Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 03

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Marnie’s college girlfriend, Cheryl, comes to visit. Richard is allowed to have sex with her. She takes our couple out for dinner at a restaurant and Richard is seen under the table licking her by his company president. A new job offer arises. Marnie hires a bisexual sex worker for them both to fuck and suck. This chapter contains lesbian and gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, public sex, extra-marital sex including cuckolding and group sex. STD’s and COVID don’t exist in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his help

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch 3 – Our First Dates

Life settled down into a quasi routine. I still had a couple days off to decompress from our vacation, adjust for jet lag and the like. Mistress took me to a BDSM shop the first day after we returned. She picked out three cock cages in progressively smaller sizes. The first one might allow some blood flow and swelling of my cock, but the last one wouldn’t allow me to get hard at all. We went back to the house and Mistress put the first one on and then we watched porn and she masturbated for me while testing the device. It hurt. It hurt – substantially. This was going to be hard. I worked at not getting erections when I received sexual stimulation. I had enough control at the end of the week, I mostly didn’t suffer much. After a week, I was placed in the next smallest size, and I was struggling again.

We also bought a treadmill and stationary bike. Mistress liked it more than a gym membership as she wanted me to do my exercising at home where I could remain naked, collared, plugged and caged. It was aerobic, so it ought to do the trick. Riding a stationary bike while wearing an anal plug was not fun. I ended up standing on the pedals instead of sitting on the seat. Maybe I should have gotten a StairMaster instead.

I went back to work. Every day Mistress would start me off with sex, we’d shower and I’d dress, wearing an anal plug, my new cock cage and one of Mistress’s panties. Just before I left the house, Mistress would remove my collar. I’d work all day, and when I returned to the house, I was re-collared, have supper, then both of us spent time exercising, followed by more sex. She made sure every one of her holes was used every day. She wasn’t shy about any of them. She preferred vaginal sex, but she even gave me top notch blow jobs twice a week.

“I have to stay in practice,” Mistress said. “I don’t want you to get better than me at blow jobs like you are at cunt licking.”

I think her comment was supposed to be a joke, but she had me practice sucking her strap-on a couple times a week so I wouldn’t get out of practice either. She made sure I was able to swallow it all. I also gave her lots of oral sex, licking her every day, sometimes more than once. Also about once a week, Mistress would peg me, fucking my ass to get me used to it, reminding me of what was coming down the pike. She also made sure I received a punishment once a day to stay in practice. Usually, I was punished for cumming without permission. I may be getting sex a couple times a day, but not every time did I get permission to cum.

When Domina came the second weekend we were home, she asked me how I was doing and making sure Mistress was following the rules of her agreement. I said Mistress treated me fine. Domina paddled both of our asses forty times on general principles, having us bent over the arm of the couch. Can I say now how odd it was having my younger sister paddling my naked ass. Mistress orgasmed from her spanking. I didn’t as I had a cock cage on. The pain kept me from an erection. After our spanking, Mistress had to lick Domina’s cunt to five orgasms.

“You’re not getting enough practice, Marnie. You should be licking more cunt. Do I need to send some of my girlfriends over for you to practice on?” Domina asked.

“I’m having my college girlfriend over next weekend, Domina. Both Richard and I will get plenty of cunt licking practice, I’m sure. She’ll also be the first female I give to Richard to meet my monthly goal. I’m hoping she’ll be a rather frequent visitor, though I don’t expect her to be the only female I let Richard fuck. If you have any girlfriends interested in male sex, I’d certainly be willing to consider them.”

“Fine, I won’t come again next weekend to check on him. Just text me to let me know how things go.”

“I found a nice bisexual male to start Richard on the week after.”

I was wondering when that was coming. Seemed it was coming a hell of a lot sooner than I wanted it to. It was the reason I was practicing cock sucking and getting pegged.

“I might drop by for a few hours for that encounter. Let me know when he’ll be here and I’ll make arrangements.”

“Yes, Domina. Thank you.” Oh, goody. My sister would get to witness my shame and mortification.

“I’ll tell Mother you got some exercise equipment instead of a gym membership. I doubt she’ll have a problem with it. Keep up the good work. It looks like you each lost a pound or two and are looking görükle escort a little tighter.”

Domina kissed me before she left, a sisterly kiss, nothing more.

On Friday morning, Mistress reminded me Cheryl was coming for the weekend. “She’ll get here before you get back from work. I’ll explain our deal to her and remind her she needs to keep it on the down low. If we’ve had sex before you get there, she’ll probably still be naked if she’s agreed to have sex with us as a couple. When you get home, I want you to strip off down to your underwear. I want her to see you in your darling little panties, then come find us and I’ll put your collar back on.

“I won’t remove your cock cage right away. I’ll probably make you watch us have sex first so you can work on not becoming erect when visually stimulated. You’ll be wearing the smallest one today. I’m sure you’ll be thinking of sex with her all day, so you’ll get lots of practice remaining limp before you get home.” She patted my cheek and kissed me. “She’ll be staying until Sunday morning, so we’ll have lots of time to fuck her. She wants to take us out to dinner on Saturday night. We’ll dress up. I’m looking forward to it, aren’t you, dear.”

I was looking forward to it more than next weekend. I’d always enjoyed Cheryl’s company and she was a stone cold fox. “Yes, Mistress.”

I tried to stay really busy on Friday, because every time I thought of what the weekend was bringing, I’d start to get erect and this cock cage was the smallest Mistress owned and it didn’t allow for any expansion at all. I’d have to let my thoughts settle and for the pain to stop as I managed to get myself under control.

Images of Cheryl naked were buzzing around my brain the entire commute home. I’d seen her in a bikini a few times when we’d gone to the beach on Long Island in the summer between our junior and senior years. She was more athletic than Marnie, not quite as chesty, but very well put together. What my dad used to call, built like a brick shithouse. When my thoughts drifted to her in that tiny swimsuit, I paid for it. A couple people on the subway saw me flinch and ask if I was okay.

“Pulled muscle,” I said, “just have to work through it.”

I got to our apartment and hobbled to my door, imagining what I might see there. I entered and did as Mistress ordered, removing all of my clothes at the entry except the ridiculous frilly panties I was wearing today, ones with ruffles on the buttocks. I heard sex noises coming from our bedroom and went to it, the door open.

Upon entering, I saw the two girls on the bed in a sixty-nine, Cheryl on top, my wife buried in her pussy. What an ass! I knocked politely to announce my presence. The reluctantly pulled apart, like they had sticky surfaces.

“Richard, say hello to Cheryl.”

“Hello, Cheryl, good to see you again.”

“Especially like this?” She waved to indicate her lack of clothing and calling attention to her pert, perky boobs. I saw those puppies and winced.

“Especially like that,” I groaned.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Cock cage,” I whimpered.

“What’s he talking about?” Cheryl asked Marnie.

“Before I tell you, how do you like the panties? Turn around Richard so she can see the ruffles.”

I spun in place. As soon as I wasn’t looking at them, the pressure on my dick subsided moderately.

“Cute,” Cheryl said.

“You can take them off now, Richard. Stay turned around so she can see your firm ass.”

I dropped my drawers.

“Turn around and approach the bed.”

I turned around and walked to the bed, the pressure coming back.

“My, my, what is that device on your dick, Richard?” Cheryl asked.

“My cock cage. Mistress has control of my erections and orgasms so I’m not allowed an erection unless she releases it. Doesn’t really stop me from getting the need for one, only from allowing me one. At the moment, it’s quite painful,” I grunted.

“Why don’t you release the poor boy, so I can see what we have to work with this weekend?” Cheryl said.

“He’s learning to control himself. I want him to watch us for a half hour as we have sex so he can practice his restraint.”

“Isn’t it excruciating?”

“Very. It’s how he learns not to get an erection until I release him. If it gets too painful, I’ll send him to start on dinner. Once he’s no longer looking, it should diminish.”

I wasn’t sure about that, but it could get easier.

“Pull up a chair, Richard and watch the show,” Mistress said.

I got the chair from her make-up table and took a seat. They resumed having sex. It’s a good thing she’d made me practice watching porn and her masturbate for the last three weeks or I wouldn’t have made it. That’s how I got through it, pretending it was a porno movie and I wasn’t watching the woman I love fucking her most excellent girlfriend.

They finally stopped, both of their faces smeared with their juices.

“Incredible!” Cheryl said. “You have to stop. I’m so fucking sensitive at the moment. bursa merkez escort Are you sure you haven’t been licking cunt all your life?”

“Just during the last few weeks,” Mistress, said, laying back on the bed, breathless and panting. “We both underwent cunt licking training with some very talented sex slaves, though. If they wanted to, they could make us scream. We heard it several times. One of them even made Richard’s sister, Alexandra, scream in the dressing room at a Department Store.”

“Public sex, amazing. Can Richard take off his cage thing now?”

“Oh, no. It’s locked on. I have to remove it,” Mistress said. “I keep the key around my neck so I don’t lose it. I’m not sure I can even break or cut it off, it’s so tight over his cock.”

“Let’s take a look,” Cheryl said, looking at my caged junk.

Mistress took it off and I was finally able to expand. “Wow. I thought he’d be smaller given the size of that thing. He actually has a very nice dick.”

Mistress kissed the end of it. “He does, and it’s all mine to do with pretty much as I want.”

I felt as if I could take a deep breath. It didn’t take long before I was hard. Mistress put cock and ball rings on me to keep me that way.

“So how is it you started doing this stuff?” Cheryl asked. She was tugging on my ball sack at the time.

“I have to admit, it’s my fault really. Despite Richard being a good lover, he makes love to me all the time. It turns out I’ve got a submissive streak in me and I wanted someone to take me and ravage me; fuck the shit out of me really. Turns out, Richard is more submissive than I am. He couldn’t give me what I needed, so I was kind of looking for some big strong guy to grab my hair, force his cock into my mouth and then force his way into my virgin ass.

“I was being a general ass about it, just a bitch about sex in general, refusing to give Richard blow jobs, not having sex very frequently, pushing him to maybe raping me. Then, they had this strip contest planned where all these ex-military, hard bodies would strip and the women would vote on best strippers and they’d win prizes, sex with the women sex slaves. I wanted Richard to sign up to strip and offer myself as a prize, hoping to get what I wanted, permission from Richard to let another man fuck me.

“One of the slaves was a psychology student who was studying submission. She gave us all surveys which helped determine what my problem was, why I was being so bitchy. She also learned Richard couldn’t give me what I wanted. I wanted a Dominant to take charge of me and Richard isn’t. I am a switch, so I was trying to Dominate Richard, without having a clue what I was doing. Instead of just telling him I was going to fuck someone else, I was trying to get him to give me permission to fuck someone else, which he was unwilling to do. All of a sudden, I find myself in submission myself, and I’m suddenly getting all the fucking I need, treated like the submissive slut I wanted to be. When I found out what we were, we got trained so we wouldn’t hurt each other physically and how I could Dominate Richard and still be a submissive.”

“So who’s your Dominant?” Cheryl asked.

“Richard’s mother, primarily, though since she’s out of the country for the next several months, Richard’s sister is handling us.”

“Richard’s mother and sister are your Dominants? And they know what you’re doing to him?”

“They not only know, they imposed limitations on what I could do, at least until Richard and they are sure this is really what he wants. I can’t publicly humiliate him or feminize him. I can make him wear panties under his work clothes, but not dresses as his work clothes. I can’t give him woman’s jewelry or embarrass him at work or among our friends. I can’t permanently mark him, scar him or tattoo him without her permission. I can’t have children unless it’s Richard’s child.”

“But she knows all the other things you’re doing to him. Making him wear a cock cage and make him watch you have sex with other men?”

“Yes. She even knows I made him suck cocks and clean up my pussy after they cum inside me. The first time was on her wedding night. I fucked two of the groomsmen.”

“Why does she allow you to do these things to Richard?”

“She’s a Dominant herself and has two submissive sex slaves, one male, and one female, who are engaged to be married. She sees how happy they are as submissives and feels if Richard is a submissive, he should be able to live that life if he wishes to live it and be happy. It doesn’t matter if society thinks it’s wrong. The only thing that matters is if Richard is happy as a submissive. He gets to be the submissive he was born to be. I get to be both submissive and Dominant towards him and we can live a more fulfilling life.”

“Are you happy being a cuckold, Richard? That’s what you are if Marnie is fucking other men and women in front of you?”

“That’s a difficult question, Cheryl, and one of the reasons there are some limitations bursa sınırsız escort at the moment. Although I might be born a submissive, I wasn’t raised submissive. What I learned were societies rules for men and women and expected relationships and what marriages should be like. I had expectations growing up of what my marriage would be like, even though my parents had a terrible marriage. What mother told me is to let go, surrender my ego and let myself be what it’s in my nature to be. Because of the societal rules I learned, I’m still clinging to those expectations to a certain extent.

“Although I believe I am a submissive, and have enjoyed parts of submission, I’m still internally fighting between my nature and learned behavior. Watching Mistress have sex with other men hasn’t been pleasant. Sucking their dicks to get them hard so they can fuck her and licking their cum from her cunt is hard. Doing what she wants as it pertains to those things has been difficult. I fight it because it isn’t how I was raised.

“Next week, she wants me to have sex with a man, a bisexual she’s found for both of us to fuck. She wants full subservience despite my being heterosexual. She wants me sucking his cock to completion, she wants me to fuck his ass and allow him to fuck mine. I’m scared and I don’t want to do it, but it’s a test of my obedience as her submissive. This is where I really have to surrender my ego and my will to my Mistress. To give up those parts of me, that control over myself, and give it to her.

“That’s why it’s a difficult question to answer. When I can submit fully, my expectation is that I will be happy, because submission is my nature. I recognize that because I’ve greatly enjoyed much of it, but I’m not there yet. I’m still fighting against my nature. Mistress expects my full obedience and I’m still scared to give it. Every day, it gets easier, but I’m not to the point where my obedience doesn’t affect me. Where I can watch another man fuck my wife and it’s perfectly okay because I want to see her have pleasure, from whatever source she takes it from. I still feel shame and humiliation in watching it. It’s easier watching her have sex with you. I don’t feel as threatened by it.”

“That’s a very good answer.”

“The person who was teaching us has reached the point she’s not affected by things expected by her submission. She gratefully shares her Master with her fellow slaves, or any other person he wants to have sex with. She believes that at its penultimate, love means wanting the very best for the person you love, no matter how it affects you. You freely give all you can if it’s for their benefit. I’m not there yet, but I’m working towards it.”

“What are you getting out of your submission?”

“Mistress no longer plays sexual games with me. She’s required to surrender sex to me every day, orally, vaginally and anally. Games aren’t needed as it’s no longer a power trip. She has the power and I recognize that, but as my Mistress, she’s responsible for seeing to my care and well being. She can’t ignore me as a result. My own sexual libido has increased due to my submission, as Mistress’s has. We’re both having lots of sex with each other in addition to anyone else.

“Because she’s free to have sex as she chooses, she must give me some of it back. I have to watch her having sex with others, so I’m allowed sex with others. I’m to have sex with any other woman once a month. You’re the person she chose for me this month. She also wants me having sex with the other men she’s having sex with, which is why she wants me having sex with men. If there is any other person, man or woman, in our bed, we can both enjoy pleasure with them.”

“Do you believe you’ll enjoy sex with other men?”

“I think someone sucking my cock is gender neutral. I expect I’ll enjoy it no matter who sucks it. What will be difficult is taking pleasure in sucking someone else’s. I expect I’ll have difficulty with it, but might at some time in the future, be more indifferent to who I’m giving pleasure to. That will come as I learn to surrender my will and seek to obey completely what Mistress requires of me.”

“Would you mind if I came and watched you attempting to surrender your will?”

Surrender my will, right. “You want to watch me suck another man’s cock, don’t you?”

“Bluntly, yes. I want to see all aspects of you having sex with another man.”

“That’s not up to me. It’s up to my Mistress.”

Please don’t make me do this in front of other people, I thought. It will be hard enough as it is.

“Alexandra wanted to witness Richard’s submission as well. She’s a lovely woman. Perhaps you’d enjoy sex with her as well,” Mistress said. “She’ll expect acts of submission from me as well. It’s likely we’ll both be punished, as a reminder of our submission. We’ll have you both.”

Shit! It was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. Surrender, Richard. Let go. Hopefully, I wouldn’t puke again.

“Why don’t we eat now and then Richard can show you what a good cunt licker he is. The stewardess, Natasha, from our SAS flight, thought he was better than I am. One of the other slaves said that being in a sixty-nine with another woman while a man fucked you was the very best of both worlds and what she enjoyed the most.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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