My FreeUse Aunt’s House Pt. 02

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This is the continuation of the first part. While the criticism and feedback are allowed, please keep it constructive if you decide to comment. Spare the few grammatical errors if any as English isn’t my primary language! With that been said, happy reading!

(Same characters as of the last part, new characters will be introduced in Part-III 🙂


I feel like taking that decision is the best thing I did in my boring life so far. Being in lockdown during my prime years and having little to no sex life at this age is just frustrating, but all that is satisfied within half a day of visiting my aunt’s house. Cassie pays for the lingerie and we drive home, only to find Clara walking in the house naked, what makes me wonder more is that she has zero shyness about it, maybe because she’s highly confident about her body. Why wouldn’t she? She’s no lesser than Cassie in terms of body perfection, maybe because of my Aunt Sarah and her genes. The afternoon goes on normally, with me unpacking my luggage in the guest room. I notice that Cassie and Clara share the same room, which is right beside the guest room and in front of our rooms, my aunt and uncle have their own room together.

We finish dinner together, they seem to have the habit of talking to each other openly while eating, which is unusual in our households. Clara would casually throw a sexual joke as if that’s completely normal, if the same had been done in my home in front of my parents, I’d be grounded for a week in my room. I start to feel like I am not properly dressed for their lifestyle. Clara is wearing a thin panties and a loose silver tank top, which showcases her petite A-cup breasts from every angle possible. Cassie changed into PJs right after we came home earlier today. Sarah is wearing the loosest tank top which has a cut until her ribs, showcasing her cleavage and voluptuous breasts happily. John is wearing a green t-shirt and brown boxers which barely hides his boner at times. I am still wearing a t-shirt and a black track pants.

We finish dinner together, as much weird as it may feel at times, their openness is on another level, be it sexually, be it mentally or physically, they seem happy, and I start to feel like that’s all that matters at the end of the day! “Clara did you finish your homework?” Sarah asks sternly as Clara tries to jump on the couch to join her dad to watch TV while blowing him off.

“Ugh mom, why are you such a boner killer! Cassie will help me finish the homework, but like don’t talk about homeworks when I am spending quality time with dad… Look at his boner now, it has gone flaccid!” Clara sighs arguing back with her mum as she buries her head down her dad’s boxers to work on his boner again.

“I cannot help tonight Clara.” Cassie says with a shrug, helping Sarah to finish off the chores.

“What? Why? You said that you’re gonna help me with the homework…” Clara says raising her head up.

“Well I told James that I’m gonna try on my new lingerie in his room tonight.” Cassie says with a shrug.

“Oh come on, he can wait. I mean he’s gonna stay with us, but my homework is due tomorrow Cassie!” Clara says from the couch with the saliva drooling from her mouth as she is blowing her dad’s cock.

“Ugh fine!” Cassie says with a shrug and looks at me, “Well the LED lingerie must wait it seems!” She says with a chuckle as she walks towards her room. I smile back and just finish my dinner, I feel like spending a bit more time with them, but then seeing Clara giving a blowjob openly at the couch makes me a bit awkward to sit by the couch.

I walk into my room and jump on to my bed and take my phone to spend some time surfing through social media before dozing off into sleep. After a few minutes, Sarah knocks on the door and enters without even waiting for me to respond and finds me lying on the bed with my phone. She doesn’t even close the door back as she walks towards me, she’s in her pink satin transparent lingerie which enhanced her voluptuous breasts and her curvy waist through the soft layer of lingerie fabric. She sits by the bed, placing her soft palm on my thigh, “I hope you’re feeling comfortable here James, we’re sorry if our lifestyle is a bit too much for you to take…” she says with a concerned tone pressing my thigh.

Having her soft hand on my thigh makes me feel aroused gently, “Oh that’s fine. I…” I stutter and look at her, “I think I just need some time to adjust.” I say with a shrug.

“Well we were afraid if you don’t want to live with us, I mean at this point you could have realized that this is the reason why none of our family wants to have me or John with them, when we came out like this, an open family. But I am glad that you don’t feel averted to this.” She says with a smile.

“Yeah well it did feel weird at first, but then I realized how happy you guys are with your lifestyle, the way you talk openly with each other, I don’t think this would adiosbet yeni giriş be possible in my house.” I say with a chuckle.

“Exactly honey!” She says leaning forward and planting a kiss on my forehead, but in the process, her breasts gently squeeze against my chest. “And I guess this goes without saying, but you are part of the family! So you know, you can be open with us like we do!” She says with a smile breathing on my face as she’s still leaning close to my face.

“Anyone?” I ask staring into her eyes.

“Hmm…” she mumbles on my face, “Anyone James!” She says softly.

My hands slowly wrap around her waist pulling her in closer to me as I smooch her lips, she smiles gently before giving into the kiss and slides her hands by my waistline to pull my t-shirt up as we break a kiss for a second. “Oh you’re just like your dad… Such a hairy man, I love it!” She says leaning back and staring my shirtless hairy chest. I furrow my brows slightly, not sure what she meant by that as she just compared my shirtless body with my dad’s.

She bites her lips and pulls down the sheet only find my hard cock standing tall beneath my track pants, “Ooooh, someone needs a release!” She says with a chuckle as she slides by my legs and part them slightly so that she can adjust herself between my legs, making me lean back to the headboard while her soft experienced hands pull my track pants down.

“Ugh seriously James? You have an underwear beneath a track pants even inside the house?” She sighs playfully before pulling down my underwear, adjusting herself to pull both my outfits down to my feet and drop them on the floor. She slides her hand by my sensitive inner thighs sending a wave of sensuality down my body before holding my hairy balls and pulls herself up closer to my cock.

“Well it’s just my first day here, so I think I need some time to be roaming with less clothes around here I guess…” I say with a chuckle.

She smiles and bends her face to take a deep sniff of my musky scent down her face, she knows that I haven’t bathed since morning and with all the travelling, she can feel my unwashed balls’ musk forming a cloud around her face. Her thumb raises up to align with my shaft as her left hand holds my balls and her right hand slowly feels up my veiny white cock. She sticks her tongue out to give a huge long lick from my balls up until she reaches my cock tip.

She seems to be totally enjoying it, and so am I. She starts to massage my balls gently and push my cock down her lips as she bobs her head on my cock tip. Her saliva drips down my cock and balls making a slight mess at my crotch, but she is a package of sensuality, experience, sexiness and wholesomeness. She takes her head away from my cock gasping for air as she takes a few quick breaths and ties her hair in a bun behind her.

She slides up slightly, bringing her breasts closer to my cock as she holds both her breasts with her hands and squeezes them from the sides as she grins looking at me.

“Ever had a titjob honey?” She asks teasing my cock with her sharp index finger nail with a devilish grin on her face.

“I would say this is the first time I am having a proper blowjob let alone titjob…” I say with a shrug as I lean back and let her experience do the work.

“Awww, then you deserve it honey!” She says with a wink as she raises her breasts and slowly guides my throbbing cock between her breasts, making it fit perfectly between them. She bites her lips as she starts to squeeze them even tighter from the sides and thrust them up and down along my shaft. With each thrust, my foreskin peels off and on and her breasts feel so soft that I feel like my cock is squeezed between a pair of fluffy pillows.

It doesn’t even take 10-15 thrusts before I hold her hair for support and look at her, “I…” I stutter, “I feel like cumming…” I say mustering up the words despite the utmost pleasure I’m feeling at the moment.

“Oh no you aren’t honey! Aunty gets to decide when to let you cum!” She says with a wink and slows down her thrusts, concentrating more on the lower parts of my cock rather than the sensitive cock-head. I never imagined myself as a submissive in the dom-sub dynamic, but she makes me feel like I don’t have control on my orgasm, and I feel like if there’s someone I let go of my control, then it is her.

As she realizes that I am back at it, she increases her pace again, joyously giving a titjob to her nephew. She slows down once again knowing that I am close to orgasm just by examining my facial expressions. How many college women out there would know such techniques? Zero. I feel like these are the things only an experienced woman or a milf can do! As she slows down, I am on the verge of cumming, but I decided to control again. But at the exact same moment, Cassie walks into the room, “Hey, I am back…” She exclaims happily but stops at the entrance, only to notice her mom giving a titjob to her cousin.

The sheer weirdness of the adiosbet giriş moment made me cum even before I realize, shooting down ropes of cum between Sarah’s breasts, wetting her fine fabric of lingerie. It’s like a white river is flowing between two mountains when my cum flows between her breasts and finally reaching my balls.

“Damn you guys are partying and I wasn’t invited!” Cassie says standing at the door folding her hands playfully.

Sarah looks back at Cassie and then at my cock, she chuckles gently looking at me as I lost control of my orgasm. “Oh honey, you made him ruin his orgasm!” Sarah says turning back to Cassie with a chuckle. Cassie leans forward to look at my cock still throbbing and oozing out the final droplets of cum while still being stuck beneath her lingerie and between her breasts. Cassie laughs and comes closer to me, kneeling beside the bed as she leans her face towards my belly and stares right into my eyes as she licks off the cum around my cock and my belly.

Sarah pulls her breasts away as she lets her daughter happily lick the cum of her nephew. Cassie holds the last few drops of cum within her mouth as she gets up and stands in front of Sarah and bends her head down to reach Sarah’s face as they smooch each other and exchanging my cum between their lips. I can hear the squishy sounds between their lips as they cum-kiss and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that that act is making me hard right away despite having an orgasm just a few seconds back. Both of them break the kiss and look at me, “Goodnight honey!” Sarah says getting up from my bed and walking towards the door. “And feel free to use me even at midnight or any hour of the night! The doors are always open and you don’t even need to knock!” Sarah says with a smirk and a wink as she stands at the door in her goddess body covered in a lingerie.

“Oh don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure he’s provided with everything that’s needed for tonight!” Cassie says sitting on my bed and lying beside me as she wraps her hand around my body as if she’s expecting me to go on a round 2 with her tonight.

The night goes with both of us talking about various stuff, not just sex. We both sleep in our arms casually and I feel like this is the best day I had in my entire life. The next day I wake up and finish my usual morning chores and finish my breakfast and then join my uncle at the couch at around 10 in the morning. By the time I join him, Clara is already in his lap wearing a blue skimpy jersey supporting the LA club, her bare butt rubbing against his crotch as they are getting ready to watch soccer. I still feel a bit weird to sit beside them, but then I instantly feel like it is normal at this point. I sit to the other corner of the couch, leaving a small gap between me and my uncle. The game starts as Clara changes her position and lies on our laps, her face near my uncle’s crotch and her butt in my lap facing me.

She starts to play with her father’s cock as the game starts and wiggles her butt cheeks flaunting her ass and tempting me. I grab her tiny ass cheeks with my firm hands, spreading them to take a better look at her tiny cute asshole and the occasional contractions as she’s turned on by two men using her at the same time. I lift my hips slightly and pull down my boxers and adjust my cock right between thighs, almost touching her pink shaved soft pussy. She raises and lowers her butt, rubbing her wet pussy lips against my hard shaft which is pointing up between her thighs.

I spank her ass cheeks using both my hands making a splash sound as she giggles and turns her head around to look at me with a grin and then turns back at her dad’s cock. “Ugh fuck, who the fuck misses a penalty… For fuck’s sake.” My uncle exclaims angrily as he’s involved in the match deeply. Meanwhile my fingers run between her tiny ass cheeks, my index finger slowly pokes her tiny asshole trying it’s best to poke down the hole. She wiggles her butt in order to take my index finger inside her asshole, “hmm be gentle, no one has ever been in that hole so far!” She says with a wink turning around as she continues to outer-course. The stimulation of her pussy lips stroking my cock isn’t enough for me to build an orgasm so I concentrate more on her asshole.

Just as I push my finger deeper inside her hole, she moans loudly as her skin contracts around my finger, not letting it go once entered. Cassie arrives from the room in a rushed manner, she’s wearing a yellow jersey as she is supporting the opponent team, and she’s not wearing anything beneath her belly, just like Clara. The jersey is skimpy and loose enough to safely say that she’s almost naked. “Oh boy did I miss anything? I hope I’m not too late…” She says quickly running towards us and takes a look at the TV to realize that the game has started just 5 minutes back. “Thank god! And James, don’t tell me you support the blues!” She asks raising her brow standing in front of me.

“Well I’d say I am neutral. I just love the game and adiosbet güvenilirmi don’t have any favourite teams I guess.” I say with a shrug while my fingers are busy exploring my cousin’s tiny asshole.

“Ugh you’re such a boring guy! Clara and dad are on the blues side, I wish you’re on the yellow side! Nevermind.” She says with a shrug and quickly bends down and slides beneath Clara’s body to sit between me and her dad. Clara’s belly is on Cassie’s thigh and it makes Clara slightly uncomfortable with the constrained position. She takes her legs away from my lap and sits in her dad’s lap, slowly adjusting his cock between her pussy lips as she slowly humps on his lap while he’s busy with the match.

“Imagine watching soccer without popcorn…” Sarah walks into the living room with a bowl of popcorn, she’s wearing her gym bra and nothing to cover her crotch. She places the bowl on the table in front of us, “Well finally someone who is neutral and just enjoys the game!” she says looking at me as Cassie is not sitting in my lap. Sarah slowly mounts on my lap, her legs on either side of my legs, her butt resting on my thighs as she faces me and wraps her arms around my neck.

Her body is dripping of sweat slightly, her natural motherly body odour filling my nostrils as I take a deep sniff of her sweaty shaved underarms and unhooks her bra, revealing her hanging udders. I let out a soft sigh of pleasure just by looking at her body, my hands rest on her godly curves as I bury my face eagerly between her breasts, smothering her sweat all over my face and start to suck on her hard nipples. She chuckles noticing how eager I am and slowly guides my cock between her mature pussy lips, with all the wetness and my precum, it feels slightly easier to slide my veiny cock inside her pussy. Clara leans slightly towards her sister as they smooch while watching the match and Cassie’s hand slowly grabs Sarah’s left breast as I am busy sucking her right breast.

Sarah humps in my lap, her inner pussy walls clamp against my veiny cock, trying their best to milk my cock as soon as possible. She goes down all the way to my balls with every thrust and everytime she sits down on my cock, her pussy walls peel back my foreskin and thus atomically increasing the pleasure I get from the sex. John grunts slightly as he holds his daughter’s body tightly before unloading his cum inside her pink pussy, she starts to rub her clit as he unloads his cum. She slides down her dad’s cock slowly and regains her strength after a second and wipes off the cum dripping on her thighs and licks her fingers.

Clara gets up from the floor and walks behind the couch and gets up on the couch as she spreads her legs, placing her pussy right above her sister’s head so that the cum drips down to Cassie’s face. Cassie grabs Clara’s thighs and raises her head slightly as she starts to lick her sister’s pussy clean and drinking every drop of her dad’s potent cum. The soccer sounds mixed with John’s angry rants, mixed with the splashing sound of my cock getting milked slowly by my aunt’s pussy, mixed with Cassie’s slurping sounds of eating her sister’s pussy. Clara and I are nearing our orgasms at the same time, I bite my lip and tighten my grip on Sarah’s waist as I release control and shoot my load up her pussy, her breasts are right on my face, not allowing me to see anything, but it’s not like I want to see anything other than her breasts anyway. For a moment, I feel like I smell like my aunt with her sweaty body hugging me for the past few minutes. Clara moans louder as she rubs her clit while her pussy is being eaten and she squeezes her thighs together as spasms of orgasm pass through her body, she freezes her body for a moment and starts to quiver from the orgasm and steps away from her sister.

“Well you guys enjoy the match! Clara will help me clean myself up and bath!” Sarah gets up from my lap, thick cum dripping down her thighs, she doesn’t even wipe it off or cares about it, maybe that’s why she needs Clara in the bathroom with her. Cassie slowly slides her hand towards my cock without even looking at it as she’s busy with the match, she wipes off the small drops of cum with her finger as she licks her finger and chew the popcorn along with it. I lean back stretching my hands freely just to sink in the pleasure my body and mind are feeling!

—————Fast-forwarding a year (Next summer)————-

It has been a year since I moved into my aunt’s house and a lot changed in my life already. I became open sexually as I had the chance to explore myself with three of the best women I have ever encountered. Not many things changed in terms of my aunt’s family because of me, which I am glad about. But then it has been 4 months since John died of heart attack. It was a very bad situation and that shook my aunt’s family. Especially Clara, given her affection and bonding with her dad. Everytime she looks at the couch in living room, it reminds her of all those days where she just let go of outer world and her problems while she happily plays with her dad’s cock. Within a month of his death, things started going back to normal, but surely he will be missed. Clara started to sleep with Sarah in Sarah’s marital bed while I and Cassie slept in our own rooms.

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