulled out of her sister and stepped back stroking the dildo that was shiny from Leslie’s juice, “She’s ready for it now Bob. Her cunt is all nice and wet,” she slid her fingers in Leslie’s gaping cunt and fingered her then stepped over to let me suck the juice from her hand, “She tastes good doesn’t she sweetie? I just love to eat her pussy, we’ve been doing each other since we went to our senior prom and our dates passed out drunk on us. Ever since then, when we don’t have a guy to service us, we do each other.”

I held her fingers in my mouth licking the juice from them. Pulling them out I licked each tip, “Oh yes she tastes wonderful!”

Leslie dropped down on my cock and slowly drew her mouth off me with a lip smacking sound, “This wonderful nice long thick cock tastes pretty good too!” she licked the head again then crawled up across my stomach to plant her mouth on mine. I felt Donna reach down and grasp my cock, holding it so Leslie could drop down on it. She rubbed it back and forth across her wet slit then pushed her down impaling her pussy on me. When it hit her deeply she moaned into my mouth, “Oh God!”

I started to pump slowly in her until she had several small orgasms, twitching around my cock. Donna was using her fingers to fuck her asshole and I could feel them touching my balls when I buried my cock in her pussy.

Donna was standing next to the bed and encouraging us both to fuck, “Fuck her pussy Bob, harder baby!” she pinched Leslies nipples making her squirm and moan, “That’s it sis take all that hard cock, milk his cum out sweetie. Make him shoot his big load.”

We continued to please each other, neither one wanting it to end. Donna got up on the bed behind her and Leslie stopped humping me. I felt the firm silicone cock slide in her asshole above my dick in her pussy. Putting pressure on my shaft it hurried my orgasm along and apparently hers too. Soon both of us were panting and moaning as we came.

Leslie pressed her ass back taking both the real cock and the fake deep in her holes then in a quivering quaking orgasmic rush she soaked my balls with her secretions. Her pussy gripped me like a soft pulsing glove.

The feeling of another cock pressing against mine, even though it was fake, sent me over the edge. With a final thrust I emptied my cum deep in her pussy. I have never before shot out as much sperm as that. It felt like I would never stop cumming; squirt after squirt filled her cavity to run out onto my balls.

Donna saw me cumming as she pulled out. Sliding back on the bed she dropped her face between her sister’s legs and pushed her ass forward to get at her dripping pussy. When she couldn’t get to her she flipped her on her back and clamped her mouth on Leslie’s cum filled box sucking and licking my seed out and sending her into another orgasm.

Watching them kept my dick rock hard so I got behind Donna and slid it in her pussy after unsnapping the dildo from around her hips and tossing it on the bed.

She moaned as the full length filled her soaked hole up. I started to pump her like a madman and because I had cum already I knew I could last longer this go around.

She and I kept at it for several minutes until she had cleaned out her sister’s pussy.

Leslie slipped out from under and got on the bed behind me reaching under she cupped my balls and using our juices slipped her finger in my asshole making me jump and grunt. It didn’t hurt, but definitely felt different, I kind of liked it.

I wasn’t paying attention to where she was after her finger was pulled out because Donna had flipped over and pulled her legs in the air letting me slam into her. She had her knees behind her shoulders and her hands holding her slit wide open, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

Laying on her I slowed down and enjoyed the feeling of sliding my cock’s full length in her. I felt Leslie’s finger as it slid in my asshole again then she had two in and then three fingers were fucking my hole making my cock get longer and harder.

“You like that baby? You like having your asshole fucked Bob?”

I could only nod as I tried to get into a rhythm with her hand, “Yes!” was all I could say.

She kept it up for a few seconds then pulled out. I felt a larger digit as it slid in my ass, ‘Holy shit!’ I thought. She must have put on the dildo and was now fucking me in the ass to the same rhythm as I was pounding her sister’s pussy. The weird thing was how good it felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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