Game Night: Game’s Start

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This is an addition to the adventures of Brynn and Shawna, the Game Night series. You could say that this is the first in the series, but the second released into the wild. Game Night is all about a married couple connecting and enjoying their marriage/sex life together. They can more-or-less be read in any order. All characters engaged in sexual activities are 18 or older.

The email’s subject line announced, “Game Night Tonight” Brynn’s heart rate surged when he saw the email land in his inbox. The little chime on his cellphone alerted him to the new email drew his attention away from the data query that had been coming together slowly since noon; tapping the screen brought up the text of the message.

“Tonight after supper, you will settle in to write at your desk, no need to change out of your work clothes and no worrying about dishes. I will tend to that.

Make sure you close the bedroom door. Then, when you hear the knock on the door, say ‘Come in’ that is when the real fun starts.

Love, Shawna.

— Oh, one more thing. Tonight you’re in charge.”

After nearly 20 years of marriage and two kids, Brynn and Shawna’s sex life had ebbed and flowed. After their honeymoon period, there were times when sex was placed on the back burner; there were also times – even after the children were born – that nights burned with their passion.

Recently a dry patch had descended upon them. Several weeks before Ryan received the email, Shawna mentioned her awareness of and frustration with the lack of sex.

“It has been a while.” She had said, not looking up from the screen of her cellphone.

“What has?” Brynn had answered; his eyes had remained locked on the television.

“Since we have had any naked time,” she had remarked.

“It has been a busy month or two. First, the kids have been buried with projects, then dance, soccer, gymnastics, and second we have been so tired getting to bed lately; I’m not surprised.” Brynn replied. He tore his eyes off his show, looking over at his wife, wondering if the night was going to turn interesting.

He knew that it had been a while. Lately, Brynn had been feeling anxious for a roll or two in the hay. Though he recognized that both he and his wife had been so crazy trying to keep up with their kids that he didn’t want to burden Shawna with the guilt of turning him down for sex. It was sad and depressing that it had gotten to this point that sex had become coupled with words like stress and burden.

“I want to try something; I’ve been calling it Game Night. The rules are flexible and straightforward. We pick a schedule, and we stick to it. As in, this is in ink on the calendar. One of us is responsible for selecting the game. Game meaning something that ends with us naked and sweaty.” Shawna only glanced at Brynn while she explained.

“Okay, that sounds like fun,” Brynn said, hoping that she had something in mind to kick off her experiment immediately. His shorts became tighter.

“I will go first,” she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before turning back to her phone. “I will let you know when we start; after that, I thought every third day we will have another game night.”

Brynn had almost forgotten about the conversation. True, it had spun around his head for the first few days after it had been mentioned, but when the charge of anticipation had worn down, he settled back into his regular routines. Work, time with the kids, an hour of writing, then an episode or two of a favorite show in bed with Shawna.

The email had now stirred him up. It was all he could do to focus on any of the work he had left to do.

When he finally sat down at his small desk, which was settled in the corner of his and Shawna’s bedroom, he was so distracted that he could barely remember anything that had happened since receiving the email from his wife. Usually, just before bed, he would sit and write. Adding a couple of thousand words to a short story or novel that teased his mind like an exotic dancer full of promises. Tonight though, he was caught in a loop rewriting the exact hundred words over and over again.

It wasn’t writer’s block, the words were there for him to write, and the story was begging to move forward; it was that evil email that kept pulling at his attention. Shawna had given no hint at what he was in store for or how he was in charge. He erased a sentence that wasn’t quite right and tapped out another version that only really adjusted a single word. A small chime, this one dedicated to text messages from Shawna, altered him to a new message.

“Not long now… If you laugh, it is GAME OVER!”

His curiosity went wild with the possibilities of what she was planning. He turned in his chair, looking at the closed bedroom door, waiting for the knock. It did not come. He stared at the door, willing a knock to sound. Nothing.

Finally, realizing how silly he was being, he turned back to the computer. Brynn laughed at himself; he was eager for sex with his wife but was not starving digitalbahis yeni giriş like a teenager who just discovered the wonders of an orgasm. The spell, to a degree, was broken. Brynn’s fingers flew across the keyboard. Before he knew it, three hundred new words appeared.

The knock came. Three short reports against the wood of the door. They weren’t too loud or demanding. Slightly more intent than the knocks of one of the children trying not to interrupt but still needing something. Brynn found his mouth dry, and before answering, he took a gulp from the water bottle that sat next to the keyboard.

“Come in,” Brynn called. The doorknob twisted; he watched it turning as if he were in a horror movie. The door cracked open. From where he sat, he couldn’t see his wife in the doorway.

“Mr. Crosswind, do you have a minute?” Shawna entered the room. Brynn almost fell off his chair. She had pulled her hair into a pair of braided pigtails; not a single hair was out of place. Her makeup gave her already smooth skin a youthful, almost innocent glow tempered by bright red lipstick that strongly implied that nothing innocent was planned for the evening. When Brynn and Shawna first started dating, there had been a little costume play in the bedroom, but that had died off not long after the news of their firstborn’s impending arrival. Shawna stood before her seated husband dressed in a white oxford shirt that was unbuttoned on the bottom, the tails tied up exposing a hint of her stomach, a plaid skirt that stopped about two inches from her knees, and a pair of clean white stockings that clung to her legs finishing with polished black flats.

When Brynn noticed the shoes, he almost laughed but remembered her text. On the occasions they watched porn together, Shawna regularly mocked that nearly every woman wore insanely tall and spiky heels. Sure it was sexy sometimes, but what nurse that would be on her feet all day would wear stilettos or what private school would have their female students tromping around in heels. The answer, of course, was because horny men – and women – expect sexy women to wear heels…

Shawna placed the backpack that she had slung over her shoulder on the floor. “Mr. Crosswind?” Brynn stared at his wife, taking in every curve. Then he remembered the email “You’re in charge.”

“What is it, Ms. Bowes,” his voice sounded distracted, though he was alert enough to use his wife’s maiden name.

“I wanted to talk to you about the midterm.” Her blue eyes were wide behind her glasses, adding to the almost innocent schoolgirl look.

“What about it?”

“Well, I was hoping that ummm.”

“That what?” Brynn fell into his role, allowing his imagination to plot a course through this game.

“I didn’t do very well and….”

“You want to find some kind of way to bring up your grade?” Brynn asked.

“I am willing to do anything, Mr. Crosswind. The thing is, there is this band trip this summer to Europe; my dad won’t let me go unless I have at least a 3.0 at the end of the year. I’m doing okay in my other classes, but… There was a party the weekend before your midterm.” The excuse just hung in the air, begging him to jump on it.

“That Ms. Bowes is just an excuse; the prep for that exam was in your hands a full two weeks before the exam plenty of time to become intimately familiar with the material that was reviewed in class for a whole two quarters.” His voice carried that stern tone reserved for foolishness.

“But…” she started, then her words pivoted. “There has to be something I can do. I have to go on that trip. I’m sure if you let me retake the test, I could get a B+.”

“And should I let all of your other classmates that fail the test retake it? Even that wouldn’t be fair to those that passed the test. No, retakes Mr. Bowes, those are the rules.”

“What about extra work? I could write a paper for extra credit. I will do anything to help my grade.” There was that little phrase again.

“Anything is a very big word, full of all sorts of potential, Ms. Bowes, and I don’t think you truly appreciate what anything could end up being.”

“Mr. Crosswind, I have to go on that trip, so anything means anything. I’ll clean your house, wash your car, I would even…” she looked down at Brynn’s pants and blushed.

“Would what, Ms. Bowes?” Brynn asked, locking eyes with his wife. She swallowed and shifted nervously before answering him.

“I would even have sex with you if you promised not to tell anyone and that you would give me a B+ on the midterm.”

“Well, that is interesting, but Ms. Bowes, I will not just give you a B+; you will need to earn it.” Brynn soaked the visage of his wife, allowing his boiling lust to control his expression. It was time to see if she was really invested in her part. “Turn around, Ms. Bowes.” Shawna’s eyes twitched. Usually, she was – for lack a better term – a control freak and became anxious when she was not in control of a situation. She was naturally resistant digitalbahis giriş to doing what other people told her to do; she was terrible at accepting advice. When they were first dating in college, she was able to play games in the bedroom and even let Brynn tie her up more than a handful of times, but the years had fully developed a stubborn streak that had taken deep root.

She twirled in place, the edge of her skirt lifting too briefly for Brynn to catch sight of anything underneath. “Slower,” Brynn said when she faced him. This time she made no effort to hide the internal battle that was being fought within her. After a long pause, she shuffled in place as if surrounded by thick, resistant air. Finally, when she was facing away from him, Brynn said, “Stop.” Her body froze, and he admired the view of her covered ass and the way the stockings enhanced her legs. Brynn knew that along with her controlling nature, she was also self-conscious about her appearance. If she was serious – at it appeared thus far that she was – about him being in control, he would take advantage of the situation and admire the form of his wife.

“Go ahead,” he said after what must have felt way too long to Shawna. She continued her slow turn and faced him once again. “You put sex on the table, but for this to work, you are going to have to show me that you can follow instructions. I suspect that if you could follow instructions, your grade wouldn’t have suffered.” She made as if to take a step toward her seated husband; Brynn held up a finger, stopping her. “I said you are going to earn this grade.”

“Ms. Bowes, I would like you to unbutton the rest of your shirt.” Shawna started at the top button and slowly undid each button, untying the knot that had held the shirttails up, letting the shirt hang open but still covering her full breasts. “Go ahead and take it off.” She shrugged out of the shirt, then tossed it to the side. She was wearing a lacy red bra that was made to entice rather than support. Brynn had not seen this bra before and took a silent moment to enjoy the way it displayed his wife’s breasts.

“Your alluring bra needs to be removed now.” Brynn’s pants had begun to tighten when she walked into the room; as she exposed her hard nipples, the need to adjust the pressure in his pants became paramount. “Ms. Bowes, come here and unbuckle my belt and open my pants.” Shawna crossed the rest of the way through the room and knelt over before him, fighting with his belt because honestly, the angle was awkward; in porn, they must have magical belts that just come apart with a snap of the fingers. Brynn lifted up in his chair to allow his wife the ability to win the fight she was having with his belt; he almost broke character to make a self-deprecating comment to ease the tension because that is what couples who have been together for half their life do. Instead, he excerpted control over his need to break the tension and kept his mouth closed; he also successfully resisted the urge to cop a quick feel of her breasts.

Shawna finished with the belt and made short work of the button and zipper of his pants. She reached for his throbbing erection believing that the show was on now on the road. “Ms. Bowes, go back to where you were.” Her body stiffened. Brynn was sure he heard a slight growl come from his wife.

She stood back from him. Her outfit, now that she was topless, was breathtaking. Brynn had never wished for a camera more than at that moment. “Do you like your breasts touched?”

“I suppose so.” She answered.

“I would think that you would know the answer to that question. Have your breasts been touched before?”

“Yes, yes, I like them being touched.” Shawna looked down at the floor, her blush spread from her cheeks to the top of her chest. Brynn half expected her to toe a shoe on the floor in a “geeze shucks” move.

“Show me.”

“What?” Brynn wondered if the line had been crossed, had he found the wall between her game and her ability to surrender. He would have given anything to know what was going on in her thoughts.

“I want you to show me how you like your breasts touched.” Her hands moved up to the under curve of her breasts, then began to trace slow patterns along the smooth flesh with the back of her fingertips. She circled her nipples without touching them, bringing gooseflesh out across her aureoles. Shawna brought fingers to her red lips and took a long lick with her pink tongue, moistening the tips. The fingers brushed against the tip of her right nipple; Brynn fought back a gasp when he saw her nipples become harder than he thought possible. She repeated with her left nipple then, using her fingertips, teased the top of her breasts. At long last, she cupped them and squeezed them, massaging the flesh. Brynn’s heart was racing, threatening to rip from his chest and swear undying allegiance to Shawna – who was now breathing heavily under the slight and gentle ministrations of her own hands.

“Very nice. Ms. Bowes, how often digitalbahis güvenilirmi do you masturbate?”

“Um, I’m not sure.” Her voice had taken on a breathy quality.

“Ms. Bowes, do you want to improve your grade or not? This is a simple question that you should be able to answer.” Shawna looked away again. “You are past the point of being embarrassed, Ms. Bowes. Remember you offered to sleep with your teacher to improve your grade. Are you reconsidering?”

“No, no, Mr. Crosswind. I mean, I’m not reconsidering. I just thought….”

“Just thought that I’d whip it out, pump a couple of times, maybe grope at a pair of young boobs, and then give you what you want. Like I said, there will be an effort on your part.” Brynn leaned back in the chair, allowing the tent in his boxers to display. “So, Ms. Bowes, how often do you masturbate, or are we done here?”

“Two or three times,” Shawna replied. Brynn wondered if the answer was part of the game or if it was true. Did it really matter?

“Two or three times… Is that ever, a month, a week, a day? Not a very clear answer, Ms. Bowes.”

“A week, at least the last 2 weeks.”

“Do you just use your fingers, or do you have toys?” Brynn knew the answer. He had watched his wife masturbate many times and knew her habits but enjoyed his role and wanted to embrace the experience.

“Both sometimes. Usually, just my fingers, but sometimes I get a toy.”

“Have you masturbated in front of someone before?”

“Yes.” The reply was barely a whisper.

“Tell me who has seen you masturbate.”

“A couple of my girlfriends in college, my freshman year. We were just fooling around, and things got… wild.” It was the same answer Shawna had given him years ago when he had asked the same question. They had been dating a few months, and their sex life had gone into high gear. After she told him the boiling details of the story, she had played with herself in front of him for the first time. The sex that followed pretty much cemented the fact he was going to marry her.

“How wild?”

“We were at Heather’s house – she lived off-campus with her parents – there were four of us. Heather found one of her father’s dirty movies, we put it on. Just to have a laugh. We were just showing off; Teresa had asked how we got off. Then it was a game to see who could get off the fastest. We were all naked before I knew it. Heather kissed me, I kissed her back. The four of us spent the night getting each other off.”

“Is that the only time you fooled around with a girl?”

“No, Heather and I have fool around a couple of times since then. But I like boys, Mr. Crosswind.” Shawna started shifting back and forth in place, her arousal driving her body to restlessness.

“Turn to the wall and remove your skirt and panties.” Shawna turned, unzipped the seam of the skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She stepped out of the ring of plaid material, then bent at the waist and pulled her panties down. They were also lacy, red, new, and served little purpose other than to arouse. While she was bent over, Brynn could see that her pussy was glistening with her juices.

“Turn back around and come here.” She turned slowly. As she approached him, her hips rolled, reminding him that she knew that he wanted her all games aside and that this was her idea. “Kneel down.” She went to her knees in front of him, her chest rising and falling with the heavy throb that pulsed through his cock. “Take it out.” He lifted again to allow his wife to slide his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock sprung up a pearl of precum resting on the crown.

“Have you sucked a cock before Ms. Bowes?” She looked up from between his knees and nodded in answer. Then, she took his cock in her hand and brought the head to her lips.

“Wait,” Brynn said. “I want to watch you wrap those beautiful red lips around the head of my cock. Just like that.” Shawna did as Brynn instructed, sucking lightly, drawing a restrained groan from somewhere deep within Brynn. He stared down at her. He loved watching her please him.

“Run your tongue along the sides. All the way down to my balls, then back up to the head. Ahhh, yes, that is perfect.” The boundaries of his role quivered when the years of knowledge and experiences with his wife slammed into the character that he was playing. He had witnessed his wife in this exact position times without count and knew that she was now in complete control of the situation and could and would drive him completely crazy with her familiar skills. To keep the game on track, he needed to change something. She had reached her hand up to stroke him in time with her mouth.

“Put your hand down. Mouth only.” Brynn sat up in the chair, bringing his hips to the edge of the seat, hoping that the old chair would hold up to what it was being asked to put up with; he took hold of the twin ponytails, using them to pull her mouth onto his cock burying it as far as he was comfortable. Brynn listened to the surprised gasp Shawna made around his cock, waited for a protesting push from the hands she had placed on his knees. When it didn’t come, he pulled her head back from his cock then pulled again. He fucked her mouth with more and more strength; while listening and waiting for any sign that he had crossed a line.

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