A Beautiful Delivery

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It was quiet in the shop as he prepared for the days business, and he let his mind wander as he went through his usual routine. It had been a while since he’d had a really hot fuck, and thoughts of sex had taken up permanent residence in both of his ‘heads’. He could barely glance at a woman without developing a hard on, not a good thing when you work with the public.

As his mind meandered through it’s abundant catalog of images and fantasies, his cock stiffened, pressing emphatically against his his pants, begging for attention. Lately, he had shared fantasies with a female friend he had met over the internet. She was a willing ear when he wanted to talk about his sexual desires even though she was relatively inexperienced when it came to the things that he enjoyed. In recent weeks he had confided in her about a variety of fetishes and it turned him on immensely when she she asked questions, curious to learn vicariously through him. Even though she had been adamant that she could never do some of the things they talked about, he found that in some instances he could draw her into his fantasies, even if just a little bit. Every now and then, though, she would surprise him with something totally unexpected. They had even taken to calling each other by pet names, she was his ‘baby’ and he was ‘sweet cheeks’ to her.

His mind settled on a recent conversation they had shared where he had coaxed her into sharing erotic emails and dominating him with her words. He had spent the entire day alternating between semi and total arousal as they exchanged playful emails, and he had high hopes for her when it came to playing along with his fantasy games.

He was shaken from his salacious daydreams by a loud banging on the back door. As he made his way through the stockroom to see who was there, he picked up a newspaper in an effort to hide his bulging crotch.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a very attractive delivery woman. Her strawberry blonde hair seemed to catch every ray of the early morning sunlight and she flashed him a big smile as she wished him a perky “Good morning!” He could feel his cock instantly begin to dampen with precum at the sight of her standing there smiling at him. He wasn’t expecting any deliveries, and he didn’t recognize the truck, but he was too mesmerized by the large, lovely breasts straining the buttons on her shirt to ask questions. It took some effort to focus on signing for the delivery while still keeping his obvious interest for her hidden behind the newspaper.

When she handed him the box and turned to walk away, he noticed that it wasn’t addressed to the shop, and he stumbled over his words as he called out to her, his thoughts consumed by the sway of her round ass as she walked away. ” I think there’s been a mistake.” he said.

She turned back towards him and did a little jog back, her bouncing tits causing his cock to throb painfully in it’s tight enclosure. “Oh, no! Sorry! Hold on a minute.” she said as she jogged back to the rear of the truck.

This time the sight of her tightly clad ass sparked a visual of him bending her over so he could bury his cock in her and relieve his aching hard on as she leaned into the truck. He watched, captivated, until she climbed in and disappeared from view.

She was taking a while locating the right package, so he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment, imagining himself fucking her from behind with long, slow strokes. His thoughts were interrupted by her calling to him.

“Excuse me, sir?” she called a second time. “Could you come here and help me, please?”

Still holding the newspaper to conceal his arousal, he walked to the back of the truck. As he peered in, he felt a wave of dizziness as all available blood to his brain reversed direction and made a bee line for his already raging shaft.

She was standing in the back of the truck topless, the nipples of her large breasts bright pink and hard, a slight pout on her pretty lips. She motioned to her missing top, apparently caught by a hook on the wall of the truck. “I can’t get it untangled.” she whined as she made a half-hearted effort to cover her exposed breasts.

Mind racing and cock pounding, he glanced around to see if anyone had observed the surreal situation he was in, and bahis şirketleri seeing no one about, the newspaper slipped to the ground as he climbed in to offer his assistance. He attempted to make his way by her in the cramped space and had no choice but to steady himself and her by placing his hands on her bare waist as he maneuvered past her, his stiff cock brushing against her belly. “I’m so sorry.” he blurted out, blushing.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all.” she replied softly, and he jumped when he felt her hand cup his balls and give them a squeeze. He froze for a few seconds, the nipples of her voluptuous tits just inches away from his chest.

The sweet smell of her hair filled his nostrils as she held a firm grip on his manhood. When his eyes met hers, he saw a devilish twinkle amidst the green and gold flecks. She flashed a slight grin and released her grip, and with a sigh somewhere between relief and frustration, he continued to make his way to the entangled shirt.

As he reached for the shirt, he felt her press against him, sliding her hand down his arm. In one quick motion, she reached under the shirt and before he could grasp what was happening, he felt the handcuffs that were attached to the wall underneath it clamp shut around his wrist.

“What the hell…!” he yelled.

She placed her finger of his lips and whispered, “You might want to re-think making that kind of noise.” As his head reeled in confusion, she quickly unzipped his pants and slid them and his briefs to the floor, exposing his rock hard member. She took a small step back, and cooed “Nice…very nice indeed.”

His thoughts raced as he stood there half naked, pleading with her softly to uncuff him. A quick look at the watch on his cuffed left arm told him he had only 35 minutes before the shop was due to open, and he knew his boss would be arriving any time and wondering where he was. The back of the delivery truck was also wide open, providing a full view of his predicament to anyone who might happen by. He was panicked and totally turned on all at the same time by the circumstances he found himself in. ” I have to open in a few minutes…” he half begged as he struggled to reach his pants and pull them up with his free hand.

Brushing his hand away, she replied,”Then I suggest you be a good boy and do as you’re told, then I will let you go.”

He was struck by the absurdity of his next sentence, he being a guy who never passed up an opportunity to engage in a little kinky sex. “Ok,” he begged, “whatever you want, just please make it quick.”

Grabbing his engorged cock and squeezing it firmly, she moved her face close to his and said softly ” I will be giving the orders here, and you will address me as ma’am, is that clear?”

Before he could respond, she kissed him hard, biting firmly on his bottom lip. She let go and made her way to his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and then sucking his nipples, biting hard on one and then the other. Too turned on now to feign any further objections, all he could do was groan, “Yeeess, ma’am…”

Scraping her long fingernails slightly against the underside of his cock as she released it, she ordered him to caress her tits with his free hand as she slid out of her pants. He did as he was told, and with her standing only in her panties, his hands busy pinching and fondling her naked breasts, his mind slipped completely from the reality of his exposure and into what had to be the wildest of fantasies.

She turned away from him, positioning her ass so that with each move she made the dripping head of his cock brushed against her silk panties as she bent over and stacked a large box on top of one already there. He reached to touch her and she slapped his hand away. “You don’t have permission to touch!!” she barked at him as she reeled around to face him again.

“Yes ma’am.” he replied sheepishly.

“Good boy.” she replied, raking her fingers upwards through his chest hair as she moved close to kiss him again. She pressed her body hard against him as she nibbled his lips and pinched his nipples with one hand, and his ass with the other. “You like being my slave, don’t you?” she purred, making his cock twitch in sweet agony.

“Yes, ma’am.” he moaned.

With that, she slapped his ass and pushed him against the bahis firmaları wall with a hard shove to his chest. She took his free hand and guided it down her stomach, forcing it into her panties. “Stroke my pussy!” she ordered, and he happily obliged. She reached for his cuffed hand and slid her fingers between his as he worked his fingers in and out of her wet pussy while his thumb moved over her hard clit. She wrapped her free hand around his pulsating cock and kept pace with his strokes as he melted into an fog, intoxicated by the smell of their juices mingling in the air between them. He could feel his climax, the waves of pleasure rising, but just as he was on the edge of release, she squeezed the base of his cock hard.

“Stop!” she demanded, pulling his unwilling hand from warm, wet pussy. Groaning in frustration, he reached for his trembling shaft only to have her slap his hand away. “Did I say you could touch?!” she said in a low, throaty growl.

“No, ma’am.” he whimpered.

“I said you were to do as you were told, you disobeyed me.” she said, gripping his wrist tightly.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” he said, looking directly into her eyes.

She pressed her body against his and raised herself on her tiptoes and whispered sweetly in his ear, “You’re not ready for me to release you yet, are you, slave?” Her hot breath tickled the fine hairs on his neck and earlobe, coaxing another trickle of precum from the head of his cock. Catching a drop before it joined the others in the pool at his feet, she brought it to her lips and licked it off, looking into his eyes as she did.

“No ma’am,” he moaned softly, “I’m not ready for you to release me yet.”

She traced his lips with her wet finger.” That’s a good boy.” she whispered.

She continued to hold her gaze with his as she stepped back and slid her panties down, kicking them to the side. She positioned herself on the boxes she had stacked earlier, and ordered him to take her left ankle and hold it firmly as she lifted her leg and placed her foot against the wall next to him. Leaning back on the boxes, she raised her other leg, steadying herself with her foot on another box. Spreading her legs wide, she offered him his first full view of her glistening pussy. As she slowly slid her fingers up and down her wet slit, she told him that since he had been bad, he was now going to be punished. “You want to slide your hard cock in my pussy, now, don’t you?” she teased.

With a loud moan he replied “Yes, ma’am, I want to fuck you so bad.”

Slipping a wet finger into her mouth, she drew it back out slowly and smiled. “But you were a very bad boy, so you’ll wait until I’m ready.” she said, slipping her fingers back between her full pussy lips.

“Yes, ma’am.” he replied.

She commanded him to tell her what he would do with his tongue if she were to allow him access. As she fingered herself he narrated the journey his tongue would make, the long, soft laps up and down her forbidden slit, stopping to dance slow circles around her hard clit, then flicking it with the tip of his tongue in quick spurts. His juices were leaving a pool on the floor of the truck, his desire for her dripping from the tip of his cock as he described burying his tongue deep in her moist, hot pussy. His grasp on her ankle tightened as she writhed and moaned, her fingers moving furiously in and out her pussy.

“You’d like me to release you, wouldn’t you, slave?” she demanded between gasps.

“Yes, ma’am, please release me, I’ll be good, I promise!” he begged.

Without warning, she wrenched her foot free from his grip and slid from the box, turning to slide her drenched pussy onto his steel hard cock.”Fuck me NOW, slave!!!” she screamed.

For a brief moment he was startled back to reality, his heart, head and cock throbbing as he glanced at the open door of the truck wondering if anyone had heard her scream. The idea of someone discovering them only make his cock harder as she backed herself up to meet each thrust he made.

“You love this, don’t you slave?!” she yelled, panting. “Tell me, tell me how much you love it!”

In a barely audible voice he whimpered, “Yes, ma’am, I love it!”

“Louder, slave, harder, fuck me and tell me how much you love it!!!” she ordered.

Thrusting harder kaçak bahis siteleri and harder with each declaration, he shouted “Yes, ma’am, I love it!!! I love fucking you!!! Fuck yes, I love it!!! Yes ma’am!!! Yeeesss ma’am!!! Yeeeeesssss!!!” The truck rocked as his last exclamation mingled with her satisfied screams, echoing off of the walls of the truck and dissipating out into the morning air.

He had lost all sense of time and place in his lustful fog. He drifted in a satiated stupor until he heard car pull in next to the delivery truck. He was still cuffed, pants around his ankles, his exhausted dick hanging lifelessly, she, still totally nude, in full view of anyone who might pass by. A nervous panic rose within him when he heard several voices from the cars occupants as they exited the car. He stared breathlessly out the open doors at the rear of the truck, heart pounding, sure that they would be seen. As the voices became more distant he relaxed, and looked over to see her smiling, eyes sparkling mischievously.

She stood and reached for his bare ass, squeezed it hard and whispered in his ear, “Good boy.” Then, she softly issued one last order. “Now get dressed and get your ass back to work.” she said as she uncuffed him.

They both dressed in silence until she asked sweetly if he would hand her the shirt from the hook on the wall. Their eyes met, and they smiled. Once dressed, he slid past her to exit the truck and she again grabbed his aching crotch and gave it a squeeze. “Thanks, sweet cheeks.” she said, giving his ass a little pat.

“Thank YOU.” he replied as he stepped out of the truck, smiling at the coincidence of her choice of names for him.

She drove off just as he reached the shop door and realized he was locked out. He searched his pockets for his keys, but they were gone, and with a rush of dread he realized they must have fallen out in the truck. How in the hell was he going to explain that, he wondered. He looked at his watch and found he was late, fifteen minutes after the shop was supposed to open. He debated whether to bang on the door or go around to the front. Arriving at the back door with no car in sight was going to create questions he didn’t want to answer, so he decided he had no choice but to walk around the building, which was only going to make him even later.

He made his way around to the front of the building, his mind racing, reliving the surreal events of the morning. He couldn’t wait to relay his adventure to his internet friend, he was sure she wouldn’t believe this!

As he approached the door he was happy to see that his boss was there and had opened, and as he entered he was met with a half-pissed, half quizzical look. “Where the hell have you been?” he said.

“Rescuing a damsel in distress.” he replied, feeling his face flush.

“Vehicle trouble?” his boss asked.

“Oh, yeah, BIG trouble.” he replied, smiling to himself and hurrying to the back room to avoid any more questions.

He quickly composed himself and tried to recall the name of the delivery service on the side of the truck, to no avail. As he went about his day, he tried to focus on his job, but his thoughts kept bouncing between the events of the morning and how he was going to get his keys back without having to explain how they ended up where they did, which was going to be a moot point if he couldn’t remember the name on the truck. He figured the place to start would be the yellow pages, and decided to check it out on his lunch break. With nothing more he could do for the moment, he let it slip from his thoughts and got to work.

A few hours later as he was waiting on a customer, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find the delivery woman from that morning, smiling broadly and holding an envelope out to him. He looked to see that it was addressed to him personally, and as he signed for it he felt his cock stirring all over again. Suddenly remembering the keys, he opened his mouth to ask about them but before he could say anything, she stuck her hand in her pocket, pulling them out and placing them on top of the envelope. Without a word, she turned and quickly headed for the door. His ‘thank you’ was lost as she slipped out the door.

He finished with his customer and then went to the back room, sitting down at the desk as he opened the envelope delivered to him earlier. As he read the enclosed card, he leaned back in the desk chair and laughed softly to himself.

It read simply:

Hey Sweet Cheeks,


Baby 🙂

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