A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 04

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For Meggs and Bill

This story treats some matters that may offend some, so if you dislike reading about either menstruation or bodily functions of all kinds, this story is not for you.


Eleanor had been very relieved—no, overjoyed—when the District Court of the Women’s Republic had released her from her punishment for the adulterous conduct in which she had engaged with Gail’s husband. Many had regarded her sentence as excessively severe; probably most women regarded it as appropriate. The three beautiful but severe women judges had sentenced her to be infibulated for one year: this meant that small rings were placed in her labia and locked in place to connect her labia so as to make sexual intercourse impossible. Only a small opening in her vulva was left for flow of menstrum and urine.

Gail, with whose husband—now banished to another city—Eleanor had consorted, had fought in court to extend the punishment and requested the court to continue the harsh and intrusive sentence. However, the court found her pleading to have been made in bad faith and instead punished her and imposed a severe sanction of bared-bottom caning on her counsel.

It had been a painful year for Eleanor. Everyone who knew her was aware of the intimate details of her punishment, as the Women’s Compass newspaper had actually printed a diagram showing how she had been infibulated. Many of her friends had deserted her, feeling no doubt that their own reputations stood to be diminished by any association with an adulteress who had been sentenced to such a demeaning punishment. Men also were fearful of associating with her in this age of women’s rule.

Two weeks after the favorable ruling and the removal of the rings she so despised, Eleanor was finally ready to go out on her first date in many months. She had become friendly with Jackson at her job and she enjoyed his light manner, pleasant attitude, and willingness to tell her that he regretted what had happened to her and thought all the publicity was unfair. He had invited her out for dinner this Friday and she had had her hair styled specially.

Now she was dressing and she began to think that the evening could well end in one of their apartments. She pulled down her favorite pale blue panties to inspect her pudenda: the marks from the rings were still visible, of course, but the tiny holes were not as clearly obvious. She recalled that the previous week, she had been able to use tampons for her period for the first time in a year. Never had she appreciated that privilege more since she had been deprived of its exercise.

Now she pulled up the panties, hooked her matching bra, and slipped on a nice bronze short-sleeved top and a smart grey flannel skirt to go with her sheer hose and burgundy pumps.

After the quickie with Dennis the previous week, Eleanor had also “tried out her equipment” the previous night. She owned a rather large and lengthy penis-like dildo which she had lubricated and carefully inserted in her vaginal opening. She was delighted to have felt no pain at all on entry, even though nothing of any similar size—even that superplus tampax had been comparatively slim—had been in her vagina for more than a year. She even had felt herself responding to the lovely invasion and was wildly pleased that her muffin (which she had called her parts “down there” since she was a girl) was still able to be the site of her orgasm.

The dinner had been at one of the new fusion restaurants and had gone swimmingly. Jackson easily engaged Eleanor in conversation and she had only warm feelings as he smiled at her and she gazed back lovingly, entranced by his manly appearance, scent, and smile. She clutched his arm closely as they left the place, and she felt herself becoming very warm in her crotch as she envisaged the rest of the evening.

She invited him back for coffee but he instead suggested that he do that for her, at his place. This made Eleanor all the happier, because maybe this would be an all-night encounter, as he would feel no need to leave her and cause an inevitable let-down after their lovemaking. But she stopped this thought as getting ahead of things.

When they arrived at his place, Jackson made the coffee and then joined her on the couch. It was not long before they were in each other’s arms and he had carefully removed her blouse and skirt. Clad in her bra and panties, she smiled and suggested they might prefer being in the bedroom. Jackson happily picked her up and carried her over the threshold of his delightfully appointed bedroom bahis şirketleri as if she were his new bride.

Jackson was well-dressed, in a navy sport shirt with khaki slacks. He rapidly unzipped his own trousers, unbuttoned and removed his shirt, and took off his white undershirt. Now moving into bed beside Eleanor, he softly unhooked her bra, caressed her 34B breasts until the nipples rose responsively, and then slid her pale blue undies right down. She wondered how any touching of her genital area would feel but had only a moment until he moved down and began to apply his tongue to her muffin—her labia, vagina, and clit. There was no pain and it was heavenly.

His shorts somehow had slipped off him and she responded by leaning over to take his turgid member in her mouth, applying soft lips to the glans and then ran her nail down lightly from the opening at the tip to under his scrotal sac. He was actually larger than the dildo, she thought, and hoped for the best as his oral ministrations elicited her own organs to release plenteous juices.

She was very very happy and the realization that Jackson had never been married made her feel even lovelier. She soon felt the tip of his penis push through her labia into her waiting love channel. Eleanor braced herself as she anticipated the ultimate moment, that instant when he would stretch her vagina as his large tool plunged into her long dormant canal. Now was the moment she craved and feared as he began the delightful in-and-out that would be her first real fucking in more than a year and she hoped against hope that she would feel no pain.

Thank goodness for that surgeon, she thought, remembering that First Deputy Surgeon Capt. Grace had assured her that she would be restored to perfect condition after her sentence. She also fondly thought of Annette, the kindly senior correctional officer, who had stood up for her since she had followed the rules.

The rules did require that Eleanor check in every so often with Annette, and Eleanor thought it was a good idea for her to tell the correctional officer about the upcoming date with Jackson. Annette had smiled and told Eleanor that she was very happy her life seemed to be coming together. Then she initialed the visit form and wrote down that the releasee was again dating and that this was fully approved by the officer.

Now it all blew past her as this wonderful man was fucking her so-recently closed-up pussy. The sentence, she now realized, had been inhuman. She could not survive without this lovemaking, she thought, as she orgasmed and as she felt his semen propelled deep in her vaginal vault on its way to her uterus.

“I love you, Eleanor,” Jackson said with feeling, “and I want to take you away from here so you can forget all the awful stuff.” He nuzzled close to her and then moved down between her nether cheeks and applied what she now knew was a highly talented tongue to her other opening, the tiny rosette which she herself had found herself playing with when her vulva had been—incapacitated.

“Oh, Jack,” Eleanor gushed in happiness, “you’re making me so so happy. You have no idea of how awful a year it had been—that’s right, had been—because now it’s over. I felt less than a woman with what they did to me.”

“You feel like a wonderful woman to me, Ellie,” Jackson responded, as he also cleverly insinuated his tongue in her rear. Eleanor was a bit surprised, even though she knew from her own experience with her fingers there that her anus was very sexually sensitive. She was also quietly happy she had bothered to clean herself very very thoroughly in her rear—inside and out.

Eleanor couldn’t believe that she was about to come, to explode in fact, from the stimulation in her anal opening. This was something totally new to her and she thought quickly that it was too bad she hadn’t thought of it during her punishment. But then she realized that the court might not have taken kindly to her dating during her sentence.

The talented tongue did its work on Eleanor’s highly erogenous zone inside her anus and suddenly she felt her insides melting and exploding with fantastic pleasure. Her vagina and rectum were both so stimulated that they went into paroxysms simultaneously and she had a huge mighty orgasm. It produced a huge fart from deep within her bowels and she suddenly was aware that she had expelled something from way inside.

Shaken by what she feared had happened, Eleanor looked down to see a slightly surprised Jack with a few streaks of unmistakable brown sprayed on his face. “Oh, bahis firmaları darling,” she exclaimed with true feeling, “will you ever forgive me to treating you so badly as to do that to you?”

Jack laughed and said that he would recover as Eleanor decided to take her handkerchief and wipe the offending streaks from her lover’s face. “It serves me right, sweetie, for daring to lick your lovely ass,” he kidded. “Next time I’d better stay up front, although you better warn me if you have your period.” Strong man though he was, Jack clearly craved the love of a dominant woman.

Eleanor’s face reddened at the mention of her menstrual period but she giggled and stayed in the spirit he had started, “Oh darling, if only I had known, it was last week and yes, it’s when I’m at my hottest. I want you to take out my tampax next time…with your teeth,” she grinned, amazed at her effrontery. She had never dared to talk like that to any man, or woman for that matter, but this man released some switch on her personality and she longed to share his earthiness, which seemed to be a nice kind of earthiness. She also realized that the punishment she had undergone had not eliminated a somewhat hidden but still significant dominant aspect of her personality.

“I think I must have…stimulated something back there,” he said, in an apologetic tone, and Eleanor, still a bit abashed, said maybe she should go powder her nose. Then, as she had risen to escape to the bathroom, she looked at him and asked if he would join her there. “Oh sweetie, you are the woman of my dreams,” he answered.

Once in the bathroom, Ellie sat down on the toilet and let fly with her pent-up pee. Then she heard herself emit the most unladylike farts, followed by her expulsion of a fairly large log, which fell from her anus with a loud plop. Jack looked on amazed at this wonderfully brazen girl and told her he loved everything about her, including her being able to perform her most intimate functions in his presence. He pointed his penis between her spread legs and the golden stream poured out between her legs as it fell into the bowl. He had aimed right at her vulva and she loved the feel of his powerful stream on her hard, aroused clit.

Eleanor moved to take a few sheets of tissue from the toilet roll to wipe herself front and back. Jack saw her move and took the paper and bade her rise enough so he could wipe her, in the proper female way, from front to back. He took some more paper and proceeded to wet it a bit from the sink so he could clean her thoroughly as she lewdly held her bottom cheeks apart for his attentions. Eleanor wept at how wonderful this man was to do this for her.

As he saw her cry, she hurriedly told him these were happy tears. “Darling, no one has been so kind to me for so long,” she barely managed to say, and he took her in his arms and held her tight and kissed her long and deeply. He kissed her down her bare front, stopping to pay homage to her pert and now pointed nipples. Then he kissed her belly and finally, the temple between her legs, the temple that had been profaned by her horrible punishment.

Again she orgasmed out of sheer happiness. Jack held her during this lovely moment and as she emerged from her ecstasy, he bent down on one knee and asked, “My darling Ellie, I know this is sudden but you know I have never done this before. I want you to marry me and under our system, you will be my loving and governing mistress.”

Jack’s proposal referred to the law of the Republic, which established the wife as the ruler of all households. It was even the new tradition that upon marriage, the wife would be presented with the slim cane that would symbolize her authority. The cane was the perfect disciplinary instrument for the wife, of course, since it could inflict stinging sanction upon any male bottom with merely the flick of the lady’s wrist.

“Oh yes, darling, yes, yes, yes,” Eleanor said almost in a trance, so overcome was she at this turn of events. She knew she loved this man and he had more than indicated that he was not just giving routine deference to the new regime, a regime which had subjected Eleanor to such severe disciplining itself.”

Now they sat on his bed as they planned their life together. Eleanor enjoyed being able to play with Jack’s semi-erect penis as he diddled her still-firm and protruding clit. They speedily decided that they would move away from the capital, so as to escape the scene of Eleanor’s humiliation, although they were careful to avoid the distant town to which her adulterous kaçak bahis siteleri lover had been banished.

Eleanor’s skills meant that she would easily find employment to her liking, and Jack too had sterling references from all the women who had supervised him, which meant he too would fare well. Jack nuzzled next to her and began to lick her vulva yet again, which got her juices flowing anew.

“I want to make you ever so happy, darling,” he said, “and to make you forget when you can all that has happened here until today.” Eleanor took him in her arms and they hugged in the nude until they could no longer stand.

Eleanor told him that she would need to see Annette to obtain permission to change her status. She assured him that she expected no problems. And indeed, when she went to the court to see the older woman who had become her friend and mentor, Annette told her how happy she was about the tidings. “It’s so hard to find just the right man in this atmosphere,” she said to Ellie. “I wouldn’t take to a brooding type who really wants to rule, nor some sniveler.”

When Eleanor told Annette that Jack seemed to love everything about her, Annette smiled and handed her the approved status change form. “I am also going to file to release you from supervision,” she added, “so you can easily relocate without fear of having someone who is not right take charge of you.”

Eleanor knew it was acceptable to kiss her on the cheek and she did so, with warmth that belied the official nature of their relationship. Annette had her wait and several minutes later, the very efficient senior correctional officer emerged with the approved form and showed Eleanor something very unusual, which had been added in blue-black ink, clearly by hand, in the space at the bottom of the form.

It read as follows:



“On consideration of the representations of the senior correctional officer, it is hereby

ORDERED that Eleanor is released from all supervision of this court and its affiliated agencies of the Women’s Republic, and it is

FURTHER ORDERED that Eleanor is given permission of this court to marry Jackson, with all authority as wife assigned to her always.

BY THE COURT and with the warmest best wishes of its members, who have hereunto subscribed their names:

Dianne, C.J. Lesley, J. Margaret, J.

Annette told Eleanor she had arranged for Chief Judge Dianne to perform the marriage ceremony personally the next day. Jack was delighted that they were to be so honored and only the two of them, along with Annette, appeared in the Chief Judge’s magnificent judicial chambers for the ceremony.

Eleanor wore a lovely and conservative blue pinstriped skirt suit and Jack was clad in a pleasant gray Glen Plaid suit. Dianne wore an extraordinarily fine navy suit and offered her personal congratulations to the couple as they then exchanged rings and pledged eternal love and loyalty to each other.

“You have managed to overcome the very serious results of your own behaviour,” Dianne told Eleanor, “and I am delighted to be able to restore you to the full privileges of a woman in our Republic as well as conferring upon you the special authority of a wife.”

With that she presented Eleanor with the now traditional ceremonial small, slim cane that every wife would receive in the Republic. “This cane symbolizes the eternal authority of the wife in this marriage,” she said, “and I now empower you to consummate the marriage by the initial imposition.”

Jack knew it was time for him to unbuckle his trousers and bend over the marriage bench. He undid the buckle, let down his pants, and pulled down his undershorts and bent over.

Eleanor took the cane from Dianne, kissed it, and lay it across her beloved’s bare bottom. While she felt a slight surge deep inside her as she prepared to exhibit her dominance, she still felt some degree of disdain for this woman who had treated her so cruelly. She applied the three quick light strokes that were requisite and heard Jack hold his breath through his teeth as he received the still stinging marks of his marriage to his lady and mistress.

As Jack recovered his clothing, Eleanor carefully bent the whippy cane on itself and placed it in her handbag, where it would remain as the symbol and weapon of her authority. She knew that the cane would get good use from them both, because while it was clear Jack had accepted the full measure of the Republic’s values, and wanted a wife who would show her full authority over him, she understood even more than her own punishment had left her also needing to feel the same stinging kiss on her own bare bottom.

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