My Sarah Ann Ch. 01

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Sarah’s body is the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on. It starts with her hair. It hangs enticingly, with just a slight hint of bounce and body. It’s cut shoulder length, just long enough to tie back and then let down with that come hither shake of the head. Often she ties it back, one strand hanging seductively over her round face. It allows her eyes to twinkle through, giving her a mysterious and playful aura. Her eyes are the most deep, incredible shade of blue. They smolder with sexual tension and soft erotic passion.

They are bedroom eyes all day long; glancing up playfully and making me dizzy with desire. They are the kind of eyes that stare right into you as you cum, touching your soul as well as your body. Her eyebrows are naturally sculpted, giving her an exotic and sensuous look. They frame her eyes perfectly, often perking up in a coy and knowing way when you say just the right things. Her nose is cute and round, sitting atop her full, red lips. Her lips are the kind that make you wonder what they would look like kissing the tip of your hard cock. They are the kind of lips you could kiss all day, never tiring of their passionate dance. Her smile makes me melt; revealing a wild and indulgent persona that excites me to the core. Her whole face together is the most exciting sight, and it comes with the greatest of supporting cast members.

Sarah has that north-east European curviness that makes my shorts damp with lust. Her breasts are full and fresh, soft pale skin protruding proudly forward. She displays them like an exotic prize from a distant land, drawing you in to her limitless sexual bounty. Her cleavage is deep and soft, a man could lose himself in those breasts for hours, and I do. Her skin is smooth and pale, exotically so. It gives her chest the colour of a chinadoll and the lush warmth of tropical rains. In the sweltering heat of July sometimes a single drop of sweat will form between her breasts, inviting me to lick it up and taste her salty essence. Her belly is smooth and soft, the same exotic white tone as the rest of her. When she lays on her back I love to trace my fingers around, feeling her breath come in short little gasps. I love to lay kisses across her pallid skin, feeling her twitch with pleasure and anticipation. Her hips are the most inviting sight, fertile and sloping. They beg me to place my hands on them and draw her body against me to feel its soft treasures. They curve down to her full, womanly thighs. Her legs are gorgeously shapely, smooth and tender to the touch. I love to run my hands up the inside of her thighs and feel the muscles twitch beneath her fine skin. I love to feel them wrapped around me, strongly holding me against her body and drawing me inside of her.

Her back is a smooth and soft. I love to trail my fingers over her skin and watch her spine arch in response. bahis siteleri I love to trail my tongue down her back and feel her shudder with delight. I love to drag my hard cock down her spine and see her whole body quiver with desire as I do. Her skin feels so wonderful against my chest when I hold her from behind, or when we curl up in bed and she presses back against me. I love the way she moves sinuously when she is on top of me and facing away, glancing over her shoulder seductively as she rides my cock. I love the round lines of her feminine shoulders, the way her body curves, free of any harsh angles. Her lower back is incredibly smooth, featureless white skin softly reflecting dim candlelight. Her ass is full and round, a gorgeous specimen of a derriere. Her cheeks are plump and firm, yielding and still hard in my hands. Her muscles are strong, allowing her to clench her cheeks together with my cock in between them and milk a shuddering orgasm out of me. I love the curve of her buttocks as she lays on her front, I delight for hours in running my hands over those soft curves and gently squeezing with a loving grip.

Sarah is a sensuous creature in every respect. She loves to touch and be touched. She loves strong incense and sweet liquors. She loves the taste of cock and the smell of her own pussy on my face. She loves to spend hours indulging the senses, touching and licking gently and softly. She uses her body expertly, seducing me with every little move. She cocks her head at the perfect angle and darts her eyes up quickly, my resolve melts and I simply must be inside of her. She moves with serpentine grace in bed, slithering her body against mine to thrill and excite me more than I have ever known. She displays and offers herself to me like a gift, and no greater gift has any man ever received. She loves to taste and smell and revel in all of the sexual marvels of true love. Sarah is a Goddess of Passion in every way.

I love to start by kissing her. Softly and gently at first, but then with more urgency. I can tell when she opens her mouth more and takes my tongue inside that her lust is building. It’s fun to tease her, just swiping at her tongue with my own. Sucking gently on her lips, then with more abandon. Sometimes we get carried away and our lips are swollen from the urgency of our sucking. I just want to crawl inside Sarah and be one with her, I can’t help myself. She understands though, because she feels the same way. Our passions often get the best of us. We often wake with scratches and bruises the causes of which are unclear. We don’t care though. We know it means we lost control a little, found the place where we were both safe enough to give up our reason and live for our desire. As I’m kissing her with increasing urgency, I start to touch her breasts. I love to touch her breasts; they are soft and inviting. They canlı bahis siteleri soothe my pains and they’re so sensitive, I always hear her breathing quicken when my fingers dimple her flesh with need.

Soon Sarah’s hands are all over my body. I love that feeling. She touches and scratches and grabs at me with this abandon and need. I feel her deep longing when she touches me; it makes me feel desired and needed. It is the most soothing feeling I’ve known, even when her desires get the best of her and her nails sink into my flesh. I like the pain, I like knowing I have overwhelmed her control with pleasure. I even like to see the little crescent shaped marks on my skin, they are a reminder that I have pleased my goddess extra special the night before. We claw and grab at each others clothes, stripping each other down to expose our bodies completely. I love to suck on her breasts when I get her shirt off, I’m always dying to feel her soft skin in my mouth. I even bite at her nipples, sometimes quite hard. She arches her back and pushes herself into my mouth when I do. I love to excite my Sarah so much.

Eventually I must kiss her everywhere. I like to lay her back and kiss her breasts and nipples. Kiss and lick my way down her tummy, it always makes her squirm in the most erotic way. I love the way her hips start to rock when I move downward, moving in anticipation of what is to come. Sarah is always completely shaved. It gives me total access to lick and kiss her most private areas. I kiss her pussy lips like it was her mouth, slipping my tongue between them and suckling gently on her womanly flesh. I love the taste of her juices; she is sweet and tangy at the same time. There is a feral quality to her smell; it makes me excited in a deep and uncontrollable way. I feel like an animal when I thrust my face into her like that, her pheromones are a powerful and addictive drug to me. I often lap away at her for a long time, savoring her taste. I don’t just dive into her clit; I slide my tongue everywhere. I lick her thighs and slip my tongue right inside her pussy. I like to lick down over her ass cheeks, teasing in between them and licking her most intimate places. Then I get to work on her clit, slipping fingers into her dripping pussy while I do. I can always find Sarah’s gspot, and she always responds with wild abandon. I love my Sarah.

Soon the pleasure and excitement gets the best of her. Much as I would like to savor her taste forever, Sarah usually can’t take too much of my tongue before she demands my cock replace it. I do it on purpose, she gets so wet when she cums. I love the feeling of her sopping wetness as it yields to my hard flesh. I love her excitement; I can feel her pulsing inside when she is that aroused. Sometimes if I lick her for long enough, she will cum immediately upon my entry. I love that, I slip all the canlı bahis way inside and she clenches down hard on my cock. I just press myself into her and let her hips ride out her climax. After she clams down a little and relaxes her grip, I can start to slowly stroke her insides. I angle myself up to hit that special little spot, eliciting groans and squeals of delight every time I do. I kiss her body while I thrust inside of her, sometimes stopping to kiss her lips and tell her how much I love her. I always like to thank Sarah for letting me inside of her. It’s a special privilege that I want her to know I appreciate. She makes me feel so good, I work very hard to repay the favor.

It’s always so tempting to cum fast when I am inside of her. She is tight and wet, incredibly hot. I have been with quite a few women in my day, and I have never felt a pussy so soft and silky. I have never felt so welcomed inside a woman; her insides milk my cock expertly and lovingly every time I penetrate her. Sarah is a playground of sensual delights both inside and out. I consider it an honor to be the one to make love to her this way. Even though I feel I want to cum as soon as I am inside of her, I struggle to hold off. I want to savor every moment I am in her body, and I want her to enjoy every moment we have together. I always manage to stave off my orgasm for a time and work to give her as much pleasure as I can. I try to stimulate her everywhere, grabbing and caressing her body as I speed my thrusts inside of her. She cums so easily, it is always a delight. I know I don’t have to struggle to bring her to climax, she always surrenders herself to passion completely and rolls from one explosion to the next. It makes it even harder sometimes, her loud cries of passion combined with her quivering and clenching make me quake with excitement.

It always gets the best of me. The combination of stimulus, the sight and sound and smell of her make my entire body and soul shake. The feel of her against me and wrapped around me. I lose control and have to tell her I’m going to cum. Sarah always holds me close, clenches herself down tight on my cock and works her body to prolong my orgasm. I love the feeling of my cum spilling out into her milky insides. I love the way she always cums with me, our shared climax exploding and feeding off each other. We cry out together, wrapped in each other completely. I can always feel my cum start to drip out of her when we collapse together in a sweaty heap. We kiss and touch softly afterwards, not moving but just laying together in bliss. Sometimes I have to rest afterward, and sometimes I don’t. Some nights, my cock stays hard inside of her and soon I am ready to continue our lovemaking. We’ll often switch positions then; I love when Sarah lowers her cum filled pussy back onto my throbbing cock. I love to feel my spent passion inside her as we start the dance of love again. I love my Sarah completely, and I feel the way she loves me. I will always worship my Goddess of Passion with every fiber of my being. Ordinary men can’t imagine what I have.

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