A Family Affair

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It was a warm summer day and I was working in my home office on a story. I was startled to hear my door slam open. I glanced up to see my 19 year old son standing in the doorway. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. His tanned skin glistened with sweat from working in the yard. I looked back down to finish the sentence I was working on.

I felt him move closer to me. I tried to focus on the sentence in front of me. I can feel the heat radiating off his skin as he stands so close to me. Suddenly, I am pulled from my seat. The keyboard falls from my lap to the floor.

My son pulls me into a passionate embrace. His strong young hands caress my ass as he kisses me. I am suddenly glad I signed the slip for his tongue piercing when he was 16. His kisses warm me to my very toes. I feel one of his hands move inside my shorts, caressing me through my white cotton panties. The other hand tangles in my long dark hair pulling me deeper into his kisses.

Trying to keep my head, I push against him. Trying to stop him, trying to tell him that this is wrong. That this amazing pulsing feeling that has swept over me is wrong.

Slowly his hand work their way up from my ass, under my white camisole. betist giriş Lifting it from my over heated body. Then his lips are on my throat, biting lightly. Tormenting me. His hands cup my large breasts and he moves his mouth down to my hard nipples. My hands go to his hair and tangle in as his tongue caresses me to wetness. The metal in his mouth clicking softly against my nipple rings.

His mouth trailing kisses he kneels in front of me. He stops briefly at the button of my shorts. My hands on his shoulders steady me a bit and keep me standing, as his fingers tease beneath the shorts. Lightly caressing me through my panties… white cotton of innocence. I stand there breathless at my sons gentle administrations. Partly shocked at his boldness, partly embarrassed by my burning need.

I feel his mouth at the button of my shorts. And suddenly they are sliding to the floor. I am left standing in from of my son in only tiny white cotton panties. Cotton ripping he tears them from my body. His mouth on my center. I feel his tongue tease me. Massages my clit. Dipping lightly into my moisture. I moan slightly. Unable to stand the pleasure.

Suddenly, he is standing before me. Moving betist yeni giriş my hand inside his shorts to find his hard and willing cock. His shorts join mine in a tangled mess on the floor as I kneel down to take his cock into my throat. My tongue swirls around the head first. Then I lick along the shaft. A glorious drop of pre-cum appears and I gently lick it away. Opening my throat I take in all the way in, gagging slightly. I feel his hands tangle in my hair holding me close as I delight myself with his gorgeous cock.

I feel him tugging me gently up by my hair. I rise to be met with hard passionate kisses. His hands still buried in my hair as he devours my mouth.

Releasing me, he quickly bends me over my couch. I feel my son’s enormous hard cock pressing at the entrance of me. Teasing me with his hardness. I can feel his enormous restraint as he holds back on plummeting to my depths. He gently slaps my clit with his cock. Then he rubs it from my clit to my ass hole. Spreading my wetness the entire way. Then back to my clit he slaps his cock a little harder. I whimper. I feel my orgasm building. It is too delicious to be wrong.

His hands spread my ass cheeks betist güvenilirmi and leans down to spit on my pussy, his cock resting hard against my clit. Holding my cheeks apart he pauses at the entrance of my pussy. Just teasing me he dips his head in. I beg my son to fuck me. Without warning he slams his entire hardness to the bottom of my womb. I shudder and come around the delicious hard cock of my son.

He moves his hands to my hips and slowly starts rocking his cock in and out. All the way deep in, pauses, then all the way out, head resting against the entrance, paused. Slowly fucking me, hands on my hips, gripping hard not letting me have any movement. I feel another orgasm building in me, stronger than the first.

Feeling my need my son starts rocking faster. All the way in and then almost all the way out. His speed increases with his need. Rocking harder and faster he fucks me. I feel my orgasm cresting in me. I feel his cock growing harder and larger as he gets closer.

I whimper and beg him to fuck me. I scream for him to fuck me harder. My son just smiles and keeps pounding away. Just as I feel myself top that ridge, my orgasm tightening around him, I feel him give way. We both cry out as an amazing orgasm washes over us. Collapsing onto the couch.

After a bit of a rest he stands, kisses me, getting dressed. And heads back out to the lawn work. Leaving me to wonder where that came from and, more importantly, when we can do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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