Hot Tub Time With Daddy

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Hot Tub Time With Daddy


John let out a loud moan as the boiling hot tub water engulfed his body. Maybe he was too old to be doing this? The forty-three-year-old father of one had just returned home from the gym to an empty house, thanks to his wife’s decision to help her parents move into their new home. His in-laws had purchased a cabin on a lake in a small Vermont town just a few hours east as part of their decision to downsize. Judging by the pictures, it was the exact kind of place that he would love to retire to someday, but he had other things on his mind at the moment.

“Ahhhh, shit…”

A small pain shot through his right arm as he raised it above his head. He’d decided to get back into shape three years ago, and he fully committed to his new lifestyle–just like everything else in his life. His days of eating fast food and bumming around on the sofa all weekend were behind him. He’d signed up for a gym membership and revamped his diet, and now he had a completely new body to show for all his hard work.

And while he’d felt better physically in his early-twenties, he looked significantly more fit now in his early-forties. His frame was muscular and lean, but also mature. His body contained the chiseled and defined features that younger guys often weren’t able to achieve.

The little nags and pains he felt were justified by the reflection he saw in the mirror. Any aches were validated by the glances he caught from both older and younger women alike in day-to-day life. He quickly learned one thing: the older you got, the more in demand you were if you kept yourself in shape. Good-looking, fit men in their forties were a rarity, and he found himself being swarmed with attention wherever he went.


The knot in his shoulder had returned.

Life was pretty good for John. His wife was still sexy and their relationship was okay for the most part. Sure, she wasn’t as fun and exciting as she was when they married twenty years ago, but he could have it worse judging from some of the stories he heard from his coworkers. And what guy didn’t want more sex? That wasn’t exactly a problem exclusive to him.

His eighteen-year-old daughter had just started her senior year of high school and everything was on track with her. She was a smart girl with good grades and her mother’s looks. Life wouldn’t be too hard for a girl like Jessica.

“Hey, Dad!”

He turned to see his daughter standing on the deck just a few feet to his left. The lights he’d installed last week illuminated the backyard perfectly. The deck wasn’t bright, but it wasn’t dark either. It set just the right mood on a cool night in the Adirondack Mountains.

“Hey, honey,” he smiled back. “Just get home?”

“Like, two minutes ago,” the perky brunette answered.

He readjusted his position on the tub bench due to a cramp in his leg. Perhaps it was time to consider easing up in the weight room a bit? Either that, or finally retire from the pickup basketball circuit for good? Even at his age, he could still show those twenty-year-old punks a thing or two on the court. The looks on their faces after he hit them with an “up and under” move was too priceless to pass up. Nope, he would be the guy in the gym until he physically couldn’t do it anymore. The highs he got from it were far too strong to pass up.

He wasn’t sure what time it was, but it couldn’t have been later than eight o’clock, and eight may as well have been noon to an eighteen-year-old girl on a Friday night. “Calling it an early night?”

Jessica shook her head as she dipped her naked toes into the water to test the temperature. “Not exactly. Mia and Julia came over and I told them they could spend the night. I assume that’s okay?”

“Totally fine,” he confirmed with a nod.

His daughter’s friends had never been anything other than extremely nice and friendly. Having them around wasn’t a problem for him whatsoever. His wife had made a few negative remarks about how many nights they’d spent over the house during this past summer, though, but then again, she didn’t seem to be a big fan of a lot of things these days.

“Awesome!” she replied enthusiastically. “I made some brownies earlier too. Did you see ’em?”

Had he seen them? He’d done more than just seen them. He caved and ate four large rectangular pieces of chocolaty goodness before heading off to the gym. His daughter’s newfound love of baking made it a daily struggle to stick to his healthy diet.

“They were great, but you really need to stop leaving that stuff around. Give them to your boyfriend or something.”

He hated those words coming out of his mouth. “Her boyfriend.” Yuck. No boy would ever be good enough for his perfect little girl, but especially not that Jared guy she’d brought over for dinner last week.

“There might not be a boyfriend for much longer…” she muttered under her breath while looking off at the dark woods that ran along the edge of their property.

That was music to his ears. The sooner that punk 1xbet yeni giriş was out of her life, the better. He would never mention that to her, though. He just wanted her to be happy, and if dating some obnoxious shithead brought her joy, then he would swallow his pride and put on a fake smile around him. He wouldn’t lose any sleep over the idea of her kicking Jared to the curb, however.

She quickly changed the subject. “We might get pizza. Do you want some?”

“No thanks,” he shook his head, his blue eyes now closed as the pulsation from the jet behind him hummed against his back. It hit just the right spot. “Taaaaaaake some monnnnnnnney from my walllllllet if you neeeeeeeeeed it.” His words had become stretched due to the overwhelming sensations against his sore joints.

“Okay, Dad,” she giggled.

He listened to her feet tread lightly toward the house before the sliding glass door closed. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat depressed every time he saw Jessica’s friends. The idea of being eighteen again was something that everyone in their forties most likely fantasized about, but it really hit home for him. He didn’t reflect back on his youth and think about how he could’ve tried harder in sports or put more effort into his studies. No, he kicked himself for an entirely different reason.

He looked back and regretted the amount of girls he’d missed out on.

He’d managed his fair share of girlfriends back in high school and college, but he should’ve crushed it. He would kill for the opportunity to go back to his senior year of high school with his current amount of experience and game. School was a place where large numbers of single women all gathered together in the prime of their lives. It was the ultimate opportunity for a single man, but like most guys that age, he had a fear of rejection and a lack of understanding when it came to the female mindset.

Was that why he loved attention from younger girls at the gym? Maybe it was his way to make up for what he saw as his wasted youth? Or perhaps he needed to grow up and stop with his schoolboy fantasies? The girls at the gym didn’t care about him. They were probably wondering why a guy his age was working out at all.

“Hey, Mr. K.”

And with that, his jaw dropped the moment he opened his eyes.

She bounced as she walked, gravity struggling to contain her endless number of curves. Curvy? Yeah, that was certainly one way to label her. Actually, calling this beauty curvy felt like an injustice, because Julia had a specific trait that so many women desired, but so few possessed.

Julia was thick.

Her long curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes sent him into a trance. They were features that most men would appreciate in a woman, but he was fairly certain that the boys at school were after her for an entirely different reason. She didn’t exactly resemble a typical eighteen-year-old girl.

Julia was built like a woman that a horny thirteen-year-old boy created in a science lab.

Her bust was unbelievable. He would label her as an E-cup if he had to guess. There definitely weren’t any girls back in his high school days who were stacked like the pretty blonde standing on his wood deck, and her tiny red bikini top didn’t leave much to the imagination. He couldn’t necessarily blame her for not covering up, to be honest. He wasn’t sure how many stores actually carried bikinis for girls with her body type. If she’d been alive in the early 1940’s, then she would’ve been the perfect pin-up girl to go on the side of a B-52 Bomber.

She tested the piping hot water with her toes gingerly. Her matching pair of red bikini bottoms quickly disappeared as she braved the heat and slid into the water.

“Hey, Julia,” he greeted her. His smile wasn’t as big as it’d been just moments ago. Her incredible chest was now hidden under the dark water.

“Jessica said that you wouldn’t mind if we joined you.”

“We?” he asked, confused.

The sliding glass door opened again to reveal the sight of his daughter and her friend Mia heading his way in their own bikinis.

John began moving toward the edge of the tub. “I was just leaving.”

“Oh no, Mr. K!” Julia exclaimed loudly. “We don’t want to kick you out! We want to join you!”

“We actually need your help with something,” Mia said with a smile as she stepped into the tub and slid next to her friend.

Butterflies fluttered in his stomach–just like they had when he grew nervous as a little kid. He couldn’t explain it either. He never found himself giddy around his wife, the girls at the gym, or anyone else in his life.

He only became nervous around Mia.

He’d never seen a prettier face in his forty-three years on the planet. Mia wasn’t built anything like Julia. She was the shortest of the three girls–coming in at just over five-feet tall–and possessed small breasts and a little butt. But what she didn’t have body-wise, the good Lord had more than blessed her with facially.

Her jet black hair and stunning green eyes always gave him goosebumps. 1xbet giriş She owned eyes that demanded everyone’s attention no matter what happened around her. Her upper cheeks contained pockets of freckles which frequently showed due to her lack of makeup, and her little button nose perfectly complemented her pouty lips.

He’d caught himself drifting into a daydream while staring at her on more than one occasion. When she came over for dinner, on the soccer field at his daughter’s games, or when she would ask for a ride home when he picked Jessica up from school: it was hard to not stop and stare. Hell, she could’ve requested a ride across the country and he would happily oblige. He’d never seen a woman in person who remotely resembled Mia’s beauty.

Last but not least, was the one woman who he by no means should ever think about in a sexual manner. Was it inappropriate to gawk at a pair of eighteen-year-old knockouts? Sure. Was it immoral? Absolutely not. Julia and Mia left behind a trail of drooling men wherever they went, for God’s sake! It was only natural!

On the other hand, checking out his daughter was anything but right.

What was he supposed to do? Lie to himself? Jessica was beautiful! She possessed her mother’s long brown hair and brown eyes, and carried quite a fit figure to match. Her perky little breasts and sizable bubble butt were qualities that every girl with her frame would kill for, and he couldn’t help but notice how much she’d changed over the years. His daughter had turned into a stunner!

He looked across the hot tub to see three faces. From right to left it went Julia, Mia, and then Jessica. Their bodies were obscured by the water, and his eyes naturally drifted to Mia.

“Need my help with what?” he inquired.

He’d shown Mia how to change a tire after she left his house to discover a small leak that had rendered her with a flat a few weeks ago. He would be more than happy to help her with anything she needed.

“You guys aren’t really going to ask him those questions, are you?” Jessica groaned.

“Why not?” Julia asked. “We need an answer from someone and one of the questions involves him, after all. So, he’s perfect!”

Jessica couldn’t possibly be more uncomfortable. She was living a nightmare. “God, this is going to be so awkward.”

“Will you relax?” Julia huffed at her friend. “Your dad is cool as shit. I doubt he’ll care.”

John’s eyes had been glued to Mia’s face for the entirety of their conversation. The only thing he heard was Julia call him “cool as shit,” and it was more than enough to make him smile. He really was cool as shit, wasn’t he?

“First question,” Mia said.

“First?” John asked.

“Yeah, we have a few things we need settled,” Julia chimed in.

He braced himself for anything. Who knew what these girls had on their minds? “Alrighty, ask away.”

“JFK,” Mia started.

“John F. Kennedy?” he asked to make sure he’d heard her correctly. Why in the world were eighteen-year-old girls discussing JFK?

“Yeah,” nodded Mia. “Good-looking or not?”

Julia rolled her eyes, letting out a loud huff to show her disgust with their choice of topics. “How this is even a question is mind-boggling.”

“No,” he answered.

Julia’s bulging eyes locked on him like a hawk. She was stunned. “What!?”

“The Kennedy family being considered good-looking is one of the most baffling things ever,” he gave his two cents. “They’re weird-looking people.”

Julia looked around the hot tub–baffled–before her eyes moved back to John again. “Weird-looking people? The Kennedy’s? Are you crazy?”

“They’re really weird,” he reaffirmed his stance. “They all have giant heads and huge teeth. It’s no wonder that Oswald hit his target.”

His joke got a laugh out of Mia and Jessica, but Julia still seemed dumbfounded from what she’d heard.

“JFK…President Kennedy…was a weird-looking guy?” she questioned one final time.

“I stand by my opinion,” he told the busty blonde. “This is a major womanly thing. You girls see a man in a position of power and authority, and you relate that to looks. You wouldn’t think he was sexy if he was a mechanic or something. Plus, most of the Kennedy’s died fairly young, so you never got to see them age. A seventy-year-old JFK would’ve been a mess.”

“I’ll say it right now,” Mia quickly followed. “Mr. K is better-looking than JFK ever was.”

He was all smiles.

“I don’t know if I would argue that,” Julia agreed with a grin. “Stand up so I can get the whole picture, Mr. K.”

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled, shaking his head.

“Come, Mr. K,” Julia whined this time. “Just for like two seconds.”

He may have pretended to be annoyed, but deep down, he loved every second of attention from his daughter’s friends. “Okay, for like two seconds.”

He stood up and paused for a few moments before sitting back down into the water.

Julia did her best not to jump out of her seat and scream for joy. Where should she start? How about with all of 1xbet güvenilirmi his big muscles? Or maybe with his abs? Her friend’s forty-three-year-old dad had abs! His thick head of brown hair and striking blue eyes only enhanced his chiseled face and sexy five o’clock shadow. Not to mention that his personality always caused her to melt. He was handsome, funny, and treated her girlfriend like a queen. What wasn’t there to love?

Mia leaned over to Jessica and grabbed onto her arm with a big smile. “Your dad is so sexy!”

Jessica rolled her eyes as she pushed her away. “Maybe we should go to your house so I can gawk at your dad?”

“Mia’s dad doesn’t look like yours,” Julia smiled, still smitten. “Neither does mine. You know what those big muscles do to me!”

He lifted his bicep above the water and gave a sarcastic flex, showing off his veiny bicep to the high school senior. Julia’s reaction wasn’t one of humor or irony. She had a genuinely lovestruck look on her face and he enjoyed every second of it. What guy didn’t like attention? Especially from younger girls.

“Question number two,” Mia spoke up as his focus moved back to her at the sound of her voice. “And this one is actually about you.”

Jessica jumped in, trying to talk some sense into her friends. “Do you guys really think we should ask him this? I mean, he’s my dad.”

“God, stop making such a big deal about it,” Julia huffed. “And don’t think of him as your dad tonight. Instead, pretend that he’s just an older stud who we’re in a hot tub with.”

He could go for that.

“So, Julia and I had an argument yesterday that your daughter wouldn’t get involved in,” Mia said, rolling her eyes at Jessica before looking back in front of her.

“About what?” he asked curiously.

“About what kind of guy you are,” Mia answered.

He didn’t follow. “About what kind of guy I am? What does that mean?”

“I think you’re a boob guy,” Julia said, her voice sounding of confidence, per usual.

Mia rushed in with her thoughts before John could react. “And I think you’re a face guy. I mean, just look at Mrs. K. She’s super pretty!”

His stunned eyes shifted back and forth between his daughter’s two friends. He didn’t have a clue what to say. “Um…”

“There’s also the possibility that you’re into butts too,” Mia said, her innocent tone not properly reflecting her sexual inquiry. “So, are you a boob, face, or butt guy, Mr. K?”

He’d always been under the impression that he wasn’t a boob guy. Every woman he’d ever dated–and even the one he eventually married–were all small-chested girls. He would be lying if he didn’t admit to finding himself attracted to big tits as the years went by, though. All the proof of his fetish could be found in his internet porn search history.

And then something caught his eye in his peripheral as he pondered the question.

“You can’t do that!” Mia shouted, genuinely annoyed. “That’s cheating!”

Julia had propped herself up so that her large chest sat slightly above the steaming hot water. His eyes suddenly had a new place to become transfixed on.

“What?” Julia asked innocently. “I was uncomfortable.”

Mia made no attempt to hide her competitive side. How was this fair? Mr. K stared right at Julia’s boobs while he decided on an answer! It would totally sway his opinion!

“Um…I uh…I like every part of a woman…” he finally managed to spit out.

“Seriously?” Mia huffed, wiggling her little nose in an effort to convince him that pretty faces were indeed the way to go. “What kind of answer is that?”

John took a deep breath and quietly admitted, “I would probably label myself a boob guy.”

Julia slipped back under the water, happy as a clam. “Told you! I know these things!”

Jessica finally snapped out of her embarrassed funk. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. “A boob guy, Dad? What? Did you forget what Mom looks like?”

“I know,” he laughed in disbelief. He never would’ve imagined having such a conversation in front of his daughter and her friends. “Honestly, I’ve never actually been with a woman who had a large chest. The girls I was with before your mother all pretty much looked like her. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you girls this. We have to stop.”

“You’ve never been with a girl who had big boobs?” inquired Julia.

Hearing such perverse words come from her mouth caused his insides to stir. He’d already been shockingly honest with them. What would be the point in stopping now?

He shook his head no.

“Really?” she asked again.

He nodded.

“Wow,” Julia reacted. Her look was almost one of pity. “Okay, last question.”

“I can’t be here for this,” Jessica said as she stood up to make her way for the edge of the tub. Mia reached out and grabbed her bikini bottoms before she could get away, causing Jessica to yell out as she was pulled back to her seat.

Julia laughed at her friends before capturing John’s attention once again. “Okay, so who do you think gives the best head out of the three of us?”

He glanced over at Jessica to find her with her head in her hands. The expressions on her friends’ faces didn’t even remotely resemble his daughter’s look of horror. They both had grins of anticipation as they waited for an answer.

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