A Helping Hand Ch. 01

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My wife Kay and I had been married for just over a year when we got the news that her sister had filed for divorce. With nowhere else to go, and having plenty of room at our place, it was only natural for Kay to invite Linda to come stay with us until she could get on her feet again.

I had only met Linda once, at our wedding. And though they were sisters, they were as different as night and day. Kay was shorter with short red hair that made her look pixyish, with a devilish look about her that exuded her smoldering sensuality. Full breasted, a well rounded ass that she loved having me fuck, not to mention a pair of lips that I loved having wrapped around my hard stiff cock whenever possible.

Linda on the other hand was considerably shyer, more reserved. Although in all fairness, having only met her the one time it was hard to make such a comparison, had it not been for Kay’s own description of her personality I would have withheld judgment. But even Kay said her sister was a bit of a prude and very inhibited when it came to sex, which is one of the reasons, we both figured that her marriage had fallen apart.

Linda had shoulder length hair, slightly taller though as I recalled, her breasts weren’t nearly as big as Kay’s were, though again, in the demure outfit she’d been wearing when I’d seen her last, that too had been a fairly unreliable comparison.

“You sure this is going to be ok with you?” Kay asked. “It will only be for a little while, a month, perhaps two at the most. Just until she can get back on her feet again.”

I didn’t really have a problem with it. We did have plenty of room after all, my problem was, if one could call it that, was up until now, Kay and I had had a very free, very spontaneous sex life. And what I mean by that, we could…and often did end up fucking in whatever room of the house we happened to be in whenever the mood struck us. With Linda’s arrival, that freedom we’d had, shared and been able to enjoy with one another on a whim was about to disappear. And I told her that.

“Honey, I know things will be a little harder around here, but I am sure we will still be able to do things even with her here. If anything, it might make it a little more exciting with the possibility of being discovered!”

“Well, there was that,” I mused smiling, then spoke aloud. “I won’t purposely do anything that might embarrass or offend your sister honey, but if something like that does happen, if she should walk in on us, or catch us doing something when we hadn’t expected to see her, I’m not going to stop whatever we’re doing or in the middle of because of it.” I told her.

Kay grinned, nodding her head. “Deal!” she smiled wickedly already worming her hand down the front of my Levi’s. “Linda does know me,” Kay added as her sweet hand began fondling my rapidly stiffening cock in earnest. “And in fact, I’ve already warned her about us,” she said giggling as she slow-stroked my now every erect prick. “And who knows? Maybe if Linda has a chance to see how two people can really enjoy sex and be together, maybe some of that might rub off on her.”

“I doubt it,” I said dubiously. “The first time she hears any groaning coming from the bedroom, she’s apt to turn the TV up full blast just to drown out the sound.”

“Who say’s we’ll be in the bedroom?” Kay quipped as she dropped down on her knees before me, now running that delicate flicking tongue of hers up and down my shaft.

I hoped my wife was right. I’d miss not spreading her out on the kitchen counter on a Sunday morning, licking her pussy while waiting for the breakfast rolls to finish baking.

With more than a little apprehension and uncertainty, we warmly greeted the arrival of her sister later on that afternoon. Being that it was a Saturday, I’d left the two of them to enjoy a sisterly talk, with the promise that Kay would remind her sister that although we were certainly there for her, we weren’t putting our own newly formed marriage on hold for her either. I’d gone out, mowed the yard, done some weeding and come in to shower prior to having dinner, which the girls were now busily engaged in preparing.

“How’d it go?” I whispered at the first opportunity.

“Good I think,” Kay whispered back. “I told Linda what a horny little bastard you are.”

“Oh great, so you put all the blame on me then!”

She laughed. “Well, and I also told her that because you are such a horny little prick, that it makes me horny all the time too. So if she ever does catch us fooling around someplace other than in the bedroom, she’s going to have to accept that and either look the other way, or find something else interesting to do.”

Now I smiled. I could live with that. Though for the next three days, our sexual activities were confined to the bedroom. I was beginning to think that the wild naughty spontaneity we’d been enjoying, truly was a thing of the past. But then on the fourth night, Linda had retired to bed early, leaving Kay and I alone together in the living betist giriş room for the first time since her arrival.

“Wanna?” Kay asked seductively, already shedding her clothing faster than I could even reply.

“Really?” I asked wickedly as I began struggling out of my own clothing. “It’s still pretty early you know, what if she wakes up?” I wondered aloud.

“Well, then I guess she’ll find out we were serious then won’t she?”

Funny what just the mere thought of bending my wife’s body over the back of the living room couch could do to me, and to her for that matter. We were both so fucking horny at that point that I could have cared less if the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had suddenly appeared in our living room, standing behind my beautiful wife, my cock deeply buried inside that tight deliciously wet slit of hers felt too fucking good to care!

And even more amazingly, Kay wasn’t trying to be quiet either. Not that she normally really did, but even in our bedroom when we knew that Linda was still up, I had noticed that she didn’t seem to be quite as vocal as she usually was. Now however, she was moaning and groaning with obvious pleasure, and not toning it down one iota, which I was pleased as punch to be hearing. Hearing Kay’s voiced pleasure, not just in those wicked erotic little sighs as such, but hearing her telling me how good my cock felt inside her cunt, telling…demanding that I fuck her, things like that. I’d been missing that, and hearing them now once again, speaking normally in that very much missed tone of voice was having its affect on me as well.

“Oh baby! Baby! Yeah honey, fuck me! Fuck your hot horny little wife!” she was saying.

I was only too happy to oblige. And I was really starting to get into it when I happened to glance up momentarily and caught a reflection in the TV. Angled as it was, I was dumb-founded to catch a brief glimpse of Linda’s face peering momentarily around the corner of the hallway leading back from the bedrooms. I almost said something, thought better of it, especially as she disappeared from view almost as quickly.

“Ah well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!” I thought silently, smiling inwardly as Kay of course continued on with her fairly vocal expressions of pleasure. The fact that she’d been doing so, clearly heard by her own sister gave me a deliciously wicked little chuckle. I could only imagine what she must have been thinking. After a few more minutes of some nice hot doggy fucking, Kay informed me it was time to suck cock. Something she loved doing, and something I loved for her to do. I lay back on the couch as Kay positioned herself between my legs. She’d no sooner begun working my cock with her mouth than I again glanced up catching movement, once again seeing Linda’s face just peeking around the corner. I realized she had no clue that I could see her standing there as I gazed towards the silent TV set. And even better, situated as we were, unless either Kay or I turned in that direction, there was no reason for her to even suspect that she could be seen. As such, after a few more moments, she became bold enough to present herself more clearly where she too could have more of an unobstructed look without being seen. Or so she thought!

I was really tempted to say something, not to Linda of course, but to Kay. But I knew in doing that, it would alert Linda that I was aware of her presence, and to be honest about it, I was now finding this weird little scene quite erotic in nature. Lets face it, having an audience was a bit kinky, even if Kay wasn’t exactly in on it, so I decided to let things go for the time being and simply enjoy my own private little fantasy. In doing so, I became a bit more vocal myself, not that I usually didn’t anyway. But under the circumstances, I decided to really enjoy myself. And the hotter it seemed I was, the hotter and hornier that seemed to make Kay. She was now groaning and moaning just as loudly as I was, and had even begun fingering herself while still busily sucking and lapping at me. I’d begun to wonder if this was having any affect on her sister, figuring that at any moment now, she’d turn tail and run back to the bedroom, perhaps even get herself off there without anyone the wiser. To my surprise, I watched her image in the darkened TV set as her hand slipped below the hem of her nightgown, it was obvious she had slipped it inside her panties as she stood there ‘secretly’ so to speak, watching us as Kay continued giving me a world-class blow job!

“Oh fuck honey!” I shouted, “You’re gonna make me squirt if you keep doing that!” I wondered briefly if I’d actually spoken a bit too loudly, and would cause Kay to question my arousal. She didn’t however, if anything urging me to do so, so aroused now herself that she was on the verge of orgasm herself through the use of her own fingers.

“Squirt for me baby!” she urged just as loudly, “fucking cum for me, shoot that hot white spunk into my mouth baby!”

There was no doubt betist yeni giriş I was seconds away from doing just that too! Especially glancing up to now see Linda’s hand furiously working itself beneath her panties, the other caressing a single breast which she’d exposed in lifting up the top portion of her night gown in revealing it. That was more than I could handle. A combination of seeing Linda touching herself, and my wife’s incredible mouth working it’s magic, soon had me tumbling over the cliff.

I felt the first hot load of my spunk filling my wife’s mouth, my eyes suddenly gluing themselves shut, and the sound of my own voice suddenly filling the air. “Oh fuck baby! Fuck! Fuck that feels good!”


I woke to the smell of fresh coffee, making my way downstairs into the kitchen area where I kissed Kay good morning, accepted a cup from her and sat down at the table to enjoy it. Another thing that I appreciated and respected about Kay was, we never kept secrets from one another. The secret I’d sort of been keeping I no longer could. That and feel good about it anyway.

“Honey?” I began, “There’s something I should tell you.”

“You mean about Linda?” she responded as she took a small sip of her own coffee, her eyes already telling me that she knew, as I glanced inside them as she peered towards me over the rim of her cup.

“She was watching us,” I said almost conspiratorially lowering my voice though there was no chance she could have overheard our conversation.

“I know,” Kay giggled. “And I knew you knew she was there too,” she added. “I saw her image in the TV set as well,” she confirmed for me. “Looked to me like she had a pretty good time herself as well! That turn you on?” My wife asked unnecessarily. I wasn’t about to begin lying to her now.

“Hell yes!” I admitted. “The fact she was actually masturbating herself while watching us was pretty hot!”

“Yeah, I have to admit, I was thinking that too!” Kay told me. “We probably shouldn’t let on we saw her though,” Kay added.

“Yeah, probably not.” I responded. “I’d hate to embarrass her.”

“Embarrass?” Kay questioned. “I think more like you’d be hoping she’d do that again if she honestly thinks she’s gotten away with it,” Kay said jokingly serious about it.

I smiled in response.

“Shit, who knows honey. Maybe being around us a while longer really will do her some good. If she sees us like that a little more often, maybe she really will start to reconsider some of those prudish notions of hers.”

“Well in that case honey, feel free to suck my cock anywhere, and any place you want to!” I said wishfully, half serious about it.

Once again Kay grinned. “I might just do that,” she teased.

Soon after the sound of Linda’s footfalls coming down the hallway alerted the two of us that she was up. Kay stood retrieving another cup, already pouring the coffee when she joined us. I thought I detected a slight blush in her cheeks as she looked towards me, offered up a “good morning” then turned almost a little too quickly away from me, suddenly thankful to find a cup of freshly brewed coffee being held out towards her.

“Thank you,” she said sipping it.

“You’re welcome. Sleep well?” Kay asked throwing a quick knowing side-glance my way upon asking.

“Oh yes, yes…very much so,” she offered back, taking another sip, then easing herself at an angle away from me at the table, even further positioning herself so as not to face me directly.

When she did that, I decided to have a little fun at her expense, though not so much as to really freak her out or anything, nor cause Kay to scorn me too badly for it later either. Kay crossed the small kitchen area towards the oven, opening the door to check on how the cinnamon rolls were doing. As she bent over slightly to do so, I made my move.

As was usually the case, Kay was wearing her short terry-cloth bathrobe, that and nothing else. My timing was perfect, catching both Kay as well as Linda by surprise as I stood, took the two quick steps necessary, and promptly slid two fingers deep inside my wife’s precious little slit. Not too surprisingly, she was wet, and they slipped in almost before she knew it. I half expected her to slap me away, at the very least stand up and turn, forcing me to remove my hand in the process. True…she did gasp at the sudden unexpected intrusion, but to my surprise, she continued to remain as she was, if anything rotating herself back against me as I continued to stand there finger-fucking my wife.

“Ah…would the two of you like some alone time?” Linda asked nervously.

“Nah, I responded, reluctantly withdrawing my hand,” Just greeting Kay’s sweet little pussy good-morning the way I usually do,” I told her as though I actually did do that each and every morning of our lives. And the way Kay had allowed it, almost made it believable too. But it was when I felt her hand suddenly snake its way through the opening of my own bathrobe betist güvenilirmi that I thought we were on the verge of going just a little too far with the naughty little game of hours. For a moment or two, she actually stood there caressing my already awakened cock, though she was careful so as not to expose it, though it was about as obvious as all get-out as to what she was really doing. Even when she removed her hand, I found now that I was the one who was embarrassed as I glanced quickly down, saw the ‘tent’ I’d now been left with as my prick pressed against the material of my robe making it extremely obvious to both women as to just how aroused I now was.

“Well, if you girls will excuse me, I probably should go up and take a shower, a cold one,” I added teasingly.

“Make it a hot one!” Kay responded. “I’ll be up to join you in a few,” she winked suggestively.

Once again leaving the two girls alone, I made my way upstairs, entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. I waited anxiously without getting in for several minutes, finally hearing the doorknob being turned as seconds later Kay stepped into the room.

“She say anything?” I asked curiously.

Kay laughed. “Oh yeah, asked me if you seriously were like that around me all the time.”


“And…I told her no.” “No?”

“Yeah, No. I told her…usually, you were worse than that!”

Now I laughed. “Well, guess it could have been worse, I could have taken my dick out and slipped that inside you instead. You were certainly fucking wet enough!”

“I almost wish you had!” Kay retorted. “God you’ve made me horny!”

“Me too!” I replied wickedly. “Come here baby, I need to lick some pussy!”


Later that evening after enjoying a nice pasta dinner, we’d consumed that along with two full bottles of wine. Kay and I had been teasing one another off and on all day, sometimes in Linda’s presence, sometimes not. The effect of which had gotten us both hornier than hell regardless of Linda’s being around us or not either. I was looking forward to sucking my wife’s cunt again, and feeling those magnificent lips of hers doing a number on me too when Linda suddenly announced how the wine had made her sleepy, and because of it, she was heading off to bed.

I couldn’t help but wonder, and even caught that same questioning look in Kay’s eyes as she glanced towards me just before saying goodnight to her sister. Seconds later we heard the sound of her bedroom door closing.


I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough.

We didn’t even discuss it, both of us immediately heading back towards the couch.



“If either one of us sees her, we should signal.”

“Ok, how?” I asked feeling wicked suddenly.

“Two quick hard squeezes, on the arm, leg…wherever, but two quick hard one’s to let the other one know if she’s looking at us again.”

“Like this?” I asked, taking each of Kay’s breasts within my hands, giving each breast a nice firm squeeze that immediately brought a response.

“Oh yes! Fuck yes!” she told me, then pinned me to the couch where she quickly mounted me, slipping my cock deeply inside her. “Can you see the TV?” she questioned softly.

I looked, almost having forgotten as good as her pussy was feeling at the moment. “Ah uh,” I replied meeting her pelvic thrust with one of my own. And after that, I really did forget, until as I lay between Kay’s legs tenderly sucking her cunt, that I suddenly felt her hands digging into my hair pulling it twice in rapid succession.

“Oh Jack! Jack! Fuck you eat pussy beautifully!” she told me.

I was certainly used to hearing her say things like that, but I also knew she rarely if ever called me by name while we made love. Usually it was something a bit naughtier in nature, like “You bastard, or You Prick you…something more along those lines. So in calling me by name, she also alerted me to the fact that once again we had company.

Unfortunately, positioned as I was, I couldn’t see the TV. But…I could sort of look in that direction without being real obvious about it, pretending instead to get a better position so as to more easily suck and finger my wife’s cunt. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, figuring that Linda may have performed a hasty quick retreat upon my shifting position. Which in fact she did. But now, repositioned as I was, I also had a better peripheral view of the hallway where she stood. Sure enough, seconds later she reappeared, checked to see that the coast was clear before taking that one necessary step further off to the side to ensure she had a clear and unobstructed view of us. I squeezed Kay’s thighs twice, letting her know that I too could see her. She giggled knowingly.

“Suck it baby, suck my clit!” Kay urged me, which I was already doing of course, but knew now the commentary was now for her sister’s benefit. “Oh yeah honey…that’s it, finger my cunt too!”

That I hadn’t been doing as yet. But now with the specific request, I included a finger, taking a breath long enough to respond.

“Want another inside your ass?” I asked knowingly. “Would you like me to finger-fuck both holes while I suck that sweet precious clit of yours?”

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