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Friday’s fuck had been powerful, urgent, and deep. They had both waited far too many days to muster any patience. Mandy tried to slow him down but Joseph topped her and drove them both to rapid, sweaty, loud conclusions.

Saturday’s sex had been more satisfying. Her need front and center, Mandy had teased her willing partner into a frenzy but in a moment of distracted pleasure he had escaped her entwining limbs to gain the upper hand. His thrusting pushed her to more climaxes than she could remember… and a few more. Damp, exhausted, they had lay recovering in each other’s arms. She had felt his still hard manhood throb against her leg. Willing though he had been, ready as his plumbing had been, desperate as he had been, his own orgasm had remained just beyond his unassisted reach.

Now, with Joseph away at a meeting, Mandy could take a few minutes for something she had not done in a long long time. She could plan her “assistance” to make sure that Joseph came. She could decide when and where and how. Most important, she could set the scene so that his superior strength would avail Joseph no advantage.

She would treat him like a piece of tough meat, stewing him in tenderizer for a good long time. Only then would he be pliable enough to cook.

* * *

Their amorous intentions drew them to the bedroom. Mandy teased. Joseph struggled. She loved how he played along, fighting more to please them both than to free himself. She loved being mostly in control of their pace. As he approached his relief… it had been four days for Joseph… she pulled back a few inches, leaving his most sensitive member unstimulated. She cuddled against him as he caught his breath. Joseph’s right hand found enough freedom to begin a foray toward her crotch. Laughing lightly, she slipped from his arms and out of their bed.

Mandy sang and blew him a kiss.

Slow down, you move too fast.

You got to make the morning last.

She was back in an instant, baffling Joseph by handing him his vibrating butt toy but he consented when she reassured him, “Just to guarantee that you don’t finish as frustrated as last time.”

She reclined on the bed, naked, watching Joseph fetch some lube and carefully insert the bulging shape into his anus. Her fingers idled through the hair by her clit, pleasuring her almost as much as watching Joseph stare her her doing it.

As he picked up a towel to wipe the excess lube from his hand, Mandy grabbed the remote control for Joseph’s insides and turned him ON. He jumped from the unexpected assault and hurried into bed.

“Not yet!” Mandy stopped him with an outstretched hand. “Get dressed.”

“Now?” he stammered. He needed sex, not clothes.

“Want to cum?” Mandy asked.

“Fuck yeah” Joseph countered, moving toward her pussy, focused only on relief.

Mandy stabbed the OFF button, making Joseph gasp. “Then get dressed! No shirt, no shoes, no cum.”

Mandy watched the conflict play out on Joseph’s face and smiled when, after just a couple of seconds, he got to his feet and collected his underwear from the floor.

She turned Joseph’s vibrator back ON and lay back to enjoy her private floor show… and what a show it was. It took much prodding and rearranging to get his engorged package into his jockey shorts and then to get his pants on, but Joseph managed it. Mandy, torquing his insides in the most disturbing ways, hindered him at every turn.

Joseph eventually stood görükle escort fully clothed to his par amour’s satisfaction. She slithered across the bed to him, pulled her naked body full against his, lifted her arms up, entwined them around his head and neck, and French kissed him in to gasping jelly. His hands roamed her body, pinched her nipples, probed her valley, pulled her tight against his pelvis. Mandy wanted to fuck his hotness right then and there. She would have, too, had Joseph not so cluelessly put himself in such a compromising situation. Her ultimate pleasure would have to wait but the waiting was going to be oh so exciting!

“Sit!” Mandy commanded as she pushed Joseph down onto a chair. She giggled as he gasped, his own weight driving the plug deeper inside him. She drew her finger through her own wetness and dried it on Joseph’s mustache and lips.

“Stay!,” she ordered and began a reverse striptease for him, making him watch her cloth herself in the stuff of his wet dreams: a tight blouse that showed too much cleavage, short shorts, and through the trick of a quick trip into the closet at a fortuitous moment, uncertainty about whether or not she was wearing panties.

Mandy walked over to Joseph, leaned down with a hand on each thigh, and kissed him deeply again, her thumb playing against the head of his entrapped penis. Without warning, she stood up and left the room, leaving him throbbing inside his jeans.

Mandy busied herself around the house, doing a bit of this and a bit of that, never settling in any one place. Joseph tried to woo her back to bed but she deflected all of his advances.

Joseph eventually settled himself in his easy chair and pulled out his laptop to pass the time. Without interest, he started to read an article about astronomy.

He could not concentrate. The vibrator never let up. When he was busy, he could ignore it. When he sat still and tried to read, the vibrations broke down his guard and enveloped his whole being.

He tried pacing, watching birds out the window. But the toy kept winning. He could hold it off for awhile but it’s insistence kept bursting through. And each “while” was shorter than the one before. He tried relaxing and willing his body to ignore Mandy’s invader. That failed. Relaxing opened him wholly to the vibrator’s effects. He tried clenching. That was an instant failure, his hard muscles transmitting the pulses all the more effectively to his nerves.

Joseph tried something lighter: comics. The vibrator overwhelmed his attention. He did not even notice Mandy walk by and stop to enjoy the show. She was gone again by the time he opened his eyes, struggling for focus.

He tried… surfing… Facebook… That was no better.

Mandy let him tenderize for a full half hour. When Joseph had devolved to panting lightly in his chair, laptop dark in his lap, eyes unopening, she decided he was ready for the next phase.

Mandy tapped the OFF button, smiling as Joseph’s body jerked involuntarily. She turned him ON to a pleasured grunt. She turned him OFF again to another shudder.

“Come along,” she ordered, taking Joseph by the hand and pulling him upright despite the uncertainty of his knees. Once Mandy had Joseph on his feet, she turned him back ON. She had no intention whatsoever of letting him regain control of his body.

“We’re going out for lunch,” she informed him. “Put on your shoes.” That turned out to be quite bursa görükle escort the entertaining process. Mandy could see how every bend, every stretch, every movement of his body, stimulated Joseph more deeply. His feeble protests at the beginning of the process faded to incoherent mumbles. Miraculously, he somehow managed to tie his own shoelaces.

Mandy got Joseph through the house, down the steps, into the garage, and seated in the passenger side of the car.

“Put your hands behind you. Pretend that you are wearing handcuffs. Don’t move them until I tell you!” Mandy smiled as he obeyed. This was working even better than she had imagined, and she did not need to mess around with real cuffs and keys.

Mandy leaned across Joseph, pressing her breasts against his body as she buckled his seatbelt, eliciting moans as she played too briefly with his cock after pulling the belt as tight as she could. She licked his ear, leaving him sloppy, wet, and trembling.

Mandy backed the car out into the sunlight. “Not… in… public… like… this…” Joseph stammered. Mandy laughed. He had had her in this position before. He was right to fear a little public humiliation.

“Oh you’ll do fine,” she reassured him. “At least as well as you let me do…”

He groaned, remembering.

In the restaurant parking lot, Mandy turned Joseph OFF. “You may move your hands now,” she informed him. She busied herself with her phone for the many minutes that it took Joseph to regain a bit of his composure. With a light kiss, she announced, “Let’s eat” and got out of the car. Joseph followed, unsteady on his feet, mouth too dry to talk.

Inside the restaurant, Mandy led her man to a table by the wall. She took the bench looking out at the room, Leaving Joseph to sit in the straight-back wooden chair, facing her and the wall. She took Joseph’s remote control out of her purse. She stared deep into his eyes as she turned him ON, counted to five, and turned him OFF.

His eyes pleaded with her, wanting more, too crazed to care about who could see him.

“He’d like iced tea and so would I,” Joseph heard and realized that his eyes had closed. “Lemon?” he heard, opened his eyes, turned toward the voice, and found himself staring at the waitress’ crotch. “Yes, for both of us,” he heard, and the black denim tight-clad crotch swiveled and walked away. Involuntarily, Joseph’s head turned and he stared at the waitress’ tight ass. Belatedly realizing his faux pax, he turned back to Mandy. “You don’t even know what color hair she has, do you?” Joseph tried to answer but his mouth wouldn’t work. Seeing Joseph’s eyes turn desperately to the controller by her hand, she laughed heartily… and did not turn it on.

Mandy ordered lunch for them: a BLT for herself and a burrito for him. He struggled with his knife and fork. She twinkled at his dilemma.

The diner was loud enough that Mandy had little worry of being overheard. She needed no mechanical gadgets to keep Joseph aroused to the point of stupidity throughout their “dining experience.” She played sexily with his fingers and the palm of his hand. Leaning over the table, drawing him close with her eyes, she told him in graphic detail what she would do with her teeth to his nipples (as she crunched a bit of bacon). Then she described, oh so slowly and indelicately, what she would do to his cock with her tongue (just before she accidentally got some mayonnaise bursa eskort on her lip and demonstrated her technique).

Mandy ran lunch. She tormented Joseph so thoroughly that he never trusted himself to try to speak to the waitress. By the time Mandy told Joseph to stand up, all he remember of her was her crotch and all he knew was that he desperately needed to fuck.

Mandy smiled lightly at the waitress as Joseph and she walked out. She figured that everyone in the restaurant assumed that Joseph was mentally deficient which, today, he most certainly was. As Joseph stepped through the doorway into the parking lot, she turned him ON again, diverting all of the blood out his big head and into his little head.

Joseph stumbled and would have fallen had Mandy not caught his arm and guided him to the car. She repeated her instructions, making Joseph sit on his hands, helplessly exposed while she buckled his seatbelt. She tickled his nipples until he moaned and then pinched one so hard that he yelped.

Before driving home, Mandy turned the vibrator up to MEDIUM. Joseph moaned and arched his back. Joseph’s hips gyrated as the car bumped over the grooves in the pavement. She could see him getting closer to cumming. She occasionally reached over, placed a hand on his thigh, and pressed him down into the seat. He was losing his battle with the vibrator.

Mandy was wetter and hotter than she had been in weeks. She began to worry that she might not have the will power to string Joseph along as long as she had planned.

After parking in the garage, Mandy punched Joseph’s toy up to HIGH. He was too far gone to stand up on his own. He needed a lot of help getting from the car into the kitchen. Once there, she ordered him to stand with his hands on his head.

This was the last step. She needed her own release but after all the build-up, there was no way that she was going to skip this final scene.

Mandy took her own sweet time, walking ’round and ’round Joseph, randomly pinching, stroking, groping, and licking him. Joseph writhed, his knees and hips kept swiveling. His mouth open, breathing raggedly, he tried to ask Mandy for something (relief, she assumed) but no words came out except a weak “Need…” over and over again.

When Joseph almost fell over, Mandy pulled him to her. She shoved her leg between Joseph’s. She attacked him and made him cum, right then and there, against her leg, exactly as she had planned.

“Eat me!” she commanded, hoisting herself onto the kitchen counter.

Head spinning, vibrator buzzing madly within him, Joseph pulled her shorts off. His tongue probed her clit and she came. His tongue dove into Mandy’s pussy and she came again. His tongue flicked and explored and she came and came and came. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her pleasure until, finally satisfied, she led him to bed.

Fully clothed, they tumbled onto the mattress. Joseph ground his wet crotch against Mandy, uncontrollably hard and driven toward another orgasm by the butt plug. Mandy allowed him to undress and penetrate her, taking more satisfaction for herself.

By then Joseph was clearly exhausted, so Mandy finally turned him OFF, for the last time that day, and with a gasp he shuddered and began to relax.

As he fell asleep in Mandy’s arms, she smelled the sweet salty sexy mess she had made of Joseph, the sweat on his chest, her own sex on his face. She smiled She had taught him a thing or two about public play and pacing. When she planned the play, he was going to cum when it pleased her, and not one second sooner.

Fully pleased with herself, Mandy fell asleep and dreamed of the next time, dreamed of fucking him so intensely that he screamed… for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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