No More Control Ch. 04

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-This is a continuation of Sonya’s Journey. I hope chapters 1-3 have been satisfactory.

Sonya, now alone, was ready to start her day. First a shower was in order. She needed to freshen up. Still naked and unaware, she padded across her apartment back to her bathroom. She walked by her full length mirror and did a double-take. Where were her clothes!?

In a panic she touched her body to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. To her amazement she was in fact bare from head to toe with no idea when it happened. She walked back into the living room where she found her clothes piled up on the floor.

She bent over to pick them up. Touching the fabric gave her hands a very uncomfortable sensation. It’s like she had touched sand paper and fiberglass. Immediately she dropped her clothes on the floor in shock. She heard a barely audible bellow. Something that sounded so familiar but she could not remember when or where. She dismissed the noise thinking it could have been somewhere in the walls or a neighbor or outside.

She touched her clothes again and she had the same unpleasant sensation her hands actually began to feel warm. She touched the carpet and it felt normal. Not sure what to do she grabbed the clothes and walked to the hamper. The irritating sensation hit her body every time the fabric touched her skin. The short walk to the laundry room was very uncomfortable. Looking at the pile of clothes made her uneasy in some way.

Sonya was no longer able to ignore this. Something has happened to her during her blackouts and as a result she has uncomfortable feelings towards clothes. She never just went naked in her apartment before but considering she had nothing better to do she decided to try it.

The sensation of air all over her naked body asyabahis yeni giriş was liberating. Her nipples and pussy felt the most sensitive and responsive to their newfound freedom. She smiled her first genuine smile in a long time. She needed to take a shower. Naked Sonya walked back towards the bathroom.

She decided to stop at the mirror and take a good look at her body. Sonya had never studied her body as intently as she had at that moment. For the first time she liked what she saw. Her well toned caramel skin, hourglass shape, round firm breasts with large nipples, shapely hips and a firm round ass were now out in the open for her to admire.

The very sight of her body began to spark feelings of arousal. Sonya was no stranger to masturbation but she did it very infrequently. All of a sudden she had the urge to look at herself and get herself off. Looking at her own body made her horny. Sonya knew she had to cum before taking a shower.

Something felt different as her hands explored her body. She needed to see more. Sonya turned on all the lights in her bedroom so she could see more of her body. “Nothing should be hidden,” she thought to herself. Her rational side wondered where that idea came from. Her lust filled side decided to take over and enjoy the moment.

Sonya made eye contact with herself in the mirror. Looking deeply into her own hazel eyes, she saw someone she didn’t recognize. The woman staring back at her had a lust in her eyes that would rival a porn star. For the first time, Sonya was attracted to her own naked body more than any man she’s had sex with!

Realizing this surreal sensation, her body instantly responding with a level of arousal that had exceeded anything she had experienced prior to asyabahis güvenilirmi her existence. Her firm tits heaved up and down with the rhythm of her chest. Her nipples were hard. As she looked at them, she noticed them gently pulsating and possibly even growing under her rush of arousal. One feature Sonya thought was embarrassing was she had a prominent clit. She had heard about women shaving their pussy, but because she felt like a freak, she made sure to keep her bush to cover up what she thought was a defect to her womanhood.

As Sonya played in her pussy, her own succulent juices leaked out of her in viscus and heavenly smelling streams of female arousal. This time, her own scent of arousal was noticeably different. She always had a very faint feminine odor but now, she could smell a sweet hint of sweetness that mimics that of honey. Shocked she decided to taste herself. Something she had never done before either. She was so horny that all logic has left her mind. Only impulse remained.

Once her coated fingers met her lips, she confirmed that her body was indeed making a sweet form of arousal. She could suck on her fingers all day if this was how she truly tasted. Sonya was beginning to fall in love with her naked body. Satisfied with licking her fingers, she reached down and caressed her womanly folds as her body quivered with every caress. As her fingers explored her heavenly lips, the palm of her hand cupped her clit. It was now sticking straight out, (about 2 inches) and throbbing against her palm, pulsating with every touch begging for more.

She decided to try something one of her ex-lovers had done with his dick. She tried to jack off her clit. Staring at herself naked in the mirror with her strong sweet arousal lingering asya bahis giriş in the air, she started to move closer to examine her body. With her thumb and index finger covered in her sweet smelling juices, she stroked her lady dick. She smiled at the thought of calling it that. In fact, she has been smiling the whole time she’s been masturbating.

Soft coos and moans escaped her lips as she began to pump her clit faster and faster. Strings of glistening wetness oozed out of her pussy dripping onto the floor. The sight of her body reacting to her own reflection in the mirror created a feedback loop that Sonya could not escape from. Looking at her own naked body has made her aroused, watching her naked reflection playing with her naked body made her more aroused. Sonya’s lips were swollen and were showing through her bush. She jacked her clit furiously as her hand became a blur. Streams of cum where leaking out of her hitting the floor.

During sex, Sonya was not that vocal, but on this occasion, she had to do everything she could not to sound animalistic and alarm the neighbors below and above her. Sonya fought her body to remain standing and made sure to keep her eyes open as to not break this blissful cycle of visual stimuli and masturbation. Finally her arousal gave her a chemical shock she absolutely was not expecting. A building orgasm worthy of an earthquake was coming from her pelvis. Shaking uncontrollably, Sonya collapsed to the floor. Her pussy was still gushing thick gobs of womanhood on the floor. Her fingers were still caressing her clit. Even her nipples were sweating as if milk wanted to come out. Sonya passed out, still body rocking from her orgasm. Sonya’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her mouth was wide open in bliss. Her tongue rolled out and curled. She was having an orgasmic seizure on the floor. Unable to loosen her grip, Sonya’s hand firmly clutched and massaged her pussy creating orgasm after endless orgasm. For the 3rd time, Sonya lost consciousness while overwhelmed with orgasmic bliss.

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