Nov 28, 1969

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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

What I am about to tell you is a true story, mostly. After so many years I can not remember everything word for word, but this is what happened to the best of my memory. It was the best day of my life up to that point.

The previous day had been Thanksgiving Day. My aunt and grandmother had come up from South Texas earlier that day. We had a wonderful meal and lots of conversation, but I was distracted thinking about the next day. I planned to drive from Dallas to Arlington to be with my girlfriend most of the day. We had planned a picnic for that day but it did not look like the weather was going to cooperate. The forecast was for a rather cold and cloudy day so it looked like we were going to be stuck inside most of the day. This was not a bad thing as it would give me some intimate time with her.

I had graduated from high school the previous May. I had a few girlfriends during that time but we never moved past holding hands and some light kissing. I was basically a very shy person and I never pressed forward with a girl past the point of just dating for fun. It’s not that I was not horny, because I was. I masturbated a lot, read my fair share of girly magazines, but mostly I wondered if I would ever find the right girl who would like me for who I was.

My trouble was that high school just did not seem to fit me very well. I was in the band (yes, I was a band geek) and had a few friends but it did not improve my ability to fit in with the crowd. But I stuck with it and kept hoping the right girl would either notice me or would step into my world. In college, this would turn out to be a good strategy as band life was very different than in high school.

Although I was not really unhappy in high school, I was very lonely. During this time I figured out that I was really more grown up that most of the people I knew. They were still just children at heart, at least most of them were. I met a few who were more grown up, but not many. But in fact, I could not wait until I graduated from high school.

When I did graduate from high school I had a part time job with a big retail company working in one of their warehouse facilities near downtown Dallas. I made a good wage and I asked if I could work full time during the summer. They were glad to let me do just that and in fact I worked many more hours, closer to 60 hours per week. That turned into a nice paycheck every two weeks and I began to build up a nice savings account. I was hoping to build enough to convince my dad that I could afford a new car to use for college. I had a seven year old car but it already had almost 115,000 miles on it and I knew it would not last throughout four years of college, especially putting 20,000 miles per year on it driving from home to work, and then on to UT Arlington for classes. So I put my head down and worked as many hours as I could.

In August I finally had enough money that I could pay all the payments on a new car until June of the following year when I planned on again working full time and as much overtime as I could for the following school year. My parent were fronting me two major expenses, college tuition and my car insurance. That would make things pretty comfortable for me if I used my part time money for gas and daily expenses. Actually, that was pretty naive of me as it turned out, but I made the best of it I could.

The car I wanted was an orange with white stripes 1969 Z28 Comaro. My dad let me have my way and I ended up buying the Comaro. My hope was that the car would improve my attraction to girls. And in fact, it did just that. It was a high powered car and drove like a dream, even without power steering. And it did attract the girls, even if they only looked at it.

The stage was now set for my start to college. I already had my major in mind. I wanted to be an architect. The problem with that major was that some of the classes required 9 hours a week in class for just 3 hour credit. That meant I could not hold down a full class load and work part time, as well as play in the band. So I reduced my class load so I could juggle all three of those balls. I had to work really hard to maintain a good grade point average.

I had tried out for the college marching band the previous spring and made the cut playing the base drum for the percussion section. It turned out that the band in college was ten time more fun than in high school. I also met a lot more people and they all seemed to be adults out to have fun rather than just children playing games with each other. Band was great fun.

The band always started practice two weeks before classes began so we could learn the marching routines and become a real band rather than a group of amateurs. It was hard work but I loved playing in the band.

By the time classes started to come together and I wound up in one of the band groups. All of them were freshmen and they mostly played a mixed bag of instruments. We had lunch together a güvenilir bahis lot of the time and dated mostly from our group.

By the time October came around I was dating a girl named Janet. She was living with another girl from our group named Gail. After a few dates with Janet I asked Gail out and thus began our relationship. We went everywhere together and we grew together the more we went out.

Gail lived in a house owned by the university with her mother and Janet. Her mother worked on the road and was gone most of the time, so we had the place to ourselves a lot. At first Gail was shy about letting anyone besides Janet in the house but as time went on she began to rebel against some of her mother’s rules and I was allowed in more and more. I met her dad during this time. He had been divorced from Gail’s mother for a number of years. At first I was not sure what to make of him but as time went by I began to like him a lot.

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around I had tried to make a move on Gail a few times, but she was uncomfortable with letting me touch her in some places. I was willing to wait because I felt that she was worth the wait.

Thus the day after Thanksgiving was finally here. I was excited because Gail’s mother was going to be gone all weekend and Janet had gone home for the holidays. It would be just me and Gail alone.

I parked the car on the street and went up and knocked on the door. The door opened and there she was in her yellow jeans and T-shirt.

“Hi stranger, come on in.” she said.

She was not the tallest girl, only about 5-2 or 5-3. She had short brown hair cut in a page-boy style. She was the type of person who was completely relaxed with what she was wearing and how she looked.

We hugged each other and proceeded to the living room couch. It was a small house with a living room barely big enough for a TV, a couch and a coffee table. The small dining room and kitchen were right next to the living area and the house also had two small bedrooms and a single bathroom.

“Do you want to watch TV?” she asked.

“No, let’s just sit together and hold each other a while.”


I wrapped my arms around her and began to kiss her. Soon we really wrapped around each other. Her kisses were really nice and soon her tongue began to explore my mouth. I also began to explore her mouth. As we kissed I began to hold her tighter mashing her breasts into my chest. She did not resist this and in fact began to hold me tighter as well.

After this went on for a while she pulled back and said “You can touch my breasts if you like.”

I did not have to be asked twice. This is what I had wanted since practically the day we met.

I moved my right hand to her right breast and began to gently kneed it. After a while I moved to her left breast and performed the same technique. I had not experienced with this sort of thing but from Gail’s expression I was doing something really nice. I could feel her nipples harden through her T-shirt and bra. It was more exciting than I had imagined.

After I had been doing this a while Gail said “Let me take my shirt a bra off.”

Wow, this was going better than I had hoped it would. She pulled the T-shirt over her head an revealed the best looking set of breasts encased in a really nice bra. She did not hesitate to reach behind her and remove the bra. I had seen many girl’s breasts before in magazines but none of them matched Gail’s in real life. The were 34B in size I later learned and matched her torso nicely.

I began to kneed them and her nipples became even harder. They felt so nice against my palms. Soon I could no longer resist and I leaned over and began to suck and kiss her breasts. When I reached her nipples with my lips I gently sucked then into my mouth. This made Gail moan and then she said “Wow, that feels nice.”

I moved from her breasts to her earlobes and began to nibble on them.

“You know that I am falling in love with you?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes, I know. And the same is happening to me as well.”

“I just wanted you to know that every time I am with you I fall for you a little deeper. I can not help myself. You are the only woman to have this affect on me.”

“It is happening to me, too. I feel like I have found the one person who understands me. And I always look forward to the next time we can be together.”

“I know, I feel the same.”

My hands began to wander from her breasts to her stomach and then back again.

“Lets move to the floor.” She said.

So we moved from the couch to the carpeted floor. I laid down beside her and began my ministrations again. It was easier and more comfortable this way. I began to kiss her again because I never have gotten tired of her kisses. But I kept my hands where I thought they would give her some pleasure.

I was harder than I thought possible and my dick was straining in my pants. But I tried to hold on as I did not know how far she intended to take this.

“Why don’t you turn over and I will rub your back.”

“Would you really? That would be really nice.”

She güvenilir bahis siteleri turned over onto her stomach and I climbed onto her upper legs. I began at the shoulders and rubbed them until they felt loose. Then I worked downwards until I got to her lower back.

“Oh, right there. That feels really good.”

Her lower back was her weak point. I knew this from experience. So I worked the depression between her back and her rear end. I spent quite a bit of time there and when I thought she was relaxed I moved even further down an began rubbing her ass. Even covered by her jeans it was a place I had never been before.

“Humm, that feels wonderful.”

I moved my sitting position down her legs a little so I could get better access. As I continued to rub her ass I began to move inside her legs. I squeezed the inside of her legs and up into her ass. After a while she spread her legs ever so slightly so I could get access closer to her pussy.

“Oh God, that feels good.”

I rubbed her ass and as much of her pussy as I could get to. When I thought she was ready I said “Turn back over so I can get to your front and make you fell even better.”

Gail complied and rolled over. I laid back down as close to her as I could get and began at her breasts. I began to suck on her nipples again and moved my hand down to her crotch. She spread her legs to give me access and I rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

“Oh my, that really feels good. Don’t stop.”

I continued to rub alternating between gentle and hard. She was really getting into it. I figured I had nothing to loose at this point so I unbuttoned the snap of her jeans and pulled down the zipper. She made no protest so I gently put my hand into her jeans. As I moved down to her pussy it was obvious she was really wet and very turned on. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and she squirmed in pleasure. She was getting close to an orgasm so I gently put my hand inside her panties and spread her pussy lips. When I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy she let out a little moan.

I moved my hand back up a little and found her clitoris. Her pubic hair was cut short but still covered her pubic area. I began rubbing her clitoris in a circling motion. That put her into a whole new gear and she began lifting her ass to meet my motions. Soon she was moving faster and suddenly she let out a moan.

“Oh God, I am going to come.”

I circled her clit a little harder and she had a huge orgasm. She wrapped her arms around me and held on tight as she went through wave after wave of pleasure. As her orgasm subsided she brought up her face to mine and kissed me,

“Thank you, that was wonderful. I have never come that hard before.”

“It was my pleasure. I like pleasuring you.”

“Would you like me to get you off?”

“I want you to do whatever give you pleasure.”

She smiled and reached for my belt. She undid my belt and proceeded to unbutton my pants and then pulled my zipper down. She reached in and squeezed my penis and I thought I would explode then and there.

“Not too much, I am really close.”

I moved my hips upward and she pulled down my pants and underwear exposing me to her gaze.

“That is beautiful. I did not expect you to be circumcised.”

She wrapped her hand around my penis and began jerking me off. It felt so much better that using my own hand.

“I am going to cum.”

She jerked faster and my orgasm was huge. I spurted all over my stomach and chest. It seemed to last forever. When it began to subside Gail had a huge smile on her face.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”

“For me, too.”

“Let me get you a washcloth.”

Gail stood up and adjusted her underwear, zipped up, and then fastened her jeans. She then went into the bathroom. I heard the water running and eventually she came back with the cloth.

“I had to wait for warm water.” she said. She then bent down and wiped me clean on my chest and stomach. I then adjusted myself back to a clothed state.

“I need to run some errands today. Would you mind running me around to look for a tape recorder? We can also do lunch at the same time.”

“No, not at all. It sounds like fun. What kind of tape recorder are you looking for?”

“Just a cheap portable cassette recorder. I need it for my music class to help me memorize the sample recordings the instructor plays. I can then fill in the composer and orchestra in my notes.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“Let me finish dressing and we can leave.”

With that she picked up her T-shirt and bra and proceeded to the bathroom. In the meantime I made sure my clothes were adjusted as well. When she came out of the bathroom she was once again her presentable self. I took her by the arm and guided her into a hug.

“Just so you know, I think you are the best thing to come along in my life.” I said. “What we just did was more than just great. It was the best thing to happen to me in my life.”

“Don’t be sure of that. Things might just get better this afternoon.”

She smiled and I iddaa siteleri knew she had something more planned for today. I decided to wait and see what might be coming.

We drove to the nearest Radio Shack as I thought that is where we could get the best deal on a tape recorder. Sure enough, they had some reasonably priced models to pick from. Gail picked one that had reasonable sound quality and a reasonable price. She purchased it along with some spare cassettes and we proceeded to find a place for lunch.

Not having a lot of money we picked a fast food place and got some burgers and fries. We picked a table in a private little corner and sat down for lunch.

“I have a surprise for you.” she said. “Before we go back to my house we need to make one more stop at a drug store. I want you to buy some condoms.”

I nearly choked on my food.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t think I am pressing you about going all the way.”

“Oh, yes. I am very sure. I made my mind up after this morning. You were so gentle and giving about my pleasure that I knew I could trust you. I just want to make sure that you do not get me pregnant so a little planning is in order to prevent that from happening.”

I paused for a moment and let all that sink in. “Okay, if you are sure this is what you want then we can pick them up and then go back to your house.”

She put her hand on top of mine. “Yes, I am very sure. When I make up my mind about something like that it usually makes it a done deal for me.”

I smiled and said, “Nothing could make me happier than making love to you.”

We finished our meal and drove to the drug store. I went to the pharmacist counter for the condoms and Gail went down a different aisle. I purchased the condoms without any problem and then I went looking for Gail. I found her at the main checkout station and the salesperson was bagging her purchase.

Soon we were back at her house.

“So what did you buy?”

“I bought some spermicide as a further preventative. Just to be sure I am safe.”

“That sounds logical.”

“So take your clothes off and lay on the floor.”

I did as I was instructed. I removed all my clothing and then watched Gail remove hers. She was a wonderful site to behold. Not slim but not overweight either. When she was naked I pulled her into my arms and began to kiss her lips and then her neck. I worked my way down to her breasts and nibbled on her nipples drawing each of them into my mouth in turn. And then I came back up to her face and asked, “Are you still sure you want this?”

“Oh yes, especially with you.”

I hugged her tightly. Then I kissed her again. Her hands began to work their magic on my body. My penis was growing by the second. We separated and lowered ourselves to the floor rug. Once there we embraced like the last time virgins we were. She eventually moved so that I had access to her pussy. She was very wet with anticipation.

“Here, let me show you how the spermicide works.” She moved to retrieve the plastic injector and the metal bottle. “First you draw back the injector fully. Then you place the injector top against the top of the bottle and press down.” She proceeded to press the injector against the metal bottle and press down. It quickly filled the injector with a white substance the consistency of whipped cream.

“Here, you can inject me if you want.”

I took the injector from her. She laid back and spread her legs wide. “Just put it into my pussy and push the plunger down fully.”

I slowly pushed the injector into her pussy. It went in easily as she was already very wet. I pushed down on the plunger and all the spermicide went into her pussy. Next I pulled it out. She had a tissue ready to wrap the injector in.

“Okay, your turn.”

I opened the wrapper on the condom I has set beside us. Then I proceeded to roll it down onto my penis. Gail watched my every move.

“Now for the main attraction.”

I moved over the top of her and she spread her legs wide for me. I took my penis in hand and guided it toward her opening. Once there, I pushed a little into her and found the virginal obstruction.

“Push a little harder. I am ready for you.”

I did so and felt the opening give as I did so. She let out a sharp little cry.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, just give me a moment.”

I paused and let her get used to me. I am not the biggest in the world, nor the smallest. I am just an average 6 inches. But as it turns out, I am just right for her. Her pussy is tight and not very long. If I was any longer I would be bumping into the end with every thrust.

After a few minutes I began to move in and out of here in slow motions. The condom was preventing me from becoming too quickly aroused.

“That feels pretty good. Just keep going.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Slowly we began to pick up speed. I placed a hand on her breast and used the other to keep my full weight off her. She was really getting into the rhythm and soon wrapped her legs around me. To move any faster I had to place both my hands to each side of her. When I picked up the pace she start bucking against me for all she was worth. Soon, I was near orgasm and holding on as best as I could. When her orgasm began it brought me over the edge as well. I spurted almost as much as I had earlier in that morning.

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