Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 09

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 9 – Playing on St. Croix Then Moving In Together


Watching Tom make out and then fuck with Cindy and Elsa did amazing things for me. I got amazing jolts of arousal that made my cock as hard as it had ever been, and it felt longer and thicker too. I also felt as though I could cum a dozen times in a row. My brain went into high gear with sexual excitement and desire for the women and the whole miniature orgy we were eagerly sharing with one another. I was sexed up beyond my wildest dreams or comprehension. I wondered how this lifestyle had eluded me.

I had always been consumed by business, but not that night. I was consumed by sex. I had come close the first night that Elsa AND Cindy came to my bed, but this was waaaay over the top. Not for one millisecond did a business thought cross my mind. I was focused on every detail of what was happening.

At one point in the evening as I had Elsa riding my cock and burying my face between her breasts, I remember thinking how lucky I was that I had chatted to Elsa at that party and followed-through with a date, and then even pursued her sister, although at the time as a means to regain my lost momentum with Elsa. Since then I had a deep relationship with both of them, and we were apparently comfortable playing together in a sexual way.

My own arousal and ease surprised me. I had expected pangs of jealousy and angst. I had prepared myself for fears to rise up that either or both girls would leave me for our handsome companion, or that he would be a far superior lover that made my meager skills pale by comparison. None of that happened.

The evening with Tom really stretched me in many ways. Going into the evening I had a thousand questions for myself. Would I get jealous? How would I think of Cindy and Elsa after we swapped with another man? Were any of my values dented or seriously damaged? I realized as the evening went on and as Tom and I fucked the girls, that I had no negative feelings. I just never wanted the experience to end.

Additionally, when Elsa came to me with a mouth full of the combined body fluids of Cindy, Tom, me, and her, and expected me to French kiss with her. I had watched Cindy and Elsa playfully and quite visibly swap the fluids back and forth, one even standing above the other and letting the mix dribble from her mouth into her sister’s. As I was asked to participate, I figured it couldn’t be too bad. As one of my minions said, ‘You can live through anything for sixty seconds.’ It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, and I’d do it again, especially in a highly charged sexual situation.

Tom eventually left the villa a tired but sated new friend. I took steps to make sure we could contact him in the future. Cindy, Elsa, and I just crashed into the large bed in our suite and slept until about ten the next morning.

I awoke to a fantastic double blowjob with the sisters mouthing up and down my morning wood with their talented mouths. The result of what they started took another ninety minutes to finish.

Still horny, the three of us ate a simple breakfast and then went down to the beach where we slathered suntan lotion on each other, and then laid back and napped. We didn’t even make the pretense of wearing bathing suits; we just went naked. Cindy and Elsa didn’t want tan lines. I can’t remember my excuse except to bow to peer pressure.

I glanced around looking for my security detail, but they were not to be seen. Lucas had apparently made sure that our privacy was secured.

We barbecued a late lunch on a grill off the edge of the patio – chicken breasts and burgers. We had fun standing around semi-nude and chatting while I played chef. Everything else we needed for dinner seemed to already be prepared in the refrigerator.

Cindy asked me, “Mark, you’ve now watched another man fuck us. What did you think? Are we in trouble or in disgrace with you?” I stood at the grill watching the meat.

I shook my head. “No, you are far from being in trouble with me. I still love the two of you more than ever.” I pulled Cindy to me and kissed her, allowing her bare breasts to stroke against my chest. I thought, my God this is a sexy woman I’m so lucky to have in my life.

I went on, “I was the most turned on I’ve ever been by what happened last night. I plan to figure out how to be a better sex partner for the ankara ucuz escortlar two of you as a result. I wanted to keep going all night long, but … well, males tend to be performance limited.”

From my other side, Elsa posed, “And nothing else changed as a result of last night?”

I chuckled, “Oh, I didn’t say that; a lot did change. I think we kicked down the door to open relationships. We have to talk and experiment to see what the new boundaries are going to be, but I can tell already that we are open to sex and even affectionate feelings for others.

“Elsa, I’ve had a myopic focus on my business for twenty or more years. Because I thought I should, I made modest attempts at dating. I confess that part of that was so I didn’t get a reputation as gay and part because I needed sexual release. The other 99.99-percent of the time I focused on business.

“Because of this weekend and what went on with Tom, you’ve broken that model of success. I want to be more well-rounded. Having a loving family around me, like you and Cindy provide, is part of that, but also having fun – sexual fun has got to be part of my life. I don’t want to sublimate or suppress any more. Let’s have fun. Specifically, last night I totally enjoyed watching you both fuck Tom – or him fuck you – or however it went.”

Cindy teased, “So if we did Andy, you wouldn’t mind?”

“Not a bit. I might do Margo. Would you mind? She got my attention a week or so ago with her goodbye kiss. I felt there was something going on there.”

Elsa added, “Not a bit. We might do her too. What about Melanie, your new secretary? She sounded interesting too.”

I chuckled, “We’ll just have to see about all of them. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Sheila too.”

“Oops, I forgot. Any other interesting people we’re missing? What about Lucas?”

I shrugged. He seems pretty dedicated. I don’t know whether you can divert his attention from the job at hand.” I glanced off in the direction where I suspected Lucas was watching the shoreline – and us.

“Will he be flying back with us or going commercial?”

“Usually, he comes back with me.”

“Well, maybe Cindy and I can introduce him to the Mile High Club.” She gave me a teasing glance, but I could tell there was a serious thought there.

I warned, “The dynamic in the cabin will be different with him there. You may feel compelled to behave, unlike our trip home from Chicago. Lucas can be very intimidating when he has to be.”

Elsa and Cindy just smirked.

Later, I saw a very topless Cindy flirting with Lucas. I wasn’t sure he knew what was going on; he could be very serious. He was also a tall, ruddy, and handsome man, but he had an air about him that signaled ‘I’m dangerous.’ She reached up and ran a finger along his cheek in a sexy way. I think she’d made her nipples stand-up before going to see him.

In the afternoon, we took a funky-looking Jeep that came with the villa and drove into Christiansted to poke around and so the girls could go shopping for souvenirs. There seemed to be a surfeit of jewelry shops. Following behind the Jeep came my security team in a black Hummer.

I pulled Elsa and Cindy into one shop and asked the pretty black sales woman if she had three identical rings in our sizes. She measured each of us and then started to bring out trays of matching rings.

The girls were so excited I thought they’d burst, but they tried to keep a lid on themselves.

Eventually, I saw a trio of rings that I liked and I asked the girls what they thought. They gushed over my selection: engraved platinum bands about three-sixteenths of an inch wide trimmed with silver. On each ring were three serious diamonds embedded in the band.

After trying on the selections for size, I paid for them with a credit card. We didn’t wear the rings. Instead, I had the clerk put each in a velvet ring box. The girls looked puzzled, but I explained that we needed a ceremony and that they’d see the rings later that evening. I thought they’d burst with the anticipation of what would come later.

After that we prowled around the town another hour, enjoyed a wonderful margarita on the deck of a seedy looking restaurant and watched the other tourists stroll by. Lucas sat a few feet away also watching the tourists and watching us.

We went to dinner in Frederiksted, the other major town on the Caribbean island. This time, however, Elsa asked that Lucas accompany us, ostensibly so that he could get to know Cindy and her better, since they’d be around me more and more in the future. I ratified that request and assumption on their part to him. He looked uncertain about the shift in relationship, but went along with things.

After a great seafood dinner we strolled around the town. Elsa hung on my arm, and Cindy latched solidly onto Lucas’. I felt sure he knew he could get lucky that night. Cindy all but jumped his bones in the restaurant booth: rubbing him all over and often ankara üniversiteli escortlar kissing his cheek or neck. Lucas could blush up to a nice scarlet hue.

We were back at the villa by eleven o’clock. Instead of hanging around, Lucas almost ran off, thanking us for our company and dinner before vanishing outside to make security rounds. He had four other men in the detail, so we knew he just didn’t want to confront some sexually laden situation. I laughed at my bodyguard, but didn’t insist he stay.

We had some Grand Marnier, and I did my sexy liquid kisses with them – kisses that got the girls in a really heated and sexually needy mood. We hadn’t been home fifteen minutes when some of their clothing started to pile up on one end of the sofa. Mine soon followed, but I led them into the bedroom before we were completely nude.

As we kissed and made out, I made them pause. I then got the ring boxes we’d bought earlier in the day. I took each of the girl’s rings and put it on their ring finger. I repeated to each of them, “This ring is a symbol of the love I feel for you. Please wear in with pride, but not out of unwanted obligation. This is not meant to restrict, but to celebrate our togetherness and openness with each other. I love you.” I then kissed the recipient.

When each girl had her ring, I gave my ring to Elsa. She and Cindy jointly put the ring on my finger and repeated the same vow. I kissed both of them.

Elsa tentatively asked, “Are we like married?”

I teased, “Do you want to be?”

“I’m not sure, but I think so. I have friends that had lived together for ten years and then married; now they can’t stand each other and have divorced. I don’t want that. Can we just ‘be’ for a while?”

I nodded, “That would be my preference. You need to see if I can be the man you hope for – the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.” I chuckled and added, “But not to the exclusion of all others – as we talked about before.”

Both girls gave small laughs. “Oh, yes. We want to see whom else we can seduce too. I get the meaning of the rings more. They make the three of us the core of whatever else we do. We always have the other two to come home to and to know they love us.”

I said, “You’ve gotten my full intent. I want you to know that I love you … regardless of anything else that happens. Some people wear friendship rings, but I hope these represent more to you than just friendship. You both really have stolen my heart away. A minute can’t go by without me thinking of the two of you and what I can do to make you both happy.”

Cindy hugged me, “That’s good because we’re the same way. We love you.”

Elsa asked me, “Are you sure you want us? I mean you could have any movie star or model you wanted.”

“I want you two,” I told them. “I’ve been to parties with stars, starlets, and models. For the most part their conversations revolved around the last party they went to and who was there, the party they’d be going to next week and who’d be there, the best nail salon in town, and what shampoo they were using. At least with you two we talk about substantive things: world issues, the hospital fund drive, good books, politics, business, our jobs, and relationships from all sorts of viewpoints, and … oh, yes, we talk about sex.” I grinned.

I have to admit that the girls’ predilection with sex ranked high in my scoring of them as desirable mates. Further, I got two for the price of one, so to speak. I had never dreamed of having two women in love with me simultaneously, let alone realized that I could love the two of them at the same time in return. Much as I liked my nonlinear approach to business, I liked how my nonlinear love life was turning out.

That night it turned out better than I thought. Elsa and Cindy ganged up on me to show me that I could indeed deliver a multitude of orgasms to each of them, and cum twice with each of them. I was dead meat when we finally went to sleep.


I walked into work just before noon on Monday after our weekend on St. Croix. I must have been a little pink from lying out in the sun, because several people at work asked me where I’d been over the weekend. Apparently, the local area had been cool and cloudy all weekend.

I explained as nonchalantly as I could, “My boyfriend took Cindy and me to St. Croix.” Everyone at work had met my sister at one time or another.

The normal reply was something like, “Wow. Cool. Did you get back last night?”

My reply was, “No, we left the island about seven-thirty this morning after breakfast.” I’d get a blank stare in return as my colleagues would process that answer. I was in the middle of the Caribbean Sea this morning, and by lunch I was at work in the middle of America.

My ring got noticed, in part because it was only four or five inches from my diamond stuffed Rolex. Sally Jean, one girl in my office, asked, “Is that a friendship ring?”

I explained, ankara vip escortlar “Well, my boyfriend and sister have identical rings, and we call them ‘Romance Rings,’ because we’re in a triad relationship.”

“With the billionaire?” she asked, with a giggly gasp.

“Exactly,” I replied. I let my friend puzzle out all the implications of those remarks.

Tuesday, Sally Jean was back in my cubicle sitting beside my desk. “Elsa, can I ask you a personal question?” She went on without waiting for my answer, “Are you in a threesome with your sister and that rich guy? Do you have sex together? Is it weird having sex with your sister?”

I paused and replied, “In order, yes, yes, and no. We love each other, but are open to other possibilities as well.”

Sally Jean processed the answer and revealed in a whisper, “I want to make love to my sister and her husband. Am I crazy?” She blushed up the color scarlet about that time.

I chuckled, “Not as far as I’m concerned, but a lot of people would think so. You need to have a heart to heart talk with them. If they’re not feeling the same about you, it might be embarrassing, but love can hopefully bridge that gap for you.”

“You think I should say something?” she asked with such sincerity there could only be one answer. She babbled on, “I’ve never done anything like this, but I love them both so much. I think they love me and might want to expand their relationship to include me. I pray for something like that. It’d be so great if the three of us could become a loving threesome.”

I explained, “One of the gurus I follow has said over and over again in his remarks, ‘Don’t die with the music still in you.’ I’d like to think that’s like saying, ‘Don’t die with the love still in you.’ So yes, I think you should say something, but maybe start with your sister instead of the two of them together. Create an open avenue of communication there – and love, and then bridge to include her husband if she’s willing. Make sure she knows you’re not trying to steal him away.”

Sally Jean rose and hugged me. “Thank you so much. You’re so wise. You’ve given me a path and courage to talk to her.” She left my office with a smile and went back to work. I wondered if I’d ever hear anything back from her.

Mark had to fly back to Europe for four days. He kissed us goodbye, urged us to use his condo, and then took off. We gave him a highly sexed send off, rode to the airport with him in the limo, and then Cindy and I felt empty as we watched the sleek jet taxi out for takeoff at City Airport.

Tuesday night, we met at Mark’s beautiful condominium at six o’clock. I’d let Barnes, Mark’s butler and valet know that we were coming for the evening, but explained that we’d bring our own dinner so he didn’t have to worry about doing anything for us other than arranging for us to be admitted to the place.

Cindy picked up some Chinese on the way to the condo, so we ate in Mark’s kitchen amid the splendor of the place and the fabulous views when we looked outside. The sunset, which we rarely saw from the ground, was spectacular.

Cindy said, “You know, sis, I wouldn’t mind living here. Although it’s kind of long – maybe two miles, I could still walk to work from here on nice days.”

“Me too, but what would that be like for us and for Mark? Do you think he really wants us underfoot all the time?”

My sister replied, “He keeps asking for us to move in with him. We could call his bluff and actually do it.” She sounded both enthused and worried about making a false step.

“Let’s walk around and case this place out. What would we want to bring and have in order to live here?”

We started touring the condo again. Mark had shown us everywhere earlier, so we had a good feel for the layout.

We stood in the middle of the bedroom and I said, “We’d need a dresser and closet space for each of us.”

Cindy opened some doors to a huge walk in closet. She gasped, “My God, there’s enough room in here for ten of us. Mark barely uses any of this space.” She opened and closed some of the drawers, “But he does use all the drawers. We would need a dresser. Maybe we could share one.”

We looked in a couple of the other bedrooms and there was even more hanging space, and even a few empty dressers.

We found Barnes in the kitchen tidying up the area where we’d had dinner. He was an older man with a thick crop of gray hair on his portly frame. I asked him, “Mr. Barnes, Mark has asked us to move in here with him. What do you think?”

He broke into a huge smile, “I think that would be so wonderful. I would look forward to providing the three of you an even higher level of service.”

“We wouldn’t be imposing too much on you?” Cindy posed.

“Oh, no. Look at this week; Mr. Worthington is away for four nights, and then he might whisk you two off someplace for the weekend. I’ll barely see him, and he might not need anything from me. At least with you two around, I’d have some semblance of working for someone. I would delight in the opportunity.”

I asked, “The cherry dresser in the first bedroom downstairs kind of matches Mark’s bedroom. Do you think you could arrange for it to be brought up to this level and put in a corner of the master bedroom?”

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