You Never Forget Your First Time

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Whatever the occasion, you never forget it when it’s the first time. It might have been decades ago, but the memory stays vivid. That first proper kiss, the one that’s more than lips just touching. The first time when your hand is on a breast, and the girl doesn’t remove it. It might only have been there for the briefest of time, and that small mound had been covered by a bra and top, but it made your heart beat so fast that you thought that you were going to faint. And when it’s anything to do with what’s between their legs, then the memory stays vivid and real forever.

I’m Chris, and I’m forty years old, and I have those memories. And what makes mine extra special, is that all of those, ‘first times’, were with my Mother!

I was eighteen when it started. Officially I was a man, but really I was still just a child. All teenagers are shy to some degree, but I’d taken it to a record level. If a girl was to smile at me, then my face would redden, and much worse, if she was to actually talk to me, then I’d be unable to speak, or then I’d find myself saying something that was either silly or stupid. I hated that time of my life. But in those dark days, there was some sunshine. It was when I spent time alone with my Mother.

Now, even after all those years, I’m still able to remember, in graphic detail, what happened, and how I felt. And if I close my eyes while I’m thinking about those special occasions, it’s as if I’ve been transported back in time so that I can relive them.

“How was your exam?”

It had been a tough one, and on my way home I’d been worried about it. But I was going to play it cool, and hope that I’d done enough to pass.

Casually, I said, “It was OK.”

Something must have betrayed me, perhaps a nervous tick, or an unusual mannerism, because my Mother continued to look at me. And when my face went red, it told her that what I’d said was a lie. I would now get a telling-off for not studying hard enough. And I’d take it on the chin because I deserved it.

But surprisingly, there were no harsh words. Instead I got a big hug, and then, while she was still embracing me, some encouragement for tomorrow.

“I’m sure that you’ll do better in your Physics exam.”

“I will.”

And I would, because that was my favourite subject, and I was good at it. Then, to reward her for being so understanding, I moved my head so that I could kiss her on the cheek. And that’s where the kiss would have landed if she hadn’t moved her head as well at the same time as me.

It surprised both of us, and for a second or two, we stayed as we were. In a tight embrace, with our mouths together. Then we kissed, and there was passion in it, and not just from me. It was wonderful. All my senses seemed to be heightened. My Mother was a slim woman, with medium sized tits, but they were now pressing so hard against my chest, that I was struggling to breathe. And I could feel her nipples. That had aroused me, and my cock was now pressing hard against her thigh. She couldn’t fail to notice it. To an experienced lover, this would be nice, but nothing special. But to me, a shy eighteen year old who had never kissed a woman before, it was almost too much. As I enjoyed her sweet lips, and the subtle smell of her perfume, I was becoming lightheaded. And when her tongue pushed my lips apart, and entered my mouth, I almost came in my jeans.

Then it was over, as quickly as it had started. Without any warning, she had suddenly ended it. We were now apart, looking at each other. Both of us not knowing what to say. But it wasn’t long before her expression changed, from confusion to calmness. She was now back in control of her emotions. And without anything being said, I knew that this was something that we wouldn’t talk about. Both of us would pretend that it had never happened.

Then, in her usual commanding tone, she said, “Go to your bedroom and study. I’ll call you when the meal is ready.”

As soon as I was in my room, and the door was locked, I was furiously stroking my cock. And while I was doing it, I wasn’t thinking about some gorgeous pin-up that I’d seen in a magazine, or that sex goddess from the porn movie that I’d recently watched. I was thinking about my Mother, and how exciting kissing her had been.

You can understand why I’d acted that way when our lips had accidentally touched. I was a young man with raging hormones, and no way to satisfy the urges that they created, other than to jerk off, so I’d lost control. But it was different for my Mother. She was forty two, and a married woman. She had somebody to satisfy her sexual needs. My Father. So why had she kissed me so passionately? I didn’t know, but I was hoping that it would happen again.

For the next few days, then weeks, I thought about it a lot. I was imagining that one day, when I returned home from school, she would suddenly, for no reason, hug me, and then we would kiss again. And this time it would last for a long time, and end with us doing more than just kissing. ultrabet yeni giriş But that didn’t happen. And she wasn’t giving me any indication, from what she said or how she acted, to make me believe that it ever would.

However, two months on from that incident in the kitchen, there was another ‘first’ for me. And like the kissing, it happened unexpectedly.

We were watching television together. My Father was in the armchair, and I was on the sofa next to my Mother. She had her feet up, and she was leaning against me. A blanket was covering her legs. There was nothing unusual about that, but then she did something that I couldn’t remember her ever doing before. She moved the blanket so that it now wasn’t just over her legs, it was over both of us. Almost up to our chins. But I wasn’t going to complain. It felt good snuggling up to my Mother.

If we’d stayed like that, it would have continued to be enjoyable, but it wouldn’t have created a memory that was still vivid after more than twenty years.

It took me a while to realize what she was doing, slowly, and almost imperceptibly, her right arm, that was underneath mine, was moving upwards, and it was taking my hand with it. My hand, or more specifically, my fingers, were now close to her breast. That’s when I thought she would stop. But she didn’t. She only stopped when my palm was fully on it. I was excited, because of where my hand was, but I was also nervous, because my Father was in the room with us. But when I glanced over at him, his attention was on the television. And if he was to turn his head and look at us, he wouldn’t be able to see where my hand was, because we were covered by the blanket.

I was inexperienced and naive, but I wasn’t stupid. My hand was now where it was, because that’s where she wanted it to be. There was nothing accidental about it. And she hadn’t done that so that it could rest lazily against her breast, it was there so that it could fondle it.

My first touch was tentative. This was new to me, and so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Then I got bolder, pressing down more firmly, feeling the shape of it. I’d spent hours imagining what it would be like to do this. Not with my Mother, but with some of the girls in my class at school. My favourite was Emma, because she had the biggest tits. They’re mountains, and it’s a miracle that her bra and blouse are able to contain them. Mother’s are much smaller, but they were now exciting me as much as Emma’s ever could.

I didn’t think that it was possible for my cock to get any bigger, but I was wrong. When my fingers found her nipple, it gained another inch. She must have big ones, because even though it was covered by her bra and blouse, it was prominent. Instinctively, I knew that she would want me to pull on it, and to squeeze it. And when I did that, she started to make a noise. It was a low moan, barely audible. Thankfully, too quiet for my Father to hear. On hearing it, my chest swelled with pride. I was exciting her, so I must be doing it right.

They say that if you put a frog into a pan of water, and then slowly heat it up, the frog will sit there, even when the temperature is enough to cook it. But if you heat it up too quickly, then it hops out.

I made the mistake of doing that with my Mother. Not raising the temperature too quickly, but acting too quickly. After only playing with her nipple for a brief time, I tried to unbutton her blouse. And I did it clumsily. If my Father had been watching us, he would have noticed my hand moving under the blanket. That must have startled her, and made her realize that what we were doing was too risky, because after quickly grabbing my hand, and placing it onto my lap, she lowered the blanket. It had lasted for only a few minutes, five at the most. But if I hadn’t been stupid, then it would have gone on for a lot longer.

Twenty minutes later, the programme ended, and we all went to bed. Within minutes of entering my room, I was spurting into a tissue. But this time it didn’t satisfy me. I was frustrated, and also angry with myself for being so stupid. If only I’d taken my time, then I might have been able to get my hand inside her bra, or perhaps, because her lap was also covered by the blanket, inside her panties. As I tried to imagine what it would be like to finger her, my cock came back to life. Two minutes later, I was shooting my load again, and with an intensity that was even greater than the first time.

The next day, something surprising happened, and it was while I was at school. I managed to have a conversation with Emma without making a fool of myself. I even told her a joke, and it made her laugh. While she was laughing, I took the opportunity to admire her large breasts. Yes, they were magnificent, but given a choice between enjoying hers or my Mother’s, then I’d now pick my Mother’s every time.

You now know what I was like when I was eighteen, but what about the forty year old me? I couldn’t be more different. ultrabet giriş Shyness has been replaced by confidence, and now, without being boastful, I have to say that I’m an experienced lover. I’ve never been married, but I always have a girlfriend. And to the envy of all my male friends, the women that I date are women that they would like to have, but unfortunately, they’re out of their league.

I’d like to think that it’s my good looks and charming personality that attracts these beauties, but I know that it’s not. And it’s also not the size of my cock that makes me successful with women, though I am proud of my seven and a half inches. It’s the size of my bank balance that makes me desirable. When I was twenty two I started my own business, and it flourished. In less than three years I was a millionaire, and now, I’m well on my way to becoming a billionaire. Most people would agree, that money alone, is not a good basis for a successful relationship, and they’d be right. For me, two years with the same woman is a long time. But it doesn’t bother me when the relationship ends, because there is always another babe willing to take her place. And up to now, it’s never been love, it’s only been lust. Love is reserved for that special woman in my life, my Mother!

You would think that after she’d let me lovingly caress her breast, that we’d quickly become lovers. That the next time we were alone, she’d seduce me, and introduce me to the pleasures of the flesh. She would teach me all about sex, and I would be a willing pupil. But that didn’t happen, and it took me a while to understand why, even though she must want to do it, she was holding back. It was because she was my Mother, and society says that being intimate with your Son is a line that should never be crossed. So she was playing by the rules, resisting the feelings that she had for me.

However, a month after we’d been under that blanket together, she was unable to control herself, and I’ll tell you what happened.

It was a hot day, a scorcher, probably the hottest day of the year so far. A day for being outside, sitting in the shade and drinking ice-cold beer. And because it was a Saturday, and therefore no school, that’s what I was doing now. I’d only been in the garden for ten minutes, when my Mother joined me.

“I’ve got lots of work to do, but the weather is so nice that I’m going to have a lazy day.”

I didn’t reply, because I wasn’t sure that I could speak, so instead, I just gave her a nice smile. I’ve seen my Mother sit in the sun lots of times before. She’s always modestly dressed. Daring for her, is to expose her arms and to wear shorts. But not today, because she was wearing a bikini. And if you were to rate bikinis on a scale of one to ten, with one being those that have the least material, and ten the most, then hers was no higher than a three. And I was being generous with the scoring.

I’d always known that my Mother was an attractive woman, but until now, I hadn’t realized how good her body really was. This time she wasn’t wearing clothes that hid her curves, she was wearing something that showed them off. And I liked what was being displayed.

She was now sitting opposite me, and I was taking the opportunity to admire her body. Her tits were no match for Emma’s, but they were still a decent size, and her low cut bikini top was straining to contain them. They looked so inviting, two large pears that were ready for eating. Needless to say, my cock was already engorged with blood, but it got even bigger when I lowered my gaze.

I was now looking at her covered pussy. If she’d been sitting as a Mother should sit, when she’s wearing a skimpy bikini in the presence of her Son, then there would have been nothing to see. But her legs were wide apart, and her knees were high up, so there was indeed a lot to see.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I’d seen pictures of naked women before, and for some of them, the camera had only been a few inches away from their pussy. But this was a first for me. I was looking at a real one, and even though her bikini bottom was covering it, the excitement of seeing it was making my head spin.

“Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on me?”

She’d said it casually, and in a low voice, as if it was no big deal. But we both knew what the real intention of what she’d just said was. It was an excuse for me to touch her, and in places that I shouldn’t. What had started out as just a normal Saturday, was now going to become a special day.

I started on her shoulders, and while I was doing it I was looking down at her cleavage. The movement of my hands on her was making her breasts wobble. I found that both funny and exciting. Then I did her arms and stomach. Now it was time to do her legs, but when I put my hands on them, she asked me to stop.

“No, do them later, after you’ve done here.”

Her hands were now on her body, moving over the area that she wanted me to put the suntan lotion on. When I saw that ultrabet güvenilirmi it was the part of her tits that wasn’t covered by her bikini, I had to smile. Breasts are sensitive, and they do need protecting from the sun, but that was just an excuse. She wanted my hands on them so that I could play with them.

I was now caressing the smooth skin of her breasts. Her nipples were still covered, but what I was doing must be exciting her, because the outline of them was now clearly visible. And it was obvious that they were large. Emma had the bigger tits, but my Mother might have the bigger nipples.

It wasn’t long before my fingers were close to them, and it would be easy for me to push her top down to expose them. But before I could pluck up the courage to act, she spoke.

“Now you can do my legs.”

I was disappointed, and also annoyed with myself. If I hadn’t hesitated, then my hands would now be on her naked tits, and she wouldn’t be asking me to do her legs. But when she moved her slim legs, and her pussy came back into view, I lost interest in her tits. What she had between her legs was the greater prize.

I did put the lotion on most of her legs, but it was done quickly and not very skilfully. I was driven by the need to get my fingers close to her pussy, rather than the need to protect her from the sun.

I was now doing the bit that I’d left until last. The couple of inches at the top of her thighs. As I rubbed the suntan lotion into it, my fingers were brushing the hem of her bikini bottom. I couldn’t believe it, within my reach was what I was yearning for. A hot wet pussy. And my throbbing cock was beginning to think that it was its lucky day. It might soon be pushing into her sweet opening.

If I’d done this before, then my progress would have been quicker. I was only going slowly because I was nervous. I didn’t have the confidence that an experienced lover would have.

I’d delayed long enough. It was now time for my fingers to go higher. After taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I touched her pussy. And I was surprised how soft it felt. When I pushed down harder, and my fingers stretched the material more, she moaned, and it was loud.

Then quickly, she said, “Go higher.”

My fingers were at her opening, but she’d just told me where she wanted them to be. On her clit. Surprisingly, and purely by luck, I found it at the first attempt. And she showed her appreciation by purring. It was an animal like sound, one that I would never forget. I wanted to rub it again, but that was going to be after I’d removed her panties. And while I was doing that, I was going to take my cock out, so that she could see what she was going to get, because this wasn’t going to end until we’d fucked.

But that wasn’t what the gods had planned for us!

“Fuck, he’s back.”

She was now pushing me away from her, with a force that almost made me fall over. And I’d realized who ‘he’ was. It was my Father, but he was supposed to be out until tonight. Fortunately, she’d heard him while he was in the house, so when he joined us in the garden, there was nothing to see.

“We were going to have another round of golf, but it was too hot.”

So that was why he was back early. I love him dearly, but this moment in time, I could happily kill him for putting a stop to what we’d been doing. And despite her big smile, I knew that my Mother was as disappointed as I was, and that she would have helped me to bury the body.

That night, while I was in bed, I thought long and hard about my Mother. So far, we’d kissed passionately, and then I’d had a quick feel of her tits. And today I would have fingered her, if it wasn’t for my Father interrupting us. Three highly erotic times with my Mother, but as exciting as they were, all of them had left me frustrated because they had ended prematurely. I was determined that the next time would be better. It would last longer and we would do more. And to ensure that would happen, I was going to take charge. I was going to seduce her!

The sex had been wonderful, but I was now exhausted. I was forty years old, but I was acting as if I was in my twenties. But that was understandable, because the woman who was in bed next to me was in her twenties. She was only twenty one years old, and I’d wanted to impress her, to show her that I was a better lover than the younger men that she’d dated. And that hadn’t been difficult to do, because her amazing body and angelic face, had excited me so much, that I’d been able to come twice in less than an hour. And she’d climaxed three times.

After snuggling up to me, she said, “That was amazing. I liked the way that you took control, making me your sex toy.”

That was true, I did like to be in charge, because that was the only way that I could ensure that I’d get what I wanted. And that was something that I’d realized when I was eighteen, when I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my Mother.

So I was going to seduce her. But I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. I was a young man, who had never had a girlfriend, and she was a mature woman, with years of sexual experience. However, what I lacked in skill was compensated by my enthusiasm. I wanted this more than I’d ever wanted anything in my whole life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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