Visiting My Parents

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My wife Shelly and I were visiting my parents, Frank and Mary, in their home in Arizona for a week. I considered myself lucky. My wife liked my parents, and my parents adored my wife. Everyone got along quite well, so family visits were enjoyable, and not a chore. My parents were in their late 50’s, enjoying an early retirement in Arizona. They belonged to a health club, rode their bicycles, played golf, all the usual old person stuff.

One night, while Shelly was helping my mom downstairs with dinner, dad and I were upstairs talking. “C’mere” he said, “look at this.” He pulled out a shoebox and pulled out pictures of some naked woman. “What do you think?”

“Not bad,” I said, “Does mom know you have these?” I asked, conspiratorially. “She should, they’re her,” dad sad with a laugh. “So, do you and Shelly take pictures?” dad asked. “No, we thought about it, talked about it, but haven’t done it. Maybe,” I answered. “I just got a new digital camera. It makes things lots easier. Come here,” said dad, taking me to his computer and showing me pictures of him and mom, sitting around naked, glamour shots, stuff like that. As I scrolled through the pictures, I saw one of dad and another woman sitting on a couch. “Whoa, dad, what’s that?” I asked. “Oh, me and your mom have gotten into swinging. Do you and Shelly swing?”

“No, again, we talked about it, but never really did anything about it.”

“Too bad, you should try it,” said dad. Mom and Shelly called us down for dinner, and we went downstairs to eat.

Later that evening, we sat around, drinking and talking and showing old photos. Dad was always into taking pictures, I just didn’t realize how much. Mom and dad, who always liked Shelly, seemed to be really playing it up, almost flirting with her. Shelly of course loved the attention, queenbet güvenilirmi but I admit I was getting a bit, I don’t know, jealous? After too many gin and tonics, both Shelly and I were tipsy, and it was time for bed. Between the alcohol and the pictures of my parents swinging, I was a bit horny, and hoping to get some that night. “Ok honey,” I said,” its late. Lets get to bed and let mom and dad go. “Ok dear, I’ll be right up, “said Shelly, who was in deep conversation with my mom about something. I went upstairs, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed up, changed, but still Shelly didn’t come up. I went downstairs to see what was taking her so long, and I almost fainted.

There, in the den, was my wife Shelly, her shirt off, on her knees, blowing my dad, who was sitting on the couch and gripping Shelly’s head in his huge hands. My mom was sitting next to dad watching, her shirt off, playing with her own rather large nipples. “OH MY GOD” I blurt out, “What the hell are you doing.” I was totally stunned. “Hey, there he is,” said my dad, “C’mon and join the party.” Dad acted like this wasn’t the most fucked up thing in the world, and my wife didn’t say anything. She couldn’t, her mouth was filled with my dad’s fat dick. Shelly just kept eagerly sucking away. “You got a great little wife here” said dad, pinching and pulling my wife’s nipples as her head bounced up and down and her lips made loud slurping sounds. “Come here and sit next to me darling,” said mom, patting the couch next to her. I was transfixed by my wife and my dad, and I sleepwalked my way to the couch and sat next to mom, watching my wife take my dad’s huge dick in her mouth and licking it like she couldn’t get enough.

Mom took out my dick and started playing with it, making it grow. She took my queenbet yeni giriş head and put it to her breast, and I started sucking my mom’s tits while she jerked me off. “That’s it honey, that feels great,” was all I heard my mom say. I kissed my way down her stomach, removed her pants, and started licking my mother’s old, hairy pussy, which tasted pretty good. There we were, my wife and I on our knees, servicing my parents. I heard my dad say, “Ok Mary, now it’s their turn” and we switched positions, my dad going down on my wife and my mom sucking me. My wife seemed to be really enjoying it, cooing, “Oh Frank, yeah, that’s wonderful Frank, that’s great. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my dick in my mothers mouth, and she was sucking me for all she was worth, licking me from base to head, sucking my balls, stroking me and rubbing my dick all over her face. “Your mom looks like she knows what she is doing,” said shelly, looking at me with a smile.

Then, dad put my wife on the floor, spread her legs, and started fucking her hard, sucking her tits as he pumped her pussy. Mom and I watched, mom slowly stroking me and me playing with my mothers pussy. I saw dad reach around and put his finger into my wife’s ass. Shelly jumped a bit, and said, “Oh Frank, that is really good”

“Look honey,” called my wife, “Your dad has his finger in my ass as he’s fucking me. Your dad is huge, he is really stretching my pussy.” Shelly seemed to be enjoying herself a lot, and she started grabbing at my dad’s chest. “That’s it Frank, make me cum with that big dick of yours” I watched my dad pound my wife’s pussy and ass, and make my wife cum loud and hard.

“Ok Shelly, here I come,” said my dad, pulling out and moving up to my wife’s head. Dad jerked himself off, cumming all over my wife’s queenbet giriş face. Shelly looked up at me, smiling. Her face was covered in my dad’s thick white cum, and she licked her lips eating as much of his cum as she could. Mom got down on all fours, her ass in the air, and said, “come on dear, let’s show them what we can do.”

I got behind my mom, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her, letting out a small grunt. Mom also let out a grunt and coaxed me on. “Oh my, that’s it. Oooh, very good, fuck me like that, just like that.” Then to my surprise, mom looked back and said, “Put your finger in my ass.” I did as I was told, and mom really seemed to like that, pushing back to get as much of my dick and finger into her as she could. I finger fucked my mothers ass as I slammed into her pussy, and mom was writhing and bucking me the whole way.

Suddenly, dad got up and stood in front of mom. Mom opened her mouth, and I figured she was going to suck dad while I fucked her, but my dad started to pee into my mother’s mouth, and mom really seemed to like it, drinking dads urine happily. “My ass, fuck my ass” begged mom, shaking with orgasm, but before I could, I had my own orgasm, and I ended up filling my mothers pussy with cum. My dad looked at my wife and said, “Would you like to pee on me?” I looked at my wife with eyes wide open, shocked at what my dad had said. “Umm, ok, I guess” said my wife, shyly, but with a smile.

Dad laid down and my wife sat, straddling his stomach, her legs spread. Shelly pulled her pussy lips apart, and all eyes were on Shelly’s pussy. “That’s it dear, just let it go” encouraged mom. First there was s dribble, then a steady stream of piss as my dad opened his mouth and we all watched my wife peeing on my dad’s face and gray haired chest.

“Not bad you two,” said my dad. “This is turning out to be a great visit” We washed up and went to bed, and the rest of the week was spent fucking and sucking and peeing with my parents. Shelly and I really look forward to our visits, and can’t wait until we have kids of our own to teach and enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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