Mom is a Cam Girl

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Tom is an 18 year old boy who lives with his mom, Suzie. His dad left years ago, so it’s just them.

He loves to sit in his room and watch the cam model sites after he finished his homework. He had his own credit card and would buy tokens to use to tip and activate the internet controlled vibrators that the women had in their pussies. He was a bit stingy with them because he knew he could spend a lot of money if he wasn’t.

One Saturday evening he was in his room looking at the preview shots of the women on a cam site he had just discovered. He was surprised at one where the bedspread looked just like the one in his mom’s room. Her cam name was lustymom. The woman was just showing her body from the boobs down. He knew it couldn’t be his mom, she surely wouldn’t be on that site!

He clicked on the icon. He had his headset on and the woman was moaning. He watched as the texts were running on the side pane. She was very popular as the texts were scrolling quickly and there were frequent tokens tips to keep her vibrator going.

Tom was excited by the woman’s body. She had large breasts that sagged to her sides as she lay on the bed. Her tummy was just a little chubby, just like his mom’s he thought. The camera was placed so he could only see her body and the bedspread. Surely this can’t be his mom! There must be thousands of bedspreads like her’s.

He wanted to see the woman’s face. He paid 1 tokens for 1 second of vibration, then texted,

‘Can I see your face? You have a lovely body and I want to see the face that goes with it’.

“If someone tips me 20 tokens, I’ll show my face.”

Tom was about to send the tip when another user saved him.

She raised the camera.

He gasped as he looked at his mother’s face!

Another user paid 100 tokens for 30 seconds of vibration at medium speed.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Ohhhhhhhhh, please! More!”

His room was on the second floor of their house and her bedroom on the ground floor so with the doors closed, he couldn’t hear her except on his pc.

He knew he should close the window, but he couldn’t resist looking at his mom, naked on her bed, legs spread frog like, with a vibrator sticking out of her hairless cunt! He had already become hard when he started surfing the site, but now he was rock hard, although troubled that it was his mom that was causing it.

He had his cock in his hand, stroking as he watched. He tipped another 10 tokens and got a ‘thank you’ from his mom.

A 1000 token tip bought a user a minute at high speed.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! You’re making me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!”

His mom rubbed her clit, pinching a nipple with her other hand as she orgasmed jerking her hips up and down. Her legs scissored like a swimmer as she made short grunting sounds. She was very obviously not faking it!

Tom groaned and erupted all over his chest and stomach as his whole body clenched in orgasm. He spurted 4 times and then more cum dribbled out.

When he came down from his orgasm, he closed the site in shame. He couldn’t believe his mom was doing that, and he was ashamed that he had been so excited by watching her.

He cleaned the cum from body, then went to the kitchen for a drink. After a few minutes his mom came in. He avoided looking at her and she asked,

“Is something wrong honey?”

“Uh, no mom, just a bit tired. It’s been a long day.”

He looked at her then and the image of her spread eagled on her bed flashed into his brain!

He quickly glanced at her chest, remembering what her bare breasts looked like, then quickly looked away. His mom gave him a questioning look but then shrugged, thinking, ‘typical teenager’ and went about getting a cold soda. The thought didn’t enter her mind that he might have discovered her secret side gig. It averaged around three thousand dollars a month, which she put mostly pinbahis güvenilirmi in savings.

She went to the living room and turned the set on. She watched for a while before Tom came in and sat across from her. He looked over at her every chance he got while she was concentrating on the show. She caught him a few times but that was not unusual for him to glance at her. She put it down to teen behavior. She knew most teen boys had thoughts of sex with their moms or sisters.

But his changed behavior made her rethink what had caused it. He was paying too much attention to her body all of a sudden. She had enabled url tracing on the internet router but hadn’t thought of checking it. After retiring to her room, she brought up the history and there was her site in his history! He had been watching! Instead of being disgusted that he was watching her, to her shock, she was turned on that he had seen her do those erotic things. She imagined him sitting in his room with his cock out and seeing her perform for all those people! He was watching her masturbate as he was masturbating!

The next evening while Tom was supposed to be doing homework, she went to her room and locked the door. Then she logged in to her cam account and started her webcam. She wondered if Tom was watching.

Her regular patrons quickly opened her show and she started as usual by offering to remove clothes for tips. She set the menu at 20 tokens for each article of clothing, or 80 for all. She always set the stripping part low because she actually loves exposing herself.

It only took a few seconds after publishing the menu that one of her regulars tipped 80 tokens.

Tom had vowed to himself not to open her site again, but he couldn’t resist the urge to see her! He checked in just as the user tipped her to strip.

An automated reply thanked him for the tip. His mom stood back from the camera and began removing her clothes, dancing in place as she did. First, the sash on her pink silk robe was untied and she let it fall off her shoulders, but caught it on her elbows. She paused a few seconds, then let it cascade to the floor. She was wearing a see through lacey bra and her nipples could be clearly seen through the gauzy material. She had matching panties that were barely covering the top of her pussy. Then she unhooked the front clasp on her bra and let it fall from her body. Her tits sagged down a bit when released from the bra’s light support.

Tom had his cock out and was stroking while watching his mom strip. He moaned when she turned her back to the camera and bending at the waist, slowly slid her panties down. She wiggled her ass for the camera then turned and sat in her chair. She hadn’t put the vibrator in yet so after she sat, she put a request in text that 100 tokens would get the vibrator, which she was holding in her hand, inserted in her pussy.

Needless to say, in a second, she was spreading her cunt lips apart and inserting the well lubed vibrator in her cunt!

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh god! Thank you!”

She had the menu posted then for the vibrator length and speed.

A user tipped enough for a minute at medium speed.

Again a long moan flowed by short grunts,

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Tom was wanking faster as his mom writhed in response to the vibrations. His Precum was running out, providing lubrication for his shaft. He felt the familiar tingles in his thighs, signaling the approach of his orgasm.

Another user tipped for 30 seconds at high speed and his mom jerked her whole body as the vibrator buzzed loudly. After 15 seconds, his mom arched up and moaned as she had her first orgasm!

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Cumming! Ohhhhhhh!”

The viewers kept paying tips to keep the vibrator going at full speed. She was jerking so violently that the pinbahis yeni giriş chair was moving all over.

Tom was stroking as fast as he could watching his mom’s extreme orgasm! He arched up, straightening his body as the cum flew from his cock! It hit high on his chest then painted decreasing ribbons until it dribbled out and ran over his hand.

“Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhhhh! It’s too much!” His mom cried!

She finally had to pull the vibrator from her cunt.

Tom had collapsed in his chair, exhausted from the strong tremors he experienced.

He couldn’t believe his mom was this hot and slutty!

He cleaned up again and like usual, they watched tv, Tom stealing glances at his mom.

The next evening Tom logged on as usual and his mom was just starting the show. She was down to bra and panties and soon was naked.

Tom pulled his cock out and watched as she inserted her dildo and started getting vibrations.

Then she reached on her nightstand and picked up her phone. Tom figured she was going to text a viewer. To his surprise, his phone buzzed. He picked it up and it was a text from his mom.

“Tom, I know you’re watching right now. I know you’ve been watching my shows. Why don’t you come to my room and get a front row seat to the show! ;)”

He texted back,

“How did you find out?”

Her reply,

“Ever heard of url history on a router?”

Oh shit! He didn’t know she could do that!

“Just come down. I am not mad, maybe a lot excited, but not mad.”

He hurried down to her room, not believing he was actually going to be in the room with her. On his way she texted again,

“Don’t get in the camera shot. I don’t want my fans to see you!”

He was trembling as he opened the door and there was his mom, in the flesh, definitely in the flesh, on her bed with legs spread and the dildo in her cunt!

She was moaning and looked at him with passion in her eyes. She texted him and he read,

“Pull a chair over close but still out of the shot. Sit down and take your cock out for mom! I want to watch you masturbate for me! I want to watch you cum!”

She continued her show, moaning as user after user tipped to keep the vibrator going.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Oh yes! More! Keep tipping! Oh god! I’m going to cum! Yeeeeeeaaaasssss!”

She was jerking her hips up and down and had her knees bent so she could arch up, displaying her wet pussy to the camera.

Tom moved a chair next to the bed, positioned so he could clearly see his mom’s pussy, but out of the cam view. He wrapped his hand around his cock and started stroking, leaning over to spit on it as he stroked.

His mom typed on her phone again and Tom read the text,

“Oh god honey, I can’t believe you’re masturbating for me! So you like your slutty mother! Do you like watching her perform for thousands of men?”

Tom answered.

“I love my slutty mother! I love watching you tease all these men who will never be able to sit where I am!”

Her answer came right back,

“No they won’t! And they will never get to feel my boobs or put their fingers in my nice hot cunt!”

“Do you want me to do those things mom?”

“Oh my god yes! And more!”

Tom was playing the game with his mom and it was turning both of them on!

“More? What else are we going to do?”

“Mmmmm, I can’t imagine what we couldn’t do!”

“Keep talking like that and you’ll make me cum!”

“Oh god no! Not yet! Let me end the show and then we can do this properly!”

Tom stopped stroking as his mom notified her viewers that her boyfriend was coming over and he didn’t want to be on the webcam. They were disappointed but she said she would make it up to them next time.

She signed off, removed the vibrator and shut her laptop down.

“Now, honey, come over pinbahis giriş here and fuck mommie!”

Tom almost tripped trying to get his pants off! Then he pulled his tee over his head and threw it across the room as he jumped on the bed next to his mom!

“Slow down Tex!” His mom joked, “we’ve got all night!”

“Sorry mom, but I just want you so bad! Watching you perform just made me so hot for you!”

“It’s okay honey, but let’s start with some kissing and fondling, I don’t want this to be a “wam, bam, thank you ma’am kind of fuck.”

They rolled to face each other and Suzie put her hands on his cheeks and kissed his lips, giving him little pecks at first, then longer kisses. Tom responded by pushing his tongue into her mouth. They licked each other’s tongues as their passion increased.

Tom took one of Suzie’s breasts in his hand and massaged, his palm brushing her nipple. She moaned into his mouth as he used a finger on his other hand to gently rub the nipple on her other breast.

Unable to resist any longer, Suzie reached between them and wrapped her hand around his long, hard cock!

Then Tom moved his hand from her breast and rubbed down her body until he found her pussy. He ran his finger through her slit and it opened for him, very wet and hot.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes!”

Suzie moaned as she moved her mouth barely away from his lips, then returned to kissing him.

She couldn’t wait any longer and put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him on his back, rolling on top of him. His cock was very hard as she reached between them and guided it to her pussy. It was very wet from both her show and the fact she was about to fuck her son! She rubbed his cock up and down her slit to lubricate it, then put it at the entrance to her pussy. She lowered her hips slowly and moaned as his cock stretched her!

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhh!”

Tom held his breath as he felt his cock being sheathed in his mother’s cunt! He had dreamed of this moment and he had to use all his concentration not to cum before he was all the way in.

Her pelvic bone hit his, his cock fully embedded in her. Her eyes were filled with lust and his were open wide, astonished that he was actually fucking his mom!

She stayed motionless for a long time, lowering her upper body until her breasts were smashed on his chest. They kissed again, long and passionate.

She finally started to move her hips in small circles, causing his cock to move in a circle inside her.

“Oh god mom! Oh god!”

“Oh yes honey! Your cock feels so good in me! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Then she started to move up and down in addition to the rotation. It was driving Tom closer and closer to an unstoppable orgasm. He couldn’t believe how intense the feelings were!

They were kissing and licking each other’s faces. She sucked on his neck, giving him a love mark, then he did the same to her.

Just when he couldn’t hold his orgasm back any longer, his mom ground her pussy down on him and screamed,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh my fucking god! Oh! Ohl! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

She ground her cunt on him as she came violently, shaking all over.

Tom stiffened as his cum spewed into his mom’s cunt,

“Ahhhhhhh fuck mom! Oh yes! Cumming in you! Holy fuck! I’m cuming in you, mom!”

He couldn’t ever remember cuming this hard or this long! He just kept firing ropes of cum into his mom!

“Oh honey! You’re filling me so good! Oh god!”

They were kissing and fucking so hard, they almost passed out.

Finally they came down to earth and Suzie collapsed on Tom.

“Damn, Tom, you made me dizzy! God! I haven’t cum like that ever!”

“Me too mom! That was awesome!”

They held each other and fell asleep that way.

Suzie woke up early in the morning with dried cum on her pussy and her son sleeping next to her. She kissed his cheek, then got up and took a shower. When she returned to the bedroom, Tom was awake and smiling at her.

“I hope that wasn’t a one night stand, mom!”

“I think it’s going to be more like an every night fuck!”

Tom’s smile got even bigger!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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