Neighbor Girl Ch. 02

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Well that was new. I’ve been complimented on my size, and even my skill, but never my taste. Who was this woman, so in tune sexually, and where did she come from? If I had known my neighbor was like this, Jessica and I would have long ago started hanging out.

“Well, that was all just amazing Jessica,” I told her, glad to see the approval in her eyes. She started to move towards me for a kiss, but just then the phone rang, startling both of us. I moved to the phone, turning off the TV, but not bothering with clothes. Hopefully, Jessica would be up for a little more tonight.

But that hope was dashed when I heard Mrs. Waters on the other end, asking for Jessica. I handed the receiver to Jessica, noticing she had been blatantly checking out my backside, and pulled on my shorts.

“But Mom – ” I heard her start. She tried that a couple more times before saying “Fine,” and hanging up. All that time, I had been looking her up and down, trying to decide where I wanted to stare. I still hadn’t made my mind up when she told me the bad news.

“I have to go home,” she said, almost pouting. I found it oddly sexy, even though I was more than a little disappointed to hear it. “We’re going out of town for the week, and I still have to pack.”

Shit, out of town for the whole week?

“Damn. Where are you going?” I asked, trying to hide my disappointment.

“Up to our cabin to have some ‘family bonding’ before I leave for school.”

“Well, family is important,” I told her as she started putting her clothes back on. I really wished she could have stayed. There was no telling if something like this would ever happen again, and there had been a lot of chemistry so far.

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t really want to go. In fact, now I really want to stay,” she said, her voice dropping, along with her gaze to rest on my crotch. Well, apparently I didn’t have to worry so much about having another encounter with Jessica.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said, moving to hold her in my arms. “But it’s only a week. You’ll be back in no time.” I leaned down and kissed her again, with feeling this time, instead of pure lust. She kissed me back just the same, and my heart was racing again.

We said our goodbyes and she went back home, leaving me mystified, amazed, and more excited than I had ever been in my life. Jessica was absolutely incredible, in every way I’d ever dreamed about in a woman. Sweet face, model’s body, seemingly a pornstar’s sexual appetite and skill, and an academic’s mind. I went to bed trying to figure out how it had all happened, and what I had done to deserve all this.

That next week did not feel like “no time.” It dragged on and on endlessly, like my calculus classes of freshman year, but worse. At the end of calculus there had not been a gorgeous woman willing to do things to me I only dreamt about, which made the current situation only worse.

What was more, I didn’t hear a word from Jessica during that week either. I wasn’t expecting hourly phone calls, but maybe one or two after a couple of days. I wondered if she had reconsidered how things had gone, or even worse, regretted it. By the end of the week, I was starting to worry, even if I told myself I was just being paranoid.

Friday finally came, and by the end of work I was getting jittery with excitement. I wasn’t even sure that I was going to see Jessica, much less have anything happen, but all the same I felt like a kid running down the stairs on Christmas all day long.

I was hoping for a call at the office, but none came. I climbed into my car and starting heading home when my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. I scrambled to get it out in time, almost yelling in excitement when I saw the caller ID was Jessica’s cell.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey there sweetie,” I heard Jessica’s cute voice say. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing, just on my way home from work.”

“We’re on our way home and we should be back sometime after supper.” I figured about two hours or so. “Maybe we can hang out when I get back?” I couldn’t help but smile when I heard how unsure she was in asking.

“Yeah, that’d be great. Just come on over whenever, I’ll just be watching TV.” I had already made it clear to my friends that I was going to have another boring weekend. Of course, if everything worked out like I hoped, they would only think that.

“The same show as last time?” she asked güvenilir bahis coyly. It took me a second to figure out what she meant.

“Um, no, probably not. But maybe once you get here,” I said, already feeling my groin coming alive in anticipation. Boring weekend my ass.

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” she said and we hung up.

I took my time getting home, knowing I was just going to be antsy when I got there. I tried to remain calm as I made a dinner that I didn’t really pay attention to, and managed to get some work done. My workload was pretty light, as I got most of it done at the office, and I thought maybe because of my uncle. Either way, the more free time the better, especially that Jessica seemed to want to hang out with me.

Anxiously I waited to hear the patio door, but as 8 and then 9 o’clock rolled around, I started thinking maybe she wasn’t going to make it tonight. But just after 9:30, I heard the patio door open and close softly. I listened for her walking, but didn’t hear her until she walked into the living room.

I looked up just as she walked in, admiring her perfectly toned, teenage body once again. I’d almost forgotten how attracted I was to her. Her blond hair was once again pulled back into a ponytail, and her bright blue eyes flashed brightly, matching the smile she gave me. I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I saw her carrying her flip-flops and realized she had tip-toed inside.

“You didn’t have to sneak in here, Nancy Drew,” I teased.

“I didn’t want to wake your parents,” she said a little sheepishly, her voice just above a whisper.

“Don’t worry, they’re already on another vacation. A last minute trip to Vegas with some friends.” I stood up and walked over to her. Her long legs were bare, and she was wearing a pair of light brown shorts that were only long enough to be barely decent in public. On top was another tank top, this time light blue with spaghetti straps.

I reached my arms around her waist and pulled her to me, her face already angled upwards to meet my kiss. She draped her arms over my shoulders, our lips lightly playing against each other. I let my hands wander down to cup the tight cheeks of her ass, pulling her against me. At the same time, she stood on her tiptoes, pushing her mouth into mine.

We kissed passionately, our mouths opening wider, allowing our tongues to play. Her mouth was hot and wet against mine, and I felt my own temperature rising. But that sure wasn’t the only thing I felt rising, and Jessica felt it too.

“I missed you too,” she said slyly, pulling away. She took me by the hand and led me to the couch. I was hoping we were going to get started right away, but instead, Jessica just sat down next to me, curling her legs underneath her and leaning against my chest.

My heart slowed down, and my blood flow returned to normal. I have to admit, I was a little confused, but holding her against me like this was actually…nice. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me, but in all the anticipation and excitement over Jessica’s return, I seemed to have forgotten how much I genuinely liked her.

We watched a couple of shows, one a rerun of a sitcom we both really liked, and I was starting to wonder what, if anything was going to happen. And when. I started flipping through the channels, looking for maybe a movie we could watch. I always liked lying next to a girl watching a movie – I thought it made making a move easier.

Through the movie channels there wasn’t much on, but then I remembered Jessica liked all kinds of movies. So I flipped up to the adult channel again, knowing there was no way she wouldn’t get the hint. Plus, it got her turned on last time, so I figured she actually might like it.

“Interesting choice of movie,” she said, looking up at me to smile.

“Well, there didn’t seem to be much else on…” I said.

We were just in time to see a very attractive blond woman start working on an overly tanned man. We stayed in the same position as we watched the blond pull out the man’s thick meat and start jerking him off. I felt blood begin flooding my own member, mostly at the memory of Jessica’s handjob.

“Well, that certainly didn’t take long,” Jessica said, tracing the outline of my swelling shaft.

“With how close you are, I’m amazed it ever went away.” She leaned over to kiss me then, letting me know she appreciated the compliment. After a while, güvenilir bahis siteleri she pulled away slightly, licking my lips with her tongue erotically. Jessica was already the best partner I’d ever been with, and she was only 18! What were kids learning in school these days, I had to wonder?

“I thought about you all week,” she whispered. Her hand had dropped fully onto my lap, her palm rubbing lightly over my bulge.

“I thought about you too,” I said, looking into her very blue eyes.

“Did you have to jerk off?” I’d never met a woman so comfortable, or seemingly fascinated, with masturbation before, but I found it erotic.

“More than once,” I said. I’d actually held out the last two days, trying to save myself up for her.

“Did you think about me when you did it?”

“Every time.”

“I had to masturbate every night.” She leaned up to whisper in my ear then. “I thought about you every time too.” Her warm breath brushed against my neck and ear, sending a shudder through my body.

“But I had to be careful, so my parents didn’t hear me,” she said, stroking my cock through my shorts. “So I had to get on all fours and stick my vibrator in my pussy, wishing it was your big…thick…cock, so I could moan into my pillow.”

“That was very clever of you,” was all I could manage, my tongue seemingly too big for my mouth.

“I know you like doggy,” Jessica said into my ear. “Did you think about fucking me doggystyle while you jerked off?”

“Yes,” I answered thickly. Her hand was making my dick strain to get through the shorts. Instead, I lifted my hips a little and slid my shorts down to my ankles. Jessica immediately grasped my rigid shaft in her small hand, stroking slowly as she continued that sexy whisper in my ear.

“Mmm, you have such a wonderful cock,” she moaned softly. “I thought about sucking it all week. Did you think about me sucking it?”

“Jesus Jessica,” I croaked. “Yes, I thought about you sucking it.”

“Do you want me to suck it now?”

“Yes Jessica, suck it now,” I said urgently. My dick was a granite pillar in her delicate hand as I thought about what I was about to feel.

“Take your shirt off,” she said, nibbling on my earlobe. She pulled her head away just enough to let me do as instructed, and I tossed my shirt next to me.

Jessica started kissing my ear and neck, sending shivers of delight down my spine. Her hand kept a steady pace on my erection, even though there was no need. Still, her hand was soft and light, and felt good, so I wasn’t going to stop her. She kissed my collarbone, and then stood up in front of me.

She peeled her tank top over her head, tossing it next to my shirt. Her well-tanned skin contrasted sexily with her pale lacey blue bra, which she reached to undo slowly. I saw her straps go limp, and she moved her hands to hold her bra in place. I didn’t mind her doing this slowly, and in fact thought it all quite sexy. Finally, she let the pale blue fabric fall away from her chest, showing me her perky breasts, nipples already erect.

“My God you’re beautiful,” I breathed.

She only smiled at as she knelt in front of me, her blue eyes meeting mine. I slouched forward a little, and Jessica reached out her hand to take me in her grasp again. She stroked me again, her little fist barely able to fit around my engorged shaft. Her eyes looked down to admire my tool, and then she leaned forward and licked up a large drop of pre-cum that had formed. She spread it around her lips before kissing my cockhead lightly.

“Do you like your blowjobs wet and sloppy, or nice and neat?” Right then I thought Jessica Waters might be the most perfect woman ever.

“Whatever you do, I’m sure will be great,” I said. “Just no teeth.” You can never be too careful when it comes to teeth.

Jessica leaned forward, holding my prick upright and looking me in the eyes. I felt her tongue flatten against my smooth sack, taking a deep breath when I felt how hot her tongue was. She started licking up from my base, her tongue narrowing and hardening when she reached my shaft. She licked my entire length slowly, ending with a dramatic flourish of her tongue before smiling at me gleefully.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I queried.

“Immensely,” was her quick reply.

“You like going down on guys?”

“I do. Especially if it’s a guy I really like.” She grinned a little at me, and I couldn’t iddaa siteleri help but grin back.

“And do you really like me?” I prompted. She only smiled wider at me in response.

Jessica started kissing my rock hard dick with her lusciously soft lips, kissing her way back down to my aching balls. I let my head rest against the couch and closed my eyes as I felt Jessica gently kiss, lick, and suck my balls while she softly stroked me with a free hand.

I think we both knew she could finish me off at will, but I was immensely grateful to her for prolonging the experience. When she started kissing and licking her way back up my pole, I opened my eyes to watch what was coming. Jessica was leaning upright on her knees, positioning her head above my waiting prick.

Her mouth opened wide, and her blue eyes looked at me steadily as she lowered herself down. The heat of her breath touched me first, followed an instant later by her soft lips. My head slid easily into her hot mouth before gliding farther inside and I felt the heat of her mouth engulf the first few inches of my dick.

“Fuck, Jessica that feels so damn good,” I groaned out.

She moved her head back up and let me watch her swirl the underside of her tongue over my now glistening head before taking me back in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down my stiff cock in steady rhythm, and an overwhelming sensation of pleasure flooded my whole body.

Jessica was absorbed in her work, not bothering to look at me now. All the same, I watched her, and the way her lips would stretch over my fat dick as she took me into her mouth each time. She had one hand just below her lips, an extension of her mouth like an expert, and gently played with my balls with the other.

As she worked, I felt Jessica occasionally let some drool escape her lips, dripping down my shaft. Her hand would then quickly use it as lubrication, keeping my pole slick and warm. Soon enough, I felt it dripping down all the way to my balls, where her hand would work it onto my smooth sack.

“Jessica, this is by far the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten,” I said. It was better than any of my fantasies even!

She finally pulled her mouth away from my meat, forming long lines of saliva and pre-cum from her lips to my cock. “I’m glad you like it,” she said, one of the lines falling heavily to the floor. I’d seen this in pornos before, but now that it was live and in front of me, I found it incredibly sexy.

She went back to bobbing her head along my length, working me closer to climax and then bringing me back down. Clearly, she could do this all night, and God bless her for that, but my balls were really starting to ache with a genuine need for release.

I reached out and lightly grabbed the back of her head by her ponytail. I slowly began to increase her pace, worried that she wouldn’t like my forwardness. Silly me. She moaned when she felt my hand moving her head, sending tiny vibrations along my sensitive prick.

I started shoving her head down and up, faster and faster. Jessica never wavered, only sensing my urgent need. Her hand and mouth tightened on my dick, her cheeks sucking in along my shaft as she sucked harder. I was amazed at how fast she was going now, my hand probably holding her back.

She was going so fast now, she got even sloppier. Jessica couldn’t help but let out sexy slurping and sucking sounds as her mouth worked me to the edge of orgasm. I felt my balls tightening and my whole body tensed in preparation. Jessica must have felt that, and started moaning loudly along my cock.

Those vibrations were stronger now, and I felt myself lose control completely. Unconsciously, my hand drifted away from Jessica’s head on its own, letting her finish her wonderful work.

It felt like my whole body threw itself into my climax. My dick swelled for an instant before lobbing huge gobs of my thick cum into Jessica’s delightful mouth. She held my first couple of sprays in her mouth, letting my own cum envelope my dick as I kept cumming.

Once I started to cum, Jessica stopped bobbing, sucking only my head and furiously jack hammering her hand on my shaft. I filled her mouth again and again with my hot jizz, but Jessica swallowed it all down. I was lost in a euphoria I’d never known before.

My head slowly started to clear, and Jessica was still playing with my prick in her mouth. Her lips and tongue were incredibly soft against my sensitive skin, and I tried willing my dick back to attention. But even with Jessica’s mouth still wrapped around me, I would need some time to recover.

But I had some ideas of how I could spend that time.

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