My Life: Sex Toy’s Perspective

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I long for you to pull me out of this dark and secluded drawer. I can’t stand the waiting to do the job I am meant to do. I love it when men are vacant in your life is and we get to work together. It pains me deeply when you leave me by myself wondering when I might feel your pleasant grip once more. Nothing likes to be thought of as useless, and when you fail to remember the satisfaction I give you, I feel that way. I need to be in use or my batteries become stale. Nothing gets me going like when you push my button and I shake involuntarily. I am at your beck and call, anytime you want me or need me I will be there for you.

How long has it been since you held me in your caring hands. Your grip so comforting, like the hug of a parent, as you tenderly hold me. I am getting dusty and restless waiting for your invitation. Can’t he just go away again so I can be in his place? It is essential that I be buried in your supple folds, warmth most comforting like the soft whisper of angel wings dancing through the heavens. I am cold when I am not in your clutches, as if lost in an artic storm.

I can’t believe you haven’t called on me yet. What has it been, almost two months? Why have you abandoned me this way? And for what, a man? How can a man bring you to the heights we have shared? 1xbet yeni giriş It is not possible for him to match my knowingness and skill. The vibrations I send through your body can not be matched by a mere mortal. I have made you sing to your God more times then the Vienna choir! So why do you desert me now? I long to be in your hands, as they guide me to the proper destinations. How I miss being showered in your prize! But now I lay here alone, in the darkest of darks, waiting for your call.

You need not worry though as long as I am fed right, Energizer or Duracell usually does the trick, then I will be there for you whenever you are ready to hold me again! I would never let you down like the many men who been in and out of your life. I will always be there to soothe you when you need comforting. Do you think any man would show you the loyalty that I do? They will never understand your needs like I do. And you know that truth because it is you that guides me; you are the one that puts me in places needed. Without you there is no me, we are the perfect team to achieve whatever ecstasy you covet.

I hear the bed rock again as you let him try to take you to places we have only reached. I take notice of the desperation in your voice as you petition him to take you there. 1xbet güvenilir mi Once again after a few squeaking noises you are left empty and unfulfilled. You think you would have learned by now that no one can measure up to what we have. I hear you complain to him again. You tell him what a disappointment the night has been. You ask him if he is pleased with himself. How bitter you are with the talent less chap in your bed. I just hope you come to the conclusion that he is not needed anymore, and in your frustration that you come calling back on me! I hear the door slam and your muzzled cries. Why must you be so upset? You know I am here to console you.

Then I hear you head to the place that makes the flushing sound, the place where you give me my baths after your use of me. The fresh soap and warm water are always agreeable to me after one of our affairs. I hear your movements as you come back into the room; you are talking to yourself, wondering what you are going to do with all these hopeless men. Then I get excited as I hear you start to talk about me. I am delighted to know you finally want to call on me. Then a bright light shines as I feel movement underneath me, the familiar slide of the drawer gets me high. Then, oh my then, I feel your warm hands caress my body and 1xbet giriş I melt as you pick me up.

“Well friend,” you say, “I guess it is just you and me tonight!” I couldn’t be happier; finally I am going to get to do the job I was made for. I noticed you have painted your long fingernails in a dark mauve as they curl around my base. I feel as you turn my bottom and start me shaking on my slow speed. I am giddy in the movement and I watch with exhilaration as you push me near your warm target. You stop at the top of my paradise and rub me around your little bump for awhile. You start your moans with my vibrations. “Oh yes, yes…yes,” you cry as I do my dance over your clit. I can feel your fierce wetness as you slide me lower. Your darkened cave awaits my entrance, and with your urging I attack it like unexplored territory. Your sticky walls surround me as you push me deep inside yourself, the shadows overtake me but this time the darkness is consoling. Your warmth cradles me as you glide me back and forth. Dark then light, dark then light, it is all a blur to me as you piston me in and out of your hungry grotto. You are screaming to your higher power as you impale me deep inside. Then I feel it, the rain of your sweet, sweet satisfaction. Together we have climbed that mountain once more. The summit reached by us, not by or with some man.

You take me to the pool and wash me in the warm water, a content look on your face. You are pleased in my performance; I just hope you don’t wait so long next time. I never let you down!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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