Our Memoir Ch. 02: We Meet Again

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Over the months that followed our week at the resort and our adventure with Jason and Audrey, Jennifer continued to introduce me to her two favourite pastimes, nudism and swinging.

We had ‘played’ with several other couples and even attended a few group activities. We had also attended a lot of naturist activities from hiking with groups to cocktail parties and simple backyard barbecues. I won’t try to tell you that the variety of sexual experiences and simply being clothes-free was not exhilarating, but I also met a lot of people during that time that I now considered to be close friends decades later.

Jennifer and I, however, ended up going our separate ways. It was amicable and very understandable on her part. The company that she was working for had experienced unprecedented growth and they were opening new branches and regional offices. As a long time employee who knew the internal mechanisations of the company fairly well, she was asked to join the team to establish their first overseas presence. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I wished her nothing but success.

About a month or so after Jennifer had left the country, I was at the supermarket minding my own business in the fruit and vegetable section when I heard my name called. I looked around to see Sally advancing towards me waving enthusiastically. I had been introduced to Sally and Phil by Jennifer a year or so ago when they attended a clothed event that Jennifer took me to.

Jennifer told me that Sally and Phil were nudists. I personally had only interacted with them at that party and then somewhat briefly, but they seemed like nice people. They were a fair bit older than I was with adult children who had long since moved out of the family home and started lives of their own.

“I thought it was you Ben. How are you?” she asked.

“I’m fine thanks Sally, how are you?” I responded politely.

“Oh, I’m flat out doing some last minute shopping for tomorrow’s little get together.” she said.

“It’s a shame about Jennifer. You two were a cute couple.” she continued barely taking a breath.

“Thank you, but the opportunity was just too good for her to pass up, so she went onward and upward with my full support.” I said.

“You should come tomorrow. There will be some lovely young ladies there. You never know, you may get lucky.” Sally said giving me a wink.

“Thank you, that would be wonderful. Can I bring anything?” I responded.

“Just your birthday suite honey, this event is ‘clothing optional’.” she replied.

“What’s the address?” I asked.

“You know when you head out past the post office on the old road that leads towards the dam?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Well keep going until just before the turn-off to the dam and turn right at the intersection. We’re at the end of that road. We are the only property on that road, you can’t miss it. How does eleven-ish sound?”. She asked.

“Sounds wonderful, I’ll see you at eleven tomorrow.

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said “See ya then.”

With that she pushed her trolley off towards the snack foods isle.

The rest of my day was fairly uneventful. After getting home from the supermarket, I spoke to my mother on the phone for a while, she said that my sister had introduced her new boyfriend to her and that he was very gentlemanly. I went over to a friend’s house to help her move some furniture around. After the heavy lifting we found ourselves looking at old photo albums for the rest of the afternoon. When she realised how late it was, she cooked us some dinner and we talked a while longer before I went home for the evening.

After all of that hard labour moving furniture plus a somewhat generous meal, I was rather tired and went to sleep without too much trouble. I awoke quite late, had a shower and some breakfast and it was pretty much time to get dressed and head out to Sally and Phil’s.

I stopped briefly to fill my tank with fuel before getting under way. Not concentrating, I missed the turn-off to the house, so I needed to do a u-turn and try again from the other direction. As I started to turn off onto the narrow side road, I had to break sharply to avoid a taxi that came barrelling along without concern for their fellow motorists. The taxi hardly slowed down as it took the corner and sped off.

The rest of my journey was uneventful and I arrived at about 10:55. There was already a large number of cars parked to the side of the driveway and on the front lawn so I just picked the next available spot on the lawn and parked there.

As I exited my car, a group of about eight naked children rounded the far corner of the house at full clip. Three older ones had water pistols and were chasing the younger ones who were squealing with glee as they ran past me not paying much attention to anything else. I waited for the three pistol wielding kids to pass and then I headed for the front door.

The front door was open so I walked inside.

“Hello?” I called tentatively walking in a little further.

“We’re in the kitchen. Just follow my bursa escort voice.” came the response.

I navigated my way along a short corridor to the kitchen where I found five women and a few girls and boys standing around completely naked. One of them turned around and smiled in recognition.

“Ben! I’m so glad that you could join us.” said Sally closing the gap between us to give me a kiss on the cheek.

Sally was not a young woman, in fact she and Phil were by far the eldest couple present on that day. Four children and a life in the sun had left their mark on Sally, but she wore those marks with pride. Her breasts were sagging somewhat and her belly adorned with stretch marks. Her pubic hair was a mottled combination of white and grey. In spite of these physical characteristics, she was vibrant, full of life and a joy to be around.

“Here, this is for you.” I said offering her a bottle.

“Why, thank you. But I told you that you did not have to do that.” she said in fake chastisement.

Sally turned back to address the remaining four women. “Ladies, this is Ben.”

I waived, nodded my head slightly and said “Ladies!”.

“Ben, that’s Sandra, Cathy, Lisa and Margaret.” she said pointing to each of the women in turn. Cathy’s belly made it rather obvious that she was expecting, potentially twin elephants by the look of it.

“Pleased to meet you.” I said.

“Phil’s out on the terrace with the barbecue, but you should probably get yourself out of those clothes first.” she said.

“Go back to the front door and down the hallway to the right. You can leave your clothes in the first room on the left. If you did not bring any sunscreen, there is some by the back door.” she concluded.

I followed Sally’s directions and just as I reached the first room on the left, a group of naked children raced towards me laughing and brandishing inflatable pool toys over their heads causing me to duck slightly just as I turned into the room.

Upon entering to room I headbutted the arm of the woman that was already in there disrobing. The mystery woman was naked from the waist down and was trying to unhook her bra. She stumbled slightly to one side before steadying herself against a cupboard. As I straightened up to apologise I caught a glimpse of her rainbow coloured toenails.

Standing fully upright now I saw a familiar face that I know just had to match those toenails. She was still a little miffed at my unconventional entrance, but once she saw my face too, her whole demeanour changed.

“Ben?” she asked.

“Yes, Audrey sorry about that. Is your arm OK?” I said.

She reached behind her back, unhooked her bra releasing those spectacular breasts of hers. She leaned over and dropped her bra on the bed with the rest of her clothes. She then proceed to do a few mock biceps curls examining her arm as she did so and said, “It seems fine to me.”

“I had to take evasive action when I saw the kids running down the hallway.” I offered by way of an explanation.

“Yes, I heard them. They are a little bit raucous, but kids will be kids.” she said.

We stood in awkward silence for a second or two before Audrey asked, “Are you just going to stand there fully clothed all day?”

“Oh, of course not.” I said starting to take my shirt off.

“It’s good to see you again. Where’s Jennifer?” Audrey asked as I was removing my shorts.

“Oh, Jennifer and I have gone our separate ways.” I said starting to remove my jocks.

“That’s too bad, you two seemed like a nice couple.” she said watching me remove the last of my clothing.

“The breakup wasn’t acrimonious. She was presented with an overseas career opportunity that she could just not pass up. It was a shame, but I understood and supported her decision.” I said placing my jocks on top of the little pile with my shirt and shorts.

“What about you and Jason? How are you guys going?” I asked extending my arm toward the door in a ‘ladies first’ gesture.

“Oh, I ditched him a few months after we met you and Jennifer at the resort.” she said as she headed for the door before stopping and turning to me.

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the night that we had with you and Jennifer. I also enjoyed getting to have sex with other couples, it just seemed like the swinging was the only aspect of our relationship that Jason ever cared about. It was sort of like he was not actually into me and he was just using me as bait for the guy in the other couple.” she concluded before exiting the room.

I followed her out of the door and said, “That seems a bit creepy. I didn’t know the guy all that well, but I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you.”

“You live and learn I guess.” she replied.

By this time we were passing through the kitchen when Sally piped up and said “Oh, good, I was hoping you two would meet.”

“Actually Sally, Ben and I met before at the resort.” said Audrey.

“Well, it’s a small world isn’t it.” commented Sally with a smallest of smirks on her face.

“Here,” said Lisa shoving a bowl of salad into my arms.

“Can bursa escort bayan you please put that on the table outside next to Phil?” she asked.

“Can I carry anything?” asked Audrey.

“Yes, you can grab that basket of bread rolls over there and put them on the table next to the salad.” said Sandra pointing over to the bench.

Audrey walked over, collected the basket and followed me out the back door. I was holding the screen door open for her with my foot and as she passed I removed my foot so that the screen could close. I followed her over to the table and put the salad next to the bread.

Phil was busy working away at the barbecue. When preparing food, especially food involving high heat accompanied by the risk of third degree burns, clothing was not only permitted, it was encouraged. Phil saw us approach so he turned and waved. He was wearing a barbecue apron with a tuxedo print and a bow tie, very elegant indeed.

“Mornin’ youngsters.” Phil called out.

“Good morning Phil.” Audrey and I responded almost in complete unison.

“I’m not being discourteous, I just don’t want this stuff to burn. We can catch up later. Why don’t you head down to the creek and have a dip before we eat?” he said pointing off in the distance before turning back to the barbecue.

Phil turned back briefly and said, “There’s some fresh towels in the basket by the gate.” before turning away again.

“Shall we?” I asked.

“Certainly.” Audrey responded.

With that we both turned in the direction that Phil had pointed, collected a towel each and headed off down the hill. We could hear the sound of children playing and yelling and generally being children in the distance. As we made our way down the hill the noise grew steadily louder and acted as a homing beacon of sorts.

We reached some bushes and trees and knew that we were getting closer. There was a narrow dirt path next to a large rock. We made our way along the path as it snaked its way along the upper bank and then through an opening in the rocks it until we came upon the creek.

The swimming hole was swarming with naked children with inflatable pool toys, splashing, yelling and generally being children. Two men were sitting off to one side having an animated conversation. Although they were clearly talking to each other, their heads kept slowly sweeping back and forth as they talked, no doubt on the lookout for mischievous or unsafe behaviour.

Audrey and I waved at the two men as we approached the creek and they waved back. The water was cool, but not cold and before long we were in the middle of the creek enjoying the water. Naturally, there were children jumping off rocks into the water and swinging on a rope with an old piece of wood at the end before bombing their unsuspecting friends, but we splashed a few kids as we made our way to the other side of the creek and perched ourselves on a semi-submerged rock.

We had only been sitting there for a minute or so when we heard a referee’s whistle blow in the distance. With that, one of the men stood up and shouted, “OK kids, it’s lunch time. Everybody out of the water and back up to the house. Bring all of the toys with you and leave them on the bank.”

With that announcement, some of the children made their way out of the water and up the path that Audrey and I had just traversed. A few of the older kids were straggling behind, but a quick yell from the remaining man saw them comply. The man waved at us as he followed the last child back up the path.

Where just five minutes ago, there was chaos and mayhem, now there was peace and tranquillity. As Audrey and I laid in the sun, we could hear the birdsong return as amphibians also resumed their calls. Audrey shimmied back into the water and swam out to the deepest part. Floating on her back, her breasts broke the surface like two glorious mountains rising from a plateau, nipples erect from the cool water pointing skywards. Her pubic hair was partially flooded with the curls still clearly visible above the water.

Naturism was all about accepting people for what they are and not sexually objectifying the human body. Call me a voyeuristic pervert, but that was one hell of a splendid example of womanhood floating right across from me. I am not ashamed to say that I just sat there watching her buoyant form as the little ripples in the surface of the water caressing the side of her breasts and made her pubic hair sway back and forth. The memories of ‘that night’ came flooding back.

We passed the time in comfortable silence for some time before Audrey spoke.

“Why don’t you join me?” she asked, breaking my train of thought.

“Best not let the children see a grown man walking around with an erection like that.” she added for good measure.

Naturally, I had not realised it, but I had become at least partially aroused watching her floating there. I too shimmied down the rock and made my way into the water.

“Was that for me?” she asked.

“What do you mean sorry?” I said.

“Your erection, were you bursa bayan escort thinking about me just then?” she said pushing the subject.

“Well, I was barely even hard, but yes, I was thinking about you.” I responded honestly.

“Were you thinking about my breasts?” she asked.

“Indeed I was.” I said.

“Were you looking at my pubes just floating there?” she continued.

“Yes, I was, I love a full bush.” I responded.

“I was also thinking about ‘that night’ too.” I added.

“Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about you since we met at the resort all of those months ago. And while I’m sad to hear that Jennifer’s departure may have caused you some pain, I must admit that when you told me, my heart skipped a beat.” she said

“Perhaps you should consult with a cardiologist regarding your arrhythmia.” I commenced.

“And while you’re there, make an appointment for me because I had the same symptoms when I saw your painted toenails again this morning.” I concluded.

Audrey swam over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before heading for the shore.

“Are you good to go back to the house?” she asked as she walked up the bank, streams of water glistening in the mottled sunlight as they flowed from her shapely form.

“We’ll find out shortly.” I said as I gained my footing exiting the creek in my normal, non-excited state.

“Good to see, we don’t want to scare any of the children now, do we?” she said heading back up the path.

With that comment, we heard screaming kids approaching, they were probably just reaching the bottom of the hill, but they would be here soon. Audrey and I made our way back up the path and stood aside half way up to allow the children to come barrelling through.

As we made our way out of the foliage and onto the hill we saw one of the men from before, this time with a woman. I recognised her as Cathy from earlier in the kitchen. She stopped briefly to introduce the man as Kevin, her brother, before excusing themselves to get down to the creek to provide some adult supervision.

Audrey and I walked back up the hill to the house speculating on what might be left for us to eat for lunch. We need not have worried, there were ample portions of just about everything and we had no problems filling our plates.

Everyone else were sitting around on folding chairs on the lawn beside the house so we wandered over to join them. There was a drinks table just on the outside of the group so we stopped to get something before approaching.

“Audrey, Ben. Over here! We have saved you seats.” called Phil waving from his chair.

We made our way over to the spare lawn chairs, carefully placed our folded towels and took our positions between Phil and Sally. Phil was explaining their plans for an in-gound pool exactly where we were sitting as well as a generous surrounding area for pool lounges, sun shades and some tactful landscaping. They were sure that this addition would boost the market value of the property once they were ready to sell up and move on.

Phil had a strong suspicion that his employer would be downsizing shortly and if that were to occur, then an early voluntary retirement with a handsome payout was a real possibility for someone of his seniority. He planned to use part of his payout to fund the pool and then they planned to travel more whilst they were still young enough to enjoy it.

“You two have a wonderful place.” I said.

“Yes, the swimming hole at the creek is so tranquil.” added Audrey.

“If you ever plan to sell, give me a call.” I said only half jokingly.

“We won’t be ready to sell any time soon, but I’ll add your name to the list of interested buyers.” replied Phil with a chuckle.

The group chat continued and Audrey and I ate our lunch enjoying the company of our new friends. Phil was a talented orator and kept the conversation fresh and lively inviting various people to offer their opinion on a variety of topics as the discussions progressed.

After an hour or so of engaging conversation, the couple sitting on the other side of Sally from us stood up and thanked Phil and Sally for their hospitality, but unfortunately, they had to leave. Both Sally and Phil stood to bid farewell to their guests. Sally gave them both a kiss on the cheek as Phil stepped forward and stopped briefly in front of Audrey awaiting his turn.

Audrey gasped quietly as her attention was drawn to the swinging mass of flesh between Phil’s legs. Phil’s penis was long and thick and his scrotum hung low with what appeared to be two golf balls inside. Prior to this moment, Phil had either been seated or wearing a BBQ apron. There was no indication that he was that well endowed. Recovering quickly, Audrey looked up at the departing couple and gave them a friendly wave.

Phil paid his respects to the couple and started to walk with them back towards the house. The three of them stopped after a dozen or so paces and the woman extended one arm towards the remainder of the group. I could not hear what was said, however, it was obvious that the couple were telling Phil not to leave his guests. The couple started walking towards the house and Phil turned around and headed back towards us. Audrey got an extended look at the complete glory of his enormous package flopping around in front of him as he walked to his chair and took his seat.

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