PEI Beach Escape Ch. 05

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The two lovers sit up in bed, backs against their pillows, sipping coffee and listening to the soothing sounds of the beach as the waves roll into shore.

Veronica is looking pensive and then excitedly blurts out, “Let’s picnic on the beach today!”

“We haven’t even had breakfast yet and I need to eat right now,” said James. “I can’t wait that long to eat, what with all the prep work and such, but I’m game to pack a lunch and go to the beach after breakfast. We can take the floaties and also catch up on some reading,” smiles James. “It makes sense to have a relaxing beach day, having come all this way to enjoy the sea.”

“I’m gonna make some French Toast, would you like some” he asks.

Veronica’s eyes are beginning to close but she mutters that she will have just one slice.

James puts on some sweat shorts and heads to the kitchen to find all the ingredients – eggs, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and fresh thick bread of course. He looks all over for the maple syrup before realising it is still packed up in a box of non-perishables. After unpacking it all the process of prepping breakfast ensues.

James begins frying bacon, just for himself, as Veronica is vegetarian. He pokes his head inside the bedroom to see she is curled up on her side with her naked and gorgeous slender back exposed. She hears him and surprises him, asking, “What do you want Mr. Carnivore?” Secretly she loves the smell of bacon and wishes she could eat it but will hold firm.

“Oh nothing, I just like looking at you laying there naked and not knowing you are being watched. Ha, Ha!” he says.

“Ohhhh, realllly now?” she says before concealing herself beneath the sheets again. And then she turns over her shoulder and says, “Actually, I don’t mind. I think it kinda turns me on.”

She can see the bulge in his sweat shorts begin to grow. Veronica enjoys saying and doing things that visibly turn him on and she loves that it does.

James heads back to the kitchen to turn the heat down on the stove. He has mixed all the ingredients together and makes a stack of French toast that sends the scents of vanilla and cinnamon wafting into the bedroom to mix with the salty sea air. That’s all Veronica needs to drag herself out of bed.

She is wearing her loose fitting pyjama shorts and a thin camisole, before reaching for her Roots hoodie to throw on top. One foot then the other reach the floor from the waist-high four-poster bed and James can hear her slowly making her way across the bedroom’s creaky old pine floors and out to the kitchen.

“Mmmmm, that smells so good,” says Veronica. “I was having the weirdest dream. We were all back at the office and I was wearing that red skirt from the company party. I walked into our office room and you couldn’t stop looking at me and then at my legs. I was feeling a little objectified yet at the same time flattered that you took an interest in my body,” she said.

“Why wouldn’t I? asked James. “You have a beautiful body. I love everything about you!” And with that James told Veronica to go out to the deck. “It’s so nice out we should have brekkie overlooking the sea,” he said. Veronica complied after going to put on her terry cloth robe.

James places the plates on the table before going back inside to get the hot coffees, croissants and jam bought from the local bakery yesterday.

“Save room for the French toast, keeping warm in the oven” said James. The two sat hand in hand, sipping coffee and looking out to the ocean waves rolling in.

“Ahhh it sounds so soothing,” says Veronica as she inhales the salty sea air. James lets out a big sigh before also taking in a deep breath. He kisses her hand both on top and then her palm.

“Okay I will go get the main attraction… aside from you of course, haha,” he says. Veronica just rolls her eyes and tells him she can’t wait to try it.

“Ta da!” he says while placing the plates down with his grinning lobster oven mitts.

“Don’t touch the plates, they just came out of the oven,” he says before disappearing again and then quickly returning with fresh berries from the local market.

“Okay, so what do you like on your French toast,” asks James. “There are berries, cinnamon, shaved chocolate and maple syrup of course. I can go get sugar as well if you like, but I prefer syrup don’t you?”

“Ah dunno,” says Veronica. “I haven’t had French toast in ages. It isn’t something I normally make, but yeah usually I’d just have maple syrup and maybe sliced banana I guess.”

Veronica then takes her slender index finger and points to each item she wants while James eagerly grabs them and puts them on her French toast. First berries, then syrup followed by some shaved chocolate. As he fills her plate, Veronica lovingly places her arm around his hips and rests her head against his waist.

“Okay all set?” asks James.

“Mmmmm, yes, I think so,” says Veronica. And then the lovers commence eating.

“Oh you have a little syrup on your face,” she says. “Let me get bursa escort that.” Veronica reaches out and uses her thumb to wipe away the syrup before placing it in his mouth. James sucks hard on her thumb and kisses it on the way out. Afterwards, Veronica puts her thumb near her own mouth and runs her tongue over it suggestively.

“Oh you naughty girl,” says James. “Eat up and then let’s get changed to go down to the beach. I think today will be a great beach day,” he says.

The two get changed. James watches Veronica in the bathroom as she adjusts her sunflower yellow and white striped bikini bottoms to sit perfectly on her gorgeous derriere. Then Veronica adjusts her beautiful perfect breasts to sit nicely inside her matching bikini top that allows for a great deal of side viewing and also highlights her now very hardened and sizable nipples.

James feels things stirring down below and quickly heads to the kitchen to grab some Cape Cod chips and a bottle of water to take to the beach. Well, it isn’t actually water. James has another surprise. He has filled the water bottle with champagne.

Meanwhile, Veronica is standing on the deck outside the kitchen, her gorgeous mid-length dirty blonde hair waving in the breeze, a copy of 1984 in hand, a book she has been reading on and off for months, along with her owl themed beach towel slung over her arm. She feels the sun on her pale white skin and takes in the salty air as she looks towards the beach, waiting patiently with an air of contentment.

“Okay, I’m ready, let’s go,” declares James. And the two of them bounce down the steps and walk hand in hand over to the wooden planks laid out along the beach path. Without the planks the sand would be scorching hot beneath their feet.

They drop their hands and teeter along the boards single file for five minutes until the beach grasses open up to reveal a pristine red sandy beach.

It’s late morning but the beach is fairly quiet aside from the sounds of the surf as it rolls in and then drags the small beach shells and stones as each wave retreats.

“Let’s find a spot of the wind, so I can read my book,” says Veronica.

The two lovers walk about two minutes to the right of the beach path and find an alcove surrounded by tall grasses where the beach meets the moors. They lay out their towels and place down their beach bags. James gets settled face down and looks over to Veronica as her slim waist twists before looking down and grabbing for her coconut oil sun lotion.

“Will you put some on my back? Veronica asks in the sweetest voice. She hands the lotion to James, who squirts a generous amount into his hands, thinking how glad he was that she asked and that he was there with her sharing this moment he has only ever dreamed about.

Veronica faces down and undoes the clasp of her bikini top.

“Oh my,” says James.

“Well there is no point in getting a sunburn there or a tanline for that matter,” explains Veronica.

James warms the oil in his hands before beginning to caress her shoulders, lightly rubbing in the lotion from the top of her arms up her neck to her hairline as he gently massages and she begins to moan a little. A seagulls squawks and James looks up.

“Mmmm, that feels good, don’t stop,” says Veronica.

James then moves his hands down her arms and over to the small of her slim back before running his hands gently up and down being careful to avoid being too heavy handed. As he moves his hands upwards he quickly glances back to make sure there are no passers by, before slipping his hands lower and around to her beautiful breasts.

Veronica slaps one of his hands. “What?” protests James. It’s safe no one is around.”

“Yes, that may be the case but I don’t want to get all excited before reading my book,” says Veronica. At which point James gives her nipples a quick pinch then lowers his hands down her back to the top of her bikini. He gets some more lotion on his fingers and rubs it just under her waistband and around her sides, making her twitch and giving her chills up her back. Veronica can feel the hair on her arms standing up. James then rubs lotion down the back of her legs with pressure against her quads and calves.

“Oh that feels so good,” purrs Veronica. James then moves his hands up her inner shins and inner thighs, making her toes clench as as she pushes her hips hard into the sand. She likes how she can plunge her mound into the soft beach sand and it has some give to it. James then moves down her legs to massage some oil tenderly into her feet and kiss the small of her back. His fingers move between each beautiful toe and it is almost lulling Veronica to sleep.

James returns to his beach towel and just gazes at her beautiful body glistening and moving up and down with each breath. He can’t help but lean over and kiss her full on the lips before returning to reading his Nick Hornby novel.

He looks out to the sea and still can’t believe the two are there together bursa escort bayan and very alone. James reaches in his bag for the champagne glasses that he has carefully wrapped in a towel. He pours out the Champagne and hands her a glass.

“Cheers to us,” says James. “To all of the sunny and grey – her favourite colour – days we get to share together.”

“Cheers James,” she says as the two lovers clink glasses and look into each other’s eyes with their arms hooked at the elbow while taking their first sip. James then leans in and kisses Veronica, placing his free hand on her back. But this time they linger longer. Their tongues entwine and they can taste each other’s Champagne.

“Mmmmm,” mumbles James as they continue kissing. “Oh man, I need chips,” he says. As Veronica looks into his eyes and smiles she says, “well thanks a lot.”

James quickly opens the bag and has a few. The sound of crunching does not even bother Veronica like it usually does. They kiss again and she can taste the salt on his lips.

“Mmmm, give me some chips!” she says as she grabs for the bag. But while she reaches out her gorgeous breasts become visible along with her hardened perfectly shaped nipples. James, reaches out and holds both of them with his hands as he comes up behind her. She can feel his arousal against the small of her back.

Veronica continues eating the chips as James leans down and kisses between her shoulders and up to her neck just below her ear. She feels his warm breath against her neck and feels his hardness against her thigh as he moves lower.

Veronica begins to squirm a little and James pulls down her bikini a little to kiss her gorgeous bum cheeks. She slaps him again and he retreats to his towel.

The couple drink their Champers and read a while before Veronica suddenly says,

“Well thanks a lot!”

James looks at her in dismay and asks, “What did I do?”

“What do you think? You got her very wet and I think I have made a bit of a mess down there.

“Ohhhh, sorry, not sorry,” James responds. “Maybe you need to do something about it.”

“What? Here? In public? Like what?” she says.

“I think you should touch yourself and show me how wet she is. No one is around.”

Veronica looks at him and is excited by the idea of touching herself in public, in the full sun outside. She is already topless and turns over to reveal herself completely before moving her hand down and inching her slender fingers beneath her bikini bottoms. James watches as her fingers reach her sensitive area and she coos a little before pushing them further and inside. She pulls her fingers back out and moves them against her love bud. “Ohhh, yep I’m soaking wet right now,” she says.

“Prove it,” says James. Veronica pulls her hand out and brings her fingers to his mouth to taste her juices.

“Mmmmm, yes your are quite wet, mmm,” mumbles James as he sucks on her fingers.

“I need more he says. His cock is straining against his European style swim trunks after watching Veronica touch herself in public and James rolls back over placing his face square between her thighs.

He inhales her womanhood on his hand and she smells divine as he touches her swollen pussy over her bikini bottoms. As they press against her lips he can see all of her wetness against the yellow stripes.

He rubs her mound with his fingers and thumb feeling her soaking pussy through her bikini bottoms and then lowers his face back down as he moves them aside to expose her full glory.

Veronica feels the breeze against her completely waxed pussy and she opens her legs a little beckoning his full attention. James begins to lick her clit and soaked lady lips full-on with the flat part of his tongue. He moves up and down slowly at first before increasing the speed like a dog lapping up water. He then uses the tip of his tongue to give her sensitive bulb full attention, flicking it repeatedly and pulling back the hood to completely expose the sensitive shaft. He flicks it lightly and rapidly as Veronica begins to squirm. Her eyes are shut and she is pinching her nipples.

James feels something crawling up his leg and looks down to swipe a bug away at which point he sees another couple not far from them watching him pleasure Veronica. James says nothing and continues licking her dripping pussy. He runs his hand up to her breasts and squeezes them as he dips his tongue into her honey pot and circles it around and around. He then inserts one finger and she lets out a loud moan. At this point, James looks over to the other couple who are kissing and continuing to watch. The woman has her hand between her partner’s legs and is obviously rubbing his bulging cock.

They are both enjoying the show and the view of as James licks Veronica and buries a second finger inside her. James then pushes his hand down a little above her pubic bone to feel his fingers massaging Veronica’s sensitive inner area. She opens her legs wide and is now making a bursa bayan escort great deal of pleasurable sounds. James can hear her juices building and knows she is close. He gets ready as she begins to gush and lets out a shriek.

James immediately laps up Veronica’s bittersweet pussy juices. He wants her so badly now. His big fat cock head is poking out above his shorts. He doesn’t even pull them down. With one quick thrust his dick pushes between her soaked and swollen labia as his trunks ride down below his butt cheeks exposing him to the nearby voyeurs.

James thrusts rapidly as Veronica pulls him down to kiss. They exchange tongues and kiss each other deeply and passionately. She feels his tongue against her teeth and his rock hard cock plunging deep inside her as her hair is splayed out on the sand and her hands are squeezing his now very exposed athletic bum. Her nails dig in a little and her legs tense up. James pulls out and sits up bringing her hips against his thighs so he can look down at her gorgeous body, her completely exposed pussy and her beautiful eyes.

He is thrusting rapidly against her g-spot and out of the corner of her eye, Veronica sees something moving. She squints and realises a woman has a huge penis in her hand fully exposed and engorged while she is rapidly pumping it up and down. At first Veronica covers her beautiful tits, but she is so turned on at the same time and lost in the moment that she no longer cares who is watching. She looks at the stranger’s perfectly shaped rather large member as the woman’s hand moves up and down his extremely long hard shaft. Veronica is finds herself incredibly turned on knowing the strangers can see her naked and being fucked. She is also excited to see another man’s huge handsome cock being pleasured right there before her eyes.

Veronica doesn’t know James is aware they are putting on a show, and asks James to take her from behind. She wants James to fuck her while she can still watch the excitement on the faces and for that matter, other areas of the strangers near them.

James is only too happy to ride his lover from behind as he grabs her hips and slides back in while the sounds of the sea rush in and out. Meanwhile, Veronica is loving every minute as she watches the tanned strangers watching them and pleasuring each other. The woman is now sitting on her partner’s face in a 69 position, grinding away and sucking on the impressive specimen between his legs. She has never seen a dick so large and her juices begin to flow even more watching his bulbous glistening uncircumcised head disappearing into his partner’s stretched mouth.

James is feeling close to cumming and he starts to thrust harder and faster all the while, Veronica is dripping out at the thought of the two total strangers watching them, and super aroused by watching them in ecstasy.

James thrusts deep inside her to the hilt and let’s out a stream of hot cum as his cock continues pulsing and delivering more and more sticky semen. Feeling his hot seed gushing out inside her puts Veronica over the edge and she let’s out a shout of pleasure. The swollen dark red head of his dick strains against the walls of her convulsing pussy as he collapses on top of her back and kisses her neck.

James turns around to see the couple walking away from the scene. He and

Veronica fall into each other’s arms, kissing before quickly realising they are totally naked and exposed in public. The two hurriedly throw on their bathing suits and dash down to the sea to clean off.

They hold hands and run in together up to their waists. James is so happy, he brings Veronica into his arms and they kiss in the ocean while looking back at where they just were on the beach.

Veronica wraps her legs around him as they bob up and down with the waves, and James whispers into her ear that they were being watched.

“What?” shrieks Veronica, knowing full well they had an audience. “Oh my god, what do you think they saw? she asks.

“Oh pretty much everything,” says James.

“Oh my goodness, I hope we don’t run into them in town,” she says. ” I can’t imagine a stranger seeing me all exposed and hearing all my sounds as I cum,” says Veronica. When deep down it has been a fantasy of hers and the thought of it is continuing to keep her aroused.

“Well, sorry, I didn’t want to spoil the moment. It was so wonderful and I have always imagined us making love on a beach. It was a magical moment I will never ever forget,” James says almost about to cry. “Okay let’s dry off and finish our Champagne. We sure have something to talk about later, ha, ha,” says James.

Now fully satisfied, James and Veronica are able to just lay in the sun and feel the warm sea breeze while enjoying their summer beach reads.

After an hour or so of relaxation, James looks over to his gorgeous partner and begins to feel restless.

“Okay, that’s about as much sun I can take for one day and it looks like the fog is starting to roll in. Let’s head into town and visit that other brewpub we saw.”

“Yeah okay. Did I get any colour?” Veronica asks. James looks over and can tell right away that she is a little darker. He can see a slight tan line formed where the top of her bikini meets the small of her slender back.

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