My Man’s Surprise

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Firstly, I should tell you a little bit about myself and my boyfriend, Dan.

I’m Nicole and I’m 28. I am a petite 5 foot 3 inches tall, with long brown hair and a fit toned body. Dan is 31, six foot tall and is also toned. We both go to the gym regularly and enjoy a fit lifestyle. We have been together for almost 5 years and have a very healthy sex life.

Right from the start, we promised to be open and honest about sex and interests. I am bisexual and have had many sex partners, of both genders. We both enjoy oral, anal play, role playing and teasing. We have accumulated a variety of toys that we regularly use on each other Dan’s ass is no stranger to my toys either. But up until this experience, my toys, fingers and tongue are the only thing to invade that space.

Dan and I have swung with other couples and had threesomes with a few other ladies before, but never with 2 guys and me. That is a desire I was yet to experience until last week.

I had been to one of my weekly gym sessions while Dan was at work and I happened to get talking to a mutual gym junkie, Steve, who is a 20 year old builder who is very handsome and has a great body.

During our workout and conversation, I saw that Steve would be glancing around the gym at other members, both male and female. Being a straight forward kind of a girl, I found out that Steve was single, and also bisexual. This gave me an idea and a very wet pussy too. The planning had begun. The following Friday was Dan’s birthday and I was going to give him a surprise I know he would love. I mentioned my idea to Steve and he was more than willing to be a part of it.

Friday came and I phoned Dan at work and telling him I was taking him out that afternoon for his birthday. Dan said he was planning to go to the gym, but I told him he’d have to use the weights at home today.

Knowing his routine, I left work early and headed home. I quietly went inside and found Dan on the weight bench on the back verandah lifting his bar weights. Our verandah kaçak iddaa is secluded from prying eyes, so any fun we have there is not in public view. I went to our bedroom and grabbed a small bag of useful things, stripped off all my clothes, and walked slowly out onto the verandah. Dan saw me and smiled. “You’re home early I see”. He said. “Are you my birthday present”?

I smiled at my hot guy and said, “Baby, I am just the start of your present. This is going to be a special one for you.”

I put the bag on the floor and leaned over Dan, kissing him passionately. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and started running my hand over his bare chest. Dan was following my lead and his hands were exploring my naked breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples. I moved my hand down to his shorts and started to rub his hardening cock.

“Someone is happy to see me, I see”. I said as I slid my fingers under the waist band and stroked his cock. I grabbed his shorts and slid them off, making Dan as naked as I was. I moved down his body, kissing his chest and stomach until I reached his cock. I licked the swollen head and suck on it. I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue, before taking it deep in my mouth, sucking him hard. Dan’s fingers were busy playing with my clean shaved cunt. Rubbing my clit and exploring inside me.

Dan was starting to get into it, lifting his hips off the bench and fucking my mouth. I wanted him to cum, but I had other plans, so I stopped sucking and stood up, smiling at him. I told Dan to swivel around on the bench so his feet were at the end where the weights were. I lifted each foot and placed then up high onto the bar. Then I reached into my bag and pulled out a long length of silk ribbon. I tied each ankle to the bar.

Dan was a positioned like in a gyno’s chair and feet in the stirrups. I straddled Dan’s body in a 69 position, placing my very wet cunt on his face. I went back to sucking on his hard cock and playing with his balls. I dropped my fingers to his ass and rubbed his kaçak bahis rear hole, hearing him moan at the touch. I let my saliva drip down and smeared it around his asshole. When I pushed a finger in his ass, Dan pushed up into my mouth. I loved finger fucking his asshole.

I took my finger from his ass and reached down into my bag. I grabbed out some lube and a cock shaped dildo. I squirted the lube over the dildo and onto his ass. I then started to rub the lube into his hole, pushing one finger inside, then a second. Soon I had three fingers in his ass, and was finger fucking him slowly. Dan was moaning loudly each time I pushed inside him. He couldn’t speak because my cunt was on his mouth as he licked and tongued my wet cunt. I grabbed the dildo with my spare hand and took my fingers from his ass. I rubbed the tip of the dildo around his asshole and put some pressure on it.

Holding it there, I asked Dan if he was ready for my toy cock to fuck his ass. Dan moved his mouth momentarily from my cunt and asked me to fuck his ass. I pushed the head inside and gently forced it inside. Dan groaned as the head of the toy cock slipped inside him. I held it there for a few seconds, and pushed it in further. Don’t stop licking my cunt baby. Dan went back to licking my clit and tongue, his fingers playing with my lips and my butt.

I started sliding the toy cock, in and out of Dan’s ass now. The whole length was moving in and out of his asshole. I started teasing Dan now, and asking him if he liked a cock in his ass. Dan moaned each time I asked. I thrust the toy in and out of his asshole and, sucked his hard cock up and down and lick the head. I continued to ask him if he was enjoying this birthday man cock in his asshole. Dan moaned and said, “Yes baby, I love that man cock in my asshole. Fuck my asshole. Make him fuck me hard.”

That is exactly what I needed to hear. I looked up at the doorway to the kitchen, at Steve standing there rubbing his long hard cock. I motioned to him to come over. Dan could illegal bahis not see him because I was straddling his face. Steve walked slowly over to where I was sucking on Dan’s cock and lubed up his cock. I loved watching as he rubbed his fist up and down the shaft. Very quietly, Steve knelt on the floor and moved close, aiming his cock at Dan’s asshole.

I took Dan’s cock deep in my throat and sucked hard, up and down. I withdrew the dildo from his ass and rubbed the open hole with more lube. I winked at Steve and he moved forward, pressing the head of his cock against Dan’s asshole. Fuck, I started to cum from Dan”s licking as Steve slide his eight inches into Dan’s ass. Dan’s face was covered with my juices now.

Dan moaned and moved his ass around on the bench, not knowing he was getting fucked by a real cock for the first time. I was so turned on I knew I would cum again soon. Dan moaned that it felt so real, and that he loved it. Steve’s face contorted and he mouthed “now”. I took my mouth from Dan’s cock and opened it for Steve. Keeping quiet, as was our agreement, Steve pushed his cock into my mouth. I grabbed the dildo and pushed it back into Dan’s asshole and started fucking hard, stroking his cock.

Steve thrust hard and started to cum in my mouth. Spurt after spurt down my throat. I am amazed that he could keep so quiet. I swallowed his cum and went back to sucking Dan’s cock. As Steve crept back into the kitchen to leave, I pushed the dildo hard into Dan’s asshole. Dan moaned and yelled as he thrust up into my mouth and started to cum himself. I took all his juices down my throat.

I slowly got off Dan and moved around to kiss him. I undid the ties letting him lower his legs. Dan took me in his arms and held me tight kissing me and thanking me for such a special surprise. “My pleasure baby,” I said. I am glad you liked it. Now, we have to get ready for dinner.

As I walked into the kitchen, I turned to Dan and asked if he would consider letting a real man join us for my birthday? Dan smiled and said, “If a guy can fuck me like you just did, them I’ll happily let one join in.” I blew Dan a kiss and smiled as I walked into the house. I know I’ll be seeing Steve again soon then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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