Mo’ and Mo’ Mimi Ch. 02: Even Mo’ Mimi

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Author’s note: all characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years or older, even the victims of the catastrophe, as improbable as that may sound.

All her life, Mimi had struggled to fit in. Fit into clothes, fit into cars, fit through doors, fit into rooms… That’s what life was like when you had a penis bigger than your whole torso and a pair of nuts as big as beach balls. She never even had a chance of fitting in socially.

At least, she didn’t used to.

Every morning when Mimi got up, she put on her glasses, brushed her naturally pink hair and tied it up in a bun, then peeled off last night’s trashbag-sized condom full of cum and knotted the mouth shut so she could take it downstairs with her.

She took her yard-long, XXL-gauge urethral plug off its drying rack and stuffed it down her cumslit, locking it into place with clamps that hooked around the mushroom ridge of her cockhead. Mimi was uncircumcised, so she had to go wrist-deep into her slimy foreskin to attach the clamps. She’d usually scrape out a few fistfuls of dried cum the texture of wet clay and plop them into the trashcan next to her bed. The trashcan stank to high heaven and filled the room with an aroma of nose-curdling musk.

Next, she fastened the sixteen buckles and tightened the four heavy-duty stop-ratchets of her prescription genital restraint rig. The rig kept Mimi’s cock hugged up close to her chest between her tits. Angled up in this manner, Mimi’s cock actually obscured her face, the top of her cock standing a few inches higher than the top of her twin hairbuns.

Then, Mimi hitched up the straps of her 140ZZZ cup ball bra so that her massive nuts wouldn’t swing too much or slap her shins when she walked.

After that—if it was a school day—Mimi would put on her school uniform. The collar of her uniform blouse was extra wide to accommodate her cock. Hyper Academy’s uniform was English boarding-school style, so it included a necktie. Mimi’s uniform neckties were all extra-long. She’d learned to tie a necktie without looking, since if she tried to peer around her cock to see in the mirror, the knot usually came out crooked.

Mimi’s tartan uniform skirt was extra wide with a clip in the back because her nuts were too large to pull the skirt up the normal way.

Next she pulled on her blazer. The red uniform blazer bore the shiny silver badge of Hyper Academy (a seal with a pair of tits resting on top of an abstract penis), and the single, thin, gold stripe of a Hyper Academy first year.

First year at Hyper Academy started at age eighteen. The theory was to provide a university education in a high-school framework, to make up for the lack of discipline most hypers experienced in their previous education.

For obvious reasons, the overwhelming majority of hypers—Mimi included—are homeschooled until the age of eighteen. Until Hyper Academy was founded in Big Dick City, there was no higher education institution for hypers.

Once Mimi was dressed and looking sharp, she shined up her Hyper Academy badge so that it gleamed, hefted the trashbag-sized condom full of jizz over her shoulder and hurried downstairs for breakfast.

Mimi scarfed down her food and hurried out the door to catch the train because she could hardly wait to go to school. Mimi could hardly wait to go to school because Hyper Academy was the only place she’d ever fit in.

At least it was… until the first day back after spring break.

That day started just like any other. Mimi was in an extra hurry to get to school that day because she’d been away for so long. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends all about the week she’d spent with her parents at the hyper-resort in Florida. Mimi’s parents weren’t hypers, but they were very supportive of her body. Her father even quit his job and got a new one in Big Dick City so Mimi could attend Hyper Academy.

The condom full of spunk was extra heavy that morning. She guessed she must have had exciting dreams all night.

“Aren’t you going to eat breakfast?” asked Mom, as Mimi dashed out the front door.

“I’ve got a piece of toast, mom!” Mimi waved the buttered square of toast before stuffing it back in her mouth and hitching up her backpack.

Mimi’s balls bounced off her knees as she jogged down the sidewalk to the train station. Even in Big Dick City, Mimi turned heads. From the front, she looked like a giant, walking penis wearing a school uniform. She could only see where she was going at the apex of each stride when her cock swung out from in front of her face just long enough to catch a glimpse of her next step.

“I wish I hadn’t been so hasty buckling my rig this morning,” Mimi thought out loud. She’d done the straps of her ball bra too tight and it was pinching something awful.

Oh well, she’d fix it once she got to the train station. She was too self-conscious to adjust her nutsack in public, even if the beach ball sized orbs were already on full display.

Most of the residents of Big Dick city were normal humans, but Mimi recognized a few bursa escort bayan hypers that lived in the neighborhood. A woman with tits the size of yoga balls used the deep, yard-long trench of her cleavage to carry her breakfast and coffee, periodically picking up a bite from one of the several Styrofoam containers as she walked along.

On the other side of the street, a businessman wearing three-legged pants to cover his leg-length cock hurried to catch the door of his office building before it swung shut completely behind the last person to go through.

A hyper-futanari hobo held out her cup for change as Mimi jogged past. The homeless woman sat cross-legged on the sidewalk, her entire lap obscured by a pair of balls even larger than Mimi’s. The hyper-hobo kept her oversized schlong wrapped around her for warmth. The oildrum-thick member wrapped around her twice with enough left over to run the remaining length of the block. A cardboard sign propped up against the building next to her read: “Cock too big to work. Please help.”

Mimi dropped a five dollar bill into the woman’s cup and hurried on. On the sidewalk next to her, the homeless futa’s schlong continued along for thirty yards before finally terminating in a massive glans the size of a full-grown hog puking a continuous stream of white sludge into a sewer grate. Every inch of the dirty, fat anaconda was covered in graffiti.

There were no other students of Futa Academy in Mimi’s neighborhood, but she’d see them soon enough when she got on the train.

Mimi had to slow down when she got to the stairs leading down to the subway station. She held the rail tight and felt carefully for each step as she descended. She pushed her way through the crowd as gently as possible and made her way to the portion of the platform designated for passengers boarding the hyper car.

She was alone in the painted rectangle. No other hypers boarded at this station, and the other commuters gave her a wide berth.

Mimi rocked on her heels and hummed a little tune to herself. The cup of her ball bra was still pinching and she reached down to adjust it.

Snap! One of the heavy-duty straps holding up her boulder-sized right testicle snapped. The metal buckle spun off across the train track.

Kling! The metal buckle ricocheted off the far wall and disappeared from sight.

Flooomp! Mimi’s right testicle plopped out.

“Oh gee willikers!” cried Mimi, her cheeks blushing a deep red. She adjusted her glasses and bent down to pick up the fallen strap.

Snap! Kling! Floomp!

Mimi’s other ball bra strap popped, sending her other monstrous baby-batter factory rolling out onto the cold tile.

“Gosh whiz!” Mimi cursed, bending fully over to try and pick up the loose straps.

Bing bong! The PA system chimed. “Train arriving on platform two. Please stand back.”

A blast of wind rushed through the station and Mimi realized she was leaning right over the edge of the platform! She could see the headlights of the approaching train coming down the tunnel.

“Oh no!” Mimi grabbed double fistfuls of her wrinkled nutsack and hurriedly tried to gather all the loose folds of scrotum into her arms, but the monstrous sack was too loose and stretchy! No matter how much of it she picked up, her testicles still rested firmly on the ground. She leaned over further, her cheek pressed right up against the hot flesh of her cock.

A high-pitched whine filled Mimi’s ears as the train got closer. Mimi kept frantically bundling up handfuls of loose, warm skin. Finally, she felt the slack go out of her nutsack and her beachball-sized balls lifted off the ground. Mimi stood up and jumped back from the edge of the platform just as the train came whooshing in.

“Phew!” Mimi dropped her balls on the ground with a resounding PLAP and wiped her forehead in relief.

A bell chimed and the extra-wide doors of the specially-built hyper train car slid open.

“Oh darn!” Mimi hurried to gather her nutsack up again.

“Doors closing,” announced the British lady train voice.

“Wait!” Mimi shuffled forward as quickly as she could, still bent over with a deathgrip on her rolls of scrotum sack.

The bell chimed and the doors slid shut while Mimi’s balls were still halfway through the door.


“Please stand clear of the doors,” cautioned the train voice. Bing bong!

The doors opened and then immediately closed again, slamming Mimi’s nuts.

“Please stand clear of the doors.”


“Please stand clear of the doors.”


“Please stand clear of the doors.”

“Why-hyhyyyyyy?” Mimi cried as the train doors slammed repeatedly on her bloated nutsack.

Bing bong!

Bing bong!

Bing bong!

The other Hyper Academy students on the train laughed and pointed at Mimi’s predicament. A few of them even pulled out their phones to record Mimi’s humiliation. Why don’t any of you get up to help? She thought, tearfully.

Mimi let her arms fall to her sides, threw back her head and started görükle escort theatrically dry-sobbing in defeat.

Finally one of the students on the other end of the train stood up from her seat. The towering redhead had to hunch over to avoid banging her head on the ceiling of the car.

“Mimi what have you gotten yourself into this time?” Redd couldn’t help but laugh at Mimi’s predicament.

Mimi’s heart soared upon seeing the busty, muscular amazon. Redd was the first Hyper Academy student Mimi had ever met (by accidentally plunging headfirst into Redd’s cleavage). Despite the pair’s disastrous first meeting, the bulky upperclassman had become one of Mimi’s closest friends.

“Let’s get you out of this door,” offered Redd. The auburn amazon reached down and grabbed Mimi’s balls, lifting them both as easily as a pair of kettlebells.

“Thanks, Redd.” Mimi wiped her runny nose. “My ball bra broke and I got stuck.”

Redd picked up one of the broken strap ends and examined it. Then she looked down at Mimi’s floor-dragging nutsack.

“Well no wonder it broke, your balls are about as twice as big as I remember!” exclaimed Redd. “I see I’m not the only one who’s grown over spring break!”

Redd struck a mock bodybuilding pose to show off her muscular figure. She’d gained bulk all over, and her outsized muscles threatened to rip through her clothes. Every movement of her massive frame was accompanied by a symphony of poppin seams and creaking fabric. Her school blazer looked comically small on her massive torso, like the vest on an organ-grinder’s monkey.

It wasn’t just muscle; everything about Redd was bigger. Each of the amazonian futa’s balls was the size and weight of a beer keg, and both were nearly obscured by a fat cock as long and thick as one of Redd’s muscular thighs.

Mimi still looked distraught. Redd frowned, thinking of what might cheer up her despondent friend.

Redd snapped her fingers.

“Check it out! I got a Brazilian wax while on spring break!” Redd flipped up the hem of her skirt to show off her perfectly smooth and hairless crotch. The light shining off her groin made an audible shing! as Redd flaunted her smooth-polished nethers.

“I got my anus bleached, too!” Redd spun around and pulled her asscheeks apart to give Mimi a full view of her puckered donut hole.

Mimi laughed.

“How will anyone recognize you without your jungle of pubes?” she teased.

Redd blushed.

“I got tired of people razzing me for it. Plus it was starting to get a little ripe down there…” said Redd.

“Honestly I liked the bush,” said Mimi.

Red blushed even deeper.

“Well I’m sure it’ll grow back in no time,” she said. “There’s no way I’m getting another wax. They hurt like hell!”

Mimi’s bad mood was almost completely cured. Catching up with Redd made her feel right at home and the two of them swapped spring break stories the entire trip.

“Here’s our stop,” said Redd.

“Already?” Mimi blinked, peering around the pillar of her monster dong to look at the display above the door. The time had flown by.

The doors chimed and students started to file out of the train.

Mimi tried to stand up, only to realize she couldn’t! Something like a ton of bricks was resting on her legs.

“What the—” Mimi had been so engrossed in conversation that she hadn’t noticed her nuts had been growing steadily the entire time! Each of the pink-haired girl’s burgeoning baby-batter breweries was practically the width of the entire aisle. Other students gave her dirty looks as they were forced to squeeze their way around to get at the door. Considering the proportions on most of them, it was a tight squeeze indeed.

“Holy shit, Mimi!” Redd exclaimed. “Are you having a surge?”

“I-I-I don’t know!” Mimi cried.

“Let’s get you off this train, we don’t want a repeat of last time,” said Redd.

Before Mimi could object, the muscular amazon scooped the much smaller girl up in her arms and hurried out the door, dragging Mimi’s beanbag chair sized scrotum behind her.

Redd set Mimi down outside on the platform, but it was soon obvious that Mimi’s sack was too heavy for Mimi to move on her own. Worse, it was getting bigger!

A few students lingering on the platform giggled amongst themselves. Of course, at Hyper Academy, they weren’t laughing at Mimi for being a freak. It was the nervous laughter of people who knew that there but for the grace of God went themselves. Every day at Hyper Academy saw at least one student (and usually more than one) have an embarrassing growth incident or make an epic mess.

“Do you have any anti-surge meds?” asked Redd, watching with wide-eyed worry as Mimi’s balls continued to expand.

“At home. I only take them at night to keep from getting erections while I sleep,” replied Mimi. “I never need them during the day because I have my harness.”

“Well you sure need them now,” said Redd. “They have them in the nurse’s office. Let’s go!”

Mimi heaved and pulled bursa escort bayan with all her might, but her balls were too big to budge.

“Uh, little help?” asked Mimi, blushing.

Redd sighed and threw Mimi’s nuts over her shoulder like a sack of toys. Together, the odd pair made their way up the hill to Hyper Academy.

Mimi’s nutsack grew steadily every step of the way. The further up the hill they climbed, the heavier Redd’s load became. It didn’t help that other students kept jumping on top to hitch a ride.

“Get off there, you freeloaders!” yelled Redd, perspiring heavily with the effort of hauling Mimi’s now monumental ballsack up the hill. Each of Mimi’s balls was the size and weight of a bulldozer. Half a dozen of the smaller Hyper Academy students sat on top, laughing and taking pictures.

Mimi’s nuts gurgled and rumbled as they continued to churn with uncountable gallons of hyper spunk. The outlines of sperm the size of salmon occasionally pressed against the taut walls of Mimi’s titanic scrotum, and once or twice the bulge of something even bigger would ripple across the veiny surface. The students sitting on Mimi’s balls whooped like passengers on a rollercoaster as a huge bulge surfaced beneath them, knocking one to the pavement.

“I said git!” yelled Redd, charging at the unwanted passengers. The other students hopped off and ran ahead, laughing.

Redd sighed and hoisted Mimi’s nutsack over her shoulder again. In the time it had taken her to chase off those kids, Mimi’s balls had put on as much weight as losing the kids had taken off and then some.

By the time they reached the school entrance, Mimi’s balls were too wide to fit through even the palatial, extra-wide front doors of the school. Redd had to squeeze them through one at a time, her superhuman strength strained to its limits.

“You wait here, I’ll go get the nurse,” said Redd, sweat streaming down her face.

“I don’t think I’m going anywhere,” said Mimi, looking back at her towering testes as the twin orbs continued to swell.

“Ugh, move your balls, Sarah!” came an exasperated voice from somewhere behind Mimi’s nuts.

Mimi felt a pair of bodies press against her balls as the students behind her squeezed around the huge, fleshy barrier of her nutsack. After a few seconds of grunting and squishing, Mimi saw a quartet of bobbing cocks appear around the curvature of her balls, followed by the girl they were attached to.

Mimi recognized the girl as Amy Wang. The relatively short, squat Chinese-American girl had a pair of vertically-arranged dicks jutting out from under her uniform skirt, with a quartet of heavy balls swinging down between her knees. Amy also sported a pair of immense, erect dicknipples that protruded from special slits in her custom uniform. All four of her cocks were at least a yard long, though her right dicknipple was visibly longer than her left.

“Geez, Sarah, can’t you control your dumb balls?” Amy fussed as she straightened her uniform, which had become disarrayed by the squeeze past Mimi’s monster sack. Amy started when she finally looked up and realized who she was talking to.

“Oh, you’re not Sarah!” said Amy.

“I don’t blame you,” Mimi muttered. Mimi was more than familiar with Sarah’s balls. The girl was notorious for having growth surges at inconvenient times, and always in narrow corridors right when people were hurrying to class.

The second person stuck behind Mimi’s nutsack finally started to appear.

“Dammit, Sarah!” came the girl’s muffled voice.

She popped free and stumbled forward, nearly tripping over her long, anaconda-like cock as the lengthy appendage became wrapped around her legs. She carried two more flaccid cocks of similar length, one draped in the crook of each arm.

“Oh, you’re not Sarah,” said the new arrival.

“I know,” said Mimi. “Sorry for blocking the hallway. My balls aren’t normally like this. I don’t know what’s got into them today!”

“It happens to everyone,” said the triple-cocked girl. “Just yesterday, dick number one here decided to get hard right in the middle of an English quiz. Flipped my desk right up into the ceiling! And Mrs. Kingstone said I couldn’t get extra time to finish the test!”

“Ugh, Mrs. Kingstone is such a bitch,” said Amy.

Amy and the triple-cocked girl started commiserating with each other about teachers they hated and forgot all about Mimi. They left her alone in the hall with only the creaking sound of her balls growing for company.

Amy winced as she heard the sound of the school’s double doors opening again and the mingling of many voices as a large group of students walked through.

The sound of gossip immediately turned to jeers and laughter when the group encountered the towering domes of Mimi’s balls.

“Aw! What the hell!”

“Whose dumb balls are blocking the doorway?”

“Move your balls, Sarah!”

Mimi giggled and squeaked as several students tried to squeeze around her balls on either side, but the passage was narrower than when Amy and her friend had squeezed through, and the friction of their bodies excited Mimi’s balls to further growth. There was a loud stretching sound, followed by the distressed cries of the students suddenly squeezed up against the walls of the passage.

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