A Family Secret

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Karen was nursing her three-month-old daughter when her brother, Allen arrived at the house. he let himself in. Karen’s husband worked nights and he’d just left for the evening, so Allen knew that they would have plenty of time together.

Karen and Allen had started fooling around together in college. Karen got married right after graduation, but they continued their affair during family visits. Karen and Allen never felt any guilt over their relationship. In fact, they knew of two other pairs of siblings who were doing the same thing that they were at their campus.

Anyway, Karen was nursing little Sara when Allen walked into the living room. Her blouse was open and her bra off, leaving both her heavy breasts bare. Karen looked up at him from the couch with a smile.

“Were you watching the house? Dave just left.”

Allen nodded as he stripped off his clothes. “I didn’t want to waste a minute. I’ve missed you.”

In the past year they hadn’t been able to get together as much as he would have liked. they’d only been able to get together five times since the baby was born. That was limited to quick blow-jobs. This was certainly not enough for him.

“I missed you, too, baby brother.”

Baby, ha! One year and two months older and she lorded it over him every chance she got. Allen reached and caressed his niece’s cheek. Her suckling mouth made wet noises as she devoured Karen’s nipple.

“She looks hungry.” Allen brushed his fingertips over Karen’s breasts and added, ” so am I.”

Karen giggled. “Will you never be weaned?”

Her brother shook his head no.

“Well, you’re in luck. I happen to have a free spigot.”

Karen put Sara to sleep and Allen lay down on the couch. The first splash of her milk in his mouth was always the best. It was warm and slightly sweet, like cantaloupes. he love his sister, and she loves him, but since she had Sara, sex with her has become something even more special.

Karen gripped his hard cock with her hand, slowly jacking her brother. It betsobet yeni giriş wasn’t enough to bring him off, just something to keep his motor running. Allen sat up on the couch with legs spread wide and stoked him self, waiting patiently. They had hours ahead.

Karen was soon naked. Allen eyed her body hungrily as she walked. Her full tits bounced with every step, the nipples high and pointed slightly wall-eyed. They’d gotten bigger with her pregnancy, which Allen liked a lot. She had always kept her pussy shaved bare, even in college, as he found out one day when he accidentally walked in on her after a shower. She keep it smooth ever since. he liked that a lot, too.

“Starting without me, Allen?” Karen asked, with her eyes fixed on his cock as he stroked himself.

“No, just waiting for you to take over.” Allen moved to the edge of the couch.

Without a word his sister dropped to her knees between his legs and sucked her brother’s cock into her mouth. Allen loved Karen’s blow-jobs, but he knew this was just a warm-up. After getting his cock slathered up with spit, she shifted forward and wrapped her heavy tits around his cock and started tit-fucking him. She pressed her tits with both hands, trapping his cock in the slippery slot of her warm cleavage. Her nipples began leaking milk in drips and drabs, wetting his belly and public hair.

It was such a sight. His cockhead popped in and out from his sister’s tits with each stroke. Then she bent her neck and started licking it, too. Allen was so fired up, he immediately started shooting his load, spraying her lips, cheeks, shoulders, and tits with his cum. When Allen finished squirting, she lay back on the floor and Allen fell on her tits, licking his own jizz off.

“Now put that tongue to work, Allen,” she urged.

Allen didn’t need to be asked twice. He licked his way down his sister’s body until he got to her sweet, hairless pussy. “Mmm,” she purred as his tongue probed inside her. he sucked her hard clit. Karen’s hips began betsobet güvenilirmi to buck he knew she was getting close to coming, so he slide a finger inside and fucked her with it as he hovered her clit. She grabbed his head, her orgasm making her arch up, and she pulled his face hard against her.

When she finally let him go, he kissed his way back up to her tits and latched onto a nipple again. She hugged him close and they snuggled together for a while as he suckled. Karen’s milk was a special treat for him. He had to be careful not to drink too much or little Sara wouldn’t have a midnight snack later.

Karen pulled her brother off her tit after about five minutes. he moved up and they kissed, caressing each other on the floor before they got up and went hand in hand to her bed. There they began kissing again as they lay down, masturbating each other gently. Karen really enjoyed being brought to the point of an orgasm just before being entered her, so Allen concentrated on her clit, swirling it around and around until her heavy breathing let him know she was close.

She pulled away from his face as she pulled on his hard cock and gasped, “fuck me now, Allen.”

She flopped onto her back. Allen rolled between her legs and Karen directed his cockhead to her drooling pussy. He buried his cock balls-deep inside his sister’s bare slit with a single shove. Karen squealed her pleasure and he began a rapid-fire pace, gripping her ass in both hands as he pounded her hard and fast. Their first fuck in a long time didn’t last so long. Karen began coming quickly, grunting against her brother’s neck while her pussy rippled around his cock. he pulled back a bit to watch her face as she came. He thought that his sister looked so beautiful when she comes. They had taking Polaroid pictures once so she could see for herself the expressions. She didn’t like them, he loved them and had keep them in secret.

Allen continued on with slow thrusts into Karen while she quivered her way through the last part betsobet giriş of her orgasm. Allen got up on his knees and elbows so he could watch his cock sliding between her bare puss lips. he kissed her cleavage and mouthed her flesh, gently, so he didn’t leave any marks for his brother-in-law to find. Then Allen buried his cock to the hilt and they lay together for a while, hugging each other closer than most brothers and sisters ever get. It was warm and very loving and getting a bit too close. Allen started to get up when Karen stopped him.

“No. Don’t pull out.”

“I need to get a rubber. It’s risky enough already, Karen, just being inside you without one.” she looked him in the eye.

“it’s the risk you take when you love someone.” then she kissed me, long and wet, with more passion than he’d ever known.

It was like his dick was iron. he jumped and throbbed inside his sister, then began rolling his hips slow, grinding his public hair into her skin before pulling out halfway, then sliding in again. Allen never wanted the night to end. They kissed as he continued his slow and deliberate rhythm. He wanted to go on forever, but his cock started to tingle with familiar warning of impending orgasm. he picked up the pace and pounded his sister’s pussy faster. She rose to meet each thrust, straining to come with her brother.

Allen tried to slow down and wait for her, but the cum pressure was too much for him to take. he began shooting off deep inside Karen’s wet pussy, groaning as he felt his cum pour into her without any rubber to catch it. The only other time they had allowed that was their first time. It had to be the best cum of his life.

Later, Karen and Allen snuggled together and she asked him if he remembered those sibling couples from college. he said sure.

“well, I know of a third pair. Dave told me about another brother and sister just like us…right after he told me about his vasectomy.”

Allen sat up in a panic. The look on his face, Sara wasn’t niece but his daughter. Karen hugged him and kissed him and that helped to make it all right again. They talk a long time after that, since then, Dave had gotten a reversal. Dave’s sister tried out to be cool about everything and help keep Allen and Karen’s secret, and the four of them become a really close family.

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