Jackie’s 9.5″

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She kept showing me her foot. She had swollen up ankles a couple weeks back and I was looking at her lower leg and foot as if I wasn’t wanting to.

The truth was that I always liked to glimpse her feet. One time a while back she let me paint her toenails. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I saw that her nails needed some color so I just asked her.

“Jackie. Can I put some purple polish on your toes?”

“Yeah. I guess that would be alright”

She sounded disinterested so I let it go for now.

A couple of weeks went by and I saw her washing the car. Jackie was tall already and she was standing on her tip toes to clean the roof. Damn! I wanted to just put one of her sexy 9.5s into my mouth. But we were a couple of friends that just started reconnecting. Long story.

“You really should escort bursa let me paint those for you” I said to her nonchalantly.

“Sit your ass down” Jackie

said with a firmness I had never heard.

” Yes ma’am” I said as I put my rear onto a kitchen chair we had outside. I was almost in the seated position when J lifted her foot to my abdomen and thrust me back.

” What’s the big-” The toes of her right foot were pressing across my mouth and lips ,stopping me mid sentence.

“I know that you like my feet. I can tell every time I go to show you something.”

“Well. I. Uh. I can’t tell a lie.”

I sucked on the side of her foot as my shorts rose high with an erection.

” Like before. This is only gonna happen today.” She looked so sultry with the water still dripping görükle escort off of her.

“We don’t have to mess around. It’s not that big of a deal.” I said.

“Oh yeah!”

My ass pressed back down in the chair and in one quick motion Jackie pulled my dick out and slid it right through the shorts she had on. Her pussy slid right over me and I could feel a quick spurt of cum shoot into her. This was my good friend and all I could think about was how to make her shake and cum.

Oh I wanted her so much. Wanted her. So I grabbed her two legs and spun her hips and legs until her sex was directly in front of my face.

She had large sexy pussy lips and I put them into my mouth and tried to hit that sweet spot. She had juices coming down and I lapped them up like you bursa escort bayan would vanilla soft serve on a hot summer day. I forgot about what she was doing. I was tonguing her and I kept darting it on and off her little bud in the middle. It was getting a bit bigger and swollen. I put the head of my cock between those sexy lips. The lips around her aroused sex. I pushed it in and out firmly until her pussy started to contract over it. It felt so good. I lasted another 20 seconds before cum started pumping out of me. I released all into her and I felt her cum as I was. It was incredible. She was moaning and I watched her sweet sex throb and pulse for another minute or two.

I was regaining myself when Jackie put her toes on my lips and told me to suck them for her. Who was I to refuse, so I kissed and massaged her feet for a while as we relaxed with a nice joint of A-grade. This was a great night and I would remember it for a long time. I finished up by painting her toenails Coral instead of purple. It looked so sexy on her 9.5’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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