A Day to Remember

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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real persons or events is purely coincidental and unintentional. All characters are over the age of 18.

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Brittany turned the shower off and got out. She began to dry herself, and marveled at how soft the cotton towel felt against her smooth skin. She felt her nipples harden as she dried them and then she saw her reflection in the mirror.

“I wish I was a cup size bigger,” she thought as she cupped her firm B-cup tits in her hands.

She followed the line of her body down and thought, “I do have a firm body though.” She smiled. She had just shaved and her pussy and legs glistened in the soft bathroom light. It was cold standing there without a towel on, and she saw her nipples getting hard in the mirror. She suddenly felt funny inside. She could feel something deep insider her belly that needed satisfied. Just then she remembered watching her brother admire himself in front of the mirror.

He had gotten out of the shower much like she had and toweled off. She noticed when he stood in front of the mirror that his penis was sticking straight out. It looked smooth and inviting. She wondered what it would taste like and how it would feel between her legs. She wondered if he realized that the bathroom door was open a crack too. She could not see him, just his reflection in the mirror. She felt the feeling that she was feeling now, then.

She began to look at her self in the mirror. Slowly her hand grazed her inner thighs and a shiver ran through her from her pussy to the tips of her hair. She closed her eyes and remembered how his cock hardened and grew while she spied on him.

He had begun to slowly slide his hands along its smooth shaft and she was amazed at how hard and long it became so quickly. Soon his hand cupped around it and at least another hand’s length was visible. When he released it, it stood sticking straight in the air. She had never thought of her big brother in this way. She wanted to open the door all the way, and straddle his cock. She wanted it inside her now.

Brittany’s finger found her labia and slowly she spread them and let her finger slide inside. She felt warm and smooth and wet. Her pussy clenched tightly around her finger and the shiver was sent through her again. She began to watch herself in the mirror. Her face became twisted with excitement as she slid her finger deeper inside. The feeling deep in her abdomen began to rise to the surface as if her finger caught hold of it as she slid in and out. She became aware of something hard brushing her finger. It felt incredible as her finger touched it. Slowly she removed her finger and found her engorged clitoris. She began to pinch and rub this and then she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Softly she moaned, “Oh, yes, yes! Brandon, that’s what I like.” She had forgotten her brother’s show and was now deep in a fantasy world. She pictured him there with her, running his hands over her breasts as he slid that beautiful cock deep insider her. Her knees felt week so she lay on the floor, her feet towards the door.

It was then that Brittany realized she had forgotten to lock the door. She wondered if Brandon was watching her now and that thought made her feel warm all over. She raised her legs high in the air and spread them wide. Then she took her fingers and again began to slide them insider her. With her free hand she cradled her breasts and pulled on her rock hard nipples. How she wanted Brandon to suck them.

Brandon sat crouched by the door peering in at his sister. He had wanted her for 3 years now and this was the first time he had seen her naked. His cock and balls ached as he watched her. Slowly he opened the door. Brittany was writhing now in ecstasy and heard nothing. The feeling that had started deep within her was now ever close to the surface. Now with two fingers in her, her hips bucking so she could get the feeling no closer to the surface. She felt like she was going to explode soon. She slowed herself down, and began moaning again. “Oh, Brandon, that’s grandbetting giriş right…mmmm, suck my nipples, yes.”

Brandon could hardly believe his ears. Yet, he sat there frozen in place. Brittany kept her eyes closed. She had no idea that the bathroom door was completely open now. Slowly Brandon inched closer and then shut and locked the door behind him. His sister was again writhing and bucking and was almost screaming now, as she finger fucked herself. He had removed his clothes and now had his face close enough to his sister’s pussy that he could smell her.

He could last no longer. Brittany felt strong hands holding her hips and then something warm and wet was licking her pussy close to her ass hole. She jumped and looked down. There was her brother, grinning at her. “Hi,” he whispered. Brittany smiled back and whispered “hello yourself.” Then she relaxed, laying back and putting her arms on the floor above her head she let her brother go to work. He used his hands to spread her pussy open. He slowly teased her wet pussy, gently licking the juices from her labia. Every now and then he would flick her swollen clitoris with his tongue. After a few minutes, she reached down and buried his face in her pussy. He began to slurp his tongue deep inside her as he fingered her tight little ass. She loved her brother and the way he made the feeling explode to the surface again. Then she pulled away.

“Did I do something wrong?” questioned Brandon.

“No, everything is so nice. I want to taste your cock though,” replied Brittany.

Brandon showed her a position where she could suck him while he ate her and she liked it. This time as she felt warm and as she felt the funny feeling bubbling to the surface she bucked her pelvis into his face, and sucked his dick harder. She swirled her tongue around the head, and loved the moans he made when she sucked his balls, or when she swirled her tongue around his head and cupped his nuts. Then a strange thing happened. She wanted to swallow is whole cock. She began to put all of it that she could in her mouth. As the hard head hit her throat she would swallow. After a few seconds of this she felt his balls tighten in her hand and his moan grew louder and his fingers probed her ass deeper. Then all at once she felt like exploding again.

She didn’t fight it. His tongue was deep inside her tight cunt and his fingers were magic on her clit. She sucked him harder and swallowed more of his cock. She could taste something slippery and salty move down her throat as he released his pre-cum. She began to scream now as his finger was in her ass, his tongue in her vagina and her clit pinched between the fingers in his free hand. Then, she gagged. A hot, sticky liquid was being shot in her mouth. His cock pulsated and then her pussy began to twitch.

Brandon felt Brittany’s orgasm rushing to her pussy and then his mouth tasted her sweat cream at last. They came together in each other’s mouths. He was amazed at how sweet his sister tasted. He sucked her long afterward savoring the sweet taste and stench of her twat. Brittany kept her mouth over Brandon’s dick for a long time as well, sucking every drop of the tasty liquid out. Then at last, they stood together in front of the mirror. Brittany’s legs glistened with pussy juice, his cock glistening in cum and Brittany’s saliva and Brittany’s chin dripping semen. They kissed and then they decided to shower, together.

Brandon stood up and looked down at his little sister. He couldn’t believe his luck. Brittany looked so amazing with his semen still on her chin. He turned around and turned on the shower waiting for the water to warm up.

As he waited for the water to heat, he decided to pass the time with his sister. He lay down next to her and used his fingers to wipe the cum from her chin. Brittany gladly accepted his finger and sucked it, swallowing the last of her brother’s semen.

Brandon kissed Brittany’s forehead, nose, and then mouth as his hands rubbed her slick, wet inner thighs, slowly making their way back to her smooth pussy. Brittany gasped against her brother’s grandbetting yeni giriş touch and sucked his tongue inside her mouth as his finger found her pussy again. She began to press her pelvis into his hand as she swirled her tongue around his. As Brandon continued to slide a finger insider her she felt something strange building deep inside her.

“Use two fingers”, Brittany whispered and Brandon obliged her.

Brandon was using the two middle fingers on his right hand and it was situated so that as he curled them inside his sister they would press towards her stomach. As Brittany slipped her tongue inside his mouth and her moans increased in intensity, he began to work his fingers in and out faster and faster.

Brittany screamed her pleasure as the feeling deep inside her continued to grow. It felt like nothing she’d ever felt.

“Yes, God yes! Brandon yes! Harder! Faster!” Brittany screamed as the feeling deep inside intensified.

Brandon had heard that you could you make a girl squirt by fingering her like he was. He had even watched a porno detailing this method. As his speed increased he began to press up with his fingers each time they entered his sister. He was excited when he felt Brittany’s response.

Her vagina was clenching against his fingers and judging by her screams she was close to another orgasm.

Brandon felt his fingers getting pushed out of his sister. He decided she was actually going to squirt for him so he thrust them in once more and held them inside her until her pelvis started to spasm. As he removed his fingers he slid his face between her legs, mouth open. As Brittany exploded, Brandon tried to keep his mouth in the stream of juices being expelled by his sister. By some miracle he was able to keep his mouth close enough to his sister that he was able to keep the flow mostly contained and in his mouth. God she tasted good.

He had just helped Brittany squirt for the first time. He looked at his sister and saw her ecstasy deep within her eyes. She was out of breath as she whispered, “Wow, I didn’t know I could do that.”

Brandon just smiled, licked his fingers and then started to lick his sister’s cum off of her legs and vagina.

By now the bathroom was very steamy from the hot water running in the shower. Brandon helped Brittany to her feet and couldn’t help admiring her ass as she stepped into the shower first.

Brittany stood in the water and let it soak her hair and wash the sticky semen and her own juices off or her face and thighs.

Brandon stood in front of her and just marveled at how the water made his sister look. Before he knew it his hand was stroking his cock as he watched Brittany lather the shampoo in her hair.

Brittany stood in the shower relaxing as the hot water washed her body. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this happy. She had fantasized about her brother for quite some time and had no idea he felt the same way about her. Part of her wondered if she could talk her best friend Cassidy into acting out her other fantasy, but that would have to wait. Right now all she wanted was to feel her brother cum inside her. With that thought in mind she opened her eyes and was excited to see Brandon still had a hard cock.

Brittany finished washing the cum and other juices from her face and hair and handed the body wash to Brandon.

“You get to lather me up,” she cooed turning her ass to him and bending over slightly so that her pussy would show from behind.

Brandon wasn’t sure what to do. He’d fantasized about this since the day Brittany’s breasts began to show. He and Brittany had always been close and she confided in him. Therefore, he knew she was virgin, even before he felt her hymen break earlier that day as he fingered her. What he didn’t know was whether Brittany knew he had never had a girl before. At least nothing he considered as actual sex. He thought for a second and then pressed his cock between Brittany’s legs and let it rest up against her vagina without penetrating it. He leaned over and whispered,

“Brittany, are you sure you want grandbetting güvenilirmi your brother as your first?”

“Yes, Brandon, I’ve dreamed about this,” Brittany whispered back.

Brandon made his decision and reached down, grabbed his cock and guided it slowly inside Brittany. When he was fully inside he whispered in her ear again,

“You know you are my first too.”

“The soap Brandon,” Brittany replied, elated that she was his first too. She was determined to make this a day she would always remember.

“Oh yeah,” Brandon said as he squirted the body wash on Brittany’s back and ass. He began caressing her back and then her perfect heart shaped ass as he slowly worked his penis in and out. Brittany began to moan.

“Why did you stop?” Brittany asked.

“I need you to turn around so I can do the front,” Brandon replied.

Brittany turned around and was amazed by how good Brandon’s hand felt as they lathered soap on her tits. She reached down and stroked his cock while Brandon rolled her hardening nipples in his fingers. Before long Brandon had taken the showerhead and rinsed the soap off of Brittany.

With the showerhead still in hand he smiled at her and then French kissed her as he placed the stream from the shower between her legs. Brittany melted into him and began swirling her tongue around his as her hand found his cock. Brandon began kissing her neck and she was forced to release his cock when he kissed her breasts, sucking her now very erect nipples into his mouth. Finally he stood up and turned her around. Brittany knew what was coming. She bent slightly and spread her legs and placed her hands on the tile of the shower wall.

“Brittany, can we try anal?” Brandon asked.

“Ummm, I want to but I am afraid it will hurt,” Brittany said.

“Let’s try a finger first and see if you like it.”


Brandon got the body wash again and squirted some between Brittany’s cheeks. Then he slowly began to slide a finger inside Brittany’s rectum. Brittany gasped. It actually felt amazing. She began rocking her pelvis to help it slide deeper inside her. Gradually she began to stretch and when Brandon was able to easily slide two finger inside her she turned her head and looked Brandon in the eye and said,

“I think I want you inside me, you know?”

She didn’t need to ask twice. Brandon squirted some more body wash into his hand and used it to lube his hard cock. Then he slowly slid it inside his sister’s back door.

Brittany was in heaven. Brandon was big, hard and felt so good inside her ass. She took the shower head, turned the setting to massage and used it between her legs. She felt the same feeling inside her again and knew she was going to squirt again.

“God Brandon, that feels good.”

“Yes, I am going to cum again.”

“Harder and faster” she screamed as she felt the orgasm building.

All Brandon could do was moan. It was taking all his concentration to not cum right now inside Brittany’s ass. He felt her ass grip his cock hard as her hips bucked and Brittany squirted again. This time her hip spasms caused her to lose control of her legs and Brandon had to catch her before she fell.

Brittany collapsed into his arms – pussy still spasming and squirting. She looked up at Brandon and smiled. Brandon lifted her into his arms and she straddled him and French kissed him. Her pussy found his cock again and Brandon lowered her so she could reach down and guide his cock to her pussy.

“Your turn to cum,” Brittany whispered as she began rocking her hips. She was so wet that it didn’t hurt as his penis slid all the way inside. Neither she nor Brandon had much stamina left. Brandon kept her up straddling his cock, shower spraying them both for as long as he could but he finally was ready to cum.

Brittany wanted her brother so badly. She wanted him to cum inside her. She had been on the pill for a while now so when she felt him stop and get ready to pull out, she whispered, “It’s okay, I am on the pill.”

That was all Brandon needed. He thrust deep into his sister’s tight cunt and came. His cock spasming as his load filled his sister’s pussy.

Both Brandon and Brittany were glad they were in the shower. It made it easy to clean up.

Later that night, Brandon lay awake in bed, thinking of that afternoon and began to masturbate. Brittany lay awake just ten feet away doing the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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