Paint Me

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The knock on the door woke him from the late afternoon nap he was lost in on the old sofa in the corner of his studio. Not gaining wakefulness quickly and stumbling alittle as he staggered to the door. Rubbing his forehead as he opened it to see Claire standing in the low light of the hallway. The only lighting was that of a bare bulb adjacent to the elevator.

‘Claire! Um, what are you doing here. We aren’t due for another session. I won’t be needing you. The painting is finished.’ Neil said, still half in sleep. His bizarre afternoon dream still hanging at the edges of his consciousness. It affected his mood even now.

‘That’s why I’m here. I was hoping I could see it. Is that okay. I’m curious about it and how it turned out.’ She said and nibbled on her lower lip.

‘Can I come in?’ she added.

Neil shuffled and realized who and where he was at last.

‘oh, sorry. Sure come in, please.’

Her small figure was slender and shapely. Claire floated across the floor and stood before the covered easel.

Neil moved behind her and stood for a moment silently contemplating the back of her head.

‘Take a look, I don’t care.’ He said flatly and turned away from the painting and the subject to return to the sofa and light a cigarette.

‘Please don’t smoke. I hate the smell.’

Neil sat with unlit smoke in his lips and reclined back as if he had sucked in that much needed first drag.

Claire lifted the bottom of the cover and revealed the canvas. She took a step backwards. The color affected her first. The dark red and black background, and her or what she assumed was her body curled in a ball and sitting on a small stool. Not at all the way she had posed all those nights during the past month.

‘Goddamn it, is this how you see me?’ she said.

Neil pulled the useless cigarette from his mouth and placed it back in the pack. He brushed his hair back with one hand and sighed the sigh of an artist assuming the defensive about his works.

‘No! That is not how I see you Claire. It is rather how I saw you. I’m a fucking artist remember. That is what I do. It is an impression of you. Some part of you I chose to pull out and put on display.’

She looked at him and back at the canvas.

‘Me…some part of me is that sad scared little person. Really?’ She spoke softly. She stared back at her barely recognizable image.

Neil walked back to his place behind her and again admired the soft shape of her head and her short dark hair. He longed to stroke at it. His hand lifted to just short of contact and pulled away.

‘Do you see her? Your so called scared little person. We all have one inside. Yours was nearer to the surface than you thought and I saw it the first day you posed bursa escort for me.’

‘Okay, so that day I was a bit nervous. I told you it was my first time modeling in the nude. ‘

Claire turned to face him. Her eyes were not filled with anger as he had expected. He relaxed.

‘Yes, in a word Claire. Yes. But that was not all you were scared of that day was it?’ He asked and walked away to look out the window at the streetlight below that just came on.

‘Neil, um. I was scared of you too. Have you ever been a model yourself the idea of someone’s eyes crossing back and forth, up and down your body? Examining every inch….’ she trailed off, afraid to speak anymore.

‘Come, since you are here you can give me a hand stretching a canvas. Its freaking huge and it would be forever on my own to get it right.’ he said changing the subject and the image of her naked form that was not imprinted on his mind.

On the floor was a large square canvas frame about five feet across and cloth to be tacked down to it. He got on the floor and she followed on the opposite side.

‘Here, hold it right there, that’s it. Tight, hold it tight.’ he instructed as he stapled the cloth down to the back of the frame. First one corner then the next and the opposite end. In the end they were sitting on the floor knee to knee. He looked at her eyes. Brown and slender, almost Asian.

‘Hold still Claire, don’t move.’ he told her in a soft voice. She liked that voice, as she had not heard that tone from him before. He reached behind him and drew forward a can of paint and dipped one finger in it and placed it on her cheek.

‘Neil…’ she said softly.

He ignored her and drew another small line under the other eye. Then connecting the two spots of white paint with a touch across the bridge of her nose. Claire smiled widely at his touches. Across her brow he added small dots and one on her chin. He brushed her hair back carefully not to get paint in it and admired his creation. He stood and gestured for her to stay there and he returned with a hand mirror. She gazed at her painted face.

‘That, is how I see you.’ he said and taking the mirror from her hand he and pressed her down onto the inside of the frame.

Claire lay on her back. Again dipping a fingertip in the paintcan he drew a long line from under her chin down slowly to the top of her chest. He then began to unbutton her shirt revealing her bare breasts with their small dark nipples. He continued to draw on her flesh with white paint. Down between them and stopping once to look at where his hand was then again down to her belly. She closed her eyes and didn’t protest at his advances. In fact she felt warm and good and tingling all over from his escort bursa touch. When she posed for him it was his eyes on her and now he touched her in the same fashion.

He traced under her breasts and placed a small dot of paint near each nipple. She wanted his mouth on them so badly it hurt. She tried to speak but only a long low moan came forth.

He pulled his shirt up over his head and leaned forward over her and kissed her cheek softly and then her chin. She felt his teeth rake over her skin there and she groaned at that sensation. She guided him down till his mouth was over her nipple and she pressed him down on herself. His mouth covering her there and his tongue darted circles around and flickered over the tight nub. Claire moaned softly. His teeth nipping at her. She could enjoy that feeling all night. Her body was on fire and the tingle had increased and she was feeling it down below now. Her legs squirmed under him and his kisses traveled down onto her stomach now.

‘Neil…ummmmm.’ she panted.

‘Quiet…just feel.’ was all he said in reply.

All she felt was his hands on her body. The long kisses and the scent of him filled her senses as his touch grew more passion filled. He massaged her breasts and smearing his artwork back and forth. Pulling gently and pinching each one as he kissed her mouth deeply. Her hands were also moving on him as well. Traveling the length of his back and leaving smudges of white. Paint was in her hair, on her skin and her jeans. There would be no hiding the handprints on her crotch. She laughed inside and didn’t care at all anymore.

His jeans would be white in the same place she thought. Her hand rubbing against his cock and massaging him to fullness. He took off his pants, as the pressure of his cock was uncomfortable by now. Hers were long gone by now and looking back later she still didn’t remember just quite when they left the scene. No matter.

He lay beside her on the floor and the painting they made was framed as her hands clasped and stroked loosely up and down his shaft. She trembled and she knew she was letting him see the scared little person again. His hand traced her torso and stroked her breasts, he kissed her once more as his hand pressed up against her pussy and she moaned as his palm rubbed harder up into her body. Claire moaning loudly at the hardness of his caress. It made her ache and the friction was intense. She arched her back up slightly and opened her legs fully to let him have her. Claire couldn’t believe she was letting all this happen.

Her grasp on his cock grew tighter as he pressed a fingertip into her warm moist folds and explored up into her. Stroking in and out very slowly as his mouth kissed her belly escort bursa and down, deeper. Claire wiggled to let his lips gain contact to her sex. The rush was overwhelming to her and Claire let out a low moan as his tongue lapped across her swollen pussy. He tasted her on his moving fucking finger and added a second one watching her moving and reacting to this. Her painted brow crinkling up in tensions buried deep inside her. The internal muscles working against his fingers as he increased the tempo slightly and she clung to his cock. Rubbing softly over the tip with her thumb but not moving her hand at all. She couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the incredible sensations going on inside her pussy. He offered her his fingertip and she graciously took it tenderly between her lips and pulled it in on her tongue. It was tasty and familiar.

‘I’m not scared now…mmmm’ she sighed as his thumb rubbed gently against the side of her clit. His fingers moving in deeply and firmly. She let him take her with his hand. The faint hint of orgasm swelled inside of her and she shook hard and trembling let out a squeak in and effort not to cum. He eased his motions long enough for the small pleasurable waves to pass. Then with equal tempo fucked her again as he enjoyed her movements under his hands and caresses.

He moved over her, entering her slowly with just the tip of his cock at first, opening her. She groaned and rose up at the hips to meet him. He held himself there until she fell back down then thrust half way into her and watched her reaction. A deep panting cry as the next thrust was all the rest of his thick cock.

She couldn’t hold back the moaning. She felt so full and lovely right then. He pulled almost all the way from her hot hole and held long enough to enjoy watching Claire for one moment more. Then a long thrust into her and her body rose and Claire wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him back to her. He kissed her deeper and harder and thrust in her aching pussy. His movements became harder as her climax grew. He fucked her like no one had in a long time. She moved and squirmed and the fear rose up in her stomach. She didn’t know why or from where it came but it only served to increase her arousal. She let out long panting cries as he pumped in and out of her and continued kissing her. Her tongue finding its way between his lips and he danced his against hers as the framed lovers reached the end.

Claire’s rasping moans grew with the waves of her orgasm. She shook and felt him tighten and thrust in and explode, as he could not hold back any longer. He moved slower and let himself soften inside the safe warmth of her body. Claire kissed and touched with him for what seemed endless hours of silence as neither spoke a word. It was late at night when sleep finally came to her. Some time later he rose and sitting nude in front of a new canvas he began a painting of Claire. One of her lying asleep and naked in the half-stretched canvas on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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