Caught in the Rain

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The puddled rain splashed around their feet as the heavy down pour soaked though their clothes. It had been a hot summer evening and they were both completely unprepared for the shower that caught them about a kilometre from home. They held hands as they ran along the pavement in a hopeless attempt to keep at least an inch of their bodies dry. Both out of breath and dripping wet they reached the sheltered doorway of the apartment block. They could hear thunder cracking in the distance and Rebekah shivered from the chill.

Their clothes were heavy and stuck firmly to their skin, Rebekah lent back on the wall exhausted and Christopher could see her white blouse had become translucent again her body. She hadn’t worn a bra and the soaking wet material clung to the soft shape of her breasts and tightened on her nipples which were hardened from the cold. He slid his hands around her waist and down to the base of her back and pushed her against the wall. She gave no resistance and tilted her mouth up to meet his. He could feel the cold rainwater on her lips contrasting with her hot breath as they held their lips and bodies together, the water between them warming and running down their legs to the floor as they pressed closer together. She pushed out her tongue to meet his and they kissed even more passionately, Christopher her face gently grandbetting yeni giriş in both of his hand and took her bottom lip between his, feeling her breath still heavy and warm from the run. He brushed her wet hair from her face with his thumbs and kissed her again.

Christopher pushed the door open with his back and led her into the building, she ran ahead to the stairwell and they ascended the floors to the apartment. As they climbed he watched the shape of her full bottom move underneath her dress which had moulded to the curves, catching a teasing glimpse of her figure illuminated by the street light every time they passed a window.

They reached the door and Rebekah fumbled with the key and lock which was hidden by shadow, Christopher grasped her waist and ran his hands up her body, pulling her back against him and firmly grasping both her breasts as he kissed up her shoulders to her neck. She could feel him harden against her as she finally unlocked the door. Once they were inside she span in his arms to face him again and with their lips still locked they dropped their soaked clothes on the kitchen tiles. Once undressed they moved to the lounge and Christopher laid down on the blanket spread out on the sofa. Now walking into the light coming through the high window frame he could see her soft skin grandbetting giriş glistening with rainwater, she climbed on top him and he took her supple breast in his mouth and flicked her nipples with his tongue as he sucked harder on her. His hand reached around her arse and he ran a finger down her slit as she bent over, he could feel her warm and ready and she breathed heavier as he slide his finger inside. As he released her breast she lift her leg over his body and straddled him in reverse. He could feel himself get harder when he saw her pink slit wet and spread in front of his face and couldn’t help but take her cheeks in his hands and pull it open it a little more.

Rebekah pushed herself back onto his waiting tongue and she gasped as he pressed his wide tongue again her waiting pussy. He licked her clit slowly and she felt his tongue move towards her hole, with this she sat back further and he passionately pushed it inside her, fully enjoying the most intimate parts of her body. She could feel him taking her with his mouth and she moved against him intensifying the sensation even further. He focused with strong flicks on her clit making her moan and grab his thighs from the pleasure. She saw his hard cock in front of her and wanted to return the favour. She took him in her hand and already breathing heavily grandbetting güvenilirmi wrapped her mouth around it, feeling him breath sharply again her pussy as she slid her lips over him and down the shaft in slow rhythmic motions.

The sensation of her willing mouth and hands enjoying his solid cock only encouraged him and he intensified his efforts on her, quickening the pace of his tongue and sliding a finger into her. She struggled to continue her efforts as she felt herself being tipped over the edge, she released him from her mouth and it wasn’t long before she shuddered to a climax against his face, still holding and stroking him in her hand. He continued to run his tongue around her pussy until he had taken every shake out of her orgasm.

She felt him playfully bite on her arse before pushing her forward on all fours on the edge of the sofa, as she grasped a pillow she felt his swollen cock slide inside her and she gasped again. Holding her waist she felt him thrust hard into her over and over again as he took her roughly against the cushions. Still inside her he reached up and holding her breast pulled her body against his just how this had started at the door to the apartment. She turned her head and their mouths touched, she could hear his breath shorten as she reached down to his balls with her hands. He released her and she laid face up in front of him, their lips locked together as she felt him slide into her once again, lifting her legs to take more of him inside. She couldn’t help but run her finger over her already aching clit and as she came again she felt him withdraw and come across her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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