Phantom Lover

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I felt his presence as near to me as he could get. He touched me with his gentle fingers, and he touched me with his hard organ. He sighed in my ear, and let his tongue lightly caress the parted lips of my mouth. He stole my breath, then handed it back to me.

His gentle fingers played over my skin, making it sing. He had me arching against him as he let his fingers splay outward from my breasts or from my belly.

Then, letting his tongue dance along the path his fingers had just travelled, he soon centered his artful tongue on my protruding nub. His one aim; to make it rise against his lips.

He continually stabbed at it or pulled on it; making it rise from its hooded hiding place.

He pressed himself against my rear, just slightly separating the cheeks so his hard arousal could rest between them. I knew he wanted to press it into me, for I could feel his arousal quiver as its head rested against that tight rosebud, and my cheeks softly encased the hard, stiff rod that was his shaft.

But, being the considerate lover he is, he knew I wasn’t ready yet. I jutted my rear into his groin, aching for the touch of him; aching to be filled. But, still he abstained.

“No, my precious,” he breathed against my ear; then gently stabbing his tongue into the center of it.

“Not yet. I will fill you when I know you’re ready.” His low rumbled whisper, bursa escort sent chills chasing each other as they raced along my spine; pooling their chase within my love tunnel.

He then leaned across my quivering belly, and I felt his hot breath in the hairs of my Mound of Venus. He inhaled deeply of the musky aroma, and I soon felt his fingers open the lips that hid my tunnel from him.

I arched against him, eager for his touch, as he held them open and blew a cooling stream of air into the mouth of the hole before him. He then bent forward and slipped his tongue into the warm liquid pool he found just on the other side of my opening.

I pushed my hips against his mouth, and held his head in place while he drank his fill. With each stab of his tongue, more liquid filled the pool.

He then slipped a long, thick finger alongside his tongue. I felt his tongue then travel upward, and flick my sensitive nub. His finger stayed within the pool, sliding in and out, making me arch with each inward movement; going ever deeper with each thrust.

He then slowly removed his finger, mindless of the river that followed in its wake. I felt him move it back toward him.

Again, came that low, rumbled whisper against my ear, “Be at ease, my sweet. The time is now.”

He gently pushed against my left shoulder, rolling me further onto my left escort bursa side. He felt the cheeks of my rear quiver against his erection as I realized his intent.

I shifted my legs, moving the right til it hung over the side of the bed, and I then hooked my heel along the raised seam at the top of the mattress. He then slightly pulled my left leg back toward him.

He again slipped his finger into that deep pool within me, adding a second finger to the play. I felt him push the hole open, using his fingers like a shovel to bring my liquid back to salve the tight bud near his cockhead. He continued this until satisfied it was ready for him.

He slid his shaft into the waiting pond, bathing his erection in the warm depths. When he was satisfied that his shaft and head were more than sufficiently wet, he moved back to the waiting puckered bud.

“Take a deep breath, my sweet. For I shall enter you now.” Again his tongue stabbed at the center of my ear, and as he did this I felt him push against my resistance.

The hard head entered me in one good push, and slid past the barrier. He stopped pushing and was still. He felt a rush of warm water as my pool overflowed and my liquid sluiced downward. Slowly he continued to push himself inward until he filled me.

I could feel his cum-filled shaft as it pulsed within that tight canal. escort bursa I then felt a warm, slick substance as it slid along his shaft, to form a small puddle against the tip of his cockhead.

He pushed further moving in and out, until his cockhead was slick from the puddle. He started to move and soon his rod-like shaft was slick as well.

“Aaahh,” I sighed as he moved within me. He then drove his fingers into my cum-filled valley as he continued to move within my rear. I was in heaven, for I was doubly impaled by my phantom lover. I felt him move within me, as he drove into both my openings.

His driving increased in tempo as he pumped into me from behind. I heard him emit a low guttural growl and he gave one last push, driving himself into me. I felt his marble hard balls slapping against the flowing river in front.

A primal growl was ripped from his throat and I felt him begin to spend his gift of love deeply within my rear. He continued to thrust against me as he felt his gift leave him.

“Aahhh, my sweet,” he whispered, his breathing ragged and rough against my ear. “I can think of no better way to drift off to sleep, than to be encased within you.”

With those few words, he pulled me into his chest with its light furring, and we lay still and felt his still spurting love gift start to ebb.

I gave a light contented laugh, which ended on a sigh, saying, “Mmmm. What a most lovely way to drift into dreams.”

My phantom lover let his now soft manhood stay within my rear, his fingers rested against my nub, lightly playing in the fur around it, and we were soon fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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