Night Nurse

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Andrew frowned into the darkness, why did she turn out my light? I wanted to read he thought, helpless in traction he was not able to do much for himself and had to rely on the nurses.

Most of them were great but the regular night nurse was an absolute bitch. She was curt with him and never smiled at him or sat with him for a chat. He watched her nursing everyone else on the ward and she was friendly, chatting and smiling at everyone but him.

What made it worse for him was that he thought she was gorgeous, just the way he liked women, short with a well-rounded figure and masses of dark hair that she wore up in a ponytail. She used to unzip her uniform at the front just enough so that he caught a glimpse of her cleavage when she leaned over him and he could have sworn when he saw her from a distance with other patients she had it zipped right up.

She is coming on to me I am sure of it he thought, his conclusion was proved right when later on the night round she popped into his room to check on him. She bent over right in his line of sight to pick up something off the floor. She didn’t bend her knees though she kept her legs straight and he couldn’t believe it when her rising dress revealed that wasn’t wearing any knickers and he saw her naked round ass and pussy lips peeking at him.

Turning around she walked over to his bed and slammed a tiny bit of paper on to his dresser “try not to make such a mess” she said sternly and stalked out but not before leaning over him so he could see a good portion of her round breasts.

What a tease he groaned to himself, she definitely did that on purpose; the little slut!

She continued to tantalise him and tease him for a good two weeks before the blessed day came when the Dr ordered his caste removed. He had another week or so to get back on his feet and then he would be discharged and come to outpatients for physio.

He was wobbly on his feet that day and needed a frame to get around the ward but it was heaven to be able to go to the toilet by himself and along to the day room for dinner.

Over the next three days he concentrated hard practicing his walking and building his leg strength. He would grit his teeth and look away when the night nurse came in to his room. He would pretend to be asleep but he was aware of her moving around his room. On the third night he was pretending to sleep when she came in, so he got quite a surprise when he felt the bedcovers being removed.

“What are you doing he said?”

“Oh your awake” said the nurse “Good, you didn’t have a shower today, the day nurses said you were too tired and I don’t want to nurse a smelly patient so I am going to bed sponge you.”

Before he could say no she had reached behind his neck and untied his gown and removed it. Staring at her in complete disbelief he saw she had everything güvenilir bahis ready.

“Be quiet,” she snapped as he opened his mouth to tell her to go away. Grabbing a flannel and some soap she proceeded to wet down his chest and belly, then she used her soapy hands to massage his groin, her zip was quite low tonight and he could see her bra and breasts as she leaned forward.

He couldn’t help but feel aroused by her soapy hands and the sight of her breasts, he felt his cock swelling as she continued to wash him.

“Oh for crying out loud” she said angrily as she noticed his erection, “Really Mr Peters can’t you control yourself?”

“Well perhaps if you pulled your zip up and let me wash myself it wouldn’t happen” he replied getting angry himself now.

She had been teasing him for weeks and now here she was soaping up his body, showing off her charms and getting angry with him for reacting like a normal healthy male!

“You know” he said “You are really uptight for a nurse I bet you don’t have a boyfriend!”

Glaring at him she threw the flannel on the bed, “I don’t have to listen to this” she said “Finish you’re your own sponge bath” and she stormed out of his room.

Right, he thought I am going to teach that little uptight bitch a lesson and he quickly finished washing himself then he grabbed a towel, wrapped it round his waist and carefully got out of bed. He was able to get by now using elbow crutches and could move around quite quickly. Out in the corridor he could see all the room doors were shut and the only sound was the radio in the nurses coffee room right at the end of the ward past the day room.

As he went past the nurse’s station he could see the board that showed that the other nurse had just left on her dinner break. The hospital cafeteria was away on the other side of the hospital, which meant that his nurse was all alone for at least half an hour.

Grinning to himself he went down to the nurses coffee room, sure enough there she was reading a magazine in the dim light her shoes off and her feet curled up on a sofa.

Quietly he shut the door behind him she was so engrossed in her reading she didn’t notice him till he was standing right over her.

“What on earth are you doing out of bed” she demanded standing up.

In her bare feet the top of her head barely came as high as his chest, without answering her he dropped his crutches on the floor grabbed her around her waist and swung himself around to sit on the couch with her in his arms.

He had keep his weight lifting going while he had been in traction and his arm muscles were bulging. Pulling her roughly onto his lap he slapped one hand over her mouth and kept her arms pinned at her sides with his other arm wrapped tightly around her.

“Now you listen to me,” he whispered angrily in her ear, “You güvenilir bahis siteleri have been flashing your tits and pussy at me for weeks, and not once have you smiled at me. You treat me like I am dirt and then you have the nerve to come into my room and touch me in a way that makes me horny and get pissy at me for it.”

“God damn it” he continued, “I am not going to stand for it. Now the only reason I can think of for your nasty behaviour is that you want me as bad as I want you, so I am going to take my hands off you and if you get up I will go back to bed but if you don’t I am going to fuck you so hard you will never forget it.”

He could feel her heart slamming against his arm and as he spoke he noticed her breathing speeding up. Carefully he took his hand off her mouth and released his grip on her, she didn’t move. She stayed perched on his lap with her back to him, her chest rising and falling as she breathed quickly.

He smiled, this was going to be one sweet fuck! Pulling her against his chest he reached around and unzipped her uniform as low as it would go. Her breasts were encased in a white lace bra and they were large and round with huge dark nipples; which were already erect. Nuzzling her neck her proceeded to pinch and rub her nipples through her bra, she was moaning softly and pressing back into his chest.

“Kneel,” he said in her ear and she obliged bringing her legs up onto the couch on either side of his lap so her bottom was against his belly. He slid his hands up her thighs knowing she would have no knickers on. He reached one hand around to her pusssy and gently squeezed her labia. He could feel moisture on them and his cock started to get very hard as she started to rub her pussy against his hand.

Growling with lust he lifted her up and turned her so that she was facing him astride his lap.

“Look at me” he said and she did slowly glancing up at him with wide brown eyes full of desire “Undo my towel” he instructed her, she did as she was told.

His erect penis sprang up and slapped his belly it was a good seven inches and very thick and veined with a big fat pink head on it. His cock had pre cum coating the tip and he smiled as she stared at it licking her lips unconsciously.

Slipping her uniform off her shoulders he undid her bra and buried his face between her large tits as they came free. She stared to stroke his thick cock with both of her small hands and he planted his hands on her breasts and proceeded to tug and twist her nipples.

His lips kissed hers and he thrust his tongue into her moist warm mouth. She tasted delicious and sucked gently on his tongue as he increased his nipple play, he could hear her gasping with pleasure as he rubbed and tugged on her hard nipples. His penis was throbbing now and so very hard.

He could feel her juices iddaa siteleri flowing onto his thighs and suddenly he let go of her breasts lifted her up and slammed her down on his cock.

“OH Uhgggggh” she moaned as his thick cock thrust into her tight wet pussy. She threw her head back and moaned with pleasure as he fucked her tight and hard her tits bouncing against his chest. He thrust into her over and over stopping every few strokes and just letting the fat head of his cock stretch her cunt lips. He teased her like this again and again until she was struggling against him trying to push herself down onto his cock.

Her eyes were wild with lust and she glared at him, “You bastard” she groaned.

“Go on say it” he laughed in her face, “Beg me to fuck you; you dirty horny little nurse!” He was much stronger than her and refused to let her impale herself on his penis even though she tried.

Finally she said in a low angry voice, “Fuck me!”

“Louder” he said grinning evilly “And call yourself a dirty slut.”

“Fine!” she said raising her voice “You win! FUCK ME!” she was practically yelling now “Fuck this dirty slut you fucking bastard!”

Before she had even finished speaking he had lifted her right off his lap and swinging himself upright he pulled the rest of her uniform down and bent her naked over the end of the sofa.

“Now you’re going to get it,” he grunted.

Spreading her legs wide apart he grasped her arse cheeks and rammed his penis hard and slow and as far as he could into her wet little pussy. She was tight and hot and moaned as he fucked her hard and slow. Her juices coated his cock as he thrust it in and pulled it out making his strokes come all the way out so that his fat cock head was stretching her opening again before pushing it back in nice and hard. She could feel his whole length as his penis rammed into her vagina.

“Rub your clit,” he said and she obeyed rubbing her clit furiously as he fucked her until her pussy was swollen and she came twice; impaled on his penis as her vagina contracted around it and she screamed with pleasure.

Pulling out of her he picked her up and laid her on her back on the table, so that her cunt was at the same level as his hips. Lifting her legs up he put them over his shoulders and grabbing her large tits in his hands he fucked her so deep she was crying out in pain as well as pleasure. He pounded her deep, hard and slow until he felt his balls tighten up and his penis unloaded gush after gush of pent up creamy cum into her tight hot swollen pussy.

She lay there on the table panting and moaning and looking up at him exhausted as he pulled his cock out and wrapped his towel back around his waist.

“You better clean up in here before the other nurse returns” he said laughing. She was naked and flushed and there was cum dripping out of her pussy onto the table and the floor as she stared at him too fucked to move.

“And by the way” he said as he grabbed his crutches and started to leave the room, “Tomorrow night I expect a much better sponge bath nurse!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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