My Neighbour Ch. 01

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I noticed her the day after I moved in…she wasn’t what most people would call beautiful, but there was something definitely sexy about her. She was about 5’9″ maybe 130 lbs, with short curly brown hair. I told her my name was Mike and she said her name was Denise. It turned out that she was my next door neighbour in the four plex I’d moved into after separating from my wife. We passed each other on a regular basis and had the usual chats about weather, the people upstairs, etc. As we got to know each other, I found that she too was separated, was 40, had a 12 year old son that spent most of the time with his dad, and like me wasn’t really interested in another relationship in the near future. We’d often sit out on the shared deck in the evenings or sometimes on a weekend morning and just enjoy the company of someone else. All in all, we became fairly good friends, getting together for a drink or occasionally a BBQ during the summer. While we both enjoyed each others company, I never expected it to go any further than that. All that changed though when she cut herself.

Let me explain, because that sounds a little weird. It was a Friday night & we were planning on getting together for dinner – I was going to BBQ and she was making dessert. As I was getting the stuff for the BBQ together I heard what sounded like a glass hitting the floor and she cried out from her kitchen. When I looked in the window, I could see a broken glass on the floor and blood running from a cut on her foot. I told her through the window to get away from the glass and put pressure on the cut while I grabbed my first aid kit – thankfully I have a more than adequate selection of first aid supplies. When I went back to her apt, she was sitting in the chair holding a cloth over the cut. When I lifted the cloth away I could see a nasty little cut from a chunk of flying glass. It was fairly deep, but not dangerously so. In a few minutes I had some suture tape, gauze and a bit of tape over it and the bleeding was pretty well stopped.

While I was getting the cut taken care of, I kept looking up at her to make sure she was ok and quickly noticed that with the way I was holding her foot out to work on it I had a clear view up her short summer skirt. To make things even better, it didn’t take me long to realize that not only could I see right up to her crotch, but what I was seeing was smooth, naked flesh – not panties. The next thought that came to mind was that she had been almost ready to come over for the BBQ, so she’d obviously been planning on coming over sans panties!

I must have either looked once too often, or lingered a bit too long because the next time güvenilir bahis I made it all the way up to her face she was looking at me with a ‘caught you red handed’ kind of look – thankfully she didn’t look upset & if anything there was an amused look on her face. Nothing more was said and we had a great little steak BBQ, some (ok a lot of) wine and a nice cool jello dessert that I could tell was laced with vodka. After dinner we had a few more drinks and the talk moved to relationships we’d had. Out of the blue, she asked me if any of the women I’d been with had ever complained that my beard tickled – I told her I’d never had any complaints and left it at that.

After the bugs came out, we moved inside and fired up a movie. We were sitting on the couch with our drinks and were soon talking more than watching the movie. The talk moved back to relationships and what we had and hadn’t liked about them. When Denise said that the only thing she really missed about her ex-husband was his neck rubs (we’d already covered the fact that he wasn’t great in bed) I told her I gave a fairly good rub myself. Before long she was sitting on the floor in front of me as I worked on her neck and shoulders. I could tell from the way she relaxed and the sighs that she made that I was doing a fairly good job. It must have been the wine – at least that’s what I’ll blame it on, because I leant forward and caressed the back of her neck with my beard and just barely brushed her with my lips. When I felt her whole body tense I thought I’d crossed the line, but just as quickly she relaxed and asked what that was for. I reminded her that she’d asked if my beard tickled and thought that I figured the only way for her to find out was to feel it. “Well, it didn’t tickle there” she said.

Just the way she said ‘there’ made me think that this could be a better night than I’d originally thought. I told her that she could stretch out on the floor if she wanted her back rubbed too, and somewhat jokingly I suggested that it would feel better on bare skin. Her answer was to peel off her top, showing a skimpy bra and some very nice cleavage, and lay stomach down on the carpet. I massaged my way up and down her back a few times, then leant forward and rubbed my beard against her bare back just above her skirt – “how about there” I asked.

“Nope, didn’t tickle at all” was her reply. I traced a weaving trail back up to her neck with my beard and lips, pausing only to undo her bra strap on the way. When I reached her neck I moved down to her feet and resumed my massage as I worked my way up her legs. Of course I hadn’t forgotten that she hadn’t been wearing any panties earlier güvenilir bahis siteleri and certainly wasn’t disappointed to find that nothing had changed as her skirt was ‘accidently’ pushed up by my massage. I was almost positive that the higher I got, the more her legs spread & I was treated to the beginnings of a very firm behind and just a hint of pussy before I went back down to her ankles and started kissing and rubbing my beard along her skin as I progressed back up her legs. Each time I asked I got the same “didn’t tickle there” answer. The only change was by the time I got back up to the beginnings of her buttocks, her breathing was a little quicker and her speech not quite as clear.

I certainly wanted to keep going, but wanted to give her an out if she didn’t want it to go any further so I told her she could consider her rub complete and we could go back to the movie or only half done, but if it was half done then she’d have to roll over so I could keep going. I was a little surprised with how quickly she rolled over, but the surprise was well worth the view of a very perky set of nipples on her breasts, which were certainly firmer than a lot of woman far younger than her. As much as I wanted to dive onto those perky nipples, I forced myself to repeat the same sequence I had with her back – I massaged my way down to her skirt (of course I did spend a little extra time massaging the mammaries) and then kissed and rubbed my way back up. If I thought her nipples were perky before I started I was wrong! A few minutes of sucking, nibbling and licking and they were as hard as I was. By now her breathing was definitely faster and I’d given up asking if it ticked any more. Even as I was moving down to her feet I noticed her legs were definitely spread wider than they had been when she was face down. The closer I got to her crotch, the more I could feel her thighs rising up to meet my hands.

I forced myself to take my time as I massaged my way up her legs, stopping just shy of her crotch. Then, just like on the backs of her legs I went back down to her ankles and worked my way back up again – except this time with my lips and beard rather than my hands and from my closer perspective I had an even better view of her crotch and could already smell the muskiness of her excitement. By now her legs were spread wide enough that I had no trouble seeing her cleanly shaved pussy and I don’t think she had any more ideas than I did of stopping. When I got close enough, I blew a stream of cool air between her legs, which took her by surprise and her whole pelvis thrust up into the air- and right against my waiting tongue! As she settled back iddaa siteleri down to the floor my tongue stayed right with her. As my fingers joined my tongue in exploring her most intimate area I could tell by her thrusts and groans that not only was I on the right track, but an orgasm wasn’t far away. I don’t think it was more than another 30 seconds later that she came – and I’ve never experienced a woman’s orgasm like that before. I thought she was wet already, but when she came I could literally feel the juices trickling out of her – it wasn’t until we were talking afterwards that I found out that far from being the usual, she seldom ever came that hard and never just from being eaten (her ex thought that oral sex was gross – giving or receiving).

Quite astutely she figured that if I liked going down on her then I’d likely enjoy her going down on me – and guess what – she was right! If her husband hadn’t enjoyed oral sex, it certainly wasn’t because of a lack of skill on her part – that girl was good. It wasn’t long before I knew I was quickly reaching the point of no return and told her so just in case she didn’t like the thought of getting a mouthful. On the contrary she sucked even harder with long, slow strokes – guaranteed to get me off any time and it did! I’m not sure how many spurts there were, but she contained every one of them and after swallowing, she licked her lips in case she’d missed any. My ex had always complained about ‘pussy taste’ on my beard after I went down on her, but as she brought her face up to mine and our lips met, it was apparent that it didn’t bother Denise any more than the taste of my cum bothered me.

As we kissed, she told me the only thing she didn’t like about a guy cumming in her mouth was that she hated waiting for him to get hard enough to fuck for a while. Normally I’d have agreed with her, but the gods were on my side that night and I was still hard as could be, which she quickly found out as I pulled her on top of me and thrust up into her. In the interest of comfort, after a few minutes of sex on the floor, we adjourned to her bed and continued there. There wasn’t any urgency this time and we were both ready to go the distance – and before dawn we’d both done so several times.

We woke up at pretty much the same time the next morning and after a few uncomfortable moments of both trying to speak we agreed that neither had any quilt about what had happened, nor had we changed our minds about not wanting another relationship in the near future. I wasn’t sure where things were going to go from there until she said, “my ex always said that anal sex was disgusting too” and with the gleam in her eye as she said it I knew I was going to be seeing more of her. Unfortunately her son was going to be dropped off soon for the rest of the weekend and we both agreed it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to be there when her son and ex arrived.

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