One Perfect Meeting

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You walk over to me sat on the edge of the bed and place your arms around my neck and move in between my legs so you’re close, my hands automatically move from my legs to mine, feeling up your hips and conveniently sitting perfectly on your bum, pulling you just a little bit closer. I’m looking up at you looking down at me, our foreheads and noses touching looking straight into your beautiful eyes, your hands playing with my hair at the back of my head.
You can feel my hands pulling you a little tighter and take that as a sign that you can kiss me, you move closer to my lips and they combine perfectly, your top lip sitting in between mine, just a closed mouth kiss but we pull away and I pull you even closer. My hands slowly moving all over your body, kissing more deeply this time, your mouth opening slightly to allow my tongue to lick and taste your lips, our tongues meet and this starts a fire in your heart, I start to lean back, your arms tighter around my neck, moving back with me.

You can kneel on the bed as you go down with me, your legs moving to the outside of my own. My hands moving faster, down your thighs squeezing them as I kiss you deeply, my tongue now exploring your mouth, hands stroking your face. I pull your body closer to me, You’re lying on top of me with your legs either side of my groin, You can feel me growing into something incredibly hard between your legs. You grind against me, our breathing getting heavier, our lips more aggressive, You take my bottom lip between your teeth and bite down very slightly, enough to make me moan and kiss you harder.

You end our kiss and start to kiss down my face, I lift my neck so you can kiss me there, taking tiny little bites and licks every so often, your hands running down my body in accordance to your kisses, You position yourself in between my legs, kissing down my stomach your hands start to unbutton my jeans and slide them down, just enough to expose my now throbbing hard on straining under my boxers. Your mouth watering you kiss me through the fabric, your tongue wetting the material, just enough for me to feel it, my hands running through your hair gently.
You start to tug at my jeans and boxers, I assist you with this, sliding them off and onto the floor, quickly kissing you and propping myself against the pillows so I can watch you taking my cock in your hand, your mouth watering uncontrollably. you kiss down the length, missing the tip altogether, kissing allllll the way down to the base, kissing each ball individually then giving them short little licks, this makes me moan but not as much in comparison to when you completely take them in your mouth, swirling your tongue round and round, smothering them in spit, your hand working you up and down slowly.

You do this to the other then start working at the base, licking around the length, kissing and sucking working my way up, You almost get to the tip but then take your tongue and glide all the way up from the base right to the tip, my hand firmer on my head, I can’t stand the teasing, You give in and take my cock as far down into your throat as you can take me, I cry out, your warm wet mouth feeling so good on my rock hard dick. Coming back up for air your hand moves down to my balls, playing with them rubbing them in time to your mouth moving up and down on my cock, stopping every so often to play special attention to the head, licking and flicking and sucking and gently blowing on the soaking wet skin. My hand guiding your head back down onto me, your hand working the base whilst your mouth keeps a steadily increasing rhythm sucking with variable strength.

I take your hand in mine and gently pull you up to me so we’re face to face, my eyes gazing into those gorgeous emerald orbs of yours, sparkling with a mixture of lust and passion. I lay back and lower you gently onto me, our lips find each other and begin the slow dance bahis siteleri of another passionate kiss. Our tongues grazing the others lips gently before they meet and begin to slide slowly into the others’ mouth. I start to gently run my hands down your arms, moving lower down your body, taking the hem of your jumper in my fingers and start to slowly lift it higher and higher. The kiss begins to intensify as your jumper is added to the small pile of clothes accumulating on the floor, my hands resuming the exploring of your gorgeous body, feeling your perfect curves through the thin material of your dress. They eventually find their way to your stocking-clad legs, my fingers tracing light lines up over your thighs, moving ever so slightly higher with each passing second. I reluctantly break the incredible kiss we’ve been enjoying, drawing a pained moan from your flushed lips, which is quickly replaced by a low throaty purr as my lips find your soft slender neck. You start running your fingers through my hair roughly as I begin to plant hundreds of tiny kisses along your neck and collar-bone, punctuated by the occasional nibble, elicited by an appreciative mew from you. My hands have, by this time, moved up under your dress and onto your bum, squeezing firmly, and caressing the smooth skin along your hips.

I hold onto your hips firmly and roll us over so i’m holding myself above you, staring down into your eyes with a cheeky glint in mine. I lower myself down for one last slow kiss. I start to kiss down your neck slowly and deliberately, each kiss bringing me ever so slightly lower. When I reach your chest i decide to be a bit of tease and just lightly kiss the tops of your boobs softly. gently tracing my tongue along the line of the dress. I inch my body down the bed slowly, parting your legs to the sides gently as i move. I slowly lower my head and lift your dress up to your waist. My lips begin to softly lay small kisses along your inner thighs, slowly inching higher as my fingers deftly unclip your suspenders. You feel my hands start to caress your thighs gently as my kisses roam ever higher, moving closer and closer to the incredible heat building at your core. I notice you trying to see what I’m doing to you, i look straight into your eyes and smile wickedly before lowering my head again and letting my tongue drag up the front of your underwear so slowly it’s like torture. I let my hand move over and repeat my last action but using my thumb instead, letting it press slighty as it went, drawing a shiver and another lust -ridden purr from your lips and causing goosebumps to erupt all over your flawless skin.

My next move draws a shocked gasp from you as i take hold of the now slightly damp fabric of your underwear in my teeth and gently tug them down your legs and add them to the ever growing pile. I move back up to face you, missing the sensation of your perfect kisses, your tongue sliding into my mouth and stroking mine as your hands come up to cup my face gently and run your fingers through my hair once more. You love the intimacy of the kissing but start to get impatient with my teasing. Breaking the kiss you begin to push me lower until im kneeling between your legs once again. You gracefully part them as I lower my head and present me with your sweet glistening sex. I slowly extend my tongue and gently trace it along the soft smooth skin, tasting the faint but intoxicating perfect flavour of you. My boldness grows as you spur me on with purrs and moans of encouragement. My tongue gently penetrates your wetness and starts to undulate slowly, becoming quickly coated in your juices. My hand moves up between your legs, caressing the sensitive skin of your thighs, extending a single finger I replace my tongue with it, slowly sliding in and slowly making a beckoning gesture as my tongue moves ever so slightly higher just flicking gently over your hard clit, so canlı bahis siteleri gently you barely felt my tongue at all…the bolt of electricity that shot through your body, on the other hand, that, you defintely felt. You moan out loudly and start t let your hands wander over your body gently. I carefully add a second finger and repeat the gesture. All the while my tongue flicks back and forth quickly over your clit, sometimes so gently you barely feel it, other times flattening my tongue and applying pressure…..

My tongue building up speed and my fingers delving further and further into you, your hips bucking wildly only pushing me further and further into you, my hands clasping your hips, pulling your thighs tightly round my head, making sure to keep in contact with your throbbing clit. Your body is burning up, your breath quickening and deepening, biting your lips can’t control the moans that escape them anymore. My sucking and biting at your lips gets you so close to cumming, I can feel your body rocking, your back arching, your nails clutching the sheets almost to the point of tearing, your lips raw from the delicious combination of kissing and biting. But then I stop.

You look down shocked, a menacing smile creeping across my face, I wipe your juices off my chin and mouth and kiss the inside of your thigh, caressing and calming your body with my hands, I come up to meet your kiss, warm and inviting, I lower myself onto you, you can feel my hot member against your thigh, you really want it at this point, it is so close to your opening that you should shift your hips and it would slide in beautifully, but you’re distracted by my kiss, your hands resting in the small of my back, my hand that isn’t supporting my body is tucked under your waist, pulling you into my kiss.
I bite your lip sharply, making you gasp for air, immediately changing the pace, my kiss becomes deeper, my hands pull tighter, and you can feel my cock firmly pressing against the opening of your sex, eager for me to slip through your lips and enter your world. You push your hips up against mine, dominating my kiss with your own, I push down harder and slide straight into you, we both great kiss, you gasping at the new sensation, you can feel your pussy stretching to accommodate my hard slippery rod, I’m sighing at how tight you are, how hot you are and the feeling of my blood rushing to that area, feeling it being squeezed by your walls.
I savour the moment completely buried in your sex, then slide out almost completely, repeating the initial sensation. Your legs wrap round mine, bringing your knees up to my hips, giving me a much better angle to enter you again and again…….
I moan loudly as I feel your molten sex grip and squeeze my shaft with even the slightest movement! I slowly start to pull back as far as i can without leaving you, then thrusting back in deep, i do this over and over, building a steady rhythm, you buck your hips to meet my thrusts eagerly. I slide my hands up over your body slowly, finding your boobs, i squeeze firmly and pull your dress down to free them. Your nipples harden instantly as the cold air washes over them, my thumbs flicking back and forth across them in time with my thrusts. You let out a whimper of pleasure as you meet each of my thrusts time and time again, my throbbing cock filling your sex fully, bringing you to new levels of ecstasy. I bury my cock into you and slowly gyrate my hips, creating a brand new sensation within your core.

I move one hand down from your boobs and quickly stroke my thumb over your throbbing clit, making you practically squeal with lust and desire. I feel your orgasm approaching again as you start bucking against me with more urgency. I’m not done with you yet, so I slowly withdraw from you, letting my cock slide out as a look of disappointment clouds your face. I take your hand in mine once again canlı bahis and help you into a sitting position, you immediately take a hold of me and start to pump your hand up and down firmly, pulling me close to you. You squeeze hard and extend your tongue to catch the bead of pre-cum that’s formed, your tongue flicks over my head quickly, drawing a small gasp from me.

You follow up with doing something I didn’t expect at all, by taking my entire length into your mouth, I watch in awe as my shaft disappears between your lips, I feel your tongue running along my length slowly, cleaning me off before pulling back, looking up into me eyes and giving me an incredibly cheeky wink. Wondering what exactly you have planned i’m enlightened as you turn around and crawl seductively further onto the bed and wiggle your gorgeous bum at me invitingly…

So I’m staring at you, arse in the air for me, looking back over your shoulder, my eyes look hungry. I advance, cock bouncing with anticipation, I take your bum and hips in my hands, positioning you with accuracy because I thrust straight into you, hard and fast I pound you, sweat beginning to form on my chest, your groans and moans muffled by the pillow your face was buried in. My fingertips dig into your hips, desperately clutching onto you, you’re riding back into me, my hand slides over one cheek and gives it a short sharp slap, You wince in a good way and push back harder, greeting my cock with gusto.
You pull away from me, pushing back on me gave you a taste of being dominant and you wanted more, you grab my arm and throw me down onto the bed, straddle me in reverse cowgirl and begin to ride slowly, my hands move to your legs again but you grab them and hold them at your hips. You start riding me faster and faster, my legs are twitching, I’m just gazing up at you, arse slapping against my hips with every bounce. My hands on your hips, guiding you down onto my cock. You get faster and faster my body tightens, you can feel my cock ready to burst my sweet sticky nectar into you. You stop abruptly and turn around, never letting me slip out of you.

I hold your hips firmly guiding you down on to me, meeting you with a thrust up into you every time. I move one hand between your thighs and start to rub your clit quickly as you ride me, more and more moans escape your lips as your breath becomes ragged. I take my other hand and deliver a couple of short sharp spanks to your gorgeous arse. That hand then slides slowly up your body, pausing briefly at your boob to give it a nice firm squeeze before cupping your face gently and pulling you down for another kiss. Our lips meet in an explosion of passion and lust, our rhythm steps up a notch until the only sounds that can be heard are the slapping of our bodies together and muffled moans through our kiss,
I reluctantly break the kiss and move my lips to your ear, i gently graze my teeth over the love and whisper into your ear “cum for me baby!, you know want to, you know you want to cum all over my hard cock” You whimper a yes as you moan once more “cum for me baby, i’m so close!, I want you to cum with me” i whisper with urgency. I gently roll your clit between my finger and thumb then flick my finger over it quickly, as my cock powers up into your dripping sex. I feel your body tense up and squeeze me tight, as you arch your back and let out a low throaty moan of pure unchained ecstasy. An unbelievable heat envelopes me as I thrust up into you one final time. Your incredible orgasm set’s off my own, I tense up completely and pump my boiling sticky seed into you, flooding your already soaking pussy and feeling our combined juices running down my balls. I pull you down onto me and hold you tight, engaging you in the most passionate kiss of your life as we grind against each other, prolonging and riding out our mutual orgasms. We lay there for a long while in a tight loving embrace, covered in sweat and numerous love bites, just holding eachother sharing long slow kisses, your head coming to rest finally on my chest, you drape an arm over me as we just snuggle up tight, basking the post-orgasmic glow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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