Alignment Pt. 04

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Big Dicks

Tuesday night Margaret and I decided we would go to yoga on Wednesday morning as well. Margaret hesitated a little knowing she would have to run out of class and head for a meeting after a quick shower. I hesitated knowing we had just gone two days in a row and most likely Debbie or Sarah wouldn’t be there so I wasn’t going to have after class back washes with anyone. Margaret didn’t want to break our routine. She knew once that happened, yoga would be over for us.

We pulled ourselves out of bed and headed for the studio. In the car I wondered who would be waiting for us at the front desk. But what I really wondered if was I would get fucked or sucked again after class. From what I knew leaving the studio on Tuesday, Debbie wouldn’t be there, but, if the sex gods were with me, maybe Sarah would be.

We parked and strolled into the studio. I was dragging a little not really wanting to be there. We opened the door.

“I haven’t seen you two for a while.” a familiar voice greeted us. It was Sarah. I felt my steps lighten and suddenly didn’t feel as tired as I had when I had reached to open the studio door.

“Hi Sarah.” Margaret said in a low voice that communicated ‘I’m not really happy to see you.’

I supressed the ‘HEY SARAH’ I wanted to announce and changed it to “Well we’ve been here. You’re the one who has been MIA.”

“I know. I was a bit ill the last few days. Hopefully you missed me and Debbie didn’t steal my favorite instructor spot from you.”

Margaret didn’t stop to chit chat, she just marched past the desk headed for the ladies change room.

Sarah rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘I guess I screwed up that friendship. What do I do now?’

As I walked past Sarah, I shrugged back and said, “Tell her your story. It may mend the damage.”

I changed with a smile on my face anticipating the sex Sarah and I would be sharing after the class. I untucked my cock and testicles from the liner, not caring that they may hang outside my shorts in some postures. One check of my hair in the mirror and I headed for the practice room.

When I exited the changeroom, I saw Margaret standing at the front desk talking with Sarah. I assumed Sarah was weaving her tale. I went in and found a spot on the floor. Laying in savasana I tried not to think of sex with Sarah, which like trying not to think of a pink elephant when someone said ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant’. I could feel myself becoming aroused. I fell back on a tried and true distraction. I started playing a round of golf at a familiar golf course in my mind. I was startled out of playing the third hole by a kiss on my cheek.

“All is well with me and Sarah dear. I will explain later.”

It was Margaret. I heard her roll out her mat beside me. “Okay” I whispered to her. My mind was clear and settled. I didn’t have to resume my round of golf. Sarah began the class moments later.

It was an intense class with the usual group of women and me. Sarah came by a couple of times during our standing postures but made no effort to flirt or touch me other than to make some small adjustments.

Once she said “Nice Warriors Steve. I can see Debbie has given you a pointer or two.”

I was trying to feel the postures as Sarah and Debbie had suggested. I smiled a couple of times finding myself not feeling something I should, checking the mirror to find I had fallen into one of my old habits; even though they were only a few weeks old.

I did notice my cock and balls feeling a bit drafty in a couple of poses but couldn’t tell if I was exposed to anyone in the room and decided not to care.

In savasana before our floor exercises, Sarah came by, massaging my chest and pressing my hips into the ground. I felt my cock filling with blood. Before it became noticeable Sarah had moved on and started our floor exercises. I started to wonder if we would have sex after class, if Sarah was avoiding me, or if she was just playing it cool because of the incident with Margaret.

We got to child’s pose. I was relaxing into the pose focused on my alignment and keeping my core engaged when I heard Sarah’s voice. She was talking to Margaret. “Nice job you two. You have come so far so quickly.”

I peeked under my arm and saw Sarah pressing down on Margaret’s hips then running her hands up and down Margaret’s back. Sarah shuffled over to me. I moved my head back into alignment.

Sarah’s hands felt so good. She pressed down on my hips, rubbed my back, then cupped my testicles, which were obviously exposed, squeezing and caressing them.

“I’ve missed you two guys,” she said. I was unsure if she was talking to Margaret and I or to my testicles, which was perfect given Margaret could no doubt hear her. Sarah stopped by the last time when we doing cobbler. She no doubt suspected my cock and balls would be hanging outside my shorts and either wanted to see them or to just play with my mind by staring at my crotch.

We did our final breathing exercises then Sarah spoke to the class.

“I have missed everyone. bahis siteleri Hopefully you missed me too. You were all excellent today. Just excellent. I have to run right after class but there will be someone to let you out. See all of you soon. Namaste.”

The class responded “Namaste”, then spun around into final savasana. I was stunned and disappointed. I got into position slowly. When Sarah opened the door to leave the room Margaret and the other ladies started collecting their things.

“See you at home tonight dear. Have a good day. Gotta run.” Margaret said to me kissing me on the cheek again.

“You too dear. Enjoy your day.” I replied.

I inhaled deeply settling into my position on the floor and into a trance.

Sometime I awoke from my trance. I looked around the room unsure how long I had been laying there. I got up collecting my mat, towels and water bottle. I looked at the front desk and didn’t see anyone. I opened the door of the change room and heard water running in the showers. There were some clothes piled up on the corner of one of the benches. I didn’t take on inventory of what was in the pile. I assumed Sarah had one of the guys covering for her and he was taking a shower. I stripped, wrapped a towel around myself and walked into the showers.

“What took you so long?” Debbie announced walking out of the shower ripping my towel from my waist and planting a kiss on my lips.

Before I could answer she had an arm around my neck and a hand on my cock.

“I uh.”

“Don’t talk man. Kiss me. Touch me.” She covered my mouth with hers again taking my hands placing one on her ass and one on her tit before grabbing my cock again.

We devoured each other’s spit allowing our tongues to wrestle in the space our mouths now shared. We turned in a small circle while we made out. I didn’t realize Debbie was leading me in some sort of a dance until she backed me into a shower stall and the water started cascading over my body. Debbie dispensed soap washing me wherever she could reach.

Breaking our kiss she said, “Okay let’s get the sweat washed of you so we can get back to making out.”

I didn’t answer. I started soaping my front while Debbie washed my back. She spun me around to rinse my back and immediately went to work washing my cock and balls. Damn her hands felt good.

“Rinse please.” Debbie said. So I did, turning to let the water stream the soap away.

Debbie pushed me aside when she decided I was done and rinsed the soap off herself.

“C’mon”, she said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the changeroom. She led me into the small practice room where they conducted reduced heat and restorative classes. I had never been in this room. There were heavier mats and weirdly shaped bolsters lining the walls. Debbie turned and grabbed me resuming our make-out session. Again Debbie danced me around a bit kissing and fondling each other until we were by the wall. Debbie dropped to her knees taking my cock in her mouth for a short but very enjoyable blow job. She stopped sucking me, pulling a large triangle shaped bolster out of the pile against the wall.

“Sit.” Debbie instructed me. I sat on the floor reclining against the bolster. Debbie wasted no time straddling me, sliding her pussy over my cock until her ass settled on my legs. Her pussy was so warm and wet. She slid down the length of my shaft in one full smooth motion. No stopping. No pumping. Just a slide from the tip to the hilt.

Debbie sat there with me buried inside her for several seconds just looking into my eyes. Then I felt it. Debbie was flexing her vaginal muscles giving my cock the deepest, warmest, most sensual massage I had ever experienced. My eyes widened.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Steve? I bet Sarah hasn’t done this for you.”

“Oh. That feels so amazing. And what do you know about what Sarah does?”

Debbie stopped flexing her muscles looking at me, leaning in and kissing me with just the right amount of force and tongue.

“I’m her lover, remember. We share everything when we’re in bed together. Don’t worry, it’s just between me and Sarah. She told me I should find out what a nice cock you have and how well you eat cunt. Yesterday I found out about your wonderful cock. She was right, which is why I’m getting more of it today.”

“I’m glad she enjoyed our encounters.”

“Didn’t you Steve?”

Debbie was slowly grinding on my cock while we talked, “Of course I enjoyed them. They were exciting, Sarah is a good lover and she does have a fabulous body.”

“Okay, enough talk. It’s time to suck cock and eat pussy. I love the taste of cock and the taste of pussy, but you know Steve, nothing tastes as good as pussy glazed cock.”

While Debbie was sliding her pussy off my cock at the same pace she had slid onto me I replied, “I can’t say I do know, or will find out anytime soon, so I will take your word for it.”

“Well it’s true. So believe me.” Debbie flipped around and got into a downward dog right in front of me. It’s a vision that will be burned into my mind canlı bahis siteleri for long time… Debbie’s ass and shaved pussy pushed right up in front of my face. I was about to move forward sliding under Debbie when she started to back up, maintaining her down dog posture. I sat and watched Debbie put one leg then the other up on the bolster on either side of my head. I grabbed her hips and guided her pussy straight to my hungry mouth.

“I’ve fantasized about this position,” Debbie purred before lowering her head and taking my cock in her mouth.

And what a great position it was. Debbie’s cunt was spread out before me. My mouth had never felt so much freedom exploring and pleasuring a woman’s vagina before. And wet. My god this woman’s cunt was greasy and oozing and sweet.

Debbie was obviously enjoying what I was doing. And what she was doing to me was incredible. Her constant moans made it feel like my cock was wrapped in a warm vibrator. It was a no hands, all mouth blow job. No hands because she was holding herself off the ground in a half-handstand and somehow managing to slide her mouth up and down my shaft pushing my cock into her throat with her nose bottoming out on my sack.

Debbie’s clit was so prominent. I didn’t know, nor care, if it was because of the position she was in or her arousal. My tongue wrestled with it, teased it, held it, and massaged it. I lapped at her juices which were smeared all over her pussy, ass, thighs and my face.

I was enjoying dining on Debbie’s pussy so much that I wasn’t paying attention to my own arousal. My orgasm snuck up on me while my face was buried in Debbie’s cunt and my fingers were sliding up and down and in and out of her pussy and ass.

I let out a loud grunt when the first glob of sperm exited my cock and shot into Debbie’s mouth. Debbie echoed my grunt with a gulp trying to swallow my cum up her throat instead of down. While my balls emptied into Debbie I stopped eating and stroking and sat holding Debbie’s cunt against my face. When I was done I inhaled a couple of times regaining my senses then resumed pleasuring Debbie. Debbie continued to hold herself up having extricated my limp cock from her mouth.

Debbie encouraged me with moans and several ‘Oh yeahs’. I filled her ass with two fingers, sucked her clit into my mouth, stopped breathing and let my tongue go wild on her clit. Debbie exploded squeezing my fingers with her ass and my head with her thighs. I didn’t stop until Debbie, unable to withstand the stimulation, twisted her torso rolling both of us down to the floor.

Debbie pushed me away begging me to stop licking her cunt. I rolled onto my back then sat up and looked at this gorgeous totally satisfied young woman. Her face had a couple of ribbons of cum trailing from her mouth up over her eyes and into her hair.

I grabbed a nearby towel and leaned forward to help her wipe the cum off her face.

“Here. Let me get that for you.” I said reaching for Debbie’s face.

“That was so incredible Steve. Please don’t. I’m feeling so horny and nasty right now that I want to eat some more of your cum.”

Debbie reached up and scooped some of my cum into her mouth. “Just leave it for now. okay?”

“Sure Debbie whatever you want.”

“Really? Whatever I want?”

“Sure. I guess. You know within reason, I guess. Whatever you want.”

“Good. You can see better than me where your cum is.” Debbie laid flat on her back. “I want you to scoop it off my face and feed it to me with one hand while you rub and finger my pussy with the other hand. Is that within reason?”

“Sure I can do that.”

Debbie splayed her legs open and parted her lips. I shuffled on the floor and started fulfilling Debbie’s request. Scooping up the cum as best I could, seeing as there were already some crusty areas forming.

“Not too fast with the cum. I want to enjoy it, not gulp it.” Debbie said. And go slow with my pussy too. Some parts are still a little sensitive.”

Each time I put a cum coated finger in Debbie’s mouth she sucked and savored every last morsel before allowing me to get more for her. About halfway through she pushed on my leg getting me into a position so she could stroke my cock while I fed her.

It didn’t take much with the visuals of feeding Debbie my cum and the touching we were sharing before I was hard again.

“Almost done.” I said scooping up the last available pool of my cum from Debbie’s forehead.

“Good. Still whatever I want within reason?” Debbie asked opening her mouth for the last feeding.

“Sure. But it’s getting late and I need to think about leaving for my train.”

“Get on top of me. I want you inside me. You can get the next train. I think that’s a reasonable request don’t you?”

I looked down at Debbie’s shiny pussy rolling through my fingers. I didn’t answer. I stuck my finger in her mouth, then crawled on top her as she had requested. Debbie held my cock and guided it into her. I slid in to the hilt. She was hot inside. We both purred uncontrollable moans. I pulled canlı bahis my finger from her mouth replacing it with my lips and tongue. Debbie wrapped her legs and arms around me.

“Do it slow please Steve? Long, slow, deep strokes would feel so nice,” Debbie said breaking our kiss.

I looked down at Debbie. Her eyes were closed. Her soft smile radiated bliss. The white crusty shadows outlining the rivulets of cum that had drizzled from her mouth somehow didn’t look out of place. Debbie alternated relaxing her grip on me then slowly pulling me into her with her legs. “That’s perfect Steve. Perfect. Keep doing me just like that.”

I covered Debbie’s mouth with mine, my hips maintaining the constant pace Debbie was enjoying. It hit me why she might be enjoying it. I noticed richer sensations in my cock. I swear I could almost feel her vagina parting to envelope and receive my shaft with each penetration then fold shut over the tip of my penis with each extraction. While our tongues twirled together, I found focus in the head of my cock, slowing my rhythm to truly feel Debbie’s insides.

“This feels so amazing Debbie,” I told her.”

“I know it does for me,” she said, “I’m glad it does for you too.”

We returned to kissing. The slow sensual stimulation had finally grabbed hold of my root senses. I could feel my next orgasm rising in the base of my cock. I fought the urge to start pounding Debbie. I think she sensed my struggle, no longer pulling me into her with her legs, allowing me to find my own pace trying to prolong our long slow sensual fuck.

My orgasm came from deep inside me somewhere. From some place I don’t recall being aware of before. I grunted with each pulse of my balls feeling like a fire hose full of cum was being jettisoned through my cock and into Debbie. Debbie had returned to assisting my rhythm, keeping me moving through a long drawn out orgasm. It finally stopped and me along with it. My cock buried deep inside Debbie. She kissed me.

“Please don’t move just yet Steve. Please stay inside me for a moment.”

Debbie didn’t wait for a response forcing a hand between our bodies searching for her clit. I could her feel her hand moving, she had obviously found her spot.

“Can I help?” I asked suspecting the answer would be ‘No.’

“Yes.” I was surprised until Debbie said “Just kiss me.”

I started to kiss Debbie. At first her lips and tongue were engaged but only for a few seconds until her own orgasm was welling up inside her. I started kissing her lips, her face and her neck. I felt her pelvis rise and her pussy clench my softened cock milking out whatever cum may still be lodged in the shaft.

“Oh. Oh. OH. Oh yeah.” Debbie groaned from beneath me. I could feel her convulsions fighting against the weight of my body, wanting to thrash Debbie harder than her restrained body would allow.

“So good. So good.” Debbie said in a deep husky voice before I kissed her again.

I decided to congratulate us first for a change. “That was the most amazing…” I paused searching for the right word. Before I could say it Debbie finished my sentence.

“fuck I’ve ever had? Yeah. Me too.”

I laughed, “I was going to say that.”

“I know. But you were worried about suggesting it was just a fuck. I know it wasn’t as much as it was.”

“I’ve never done it so slow from beginning to end.”

“I know. Me neither.” Debbie said. “I’ve thought about it. Fantasized and masturbated thinking about it.”

“I haven’t done any of that, but you can bet I will now.”

We kissed. I rolled halfway off Debbie.

“Even when I use a dildo trying to go slow I always go faster as my orgasm approaches. And men, forget it, they all get fast and forceful and ragged when they’re close. And now I can feel a massive pool of cum sliding down my ass onto the floor. Guess I will have some cleanup before I go.”

I leaned over and looked down at Debbie’s freshly fucked pussy. There was a stream of cum oozing out of it. I scooped up a glob using three fingers carefully cradling it while I carried it to Debbie’s mouth.

“MMmmm.” Debbie moaned, licking her lips in anticipation of her approaching treat.

“Open wide”, I said hovering my hand over Debbie’s face.

Debbie opened her mouth. I straightened my fingers and watched the glob of cum and pussy ooze slide down my fingers, hang there in a stream for moment then disappear into Debbie’s gaping mouth. I lowered my fingers enticing Debbie to lick and suck my fingers clean. She obliged my suggestion so sensually I felt life returning to my groin. Obviously Debbie felt me coming to life as well, grabbing my cock encouraging it to swell one more time.

It was so natural what happened next. I rolled back on top of Debbie, sliding my fingers out of her mouth, covering her mouth with mine, tasting our mixed love potion and sliding my cock back inside her.

My rhythm wasn’t frantic, but wasn’t as slow as our last coupling either. Debbie left her legs spread, laying flatter. My balls crushed between my pelvis and her ass with each push into her. Debbie was just lying there letting me fuck her however I wanted though she wasn’t unengaged. I could feel her move and turn and wiggle as if trying to find the prefect angle of penetration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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