The Hired Help

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All characters in this story are fictional, and any similarities to real people is simply a very hot coincidence!

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Laura opened her eyes to see the sun shining brightly outside. She felt well rested after sleeping in her own bed, in her own bedroom, in her parents house. The only time she slept that deep in her dorm room was when she was trashed, she thought with a giggle.

She ran her fingers over her body and smiled at the other reason she had slept so well. Her nipples and labia were still tender from the thorough fucking that dude from the bar had given her the night before. She was pretty sure his name was Chad, or Thad, or something.

Smiling mischievously at the thought of what her ultra conservative parents would think if they knew what was going on in their driveway just a few hours previously, she rolled out of bed. She smiled again at the memory of blowing her first boyfriend in their bed, they would have flipped over that! Not to mention all the other guys she had fucked there!

Laura remembered that she had to get her outfit from the previous night clean, those cum stains had to go from her favorite blouse and skirt. Plus she wanted to see Rosie and Mon. Rosalia and Monique had been working for her parents for years, and Laura thought of them as family. Like big sisters, or fun aunts.

She could remember when they both started working for the family, they had seemed like old ladies to a little girl like Laura. But in fact they were both only ten or twelve years older, putting them in their thirties now, Laura reasoned.

They were both live in maids, with their own studio apartments above the huge garage where Laura’s parents kept their fleet of cars. The garage was separated from the house by a small garden and gazebo. And it was in front of the garage that Laura had made Tad, or whatever his name was, park the previous night so she could jump his bones.

She hadn’t wanted her parents to catch her, and figured that Monique and Rosalia would be dead to the world from the work that was required of them every day.

She slipped out of bed and threw on her robe over her naked body. She knew mommy and daddy were gone for the day, daddy at work, and mommy at one of her philanthropic organization meetings, or volunteering somewhere, or having tea or something. Otherwise running around the house in a robe would not have been acceptable. Respectable people got dressed when they got up in the morning.

She gathered up the clothes she wore the previous night and held them to her nose, the smell of pussy and cum having an immediate effect on her always charged libido. She thought that after visiting the girls, as they were referred to, she might have to come back to her private bathroom to take a long hot shower, and utilize the shower massager for a few more delicious orgasms.

She made her way down to the main floor and went through some of the vast rooms, looking into others as she passed. Seeing no one, she made her way down to the lower level where the laundry room was.

As she descended the stairs she began to hear voices, and knew she had found the girls. She was about to shout out a greeting as she entered the laundry room, but she was stopped in her tracks by what she saw. Rosie was leaning forward over the washing machine, with Mon leaning against her. Mon had a hand up Rosie’s uniform skirt and was trying to kiss her neck!

“Ohhh, you’re so fucking bad!” Rosie gasped, her latina accent rife with barely subdued passion. Laura could see her shapley legs quivering, revealed by Mons wrist holding up the skirt as the black woman was running her fingers into Rosie’s crotch. The contrast of Mon’s dark arm and Rosie’s coffee with cream colored thighs, offset by the stark white thigh high stockings that Rosie wore under her light grey uniform was very erotic. Laura had always assumed the girls wore pantyhose, and the thigh highs were a very sexy surprise.

“I can’t help it, I’m just so fucking horny from watching that show last night.” Mon replied, her voice husky with lust. “You should have seen her cumming, she’s a real wildcat, just like we thought.” Laura picked up on Mon’s inner city dialect coming out through her usually practiced speech. A slip no doubt brought about by her excitement.

Laura’s hand moved subconsciously into her robe to her own pussy as she watched the women, vaguely wondering what show Mon was referring to. The rhythmic movement of the dark black forearm told Laura that Mon knew exactly what she was doing, that this was not the first time she had ever done this. Rosie’s rocking hips told her that she was enjoying it.

“I can’t believe you watched her. What if she would have looked up and seen you?” Rosie asked breathlessly. “Shit, why would she look at my window?” Mon answered. “She was too caught up in what she was doing in that truck! You should have seen the size of that white boy’s dick! And our little Laura handled it like a champ!” Monique gushed with an excited ankarada yeni escortlar yet proud tone.

Laura was stunned when she realized she was the one putting on the show that had gotten Mon so horny. She was also surprised by how turned on she became hearing that someone had been watching. She wondered if Mon had seen everything? Had she seen her suck that dude’s big cock? Had Mon watched him eating her pussy until she screamed? Was she watching when he placed her ankles on his shoulders and fucked her silly?

Laura was pulled back to the scene in the laundry room when she heard Rosie moan. Focusing again on the two lusty ladies, she saw that Monique had dropped to her knees and was kissing Rosie’s ass cheeks, as her finger, (or was it fingers?) worked in and out of Rosie’s pussy. The string of a white thong was pulled out of her ass crack and stretched over a very lovely cheek.

“AHH, DIABLO MUJER! You are going to get us in trouble!” Laura’s other hand slipped into her robe then to fondle her B sized tits. She couldn’t help but tweak her stiffening nipples, tender or not.

“I’m going to make you cum, is what I’m gonna do! I want to taste your sweet Salvadorian pussy while you think about Laura’s sweet white mouth.” Mon told her friend harshly. “You know you want her as bad as I do.” “Ooooh, dulce niña, si, si!” Rosie gasped.

Rosie suddenly pulled her hips forward to release Mon’s fingers so she could turn around to offer up her pussy to her friend, coworker, and apparently lover. When she turned, she noticed Laura in the doorway. “Aiiii, Laura! Dios Mio! What are you doing here?” She quickly tried to straighten her uniform and push Monique away.

Monique looked up, also stunned and afraid, but quickly realized where Laura’s hands were, and she knew instinctively that they were not in trouble. She smiled lasciviousy at the younger woman, and said, “Hey baby, welcome home!” Her voice had a distinct sexual tone.

Laura smiled back at her and started forward, untying her robe. “Hey Mon. Hey Rosie. I was looking for you two.” Her voice husky with desire. She walked up to the two beautiful women and slipped an arm around Rosie’s waist while placing her other hand on the side of Mon’s face. “So this is the type of stuff that goes on around here when no one is home. I wish I had known sooner.”

Monique, still kneeling and sitting back on her heels, was now face to face with Laura’s bald white pussy. Her robe hanging loosely covered only her hips and tits. She slid her fingertips up Laura’s legs and said, “Yeah, well, we get our work done. But you know what they say about all work and no play.”

Laura and Mon looked at each other and smiled, so Mon ran her fingers higher, to Laura’s hips, and leaned in to place a soft kiss on her shaved mound. Laura sighed and slipped her hand through Mon’s lustrous gerri curls to the back of her head as she lifted one leg.

Monique smiled at the girl she had once taught to insert a tampon, and kissed her inner thigh, just inches from her wet pussy. “Ohh, Mon, I am soaked right now!” Laura whispered. Rosalia was in shock, but she was soaked too, and slipped an arm around Laura’s waist, pulling the girl closer. “Hearing that you were watching me last night was such a turn on, and watching you two? I am horny all over again!”

“Me too baby, me too.” Mon whispered back, before kissing the hollow spot at the top of Laura’s inner thigh. She could smell Laura’s pussy, it smelled pungent from both her fresh arousal and the previous night’s fucking.

As Laura sighed Rosalia gently lifted her face to her own and whispered, “Never, never did I think this would ever happen.” Laura smiled at her and said, “Never say never Rosie!” Then she looked down at Rosie’s plump lips and leaned in to kiss her.

But just as their mouths joined, the kiss was interrupted by a gasp from Laura, as Mon had leaned in too, to hungrily kiss Laura’s other lips, sinking her tongue into Laura’s depths. “Ohh, Mon, go easy baby. I’m a little tender today.” Monique smiled up at her and said, “I bet you are, after the fuckin’ that big dick dude gave you last night!” She gently teased Laura’s labia with a fingertip.

Laura giggled, “How much did you see?” She asked. “All of it honey, I saw it ALL!” Mon told her excitedly. “I saw the headlights and looked to see who was coming up the lane at that time of the night. And when you parked under my window, hell, I saw everything! From you sucking that big cock, him eating this sweet pussy, and then when he fucked you? Shit, I came too! That was some hot fuckin’ girl!”

“We always knew you were a hot little piece of ass.” Rosie told her, reaching under the loose robe and feeling Laura’s tit. Laura looked at Rosalia and saw a lustful smile. “You know we used to change the bedding on your parents bed after you fucked whatever boy you brought home, you didn’t think you would have gotten away with that, do you?”

“You what? Why didn’t you tell me?” Laura asked. She was incredulous, she actually had believed she bayan escort elvankent had gotten away with it all those times! “Honey, we didn’t want to put a damper on your fun!” Monique laughed. “But seriously, you used to leave that room reeking of sex! Ain’t no way your mom and dad wouldn’t have known!”

Laura looked back and forth between the two women with her eyes wide. “I guess I owe you both then?” Her naughty smile returned and she asked, “How can I ever repay you?”

“Oh bebita, I think you know what you can do.” Rosie told her before pulling her back to resume their interrupted kiss. Laura responded with an enthusiasm that thrilled both of the housekeepers, and Monique went back to kissing Laura’s wet pussy, just more gently now, lovingly.

Laura moaned into Rosie’s mouth as Mon tenderly licked her lower lips and Rosie softly caressed her firm, young tit, grazing her nipple with her fingers. Her other hand dropped from Laura’s waist to grasp her bare ass cheek, Massaging it sensually.

Laura brought her own hand to Rosalia’s chest and began to grope her through her work uniform. When they broke up their kiss to breathe she told her friends, “If we’re going to do this girls, we need to get more comfortable, and you two need to be naked!”

Monique practically sprang to her feet, “Now you’re talking girl!” She clasped Laura’s hand, telling her, “C’mon!” Laura laughed at her sudden outburst. “Where are we going? My room is closest!”

“Your room? Shit! You think you are the only one to fuck in your parents big ass bed?!” Mon replied with a laugh. “I got the new sheets!” Rosalia added, as she went to a shelf full of clean linens. Laura laughed gleefully as Monique practically dragged her from the laundry room.

The three horny women scurried through the huge house and up the several flights of stairs, giggling, Laura’s robe flapping behind her, all the way to the master suite. Laura reached out to pull down the zipper on the back of Mon’s uniform, exposing her back. The white bra strap on her deep black, muscular back thrilled her.

They didn’t stop until they were at the foot of the California king bed that Laura’s parents shared every night. Laura had always gotten a naughty thrill from having sex in her parents bed. The fact that she was about to fuck the hired help in that bed had her extremely excited.

Rosie came up behind her and slipped her robe from her shoulders, leaving her standing naked, flanked by the two sexy women in their gray housekeeping uniforms. The ladies began to run their hands all over Laura, raising goosebumps all over her pale white body. They started to kiss her shoulders and neck as their hands explored.

“You have certainly grown up to be a beautiful woman Laura,” Mon told her. She had one hand caressing Laura’s ass and the fingers of her other hand drawing circles around the areola of a swollen nipple. Rosie, on her other side was doing the same thing, but she was softly strumming the long nipple on her side, and kissing Laura’s shoulder and neck. Laura shivered at the combined sensations. “Oh fuck, if I’d only known…” Laura whispered.

Then Mon asked, “So, have you ever played with other women before? I kinda think you have.” Laura had a hand up the back of each of the other womens uniforms and was grabbing their asses. She fondled each of the girls and answered breathlessly, “Yes, I have, but, well, only white girls, and only one at a time.” She sounded embarrassed as she added, “You ladies are both so sexy, and, I don’t know, exotic?”

“That is just because you have lived such a sheltered life dear.” Rosie told her. “When you get right down to it, we are all the same, we all have the same parts, we are just in different colors.” Mon stepped back and added with a lewd grin, “Let’s show her Rosie.” Her zipper already undone at the back of her uniform, she proceeded to pull it off.

Laura stared at her friend, her body was fit and trim. Her ebony skin highlighted by her bright white bra and panties, and she also wore white thigh high stockings with black shoes that had a low heel. Laura’s excitement grew as she took in the thin yet muscular body. Mon was built like a track and field athlete, thin and sinewy, every muscle visible, as were her extremely dark nipples and a small dark bush that could be seen through the thin white fabric.

Laura looked to Rosie as the woman dropped her own uniform and stepped out of it. Underneath she was dressed exactly the same as Mon, but that’s where the similarities ended. Because unlike Monique, Rosalia was more curvy, with larger breasts with wide areolas showing through her white bra, and thicker, yet still shapely waist, thighs and ass. She was fuller bodied than her thin partner, but without an ounce of fat.

Laura needed to see more, and reached her arms around Rosie to undo her bra then slipped it off her shoulders. Rosie took advantage of Laura’s proximity and slipped her arms around the girl to grasp both asscheeks while kissing her neck. Out of the escort bayan etimesgut corner of her eye, Laura saw Monique stripping the duvet from the bed, exposing the crisp white sheets underneath.

Laura hummed with satisfaction, but needed to step back to finish removing Rosie’s bra. Her eyes took in the luscious tits and her hands went to them automatically. They were heavy and filled her hands, the darker nipples beckoned her and she dipped her head to suck one, tweaking the other. Rosie gasped and brought her hands to Laura’s head, pulling her mouth tightly into her chest.

Monique looked at Laura from behind, and admired her fit body. She reflected on the girl’s love for soccer, and how it obviously kept her fit. Mon quickly lost her own bra and dropped to her knees, placing a hand on each of Laura’s hips and hungrily kissing her firm ass cheeks, just as she had been doing to Rosie in the laundry room.

Laura moaned and looked at Rosie, “She’s kissing my ass! Just like she was doing to you.” Rosie chuckled, “Yes babita, our Mon has a very bad ass fetish.” She used her hands to move Laura’s mouth to her other nipple and asked, “But it feels good, no?” Laura moaned and answered, speaking directly into the hard nub, “Yeah!” Then she clamped down on it and sucked hard, flicking the tip with her tongue.

As Laura sucked on Rosie’s nipples she drew her fingers down her body and found the waistband of her panties, and slipped them down and off. She felt Mon’s fingernails tracing up and down her long firm thighs as she brought her own hand to Rosie’s pussy, discovering the wet heat she knew she would find.

She felt herself shudder at the sensations from Mon’s fingernails on the backs of her thighs and her lips and tongue on her ass. Feeling Rosie’s excitement and hearing her response was equally as thrilling for her. She continued to draw her fingers through Rosie’s thick feeling labia, eliciting more moaning and gasping.

Laura decided she wanted to see both women, in all their naked glory, on her parents bed, and stopped what she was doing to stand straight up. Monique moaned when suddenly Laura pulled her ass out of reach, but gave her a wicked smile when Laura took her hand and guided her to stand.

“We’ve got a perfectly good bed here ladies, let’s get on it!” Laura said excitedly. “Sounds good to me!, Rosie?” Mon said, still holding Laura’s hand. “Count me in!” Rosie replied, taking the other. The two women were already climbing on the bed and pulling Laura with them.

All three walked on their knees to the center of the huge bed, before Laura stopped and reached for Mon’s panties. Mon flipped over on her back and put her long legs in the air as Laura pulled her panties off and tossed them aside. Seeing Mon’s pussy for the first time filled Laura with wonder and desire. She had never seen a black woman’s pussy before, and she was instantly fascinated. Monique had slender lips, matching the rest of her body, they were the darkest labia Laura had ever seen, but they were opening up to show the pink inside. It looked brighter by contrast.

Laura was just about to dive in and explore the beautiful black pussy, when Rosalia pushed herself into Laura’s back, wrapping her arms around the girl, one hand on her tit and one hand going straight to her pussy. Laura felt Rosie’s tits pushing into her back, and leaned back into her. Rosie started to plant soft, sensuous kisses on Laura’s neck, causing her to sigh and close her eyes, leaning her head aside to give Rosie access.

Monique layed back and watched Laura surrender herself to Rosalia’s attention. The girl looked so sexy, lost in what Rosie was doing to her. Mon brought her hands to her pussy and started to masturbate as she watched.

When Laura moaned, deep in her throat as Rosie dipped her fingers into her pussy, Mon knew she wanted to play with her too. She needed to get some of this white girls pussy. She slid her fingers into her own pussy briefly and collected some of her own wetness, before getting back to her knees pushing herself against Laura from the front.

Laura felt the other woman push against her. She gasped and opened her eyes as she felt Mon’s hard nipples pushing into her own tits. Monique began kissing her neck on the opposite side of Rosie.

The feeling of both sides of her neck being kissed at the same time, the two sexually charged bodies sandwiching her, the sensations of the hands on her erogenous zones, was almost overwhelming.

Mon reached around her waist to massage her ass while bringing her other hand, still wet with her own arousal to Laura’s lips. Laura caught a whiff of the tangy sweetness just before she felt the wet fingers on her lips. She groaned and opened her mouth, taking the wet digits in and sucking them clean. Laura and Monique locked eyes and their intentions were clear.

“You like that pussy baby?” Mon asked her. “You want more of my black pussy?” Laura ran her tongue around the long thin fingers and moaned a muffled “Yes!” Mon pulled her fingers from Laura’s mouth and dropped her hand to join Rosie’s on Laura’s pussy, telling her, “Well you can have it. You can have as much of my pussy as you want, but we have to have yours first. Me and Rosie have been curious about you for a long time honey, so we are going to get to know your body first!”

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