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He woke to feel of the bed shifting as she got out of it, then heard the bedroom door open and close. The room still felt cool, though the sun was shining brightly through the windows. He heard her footsteps downstairs, and then the bang of the screen door. Curious, he got up and looked out the window. He caught a glimpse of her as she walked across the yard, her white nightgown gently blowing in the breeze. He smiled to himself as he realized she was headed towards the clearing in the woods behind the house, the one with the stream flowing through one corner. He decided to follow.

She walked across the meadow, luxuriating in the feel of the soft grass underfoot. She wasn’t exactly sure why she was out here, but just felt restless. She sat in the clearing, then lay down, reveling in the feel of the sun against her skin. A light breeze blew through the clearing and her nipples tightened.

She smiled to herself, her hands absently caressing her breasts through the thin fabric of her gown, as she remembered how good his hands felt, the way he knew just how tightly to pinch her nipples and squeeze the full mounds of her breasts. She felt a tingle down deep, became aware of the burgeoning dampness in her folds. Smiling, she realized that perhaps last night’s romp had just piqued her appetite instead of sating it.

He grinned, as he watched her through the trees. He recognized that look on her face, and knew that the way her back was arched, and her legs were tightened meant that her pussy was likely wet by now. He felt himself begin to harden at the thought- at the memory of last night- how tight and wet she felt, as he had plunged into her. He watched her hands cup and massage her breasts, saw her twist and pinch her nipples, and heard her soft moans. How far would she go, out here in the woods? Though it was secluded, there was a hiking path not too far from here, and it was mid-morning, a popular time for hikers.

She knew this was ridiculous. She had left him in bed, asleep, and she knew he would love to be awoken to the feel of her mouth on his hardness. The woods were secluded, but there was a hiking trail not too far away. But it was not yet the height of the season for hikers. And, the warmth of the sun, the light breeze… and the feel of her hands felt so good. Screw it she thought- then smiled at the pun… that’s exactly what she wanted- a good screw.

She sat up and pulled her nightgown over her head, feeling a quick thrill of excitement at her own boldness. In for a penny, in for a pound- as her mother used to say; although she was quite sure her mother never had this situation in mind. She lay back on the grass, and smoothed her hands down her body, gently caressing her breasts, then her stomach, then softly flicking a finger over her clit. She moaned in pleasure at the sensation, feeling her folds slick with the juices of her arousal. She lightly teased and stroked her folds, slipping one finger into the tight bursa escort warmth of her core as the fingers of her other hand played with her clit. She splayed her legs wider, her toes arching as she felt the tension build.

He was stroking himself, his dick hard in his hand, his balls heavy as he looked at her lying there. He couldn’t believe that she had just stripped off her nightgown, was shocked by the abandon he saw in her eyes. He knew she had an adventurous streak, but he felt himself getting unbelievably hard, seeing her pleasure herself out in the open field.

He felt the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his shaft, and stroked himself harder, as he saw her finger slip inside her- remembering the feel of himself buried to the hilt inside her tight sheath. He watched her work her other hand over her clit, saw her fingering herself faster, and then saw her back arch and her toes curl. He heard her soft gasps of pleasure, watched her nipples tighten and pucker and knew she was on the verge of coming.

She felt herself get closer to her peak, felt her muscles contract as she worked her finger in a hard and fast rhythm, mimicking the feel of his manhood inside her, remembering how full she felt with him inside her. She flicked her fingers over her clit, stroking the tight nub, feeling the tension build inside. The muscles in her thighs contracted and her breath came in short and hard gasps as the exquisite tension grew almost unbearable. She threw her head back, opened her eyes, and saw the trees overhead blur as her breath caught in her throat… She groaned out loud, and slipped another finger inside herself and felt the wondrous tension break… the muscles of her slick sheath contracting powerfully around her fingers.

He felt himself-hot and hard- in his hand. Felt his balls tighten and swell with the load of his seed. As her saw her there beneath the sun, saw her slip another finger inside herself, and saw her body tighten, he stroked his shaft harder and faster, matching the rhythm of her fingers, as they slipped in and out of her wetness. He cupped his balls in one hand, gently rolling and massaging them, imagining her open mouth on them, sucking and laving them with her tongue. His pace increased as he stroked and thrust into his palm, remembering the feel of her tightness around him. He heard her loud groan, saw her body spasm, and knew she had just come. And he knew that he had to be inside her.

He pushed through the trees and was across the small clearing in three steps. He dropped to his knees between her thighs, and in one swift motion, grabbed her hands away from herself and pinned them above her head, while entering her with a hard thrust. He sunk himself into her up to his balls, and groaned at the feel of himself buried deep in her tight pussy. He could still feel the little spasm of her orgasm, the muscles of her pussy milking his hardness.

She still had her fingers inside herself and bursa escort bayan her hand resting on her clit, enjoying the feel of the little tremors racking her body when she heard the bushes rustle. Panic swept through her as she thought of the many hikers that used the path, but before she could even draw a breath to scream her hands were pinned over her head and she felt him thrust deep into her, filling her to the brim with his hardness. She felt him begin to thrust hard and fast into her… She took a deep breath as she prepared to struggle, and then smelt him- and knew… Felt the rightness of the fit, the scent that was his and his alone, and knew.

He plunged into her, over and over again, not holding anything back as his thrusts pushed her hard into the soft grass. He held her hands tight above her head in one hand, and slipped his other hand under her buttocks to hold her steady for his assault. He felt her tense below him, and then felt the moment at which she knew him… He felt her squeeze her pussy tight around his shaft, felt her open her legs and lift them up, giving him access to the depths of her pussy.

He growled deep in his throat, and took her offering, mercilessly pumping into her. He gripped and massaged her tight round ass, and then slipped a finger inside the tight ring of her anus… felt her shudder in response to being filled at both ends. He moved his finger as deep as he could into her tight ass, and felt himself moving in her pussy through the thin wall separating the two.

He heard her moaning, felt her pussy clenching and releasing him. He felt his balls tighten and swell and he buried his head in the crook of her neck and bit down hard, then soothed the bite with his tongue. He felt the mounds of her breasts pressed up against his chest as he thrust to a fiercer and faster rhythm. He bit her shoulder again, harder, and felt her shudder beneath him. He let go of her hands, and burrowed his hand into her hair, pulling her head back to plunder her mouth with his tongue, and groaned as she surrendered to his mouth.

She moved her hands down his back and grasped his butt… urging him on in his thrusts. She squeezed her muscles tight around him, milking his shaft and she felt his thrusts quicken and shorten, and knew he was nearing his peak. She felt an urge to taste him, to taste herself on him. She took a breath, and then pushed against his shoulders with her hands.

He looked down at her, his eyes clouded with passion, confused but willing to stop. She smiled up at him and reached a hand down between them. He caught his breath as she wrapped her fingers around him, and he sat up as she moved towards him. She looked up at him through her lashes as she slowly took him into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the head of his dick, and then circled it, sucking him deep into her mouth.

She opened up and took him as deep as she could, till she felt his balls against bursa bayan escort her chin, and heard him moan loudly. She swallowed and let her throat muscles massage his shaft and felt him shudder, felt his hands grip her head, and grasp convulsively at her hair. She slowly eased back sucking as she went and looked up at him again. His eyes were glazed and his chest was heaving with the effort of holding himself back. She cupped his heavy balls with one hand, and with the other patted his butt, encouraging him to take her mouth.

He knew what she wanted when she put her hands down between them, and knew how close he was to the edge… He also knew how good her mouth would feel, and wanted to feel himself buried in her throat, wanted to see her on her knees before him, mouth open wide for his dick. He sat up and she wrapped her hand around his shaft and then took him in, deep into her throat. He groaned as she swallowed, felt the muscles of her throat milking his dick- and knew he wanted nothing more than to fuck her mouth.

He felt her silent encouragement as she cupped his balls and patted his ass… He gripped her head fiercely and let himself go as he fucked her mouth… He felt her struggle to take him in, heard her gag and moan. He felt her lips working, felt her sucking his dick as he gripped her head and pumped his shaft into the tight, wet warmth of her mouth. He felt her tongue swirl across the sensitive ridge of his cock and felt her hand massaging his balls.

He groaned loudly and plundered her lips… He pulled her head back and thrust deep into her throat, held himself steady as she worked to take him, felt her open up and then he moaned as he slipped even deeper into her warm mouth. He moved faster and faster, and knew he was nearing the edge again. He pulled out of her mouth and flipped her around on her hands and knees. He grasped her hips and sunk himself into her pussy from behind, hearing her groan in pleasure as his hard dick filled her.

He could not wait any more… he wanted to feel himself shoot his load into her tight, welcoming sheath. He wrapped one hand into her long hair and pulled her head back and used the other hand to hold onto her hip as he thrust into her pussy… seeing her tight full ass up before him. He felt her meet his thrusts, felt her grinding against him and saw her breasts swaying under his assault.

He saw her move her hand between her legs, and felt her playing with her clit. He felt her pussy contract and tighten, and he fucked her harder and faster. He felt her muscles tighten and heard her cry out as she came. He felt the waves of contractions in her pussy milking his dick, and he thrust once more and again as he felt the waves of his orgasm take over. Jets of his hot sperm filled her pussy as he buried himself up to the hilt and let himself go. His legs were shaking with the release and he collapsed on top of her, still nestled inside her, hearing her soft murmurs.

He opened his eyes and looked across the clearing, and caught a flash of brown through the branches. He saw the hiker wink and wave and turn around and walk down the path. He gave a mental shrug, too tired to even care, sure that this was one hike that would not be forgotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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