On the Job

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The job, including the obscene phone calls, and characters, is real but everything else is fiction. Hope you like it.

I had recently got a job at a local pizza joint for the summer. It was literally the next street over from my house. It’s kinda sad because I live in a small town with its own pizza place but no gas station or post office. Anyway, I worked as a cashier and delivery driver, usually finding out which one I’d be doing when I arrived at work.

I was working on the register one Saturday night, and it was surprisingly empty. I usually saw people I knew through school and sports. But tonight it was just me, the chef, and my boss, a balding, but very intimidating, guy in his 30s named Frank, who towered over me at about 6’4″ when I was 5’9″. I was sitting there bored, on my phone, and Frank was in his office, probably jacking the beanstalk.

Then the phone rang. Excited to be doing something tonight, I answered enthusiastically, “Good evening, thank you for calling. This is Matt speaking, how can I help you?”

A very familiar voice replied, “Hi, I’d like an order of a very large serving of you. But with no clothes please.”

I recognized it instantly. I sighed and said half-frustratedly, “Liv, we’ve had this conversation before. You can’t say stuff like that, what if my boss hears?”

Liv was my girlfriend of 2 years. She was 19, a year older than me, and was home from college for the summer. I was starting college in the fall. She had a very attractive face and body, and a rather outgoing personality. She had a man’s vocabulary, and used it a lot. She often had a worse mouth than I did. Anyway, she was about 5’3″, had blondish-brown hair and hazel eyes. Her body was toned from soccer. She had an amazing ass, my favorite feature, and a navel piercing and possibly C cups. Her legs were long and muscular, but not ripped.

Anyway, she replied, “Aw cheer up, baby. You sound mad. Is work boring? It looks empty. I just drove by and saw only your boss’ car and yours.”

“It’s pretty empty. Actually, it’s completely empty. But anyway, as I was saying, you can’t keep saying stuff like that. If my boss ever answered the phone…”

“He won’t. He’s not there now. And by the way, I like that uniform. It matches your eyes.”

I quickly spun around and put the phone down. Liv was waving and smiling through the door at me. “Oh, crap,” I muttered, waving her in resignedly.

She opened the door and walked up to the counter. Just as my boss came out of his office. “Hi, welcome. I can take your order if you’re ready.”

“Ummm, I don’t know yet. Don’t wait for bahis siteleri me. I’ll give it to him if you need to get back to work,” Liv said, gesturing to me.

“Sure, that’s fine. Thank you,” he looked at me with a “don’t-fuck-this-up” look and went back to his office, closing the door.

I quickly turned to Liv and hissed, “What are you doing here, Liv?!”

She grinned and jumped over the counter, standing in front of me. “Seeing you, of course. I said I drove by, but never said I didn’t come in. I also just told your boss I’d ‘give it to you’, but I wasn’t talking about my order,” she licked her lips and kissed me hard. She pulled away and said, “You know, the uniform really does bring out your eyes. They’re like a grayish-blue.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to get lost in my eyes after I get off. I’ll be done in about 20 minutes, if you wanna wait around.” I said forcibly.

“I’m getting off right now looking at you, if you know what I mean,” she whispered. “I’ll be done in about 10 seconds.” I honestly didn’t know if she was joking or not.

The conversation was ended as a customer walked through the door. Before I could greet him, Liv took over. “Hi, how’s it going? What can I get for you?”

He ordered a meatball sub, and I was forced to work in silence, biting back my tongue to tell Liv to stop screwing around. He left soon after and I turned to her, “What the hell? You don’t even work here. I’m serious, if my boss sees you…”

She laughed. “You’re so cute when you’re mad. Come here,” she grabbed my shirt and kissed me again, adding some tongue in.

I pulled away abruptly. “Liv, I mean it. Go wait outside. I’ll be done soon.”

“Hang out with me after. I’m bored and have nothing to do.” She put on an imploring face.

I was about to answer when my boss walked out of his office without warning. “Oh fuck. Liv, you gotta get out of sight. Now!” I hissed, pushing her under the counter.

He walked over to the counter and stood looking at the menu. “I’m hungry. I’d like a small sausage pizza and a sprite, please.”

“Of course. I’ll put the order in for you. The total is fourteen d-OHMYGOD!” I gasped as I felt my cock entering something warm. Jesus, if that’s what I think it is… I thought, glancing down. Liv had my cock in her mouth and was bobbing her head up and down, trying to deepthroat me. I had never noticed her unbuttoning my pants!

It occurred to me my boss was looking at me suspiciously. “What?”

I had to think quickly. “I’m sorry. I hit my knee on the counter. Hate when that happens. Anyway, it comes to fourteen dollars and canlı bahis siteleri ninety eight cents.” I was desperately trying to get my mind off of my cock. But it felt so damn good. Frank paid and stood there waiting for his food, on his phone. I waited until he looked away, then glanced down again. Liv was hidden from my boss’ sight, in a narrow opening under the counter. But I could see her perfectly, winking up at me with her mouth assaulting my manhood. I pretended to cough into my elbow, actually stifling a moan. He looked up and said, “Bless you.”

“Thanks,” I said, starting to tremble with pleasure. Liv was now swirling her tongue around the base of my cock.

“So, how’s the work been?” he asked.

“Good. This place is dead today. It’s been an easy shift,” I said, holding the counter with a death grip and starting to sweat.

He obviously noticed. “Are you ok? You look flushed.”

I grunted, “Yeah I’m fine. It’s just my knee still throbbi-JESUS!” as a shockwave of pleasure passed through me. I had to think fast again. “Sorry, my knee just gave out. I’m fine. Really.” I smiled unconvincingly.

He said, “Is that why your knuckles are white from holding the counter?”

I looked down. Oh shit, I thought. “Yeah. My knee is killing me.” I bit my lip subtly, trying to hold back a moan as my dick started throbbing. Liv was humming gently and stroking my balls.

He was about to reply when the chef finished the order and placed it on the counter. Frank paid with a credit card. I gave him his food and watched him walk back to his office and close the door. I finally moaned out loud, “FFFUUUCCCKKKKK!” and came, squirting into Liv’s mouth. She swallowed all of it. Quickly, she put my dick back into my pants and stood up, smiling and winking. All I could say was, “Liv, what the fuck? Don’t do that again. Don’t get me wrong, the orgasm was unbelievable, but if my boss saw you….”

She snorted, “I told you I was gonna give it to you. Actually, I am hungry now. Could I get a salad?”

“Of course. And in return for the blowjob, it’s free. Don’t tell my boss though all right?” I smiled and pecked her lips. I had 10 minutes to go on my shift.

Liv had just sat down when Frank reappeared from his office. “How’s the knee?” he asked.

“Much better now. I can stand properly.” Liv caught my eye and started laughing silently.

“That’s good. Anyway, I came out here to ask for my receipt. I never got one.” We were required to give receipts to the customers.

Oh shit, I forgot. I thought with horror. “Receipt?” I said blankly.

“That’s right. The receipt. canlı bahis You know, the piece of paper with the items and total cost,” he said impatiently. Then he got a suspicious look on his face. “It has my credit card number on it. That didn’t find it’s way into your wallet by any chance, did it?”

“Whoa, Frank. Those are some serious implications! I mean, employees are obligated to give receipts. I could be fired for that!”

“That’s right. That’s why I wanna see my receipt in your hand in the next 5 minutes, or you won’t have a hand to hold it with.” He glared at me and went into his office. I quickly tore apart the counter, looking for it, and found it still hanging from the cash register. Frank looked at it closely, making sure I wasn’t forging it, and accepted it with a scowl, probably looking for an excuse to fire me.

My shift had finally ended. I grabbed a coke and sat down with Liv at her table. “Liv, I don’t know where you learned how to do that shit with your tongue, but please continue doing it! That was the best blowjob you’ve ever given me! Just don’t do it when my boss is trying to talk to me. I hope he didn’t guess what was happening!”

“I’m just trying to be a good girlfriend, rewarding my man for treating me like a fucking princess. I’m guessing it works!” she laughed. “And there’s no way he guessed. All he gives a shit about is money. He wouldn’t notice if we were fucking on the counter! Which gives me an idea for next time…” she smirked with an all too familiar glint in her eye and sipped her water.

“I love you,” I said simply. And I really did.

She beamed at me across the table. “I know. And I love you too.” She leaned in and kissed me. We just sat there lip locked over our drinks for about a minute until she pulled away and stood up to leave. “Will you hang out with me now? Please? Plllleeeeaaasse?” She gave me a look that she knew would get me to give in.

How could I say no? “I’d love to. I’ll have to go home and change first though.”

“No, you don’t need to. You’re not gonna need clothes where we’re going,” she winked and walked outside.

I followed and asked, “Where’re we actually going?”

“A place I know called Pleasure Island. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

I laughed and took her hand. “With you, it’ll be even better.”

She laughed too and replied, “Oh my god. You can be disgustingly cheesy sometimes, but I love you anyway.” She paused and let me pick her up. I carried her to her car, kissing her madly and depositing her in the driver’s seat. “Next stop, Pleasure Island!” she grinned and pulled me into the passenger seat and took off. “We’ll come back for your car later,” she said, driving away.

I ended up staying at her house for the night. I’ll leave what we did to your imagination, but I can assure you, it sure as hell wasn’t sleeping!

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