A Thanksgiving Surprise Ch. 03

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Authors Note: This is the final chapter in ‘A Thanksgiving Surprise’. Thank you all for the feedback whether it be positive or negative. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. The story of these three is far from over and I will be continuing their story on in the somewhat near future (possibly under another title). And again…Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada in October…trust me…it’s a real thing.


I woke to the sound of what I thought was a glass being dropped onto the kitchen floor. Although my bedroom was on the second floor, the sound echoed and reverberated off of all the wooden trim and wainscoting in my parent’s home and arrived in my bedroom immediately. The shattering sound was followed by a very nervous, fast talking foreign language. In my half-sleep state, it sounded a lot like Spanish. The housekeepers would always talk in their native tongue when they were upset or angry with themselves. If my father Will & mother Sara were home and witnessed that event, Henrietta would have probably been fired immediately. Luckily for everyone currently occupying my parent’s home, they weren’t due back until mid-morning.

*****CH. 03 – An End To The Weekend *****

I looked at the alarm clock which read 7:30. I shook my head as if to say ‘oh hell no’ and let my head drop back onto my pillow. I closed my eyes and doubted Rachel would be up yet as she had a few too many drinks at dinner last night and was still sleeping it off. Cassie was usually an early riser and could be up any minute.

My eyes shot open. Cassie. Speaking of an early riser, my cock began to instantly harden when I remembered how Cassie snuck into my room last night with sexy white lingerie on and fucked me. Well, we fucked each other but my mind would flash back and forth between her riding me in her tight white corset and me bending her over and fucking her doggy style as I pulled her hair and came into her tight pussy. I must have replayed Cassie’s final words to me last night over and over in my head to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting her teasing comments about who helped get her in the corset and whose idea it was to wear it for me.

Rachel was my dream girl and she had convinced, or maybe only needed to suggest that my forbidden fantasy sexy big sister wear jaw dropping incredibly hot lingerie when she seduced me. So many questions ran through my head before I went to sleep last night.

How long has Cassie wanted to do that? She had been dropping what I thought were just random comments since I got home for thanksgiving so maybe she has been planning this for a while. And how long has Rachel known? Have they done stuff together at school? I mean, they did share a dorm together at University and in my fantasies they were definitely doing stuff together. I always assumed in real life that the most they would do together was have pillow fights or give each other pedicures. They were both incredibly sexy, young, beautiful smart women. Being so close, why wouldn’t they fool around and experiment a little bit? It was University after all and there was no time like the present.

As I lay there in bed, I suddenly realized that this would be my last day with those two before we headed back to school…in different directions. My heart sank at this revelation as I couldn’t stand to be away from them for ANY length of time, let alone the rest of my undergrad. It was only a couple months until Christmas break and maybe by that point I could figure out a solution that would allow us all to be in the same area for the most part. The next two months would be brutal without them but I guess it would have to work. Maybe they could come and visit me on weekends? My heart began to race when I thought about all the fun we could have together on our own.

I quickly snapped out of my fantasy when it occurred to me that they may not even feel the same way about me as I do about them. Maybe this was just a fun weekend for them to blow off some steam and maybe to them it was only about sex. I let out a huge sigh as I threw the covers off and stood up. There was only one way to find out what all of this meant. I needed to talk to Cassie.

I through on a housecoat to cover my naked body and walked to the door of my bedroom. I grabbed the knob and pulled it open to find Cassie standing there with her hand in the air looking as if she was just about to knock.

“Morning,” whispered Cassie as she smiled and slowly lowered her hand.

“Good Morning Cassie,” I replied as I wrapped up her tiny frame in my arms and gave her a big bear hug. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me back. We held this position for what seemed like forever and eventually I had to let go before she noticed my morning wood poking her in the belly. When I began to let go she licked and then sharply bit my ear to get my attention.

“Thanks for last night,” she said breathlessly in a seductive tone. “Can’t wait to do that ikonbet giriş again,” she finished. My eyes shot open wide as she took a step back. She was wearing a sleek silky white nightgown that came down a few inches above her knee. Her nipples were hard and could easily be seen through the silky thin fabric. If I had to guess, she wasn’t wearing any panties…boy was I dying to find that out.

“Thank YOU,” I said. “That was absolutely incredible Cass. You have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that.”

“Probably not nearly as long as me,” Cass responded quickly. “I have been planning this weekend for FOREVER and I’m so happy it finally happened in your childhood bedroom just as I have dreamed for years!”

Without another word or a moment of hesitation, Cassie leapt and jumped into my body as her silky smooth but toned legs immediately wrapped around me and she began to kiss me feverishly. My hands grabbed her ass and helped to support her as her lips and teeth sunk into my neck and she began to bite and suck while she ran her hands through my hair.

We could hear footsteps in the room next to us and forgetting that my parents weren’t home, we instantly separated and stepped back from each other to hide what we were just doing. We both let out a sigh of relief when the door opened and Rachel slowly sauntered out.

“ugggghhhhhh,” Rachel groaned “What time is it?”

“A little before 8,” Cassie replied with a wry smile. “How ya feelin sweetie?”

“Like I have been hit by a truck full of nails,” Rachel said crassly.

I let out a bit of a chuckle at Rachel’s comment which seemed to startle her. She opened her beautiful eyes fully and smiled at me. Her hair was a total disaster, yet most of her make-up was still in place. Although she looked tired as hell and was probably nursing a pretty good hangover, she looked radiant and beautiful as always.

“Morning gorgeous,” I answered as I walked over and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. I didn’t want to do more than that until I gauged Cassie’s reaction. After kissing Rachel I looked over my shoulder to see Cassie grinning. Her pearly whites lit up the hallway and there was a look of desire and hunger in her eyes. ‘Perfect’ I thought to myself.

Rachel stood there lingering with her eyes closed and lips puckered. When she finally realized what she was doing, she stopped and returned to normal. Cassie chuckled.

“Come on Rach, let’s get you cleaned up,” Cass mentioned as she put her arm around her shoulder and walked Rachel to the bathroom.

As they were about to enter the bathroom, Rachel looked over her shoulder.

“I take it the two of you had a good time last night?” Rachel queried with a raised eyebrow. Cassie’s eyes sparkled as she looked over at me. Her face started to go a little red in anticipation of what I was going to say.

“It…It was amazing Rachel,” I managed to get out, still shocked that she was in on the plan or at least knew it was going to happen. I didn’t think it was possible but Cassie’s smile got even bigger.

“Glad to hear it, Matty.” Rachel paused. “It’s too bad I missed out on all the fun,” Rachel winked. My cock throbbed in my boxers and was probably noticeable through the housecoat.

What happened next blew my mind. Cassie did the same thing she just did to me a few minutes ago. Without breaking eye contact from me, she nibbled and sucked on Rachel’s ear and then whispered something into it. The look of passion and desire she was giving me while she sucked and nibbled on my dream girl’s ear made me want to rip off my house coat and fuck them both on the stairs in the hallway right then and there.

Rachel closed her eyes and let out a very quiet sensual moan.

“We still have tonight,” Rachel whispered at me with her eyes half closed as her and Cassie disappeared into the bathroom and locked the door.

I almost called Henrietta to come wipe up the drool that was probably pooling from my wide open jaw.

Although I didn’t have my answer of whether or not this is a one weekend thing, or they wanted this to be a more long-time thing, we still had tonight. Rachel’s words played over and over in my mind definitely insinuating that there could be something planned for all three of us. Cassie’s comments earlier in the weekend about having something planned for the three of us kept that anticipation alive also. Maybe I was going to get the chance to be with both of them…at once.

I was absolutely giddy at the thought of watching my own live sex tape as the two of them went at it. My heart began to race when I realized this could be an INTERACTIVE sex tape. I decided I needed to take a quick shower to distract myself and mentally and…physically prepare myself for tonight.

After a nice hot shower, I threw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and went to head downstairs for breakfast. I paused at the other bathroom door where I still heard water running. ikonbet yeni giriş Either they were showering separately (which I immediately thought was not the case) or they were in there…together…wet…kissing…touching. I shook my head and headed downstairs to whip up a breakfast shake.

As I was just finishing up my breakfast shake while I was watching TV, the girls came down. They were both wearing terrycloth short shorts and tank tops. They both opted not to dry their hair but let their tangled locks drape over their shoulders and breasts. I swallowed hard as Rachel winked at me while she followed Cassie into the kitchen to get breakfast.

Cassie and Rachel were sitting at the island eating breakfast when Will & Sara came home.

“Good Morning my dears,” Sara said with an angelic voice as she puttered into the kitchen to give Cass and I a kiss on the forehead.

“Rachel, it’s lovely to see you again and hope you are enjoying your time here,” Sara commented.

Rachel just smiled back at her and then rolled her eyes to me when Sara turned around to make herself a tea. A few minutes later, Will arrived in the kitchen and without saying a word, immediately headed upstairs and slammed the door.

“What’s wrong with dad?” Cassie asked with concern. I normally don’t think twice about those two but something about the look in my mother’s eyes eyes made me feel something was up. She seemed more loving than normal and my father seemed more distraught.

Sara shook her head. “We were at the Woodley’s last night as they are struggling with a loss in their family,” Sara stated solemnly. Cassie and I looked at each other and then back to our mother waiting for more information. “Their daughter Lisa was hit by a drunk driver and passed away last night. Your father is not handling it well.

I swallowed hard in my throat. I could see Cassie fighting back tears as we used to know Lisa as kids but were not extremely close with her in our adult lives. We used to hang out a lot when we were young and our parents got together. Will and John Woodley were best friends and Will was accustomed to seeing Lisa there when they would visit for business or for pleasure. Sara wasn’t nearly as close to the Woodley’s as Will was and although she seemed to be handling it well, I knew deep down that she was worse off than she let herself show.

For the first time in my adult life, my mother Sara looked vulnerable and I actually felt myself feeling sorry for her. It turns out she was human after all. I had never looked at her in this light before but with her sitting next to Cassie, they really were strikingly similar in their appearances. Sara had the long flowing blonde hair that was always up out of her face (habit while performing surgery I guess) but now it was all down and splayed across her shoulders. She wore thick black framed reading glasses and always had the gray-ish eyes that Cassie would show when she was angry or upset. Her body although not as tight and toned as Cassie’s was still amazing. Yoga and Pilates had kept her body firm and young. Sara was beautiful and at this moment it seemed that her personality might actually match it. Or so I thought.

Sara was staring out in to the backyard but finally shook her head to snap out of her momentary weakness.

“Cassie, Rachel, I’m sure you two have plans to do some holiday shopping. There are quite a few deals out there that I know you two would be interested in,” Sara said offhand not catching the condescension in her tone. Sara felt that we all looked for deals as we were independent and wanted to ‘make it on our own’. Although she was right in that we didn’t want hand-outs from our parents, we didn’t live a life of frugality to make it through school. We all had summer jobs that we made good enough money to live comfortably on our own. That being said, we still wouldn’t turn down a deal by any means.

“And Matthew, do you have any plans today or are you just going to laze around the house and watch TV?” Sara looked at me with piercing eyes. I felt my blood start to boil, but before I could get anything out I heard Cassie pipe up.

“He’s coming with us to the mall, mom,” Cassie stated firmly. “He has a few things he needs to pick up. Right Matty?”

Cassie and Rachel were looking at me and nodding their heads as if to say ‘if you don’t come with us, you’ll be stuck here with these two’.

“Yep sure do,” I replied as I stood up from the couch and walked past my mother. “Going to get changed and we can leave in an hour or so,” I finished as I headed upstairs. I heard the girls talking to Sara for a few minutes before there were hurried footsteps coming up the stairs and into Cassie’s room.

It didn’t take me long to throw on some jeans and a sweater so I decided to head down to the basement to shoot some pool until Rach and Cass were ready to leave. It’s awkward when you get hard playing pool due to the fact that there were still some stains ikonbet güvenilirmi from Rachel’s wet pussy on the felt. I tried as best as I could to put it out of my head and just sink some balls. My mind would wander to think about sinking my balls into Rachel’s mouth while I fucked Cassie on the table. I had to shake my head to focus on what I was doing and not fantasizing about those two…I would have my time with them soon enough I hoped.

After about half an hour there was a knock on the door before it swung open.

“Matty, we’re ready. Let’s go!” Cassie shouted as she slammed the door quickly. Man, when those ladies like to shop, you better be ready to go. I headed upstairs and had to shake my head as I thought I was seeing double. Both Rachel and Cassie were wearing jeans that looked painted on, hugging them in all the right places. They each had on delicate white shirts with leather jackets. Rachel was wearing a green silk scarf that brought out her eyes and Cassie was wearing a blue silk scarf that accentuated hers.

I didn’t want to get caught ogling my big sister and her friend right in front of my parents so I decided not to comment on how fuckable they looked. Instead I just pretended to be a regular sibling.

“Alright, let’s roll,” I declared as I grabbed my keys and headed out the front door with the girls close behind. I heard Sara saying something along the lines of ‘drive safe’ to the three of us before Cassie had closed the door behind her.

“Glad to be rid of her for a few hours?” Rachel queried at Cassie and I.

“Definitely!” Cassie and I both said in unison. The three of us exchanged smiles as we hopped in my car and started the drive to the mall. Everything from my parent’s place was about a half hour away. Shopping, restaurants, and attractions, were all within the 30 minute travel time from the estate so along the way we filled Rachel in a bit about the Woodley’s and how close they were to Will and Sara.

By the time we arrived at the mall, we were done discussing it and were looking forward to our time shopping.

I got out and stretched my legs when we found a parking space. Before I finished my yawn, the girls were already making a beeline for the entrance.

“Don’t fall behind Matty,” Cassie shouted. “Yeah, you might miss out on something!” Rachel completed the thought. I jogged to catch up to the girls and opened the door for them.

“Such a gentleman,” Cassie said as she walked through first.

“Why thank you sir,” Rachel quipped as she pinched my ass and winked as she walked through the door.

The girls spent the next two hours or so dragging me throughout the mall. I would pop in the occasional store to see what was going on but spent most of my time out of the store on the benches waiting for them. As bored as I was, I couldn’t help but think this was better than hanging out with Will and Sara.

My mind continued to wander to the point where I imagined they would be in the change room together trying on and swapping outfits, making out, and even going down on each other. When that thought popped into my head, I started hanging around more stores to see if my dream was a reality when I knew it probably wouldn’t be.

We eventually arrived at a high-end lingerie store. ‘Finally’ I thought to myself. This was a store I definitely didn’t mind accompanying them into. Lace, silk, satin, cotton, you name it. Rachel and Cassie would constantly hold things up to each other to do a quick look before they tried it on. Cassie came to a white corset and stockings on a mannequin.

“Like this one Matty?” She asked as she batted her eyelashes and winked.

All I could do was nod in agreement. Rachel laughed and continued adding things to her pile to try on. Both her and Cassie started accumulating quite the pile of nightgowns, teddies, sexy lingerie, bras and panties etc. When they finally decided to try their outfits on, they headed around the corner to the change rooms. There wasn’t an attendant manning the doors so Rachel hopped in one, Cassie in another, and I sat on the bench just outside the rooms.

I could see both sets of ankles and feet from where I was sitting, and I slowly watched jeans, shirts, and bras fall to the floor while they each kept on their black stilettos. My cock throbbed in my jeans. I could barely control myself while I was sitting so close to two partially naked goddesses who I had recently fucked. I couldn’t believe that my sexy big sister and my dream girl were trying on lingerie while I sat outside drooling over them. A cute voice snapped me out of my daydreaming yet again.

“Are they doing alright?” The attendant asked me. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded.

“Yeah we’re fine thanks. We have a lot to try on but we should be good for a while,” Cassie responded.

“I’ll leave you ladies to it. Give me a shout if you need a hand,” The attendant replied and left the change area.

Cassie stuck her head out quickly and winked at me before she quickly popped back into the change room.

“I hope we haven’t bored you too much Matty,” Rachel mentioned from the other room. “It takes a very special kind of guy to put up with two hours of shopping without complaining,” she finished.

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