A New Take on a Hashing Tradition

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Danny was nervous. It was his first time going to a hash in recent memory. It was also his first time at this particular kennel. Danny ran in high school and found out about hashing from googling some kink terms many years ago. Since then, he learned that there is a lot of overlap between hashing and being kinky and he hoped he could explore that more at this new kennel and the hashers there would be open to indulging each others’ kinky desires.

The hash was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon. It was decently warm and sunny, a perfect day for a run. Danny had picked out an outfit that might land him in trouble at the hash. See at a hash, they look at running gear and new sneakers as problems to be dealt with. Danny didn’t mind; in fact, he hoped that his gear would assist in opening the door to some kinky fun.

Danny arrived at the hash and was greeted by the hashers already there at the park everyone was meeting at. “Hey everyone” said Danny, hoping to set the tone as being a friendly sort. “Hey” said one of the male hashers, “What’s your name?”

“‘Just Danny’… for now” said Danny. “But I hope that changes by the end of this afternoon.”

Another hasher quipped: “I am sure it will.”

Several other hashers began to arrive, there were about 7 guys and 2 girls who showed up. A decent turnout but not as many as would be expected on a gorgeous day.

The hare signaled to group everyone together. “Hello everyone, welcome to today’s hash. I see many familiar faces and a new one.” He nodded over to Danny. “And who might you be?”

“I am ‘Just Danny’,” said Danny. “First time at a hash.”

“I see” said Ron the hare. “I noticed you are geared up more from a cross-country run than a hash.” His eyes glared down to Danny’s new Asics sneakers, with clean blue trim against the bright white mesh and laces. “I’d like to call up all the new shoes” There was clearly only one offender in this category. Everyone else had grungy old sneakers on.

Missy, one of the girls, actually showed up in her socks and pulled out a dirty pair of Sauconys from her bag. “This is to trick everyone thinking I might be silly enough to wear new shoes to a hash” she giggled.

Danny walked up to the center of the group. He was a little nervous but quite excited. He actually had found out about hashing from googling “drinking from a shoe”. Danny had a sexual fixation with sneakers for as long as he could remember. and the thought of being a part of a club where he could indulge this fetish seemed exhilarating to him. “OK” said Danny, proceeding to the center. He then thought it would have been better if he had not worn so tight running leggings. To anyone even remotely paying attention, his growing hard-on was as clear as day.

“You are hereby accused of arriving at a hash wearing new sneakers. Do you know the penalty for doing so?” said Ron with a grin.

“Uh… no… no I don’t…” said Danny.

“Well,” Ron replied, “you must remove one of those shiny new sneakers and we will all pour our beers into it.”

Danny nervously replied, “Then what happens?”

“In standard hash practice,” Ron replied, “you will then be asked to drink the beer out of it.”

“Oh,” said Danny. He could feel the blood beginning to flow directly to his cock and his running pants stretch out a little. A couple of the other hashes began to giggle and whisper among themselves. Danny slowly unlaced one of his Asics and pulled it off. The other hashes approached him and took turns pouring their beer into his sneaker.

The beer began to soak through the mesh on the sides and soak the insole. By this time, Danny was so lost in the excitement that he wasn’t even aware that his cock was now fully engorged. “What’s bahis siteleri going on Danny Boy” said Michelle the taller of the female hashers. “We’re just pouring beer in your shoe, not grinding up next to you.” She laughed and nudged the other girl.

Danny never answered as he was already beginning to drink the beer as instructed by the other hashers. Once he finished what was poured in, a couple other hashers would walk up and pour their beers in. Danny’s poor Asics was totally soaked at this point and reeked of beer. But secretly Danny loved it, his cock was totally stiff, his secret was out and it was only a matter of how the other hashers responded that wasn’t certain yet.

“I see we have ourselves a little sneaker boy on our hands,” said Ron. Ron secretly hoped one day there would be someone who showed up who was as kinky as him. The hash was open and friendly and knew each others’ sexual orientation. Most of the guys were either gay or bi-sexual. The two girls were mostly straight but had dabbled in bi behavior in college and were not adverse to it.

By now, everyone had a keen sense of what was going on. Danny’s secret was out and he was okay with it. The excitement and anticipation of what might happen next was exhilarating for Danny. “I see that ‘Just Danny’ appears to have enjoyed this too much,” said Ron. “It might be time to christen the other one appropriately.”

“I already figured out his new hash name,” said Todd, one of the more experienced hashers in the kennel, “Shoe Horn-y!”

“That’s not only a fantastic name, but also very appropriate. I see that these new Asics of Danny’s make him quite the horny hasher.”

“Now Danny, it’s time to remove the other sneaker.”

Danny obliged, his mind was racing, cock was fully engorged and his long desired fantasy was becoming real. He dropped the beer soaked sneaker to the ground and pulled off the other shoe. The others in the group giddily took turns pouring beer into it. Most of it ended on the ground, spilling into the already saturated sneaker on the ground. “Drink it… Like water!” the other hashers chanted.

Danny slurped the beer out of his Asic sneaker. He wasn’t even sure, but his intense horniness may have made him lick the tongue and laces. If he did, everyone most surely saw it as all eyes were fixated on this new hasher who would be a blast to have in the kennel.

Matt decided to see just how far Danny’s fetish took him. He leaned over and picked up the sneaker on the ground and began to trace it up Danny’s right leg. This excited Matt as he had thought Danny was quite cute. He was hoping Danny’s excitement might relax him so he might be able to try to seduce Danny.

Matt was just inches from him cock, wondering how he would proceed. The kennel was open to just about anything, so he figured why not. He pressed the beer soaked sneaker against Danny’s cock. He could hear Danny moan slightly so he knew it was a go. This was going to be a lot of fun he thought.

“OK folks, as ‘Just Danny’ aka Shoe Horn-y’s secret is out and is in line with the agenda of this kennel, let us move over there” said Ron as he motioned to some of the picnic tables about 50 feet away. “Danny bring over those sexy sneakers of yours. We are not through with them.”

The group moved over to the table. “Shoe Horn-y this is somewhat unconventional, but the group has made a consensus.” Ron knew the kennel, and he knew that there would be no aversion to having some nice sexual fun before the run.

“You are hereby instructed to lay on this table facing up to the sky. We can only imagine how much you are enjoying this, and we in this kennel always like to help out where we can.” Everyone nodded in agreement. Most of the canlı bahis siteleri guys were getting quite aroused themselves and the girls were curious how this might play out.

“Matt, please go back and grab those sneakers. We need to dry the insoles a little bit with some teabagging.” Matt raced over to get the sneakers. They were so wet with beer they had gotten quite heavy. Matt had the urge to take a sniff off those sneakers just to see if they had any smell but he resisted the urge to do so… for now.

Matt raced over with the sneakers. “Mary and Matt, you are nominated to each take a shoe and perform the teabagging process. Now, Shoe Horn-y.. ” said Ron. “As a flagrant violator of secret hash traditions you will now be subjected to a round of tea bagging which involves us yanking out the insoles of these beer soaked sneakers you seem to like so much and squeezing out as much beer as possible out of them. I have a feeling this might make some more things wet.”

Danny just grunted a “mmm-hmmm”. Ron knew that this was going to excite Danny tremendously and he wanted this to be a memorable event for him. Plus like the other guys, he thought Danny was cute. He had the physique of a runner, very slim and trim, a shorter guy but with plenty of muscles. Danny’s calves were muscular and shapely and he could only imagine how strong those legs might be.

Mary began first and took the insole out. “Teabagging commencing!” she cried out. Everyone cheered. She wrung out the insole into Danny’s mouth squeezing out every last drop before stuffing the still wet insole into his mouth. It was completely obvious Danny was enjoying this beyond belief. Then Mary asked “What is going on here?” pointing to Danny’s rock hard cock almost standing completely straight up in his running leggings.

“Do you need some help?” asked Mary. She didn’t even allow him to answer before she yanked down those tight leggings of his and began to stroke his cock. “I’ve seen guys get hard from teabagging before but that’s the other kind!” The group chuckled. She gave it a quick tug before moving back.

“Matt, it’s your turn now” said Ron motioning him to the table. “Get every last drop out, Shoe Horn-y will need those to run in after we’re done here” Matt had already taken the insole out and quickly got to work squeezing the beer out of it into Danny’s mouth. Danny was feeling quite buzzed at this point; there was probably nothing he wouldn’t do sexually now.

After he squeezed the beer out, Matt took the insole and traced it down Danny’s body. Mary had exposed Danny’s cock for everyone to see so there was no hiding anything anymore. Matt rolled the insole up with just enough space in between to stuff Danny’s cock inside of it. One of the hashers gasped but this was more of disbelief at how everyone had become a bit overwhelmed with lust.

Dave, who had only been observing at this point, was near Danny’s feet. He wasn’t a full blown foot fetishist but he definitely had more than a passing interest in nicely kept feet, male or female. He wondered if anyone would notice if he got closer to Danny’s socked feet and pressed himself into them. Figuring everyone was so preoccupied with the teabagging and Danny’s exposed cock, Dave figured he would take the chance and do it. He moved half of foot in and Danny’s feet were resting right on Dave’s cock, which was slowly getting hard itself.

Distracted as he was, Danny could feel movement by his feet and could feel Dave’s hard cock against it. Danny was no stranger to giving guys sock and footjobs and happily obliged this time around. He began to press his socked feet into Dave’s groin, rubbing up and down the shaft and using his toes around the tip. Dave was relieved to find canlı bahis out Danny was receptive to his advances.

Todd was a little more aggressive. “You know kids.. all this horniness and group orgy activities is making me excited. And Danny, you are quite the cutie, especially with you hard cock saluting me for the past 20 minutes” Without even asking for Danny’s approval, Todd pulled his shorts down to expose his 9″ cock for all to see. The kennel had seen each other naked before but to do so out in a semi secluded park was new.

He walked right up to Danny’s face to see what he would do. Danny gladly accepted his cock with a firm lick. Ron was totally satisfied with how this had played out. There was a pair of beer soaked sneakers, one hasher getting a sockjob, the other getting a blowjob and he himself was getting quite aroused too.

The girls were just watching, feeling the sexual energy. “Poor Danny” said Mary. “He has a hard cock and nobody to appreciate it.” Since Danny’s sneaker fetish was fully exposed, she slipped off her size 7 Saucony. They weren’t brand new, but weren’t very old and still had a new sneaker smell to them. She walked right up to Danny and pulled open the shoe to put his hard erection right into her shoe.

“That is the spirit Mary. We don’t want him to not enjoy himself as well.” said Ron. Mary began to squeeze the sneaker around Danny’s cock and balls and then begin a rhythmic stroking off his cock through her shoe. It took about 3 minutes for her to feel Danny clench up and she knew her new Sauconys were going to be subjected to a cum bath soon.

And a few moments later, she could feel the pulsing of Danny’s cock through her shoe. There were about 6 spurts of cum she could feel and it made her quite wet to know that her hashing shoes were now officially christened as well.

Dave had been getting a sockjob for the last several minutes and he was about ready to explode. He picked up Danny’s right Asics and moved away from Danny’s feet just enough to be able to hover his cock over the sneaker. Within a few moments, Dave’s cock erupted with a huge volume of cum being sprayed all over the top of Danny’s sneaker including the laces. The sneaker looked in bad shape at this point for being so new, soaked in beer, covered in cum, and the laces yanked out and the shoe itself stretched out.

Todd also had been building up with Danny sucking him for a good 5 minutes. Dave tossed Todd the other sneaker and Todd followed Dave’s lead by stuffing his cock into Danny’s other shoe. Several seconds later, Todd moaned as he spurted thick ropes of cum inside the wet sneaker.

At this point, this had to be the best first hash for someone ever. Ron decided he would finish things off. “Now Shoe Horn-y… you are instructed to wear these sneakers to every hash from this point forward. And there will be some sort of kinky event we will plan around them,” Ron motioned to the others to give him Danny’s sneakers. There was a huge pool of cum in both sneakers. Ron walked up to Danny and tilted the right sneaker into Danny’s mouth.

“You must have your protein before we go for the run,” he said as he pressed the sneaker against Danny’s lips, ensuring that the cum dripped directly into Danny’s mouth. Danny didn’t hesitate and at this point gladly licked the inside of the sneaker to get every last drop. Ron then picked up the other sneaker, and gleefully tilted this one to allow an even larger amount of cum drip into his mouth. Danny licked this one clean as well.

“Todd and Dave, can you put the insoles back in Shoe Horny’s shoes so we can put them back on and begin the run?” Todd and Dave obliged and stuffed the insoles back in and then laced up the cum stained and beer soaked sneakers back onto Danny’s feet.

“Alright then! Apologies for the delay, but let’s get started!” Ironic of a statement as any, as in Danny’s mind, they had gotten started the moment he was asked to remove one of his shoes.

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