Nights in Orlando Vol. 01

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“Well hello you.” The usual greeting that I gave Kelly as I entered her home. Such an unusual home for someone only in her mid-twenties. The house was nestle snugly in the heart of a subdivision , amid families with small children, and an annoying fence jumping dog. She, a lovely 6’1″ brown haired (sometimes) vixen, with this unusually wonderful quality about her that is just indescribable.

“Well hello Jon. I did not expect to see you today.” She coyly stated knowing full well that we had planned a night of drunken exploits at the local dance club.

She for me to follow her as she walked down the hall into her converted computer room/entertainment room. (converted from a spare bedroom she obviously had no use for). I watched her as she walked, and thought of very fiendish carnal desires flooded my brain. Thinking of how my hand would feel caressing that denim clad ass of hers.

“Well, are you coming?” she said. I got lost in a very wonderful thought and forgot to put one foot in front of another.

“I am, I am.” I said. She plops down in her cushy computer chair and furiously searches the net for something. I stand behind her and run my hands through her hair. Kelly reaches up and grabs my hand. Looks back at me and says, ” Why don’t you get us some wine.”

So I dash off to the kitchen where she has a little note on the fridge:

“I have some port in the pantry, and the glasses are where they usually are silly. I know you have forgotten as usual brain child (she is evil at times). I have been drinking bahis şirketleri most of the afternoon, so have a quick glass and join me in the computer room. I have something to show you.”

I was rather impressed , at the lengths Kelly was going through to “play” with me today.

So quickly I poured a glass of the well aged port and down it. Getting a bit of a head rush. So of course I shoot another. I grab another glass and gather up mine and the port and dash back to the computer room. She still glued to the computer. She reaches back behind her and motions for her glass. I place the stem of the glass between her fingers and poor her a half a glass. She thanked me for being sweet and began to sip away at the glass.

“Kelly,” I said, “exactly how many drinks have you had?”

She responded without taking her eyes off the computer screen, “Enough.”

And she began to giggle in this way that just totally drive me insane. “Look!” she said, pointing out the site she had been enjoying for the past few minutes. This site was some sort of deepthroat website. I looked at the screen amazed as this quite lovely woman was doing amazing oral things with the rather larger penis. Well I have heard the national average is like 4 ½ inches and I am pretty sure this guy was well beyond that. And this wonderful wonderful woman was taking his cock all the way into his throat. So much so that her nose was in his pubic hair and she licked his balls while being totally orally skewered.

I looked from the screen a few moments after this bahis firmaları to see her hand was now opening her jeans. One hand brought the wine to her lips and the other worked its way deeper inside her jeans. I inch closer to Kelly, peering over her shoulder. I notice that she has the tiniest black lacy panties on. Her hand quickly disappeared behind that. And made its way down to her clit. For a moment she lost awareness of me even being there. The only thing on her mind was the feeling of her fingers dancing about her pleasure button. I too, had lost awareness of my surroundings as my right hand drops to the front of my pants, I begin to caress the ever growing bulge that was aching for release.

Kelly all of a sudden stopped her playing. Reaches her other hand back and shows me the empty glass. Her little way of requesting more wine. I release my imprisoned cock and take the glass from her. She goes back to her other important mission. Furiously fingering her clitty. With her free hand she clicks on a video sample they have at the site. The image on the screen is of the woman on her knees between this mans legs while he is at his computer. He grabs her head and begins fucking her face.

The scene was too much for me. As Kelly reached back for her glass, I unzipped my pants and freed my raging hardon and placed it in her hand. All of a sudden she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. Her fingers seemed to attack her clit more furiously. Her entire hand had now disappeared beneath her panties. Her breathing became shallow kaçak bahis siteleri and almost instinctively she began to stroke my cock in rhythm with her fingering. Her beast were heaving, and her hips were grinding into the chair. I could tell she was getting close to cumming soon. Her voice was deep and almost haggard. The moans that escaped her mouth were becoming louder, just as the woman on the video was moaning in deep pleasure as she having her face splattered with cum.

I wrenched my cock from her grasp and spun her around to face me. She had now closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure emanating from her very wet pussy. I step a little closer and begin to rub my cock across her tightly closed lips. She slowly opened those lovely lips and took the head of my cock in her mouth. I placed hands behind her head and began to pull her hair slightly which only made her more determined to engulf my cock. This and the feeling of her moaning around my cock from her building orgasm was too much. The moment my cock touched her throat I felt the cum racing from my balls.

I pulled out of her mouth just in time to hear her scream “I am CUMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My cock starts to twitch and I paint her face with rope after rope of pearly white cum.

A few moments later I regain my composure and compliment her on that wonderful site she found for me. She said, ” No silly that is not what I had to show you.” Kelly smiled back at me looking ever so desirable with my cum still draped over her face.

She began to type in another web address as I asked her, “What got you so horny today?”

And up pops the web site. She click on the story Whorlando nights. She grinned at me and said, “This did. And FUCK you for the Nights in Orlando thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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