The Book Club

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A few of my friends read “The Trunk in the Attic” and some of this story is based on their comments. I think they enjoyed reading it. All characters are over eighteen and names are changed to protect the not so innocent.


The Book Club

The women were all voracious readers and decided to get together once a month to discuss a book they had opted to read. The four friends sat in the comfortable family room, a glass of wine in hand and a book by their side.

Belinda was the host of this meeting and asked if anyone had any comments to start the meeting.

Mary spoke up and said she liked the premise of the story but as she favored paranormal stories so she thought she was prejudiced from the start. She went on to say that right from the start the main character was developed by the author and it continued all through the book.

Stacy interrupted saying she liked how the ghost was introduced little by little without being a scary entity.

Starr giggled and got right to the crux of subject. She said she liked all the sex, and really got off when the main character read the diaries that described the deflowering of its author.

Belinda echoed all of the above and went further to say that she thought the characters were believable and were wove into the fabric of the story so they became necessary to be there and not just fill.

“Stacy, did you relate to the ghost as a having a need for connection to the present or just a sexual predator? I got the impression she wanted to protect the new owner of the house and fuck the hell out of him while she did it.” Asked Belinda.

“I had mixed emotions about that. I think she was cast as the caretaker of the house and as such she could do what she wanted to do. I also got the impression that the main character had to be sensitive to spirits. I don’t think he was aware of this at first but he did notice the cold spot just inside the front door.” She replied.

Mary was chewing on her thumb and just harrumphed but didn’t say anything.

“Did you want to make a comment Mary?”

“No, I just think that the average person would be a little scared after they heard their name called and to wake the next morning to find all his stuff moved around.”

“I have to agree with you.” Said Stacy. “But remember this was his first night in the house and he was tired from moving in.”

“Yea I see your point and thinking about it, the spirit took her time to make herself known. I liked that part of the story, there was no rush to sex in the first page.”

Starr picked up her book and opened it to her bookmarked page. Listen to this girls, it sounds so much better when you hear someone read it to you. She proceeded to read the passage from the diary where a young girl is deflowered by her own spirit. She was a good narrator and used inflections in all the right places as she brought the young girl to life.

Her friends were silent as she put herself in the girl’s place as she had her virginity willingly taken from her. When she finished she was flushed and slightly breathless. She held her glass out for a refill and without having to be asked Belinda topped her off. Turning around she found more glasses waiting to be filled. “I guess we need another bottle after that passage. Damn Starr you almost made me cum.”

Mary and Stacy were breathing hard and shook their heads in agreement.

They talked about a few other things in the book and stopped for a snack. Belinda served some nibbles and asked what anyone thought about the change in the former owner of the house when she came to visit.

Mary perked up and said if her husband could get an enhancement like that she would welcome her into the house two or three times hoping for an inch or two with each visit. That caused everyone to laugh and agree with her. Starr said she didn’t need her boyfriend to have any more but if he could stay up longer or have a quicker reload that would be ok.

Mary asked her how big he was and Starr spread her hands about 8 inches apart and smiled to herself.

Belinda brought the girls back to the book after all the joking and teasing about cock size.

“I think the title of the book peaks your interest, just a hint of mystery and lots of strange things that happen because of it. Anyone have anything to say about this?”

“Just the thought of finding a trunk in your attic and the suspense before you actually open it to see what treasures it holds. My god that just turns me on so bad.” Stacy said as she wiggled around in her seat. Mary’s thighs were scrubbing together exciting her clit as she listened to the girls talk about the book. She wasn’t paying attention to Starr until she felt her caress her sensitive nipple.

She turned her head to look at her friend and groaned a little as she pinched her breast. Starr looked at her as if to ask if she wanted her to stop and Mary just shook her head and put her hand over the one on her tit.

Belinda and Stacy were deep in a conversation and didn’t pay any attention to what their friends elvankent iri göğüsleri olan escortlar were doing.

Mary spread her legs apart and her hand slipped between them so she could stimulate her clit. She wished she could drag Starr into another room so she could suck her tits and pussy. Their friends didn’t know that Starr and Mary had a friends with benefits friendship and played with each other quite often.

Stacy brought up how the former owner of the house was possessed by the spirit of an ancestor and after being released she became a good friend of the main character and his girlfriend. She commented how she had regained her youthful looks and was a nympho who fucked our hero whenever she got a chance. His girlfriend turned out to be bisexual and took part in their fun. She pointed out that the resident spirits in the house apparently had a great deal in reducing the inhibitions of anyone staying in the house.

Mary reminded everyone that there was a male presence in the house also that would make love to female visitors. “I have to tell you girls I would like to stay there if there was something that could make love to me that way.”

By the third bottle of wine the girls were getting silly and just having a good time. It was getting late in the afternoon and they had to call the meeting to a close and get home to prepare dinner for their husbands or boyfriends.

Belinda spoke up before they all left and asked if they should consider recruiting a male to join their group, suggesting that they could get a male perspective on different books. The girls agreed but said they should be very selective to get the right person.

Mary and Starr had carpooled to Belinda’s house and left together. Belinda and Stacy smiled as they thought the same things about their two friends that seemed a little too friendly. Stacy thought Belinda was sexy as hell but didn’t know how to start something with her.

“Any wine left in that last bottle, I could, I use a little more.” Said Stacy as she admired her friend’s figure. Belinda filled their glasses with the last of the wine and as she passed the glass to her friend her hand brushed her full breast. Stacy reached out and took the glass and with her other hand brought the offending hand back to her breast.

“Do you like that Bel, if you do you can go further, I wouldn’t mind.” Belinda looked at her friend and leaned in, moaning as their lips met in their first lovers kiss. Belinda could feel the hard nipple poking through the shirt a they shared the kiss, their tongues searching for each other. Stacy pushed her chest out to encourage Belinda to explore more of her body. Her fingers found the stiff nipple and she wondered if Stacy would be offended if she sucked it. She didn’t have to wonder long when Stacy drew her head down to her chest. Belinda couldn’t wait any longer and unbuttoned Stacy’s blouse and pushed up her bra exposing her firm breast. The nipple beckoned her lips and she wrapped her lips around the turgid flesh sucking it into her mouth.

Clothing littered the room as they fell into a furious embrace. They had secretly lusted after one another for a long time and now it was time for their feeling to come out. Fingers and lips sucked and rubbed, explored, stroked and entered their hot bodies as they found their way to ecstasy.

Starr pulled into her driveway and since her and Mary lived just a few houses apart she didn’t bother to drive her home. They went inside and Starr immediately started to shed her clothes. Mary was doing the same thing when she spotted Kevin leaning against the door jamb watching them. She frantically grabbed for her discarded blouse to cover her big tits letting out a little squeal. Starr just laughed and said she forgot to tell her that Kevin was home.

“I guess you want Kevin to see my big tits since he is so used to seeing yours.” Said Mary as she dropped her blouse and took off her bra. Her double D tits were exposed in all their glory, her nipples extended almost an inch as she rubbed at the marks her bra had left on her pale skin.

Kevin just smiled as he watched his wife and her friend strip in his living room. Mary was a little drunk and feeling brave as she slipped off her shorts and panties. Her pussy as shaved except for a small dark tuft of hair on her pussy mound. She reached down and spread her lips apart as they were stuck together from the foreplay she and Starr had started at Belinda’s house. Mary had a large clit and because she was excited it was more noticeable that normal. It matched her nipples and Kevin tried to make up his mind how he could suck all three.

Starr was waiting patiently for Mary to finish playing the vamp for Kevin and reached down between Mary’s thighs so she could play a little bit with the clit that was so inviting. Hers was small and well hidden and it took a lot of rubbing and sucking to get it to come out and play. She crooked her finger at Kevin as Mary sat on the couch, she scooched down spreading her etimesgut götü büyük escortlar legs so Kevin could appreciate her wet fleshy pussy. They knelt between her legs and Starr spread Mary’s cunt apart as Kevin pushed his face into the wet folds to put his talented tongue to work. He worked his tongue up from her wet tunnel up to the hard bud of her clit. When his tongue touched her clit, she jumped as if he had shocked her. He captured her clit and sucked hard as his tongue strummed the erect organ. Mary was pumping her hips and holding his head to her pussy as she came over and over.

Starr in the meantime had got on the floor and got his cock out of his pants. His large girthy cock was dripping precum as she closed her lips over the end savoring the juice like it was fine wine. She sucked him deep in her mouth almost taking it into her throat. She could deepthroat Kevin but wanted to taste his cum when he dropped his nut.

Back at Belinda’s Stacy had found her pussy and as she sucked at her clit she fingered her wet gash. Belinda wanted more and Stacy added a second finger and soon a third. She was surprised that there was more room and added the fourth finger. Belinda reached down and grabbed her wrist and was trying to force more into her gash. Stacy had read about fisting and folded her thumb into her palm pushing her hand into her girlfriend. She was surprised when her hand easily slipped into Belinda’s cunt. She was able to fold her fingers into a fist and swiveled her hand around so her knuckles would rub all the good spots. Belinda went into spasms and scared the hell out of Stacy when she passed out. Stacy tried to remove her hand but found she was held tight by Belinda’s cunt. Finally, she moaned and her cunt loosened enough for Stacy to pull her hand out. Belinda turned the tables on her friend as she dove face first into her pussy. Her tongue was busy licking her tunnel bringing Stacy closer and closer to the top of the mountain. Once she fell off the cliff they snuggled in each other’s arms and napped to recover from the loving as well as the booze.

Belinda made a habit of stopping into the bookstore when she was shopping at the mall. Always on the lookout for a sexy book to suggest to the Book Club she looked through the adult reading section. She found a few old classics like Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Pearl and filed the titles away for future reference. As she was about to leave she spotted a man she had seen before sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs reading a book he had selected.

Belinda sat in one of the other chairs in the group so she could eyeball the man that was reading. She observed that the book he was reading was adult erotica and as he read the book he was lightly rubbing his crotch. She could see that he had a hardon and it looked to be a good size.

‘I wonder if he would like to come to one of our meetings?’ She thought as she watched him rub one out. He shuddered a few times and closed the book. Looking up he spotted Belinda sitting in the reading area and catching her eye winked at her.

She blushed knowing that he had caught her watching him and smiled inviting him to say something. He leaned forward and extended his hand introducing himself as Michael. Belinda shook his hand and they struck up a conversation. She didn’t rush into it but as some time passed she mentioned the Book Club and asked him if he might be interested in attending one of their meetings. He nodded and asked how he would know what book was being discussed.

“I would text you and give you the title a few weeks ahead of time and give you the date of the meeting. We usually read provocative books so I am sure you will find it interesting. Give me your number and I will discuss it with the other members rather than surprise them.”

Belinda called the rest of the members and told them about Michael. She explained that she noticed that he was reading erotic material so he wouldn’t be shocked at their choice of literature.

It was Mary’s turn to pick a book and host the next meeting. She found an interesting book online and thought it would be a good selection especially with a new member who was male. She called the other members to let them know what she had selected, gave them the link and reminded Belinda to call Michael with the particulars.

Mary had a stocked up on chilled wine and other spirits along with some snacks for the break. Belinda introduced Michael to Mary, Starr and Stacy and they relaxed talking in general about the book. They were all surprised that Mary had picked an online book because rather than just bookmark a page they would have to take notes as they read or bring a tablet or laptop with them.

Mary started the meeting off with “Now that we have all read The Women of Honey Hollow, what do you think was the problem with the hollow that there were no male offspring?”

Starr joked as she thought that maybe the dicks were too short to find the right spot.

Belinda thought that maybe it was environmental.

Stacy ankara çıtır escortlar wondered if it was too much inbreeding among the families in time gone by.

Michael chuckled saying that maybe since he had the same name he should abstain but as an afterthought he offered that he had three sons.

“What did you think of the book in general Michael?” asked Mary.

“You know from a male perspective this would be the best place you could ever run across. To have a never-ending string of lovers just waiting for you to recharge is everyman’s dream. Unrealistic but a nice dream.” He replied.

Stacy wondered how they could all remain friends if they were all screwing the same man. She didn’t think that it would work in real life. She said she kind of related to Grace, a single woman that was independent and secure in her own skin.

Starr said she related to all of the women since they were all horny as hell and ready to fuck at the rasp of a zipper. She said she would be nailed to his porch with her legs spread wide. As she was talking she spread her knees apart and gave Michael a good look between her legs. She had dressed in a skirt and gone commando so her pussy was on display and he took a long look at Starr’s pussy. She knew he could see up her skirt and didn’t close her legs right away. She wanted him to see what would be available if he was the right addition to the club.

Belinda brought up the passage where Mike was invited to dinner with Mary and her daughters after doing some repairs at her house. She thought it was a little much that she would pimp out her daughters so soon. “I would think that she would want to get to know him before throwing her girls at him. If it were me I would fuck him a few times to see if he would treat them ok and not do anything that might put them in danger. I would also make sure he knew he had to get tested for std’s before he sunk his dick in anyone.”

Everyone agreed that the rules should have been explained before he was led to the slaughter so to speak.

Mary wondered if the chapter where Mike found the journals and tapes was really that important or was it necessary so Mike would understand the history of the hollow.

There was a lot of mixed opinions about that chapter but the general consensus was favorable. “Personally, I think Mike was just a pervert at heart and enjoyed being a voyeur. He sure did get a good look at the goods before he got to sample them.” offered Stacy.

Starr opened her legs again and smiled at Michael as she caught him looking up her skirt. “it seems that most men like to check out the goods if given the chance.” She said with a giggle.

Mary knew what she was up to and excused herself as if she was going to go to the bathroom. She went to her bedroom and took off her bra letting her double D’s loose under her tight shirt. Her nipples hardened as she looked at herself in the mirror knowing that she would give some competition so Starr’s flashing Michael. When she returned to the room Starr noticed right away and raised an eyebrow in her direction.

Mary refilled all the glasses and sat down next to Starr so Michael could look at both of them without being too obvious. Belinda and Stacy knew what the girls were up to and decided to up the conversation a bit.

“Michael” Stacy said getting his attention, “what did you think about Mike fucking all the women at the parties they had. Do you think you could hold up under that pressure? I would imagine Grace and Jasmine would be enough to drain a man so he wouldn’t be able to fuck until the next day.”

Michael was surprised at the frank language but wasn’t put off by it. “I think a threesome with those two women would take the starch out of any man especially one that was middle aged. That is why I said in the beginning that it was a nice dream.”

“So, if the four of us wanted to fuck, you don’t think you could keep up with us?”

“No, I don’t think I could. I would have to have some down time between each of you before I could do you justice. I think I could do two in a fairly short time but the last two would have be satisfied with my tongue and fingers for a while.”

Stacy was a bit taken aback at the frank answer Michael had given her. She looked at Mary and Starr as if to dare them to take it further down the sexual road.

Mary was the first to take the bait and she crossed her arms grabbing the hem of her shirt. She smoothly stripped her shirt off freeing her girls from their prison. Her large full breasts stood proudly on her chest and she looked Michael in the eye as he admired her treasures.

Starr stood up and her skirt fell to the floor, her lust filled pussy boldly on display. Her lips were swollen with need and pouched out from her mound as she dared anyone to match her. While she waited she stripped off the rest of her clothes. Her breasts couldn’t match Mary’s in size but what she had looked just as delicious.

Mary had stripped off her shorts and panties and spread her legs to open her pussy. Her inner lips were bright red and drops of moisture dotted the velvet surface. Her clit peeked out from under its hood just waiting for a finger or tongue. At the bottom of her gash her flower blossomed. The blood pounding through her pussy caused the flower to open and close as if to invite a finger, tongue or cock to spread it wide and fill the cavern.

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