Christy’s Night Out

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Christine Marie Lorgnette or Christy was sitting before the computer, drumming her fingers on the desk as she looked at the clock. She had read about Einstein’s law of relativity when she was in grade 10, but she was seeing it happing before her for the first time. The moment she wants the time to run fast, it actually goes slower. A hell lot slower, in fact.

She glanced at her Guess timepiece, checking whether it was indeed working properly or not. It did. Sighing, she opened up her browser. The company ran it’s own local area network and so there was no access to internet through any of the computer except for one. And it is kept in her boss’s office. Sadly, she closed her browser page and sat back again. She checked her phone. Mindy has sent her threw texts in the last two minutes. She typed back a reply.

-Will be there in fifteen minutes. Still stuck at work. Keep your DAMN PANTIES ON!!

Almost immediately she got a reply,

-Will try my best! There are these two REALLY HOT Dudes who are continuously checking me out and I am one glance away from grabbing one of them and kissing him RIGHT HERE.

Christy frowned.

-You’re at the party already?

-No silly. I am waiting for you downstairs. Come on! Get your butt out of there already!

Christy looked at the clock again. Her shift ends at 9 and there was still twenty minutes left in the clock. The others had left already. It was Friday night and everybody is in a hurry to get back to their home. ‘Oh what the hell!’, she said to herself. ‘I had finished my work already. Billy can screw himself of he wants to!’ she shut down her computer, grabbed her bag and stepped out of her cubicle. Then she made her way towards the elevator.

Christy is a young beautiful girl in her mid-twenties, hailing from Greenwich, England. She had straight, silky brown hair which fell to her mid-waist, hazel eyes with a tinge of green around the edges and is also gifted with a slender frame which looked sexy in whatever clothe she chose to wear.

Currently, she was wearing a tight fitting pin-stripe business suit, the skirt reaching down to her knees and was slit from the back two or three inches. It made her beautiful derriere protrude out from behind every time she took a step.

As she stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, she looked around for her friend. She found Mindy sitting on a sofa by the reception desk holding an issue of Forbes magazine and occasionally giving sly glances towards the two men in grey suits standing at a corner, talking to each other. Christy noticed that they were indeed handsome.

Mindy saw Christy and waved at her. The two friends came and hugged each other. The sweet tangy flavour of Mindy’s channel perfume hit Christy’s nose.

‘At last!’ she said. ‘They finally decided to unshackle you?’

Christy shrugged. ‘More or less.’

Mindy was wearing a white overcoat, reaching down to her knees. It looked good on her, matching her dark hair, blue eyes and her bright red lipstick. But Christy knew better. She knew that it was highly unlikely she would wear just a coat and wondered what she was wearing under. She was also wearing a black gladiator styled heels which are very popular these days. Even though, with the high heels, she was still an inch shorter than Christy.

‘So…?’ Mindy spoke in her light playful voice. ‘Which one did you pick?’

‘What?’ Christy smiled.

Mindy pointed over Christy’s shoulders and she turned to looka t the two men. They were both tall, good-looking, strongly-built—one a bit more than the other—and looked very neat, very dapper.

‘The blonde one I guess,’ she replied, nodding towards the blonde young man in his late twenties or early thirties, shaved, grey eyes, straight nose and square jaw line. His hair was cut neatly and his suit was perfectly pressed. He was holding a briefcase in one hand. Christy couldn’t help but look at his lips while he talked, moving ever so lightly every time he talked. His teeth were straight and perfectly white.

‘Oooh! Nice choice, girl,’ Mindy cooed. ‘Do you think we ask them to join us?’

Christy looked at her. ‘What? No! We can’t do that.’

‘Why not?’ Mindy said, walking towards them.

‘Mindy!!’ Christy said under her breath, but followed her nonetheless.

The two men spotted Mindy and stopped laughing. Both of them looked heavily amused.

‘Er…can we help you ladies?’ the one with the brown hair asked. He shifted his glance between th two girls, smiling amusedly.

He was of the same age as his friend, probably worked at the same floor too. Like the blonde, he too was dressed rather neatly. His hair was cut a bit longer on the back and his dark eyes always sparkled with enthusiasm. He has removed his jacket and had it folded over his arm. He was wearing a plain white shirt which hugged his lithe muscular frame nicely and his broad chest. It was accompanied by a red silk tie.

‘Hi, I’m Mindy.’ Christy’s zealous friend started. ‘And this is my friend Christy.’

‘Hello.’ kaçak iddaa They both answered. ‘I am matt.’ The brunette said, ‘And this is my colleague Alex.’

‘Nice to meet you.’ Alex said, shaking hands with Christy.

She almost melted in his strong grasp. She couldn’t help but ogle at his strong ripped muscles on his arm flexing and rippling as he shook her hand.

‘So…’ Mindy continued, ‘Now that we are well acquainted, it’s Saturday night and Christy and I were thinking about hitting the club downtown. Want to join us?’

Matt looked towards Alex and then looked back at Mindy with a wide grin.

‘Sure!’ Matt said. His exuberance perturbed Christy. She thought that he was ogling at her friend a bit too much. Not his fault, anyway. Mindy is way too irresistible to not to look at.

Alex however, had his eyes constantly fixated upon Christy. But she wasn’t repulsed or alarmed by it. His stare was warm, appreciating. Mindy told them the name of the club and the address and, after wading adieu, turned towards the exit. On her way out, Christy glanced behind her and saw the two men fist bumping each other.

‘That went well.’ They were outside the building now, heading towards the parking lot towards Mindy’s car. They stepped inside her shiny red BMW coupe. Mindy’s father was a big, rich land developer in New York, and was filthy rich. She could very much be named as a rich man’s spoilt child.

‘Of course it did,’ Mindy said, ‘I was one talking.’

Christy shook her head at her friend’s haughtiness. ‘Have you brought my dress?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, here.’ Mindy handed her the shopping bag. ‘I still don’t understand why do you have to change here. You could, like, wear it underneath or change at one of the hundreds bathroom stalls in the office.’

Christy took the bag from her hands and checked inside. ‘You know what will happen if Jim finds out that I have brought a party dress at the office. He will have an aneurism and I will have an unemployed card. Besides he is such a pervert he might get the wrong hint.’

‘That I agree,’ Mindy said. ‘I have met him only once and believe me I did not like at all. I will never forget the way he looked at me that time.’

Christy slipped in the back seat while Mindy shot up the engine and carved her way through the evening traffic, towards downtown. Christy began to remove her clothes in the back seat. The car was spacious, but not spacious enough and she had to bend her body in an awkward way to dress. All the while, Mindy kept on chatting, most which Christy just ignored. They had now reached a stop light and suddenly Christy became aware of the number of cars around her. Although the windows were tinted and no one can absolutely see anything inside, Christy still blushed and began to change quicker.

After she undid her shirt, she pulled down the zipper to her skirt and slipped it off her legs. Now she was dressed only in her expensive lace underwear. When it comes to lingerie, Christy in extremely careful. She always picks the best of the best, even though it burns a little hole in her purse. But she needn’t had to worry much as her job pays her enough to live by decently in Chicago with much to spare.

Right now, she was wearing an exotic Victoria Secrets number, made with the finest lace and silk. The cups of her bra were strong enough to hold up her heavy breasts, yet small enough to leave much of the pale skin exposed. Her panty too, was small, gracing her long legs beautifully and rode up the deep crack of her butt cheeks.

She fetched into her bag and pulled out a tiny black dress. After considerable amount of effort and elbow grease, she finally managed to slip it on.

‘Wow!’ Mindy said as Christy slipped back to the front seat. ‘You look amazing girl!’

‘Why thank you,’ she replied, blushing. ‘Hope it’s not too much.’

‘You are going to kill men in that!’

The dress she wore reached down to her mid-thighs and looked like it had been poured directly over her bodice. With the plunging v-line at the front, it showed a considerable amount of cleavage. At the back it was intricately designed so as to show as much sin as possible while doing a damn good job at hiding the bra straps. It was accentuated with a pair of Gucci pumps. A little dab of lipstick and eyeliner did the rest of the magic. She didn’t need to put much effort to look attractive. Her eyes would do that for her.

About forty-five minutes later they reached the downtown club. It took twenty minutes to actually drive there and another twenty-five minutes to find a decent parking space.

They stepped out of the BMW, which by the way looked a tad ostentatious among the other vehicles in the vicinity. The club was big and was one of the most famous one in this part of the town. It was lit brightly in green and seemed like a beacon against the dark Chicago skyline.

Christy looked towards her friend. ‘Are you going to go in there wearing that?’ she asked, pointing at the overcoat.

Mindy gave a sly grin. ‘Of kaçak bahis course not, dear’.

Then with the grave and confidence as that of a runway model, she untied to sash of her overcoat from the front and threw it off her shoulders in one smooth move. Christy’s mouth fell open as she looked at what she wore underneath.

It was crimson red designer dress, made of silk, perfectly tailored and fitting snugly on Mindy’s petite but curvaceous frame. The neckline at the front plunged deep, almost to the mid-riff showing the inner curves of her perky tits. She was also wearing a pearl necklace with it, which was the only thing making the attire less slutty. The dress was wonderfully designed to make her small frame look tall and alluring. It was risqué, without being immodest.

The moment she revealed her dress, almost every pair of eyes around them turned towards her. All the men looked at her in admiration, while all the girls gave her cold hard stares—some with jealousy, some with anger. Even Christy couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy towards her. Leave it to Mindy to completely steal the show.

‘Who’s killing all men now?’ Christy quipped, laughing.

As if on cue, a white Land Rover pulled up beside them and Matt stepped out from behind the wheel. They made their way towards the girls. Christy noticed that they have somehow changed their clothes somewhere between the transit. Had they already planned the night beforehand, then? Christy wondered.

Both of them were wearing shirt and jeans. Matt was wearing a blue polo shirt and white formal jeans while Alex was dressed more subtly in plain white shirt and grey jeans. The sleeves of his shirt was rolled up all the way to his elbows, showing his ripped muscles, which sent goose bumps on her skin.

‘Geez, you look gorgeous,’ Matt said as he shook hands with Mindy, ‘Both of you.’ He added winking at Christy. ‘Looks like we’ll have a hard time keeping the wolves out of our dates, don’t we Alex?’ she nudged his friend. Alex smiled in reply.

‘Well, you don’t have to worry,’ Mindy said. ‘For tonight, we are all yours.’

Together they made their way towards the building entrance. Mindy and Matt were chatting excitedly with each other while Christy and Alex were walking silently side by side.

‘You look beautiful,’ he told her on the way.

She looked up at him and looked away quickly, blushing. ‘Thank you,’ she said.

The front of the building was heavily crowded with people waiting eagerly in line to get inside. The bouncers were having a hard time keeping them in order. Christy looked at the line which seemed to stretch out all the way to the next block, even further. It was full house tonight and she doubted they will ever going to get in here. She told Mindy to try another place which would be less crowded but Mindy simply told her to relax and follow her.

‘Besides,’ she added, ‘The gin here is amazing.’

They pushed and jostled to the front of the crowd where the bouncers were pushing them back. One of them stopped Mindy. The man was at least seven feet tall and compared to him, she looked like a midget.

‘It’s Mindy Swatchford,’ she yelled over the cacophonous crowd. ‘And friends,’ she added.

The bouncer gave a look over at them and let them pass through.

‘How did you do that?’ Christy asked after they were inside.

Mindy shrugged her shoulders. ‘My father’s friend owns this club.’

Once they reached the bar, the ordered gin and beer as chasers. They chatted as they sipped their drinks. Matt told them that he and Alex works as sales representative at the Gilberts and had come to Chicago for three nights to finalize a business deal and that they will have to leave on Monday.

‘So you are partners?’ Mindy asked.

‘More or less,’ Matt replied. ‘Mostly Alex does all the real work while I do all the talking.’

‘It shows.’ She replied, nodding. ‘How long have you been together?’

‘Two years in business, and another four in college.’

‘Seems like you two are pretty close to each other,’ Christy said.

‘That we are,’ Alex replied smiling.

‘Tell me about you Christy,’ Matt said quickly. ‘I reckon, by your accent, that you are not from here?’

‘No, she’s from great Britain,’ Mindy replied quickly.

He asked a few more questions which Christy replied duly. After a while, Mindy and Matt went to the dance floor while Alex and Christy stayed back. Hanging with the crowd was never her thing.

‘So you’re English?’ Alex asked, after they were gone.

Christy looked towards him and nodded. ‘I am from Greenwich.’

‘What’s a British girl doing all the way here in California?’

Christy thought before replying. ‘Well, this job paid higher. Besides, my mum’s from Kentucky.’

Alex’s brows shot up. ‘I’m from Kentucky! Where does your live now?’

‘She’s back home with my daddy.’

Alex noticed that she was searching for the bartender, drumming her long nails on the counter impatiently.

‘If you want a drink, I can it for illegal bahis you,’ he asked.

Christy turned towards him and raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re a bartender too?’

Alex shook his head as he stood up from his chair. ‘No, but I know a thing or two about drinks.’

He skilfully hopped to the other side of the counter. ‘How may I be of any service to you?’ he asked, flashing his perfect teeth.

Christy pretended to think. ‘Hmmm, let me see. How about a Cosmopolitan?’

Alex was taken aback for a moment as he tried to remember how to make it but then he smiled again and bowed curtly. ‘Right away, ma’am.’

He turned and began to gather all the necessary ingredients required t mix the drink. He poured them one by one into a shaker and. After sealing the cap, he began to gently shake it. Christy tried not to drool watching his strong lithe arms moving up and down with the bottle and couldn’t help but imagine how they’d feel around her.

After it was well shaken, he poured the contents into a cocktail glass, decorated it with a straw and a tiny umbrella and then passed it to her.

‘Here you go, ma’am. One Cosmopolitan—shaken, not stirred. Enjoy your drink.’

She took the glass and sipped on the drink, savouring the sweet, tangy taste of the alcohol. Then she nodded her approval. ‘I’m impressed,’ she said. ‘Where did you learn to make such good drinks?’

Alex shrugged his shoulders. ‘Well, when I was in college, my flatmate, he used to work as a bartender in past-time. He taught me a few things along the way.’

‘He must be a very good teacher,’ she said.

‘Or maybe I am a very good learner,’ he replied, leaning closer to her.

Christy looked upon his hypnotic grey eyes, down to his long straight nose and thin sharp lips. He looked absolutely irresistible, she decided. Just as his face was mere inches away from hers’, she pressed her palm against his face and pushed him back.

‘Not so easy, mister,’ she laughed.

He laughed with her, but didn’t quit his advances. ‘And what exactly do I have to do to get a kiss from such beautiful hot girl like you?’

‘Hmm,’ she looked towards the dance floor. ‘Dance with me and maybe I’ll think about it.’

Alex gave a thousand-watt smile and quickly leapt over to the other side. ‘Shall we?’ he asked holding his hand towards her and she took it. He began to pull her through the swarm of dancing people heading towards the centre.

The place was overcrowded and there was barely any space left to stand, let alone dance. They pretty much moved along with the crowd. The song playing was loud, with a high bass and low tempo. Christy felt herself becoming relaxed from hearing the music and slowly let her body move along the rhythm.

Alex put his arm around her hips and pulled her closer. The moment his skin touched hers’, she felt a warm tingle run across her body reaching down to the pit of her stomach. She realized that the alcohol had started to take it’s effect on her. Soon she began to dance more freely and provocatively. She put her arms around his neck, marvelling at the way her body pressed against his. Her soft breasts pushing against his hard chest, his crotch pressed against her belly. The music changed, rising up a tempo, and so did her heartbeat.

She looked up and found him gazing down at her intently, his eyes burning in grey fire. He leaned in towards her, she closed her eyes, tilting her head back. There was a moment, and then she felt his lips press upon hers’ and suddenly sparks shot out all across her body. His hands slipped downwards, moving towards her derriere, cupping them, caressing them. She didn’t try to stop him. Instead, she started to grind herself against him.

His other hand meanwhile continued to explore further below. Christy felt her legs opening under it’s own volition, allowing him to touch her sacred chalice. Slowly, very slowly, he moved his hand downwards, millimetre by millimetre, until the tip of his fingers reached the hem of her underwear. He stopped, waited. When she didn’t do or say anything, he slipped his hand under the crotch and felt the warm dampness upon the lace. Christy moaned into his mouth, urging him to kiss her harder.

They were aware of the crowd hovering around them and the attention they were getting from quite a few people. Yet they chose to ignore them all, remaining oblivious to their presence. Instead, she began to grind her hips, rubbing her snatch against his fingers. Being confident now, Alex deftly slipped two fingers under the flimsy lace and pushed them inside her weeping pussy. Christy jerked up, as if being electrocuted, did everything in her power to hold back her moan. She knew if she did it here, even the loud music wouldn’t stop from giving them away.

She gave out a shaky sigh and broke the kiss. Her lower lips were trembling, as her body shook wither silent orgasm. Alex held her close to him, his eyes dark with lust.

‘Let’s get out of here,’ he said in a hoarse voice.

‘Let’s…’ came a shaky whisper.

Holding her hand firmly, he pulled her through the crowd, his quick, long steps clearly showing her urgency. She struggled to keep up with his pace. Halfway out of the door, Christy stopped him.

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