A Favor More Than Rewarded

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It was Friday night, and once again, I stayed home. Since my girlfriend and I broke up about half a year ago, my Friday nights have been spent with porn and my hand. I much rather would have gone out on dates, but wasn’t able to find a cute single girl that I could ask. This Friday night was no different than others, spent looking online for free porn, and stroking my hard cock, then masturbating into the toilet when I could no longer hold back. Every time, I’d imagine some hot girl’s mouth or pussy replacing my hand. Oh well, at least it was summer, and I hadn’t signed up for any college classes, so I didn’t have to go to school.

Saturday morning, I awoke to hear my mother knocking on the door. “Alex, time to get up and get ready to go.” I was going to be staying over with my cousin Carrie for a week, since her parents were going to be gone that long. Even though she’s 18, she doesn’t like being alone, so I agreed to stay over with her until her parents got back from their trip. Unfortunately, this would probably be a porn-less week, but my cousin and I always had fun together, so I looked forward to it.

When I was ready, I took my packed bags, put them in my mom’s car, and we drove to my cousin’s. After about an hour drive, we arrived at our destination. I thanked my mom, got my things, and rang the doorbell. When the door opened, I saw Carrie, her face lighting up when she saw me. “Alex!” She smiled and ran into me, giving me a tight hug. “Thanks a lot for deciding to keep to company, Alex. It means a lot to me.”

“No problem, Carrie. It’s gonna be a really fun week.” She led me to the guestroom, where I put my stuff down.

“Are you hungry, Alex? I can fix you something if you want.”

“It’s okay, I don’t want you to have to go through all that just for me, Carrie. Why don’t we go out to eat? We can hang out at the mall or watch a movie or something.”

We hung out the whole day, first eating our fill, then watching some crappy movie, talking about our lives, then when we were tired, we came back to her place. When we got in, we went to the couch and turned on the television.

I was startled when her phone started ringing. Carrie got up and walked to where the phone was, her back towards me. My eyes traveled around her body, from her long black hair, to her round ass, then to her legs, and I was glad she was wearing shorts. My eyes had trouble looking away from her sexy body, but I forced myself to look away, wondering why I was starting to feel attracted to my own cousin.

When she got off the phone, she was smiling, trying not to celtabet giriş laugh. I asked her what happened. “Hehe Alex, my friend Katie saw us hanging out and was wondering you were my boyfriend or something.”

“What’d you tell her? That we’re cousins?”

“I just told her that we could be.”

“Why would you tell her that?”

“So she’d be jealous. She thinks your cute.”

Carrie’s grin grew wider. She then paused, probably thinking to herself.

“What is it?” I asked.

She asked me, “Hey, um, Alex, could you do me a favor?”

I asked her what it was she wanted. She looked a bit uneasy, but finally asked me, “Um, could you pretend to be my boyfriend tomorrow?” I froze, wondering if she just said what I think she did. I asked her why. “Katie is inviting us to a party at her place tomorrow night. Everyone there will probably be a couple, and I really don’t want to be the only one there without someone.” I wasn’t sure what to say, but I agreed. “Thank you Alex!” She gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You’re such a great cousin, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I couldn’t sleep much that night. My thoughts were focused on Carrie, and my growing attraction to her. Even though we’re cousins, I couldn’t fight the growing feelings I had for her. And now, getting to pretend to be her boyfriend. I knew tomrorow would be fun.

The next morning, I saw her in her kitchen, making breakfast. I went up behind and put my arms around her. “Easy,” she said. “You’re not my boyfriend until later.”

“Aww,” I said, and she laughed. My dick was hard the whole day, as I anticipated the party.

We both got changed, unfortunately in different rooms. We then left for the party, both of us in a t-shirt and shorts, hers showing off her beautiful legs. “Oo, sexy girl,” I said. “You know it,” she replied.

Her friend’s house wasn’t very far, so we decided to walk. As we were walking, I put my arm around her shoulder, and she put hers behind my back. She wanted us to look like we were dating. I wish we truly could be together that way.

The party was lively, and Carrie was right. Pretty much everyone there was a couple. While some people were dancing to music, Carrie and I sat together on the couch, watching some movie with some other couple. I held Carrie close to me. She seemed a bit uneasy at first, but soon became comfortable, but that probably changed when we noticed the other couple making out next to us. Carrie looked at me uncomfortably. We looked into each other’s eyes. She moved her face closer celtabet yeni giriş to mine, as I did the same. Our lips soon met, and my dick soon hardened. I wasn’t sure if she really wanted to kiss me, or if it was just to make us appear as a couple, but my question was answered when I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Our tongues wrestled for a few minutes. Carrie broke the kiss and whispered into my ear. “Alex, I love you.” Throughout the entire party, we were together, kissing, dancing, holding each other. I wanted her.

When we returned to her place and she closed the front door, she hugged me. We held each other for what felt like an eternity. I felt my cock harden again, and start to push up against her stomach.

We made out on her couch, our tongues vigorously fighting. I moved my hand up to her left breast, gently squeezing it through her shirt. I broke our kiss, and slowly lifted up her shirt. We stripped each other, then gazed at the sights before our eyes. My eyes traveled around her entire body. Damn, she was beautiful. Her breasts weren’t big, but still drove my cock wild. Her pussy was shaved, and seemed to call out to me. “Alex, this night is probably the bestone I’ve ever had, and I wanna make it up to you.

She kissed me again, our tongues wrestling for a minute, then she kissed my neck. Her mouth traveled down my body, finally reaching my dick, already wet with precum. I felt her hot breath on it as she licked the precum off the head. She kissed it, then wrapped her lips around it. She sucked me like a she hadn’t eaten in days, sometimes my balls, sometimes my cock, her hands playing with whatever her mouth wasn’t. Seeing my own cousin’s mouth sucking on my cock was so hot. I moaned softly as she blew me. “Carrie, uhh, I’m about to cum.” She increased the tempo of the blowjob, and when I couldn’t hold back anymore, my cum flooded her mouth, some semen dripping onto her chin. She swallowed, milked the remained cum from me.

I set her on her back, then tongued her mouth some more, tasting a little bit of myself in her. I then lowered my mouth to her right breast, my tongue circling around her firm nipple. My hand played with her left breast as my mouth sucked her right, like a baby trying to get milk. “Oh god,” she moaned. “Alex, I want you inside me, please.”

I kissed her, as her hand grasped my once again hard penis, guiding it to her wet pussy. I slowly entered her. As my dick entered her, we both shook, the pleasure being more than either of us had ever had. She raised her hips up, helping me enter her tight hole. My celtabet güvenilirmi balls slapped against her ass as my we fucked, her soft moans turning louder with every thrust. Her vaginal walls squeezed my cock sending shockwaves throughout my body. We were both in heaven. “Oh, fuck me Alex! Uhh, harder! Oh, I think I’m gonna cum!” She wrapped her smooth legs tightly around me as I felt her warm juices covering my cock. Very soon after, my cock let loose inside her, my cum meeting hers.

After we recovered, we went to take a shower. I carried her there, my dick still inside her, and my hands squeezing her ass. When she turned on the water, our tongues made out again as my right and fondled her tits and my left groped her ass. I slowly brought my wet finger into her ass. She moaned in my mouth, encouraging me to go further. I fucked her asshole with two fingers as my cock pounded her pussy. “Uhh yes. Fuck that feels so good. Fuck my ass and my wet pussy!” I took my dick out of her hole and set her on her back on the bathtub floor. My fingers still fucked her ass as my tongue started fucking her pussy. My tongue moved her pussy folds from side to side, occasionally moving to her clit. I sucked on her as she fucked my mouth with her clitoris. I then entered my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. Her legs clamped down on my head as she came all over my face. I turned her on her stomach, her gorgeous ass facing me. I brought my cock to her asshole, rubbing it in her crack first before setting it in the hole. I slowly entered her ass, partially not to hurt her, and also because it was so tight. I tried my best to hold in my cum as her asshole seemingly tried to swallow my penis. When my dick finally was fully inside her, I fucked her ass, slowly at first, gradually increasing pace. She shouted in ecstacy, urging me to go faster. Her asshole was so tight around my shaft. She played with her pussy as my cock continued it’s work in her ass. It wasn’t long before I came in here ass. We both collapsed.

Soon, she pushed me onto my back, and jacked me off with her ass. My dick soon came to life again as she fucked it. I rubbed my hands all over her ass, then I moved them around to play with her pussy. She shook wildly as if she had a jackhammer pounding her. I came in her ass again, as her warm juices coated my hand. She then took my dick out of her, gave me a handjob, and once I came one more time, we dried off and went to her bedroom. I laid on her bed as she straddled my face. I turned her around, so we could sixty nine. I squeezed her ass cheeks and fingered her ass as she did the same to me, all while I licked her pussy and she sucked my cock. Her fingers in my ass hurt a bit at first, but then felt really good inside. When we came again, she collapsed on me. She turned around, my dick still in her, and we kissed passionately until we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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